September 2005
09/29/05 Atlus Cancels Games
09/29/05 Ys Headed for Nintendo DS
09/29/05 Front Mission 5 Dated
09/29/05 Magna Carta 2 Announced For Xbox 360
09/29/05 Final Fantasy XI: Tales of Aht Urghan Screenshots
09/29/05 Newest Harvest Moon Confirmed for PSP Release
09/29/05 Square Enix Announces Two Seiken Densetsu Games
09/28/05 Disgaea 2 Announced
09/28/05 Atelier Soundtrack Reviews (Again!)
09/27/05 Konami Ships Lost in Blue
09/27/05 Ubi Soft Announces Tales of Eternia PSP for Europe
09/27/05 Fable: The Lost Chapters Feature, Part 2 of 3
09/26/05 The Offspring to Rock BlizzCon
09/26/05 Marvelous Working on Two New Handheld Games
09/26/05 Dark Age of Camelot: The Roundtable
09/25/05 First Front Mission 5 Details Revealed
09/24/05 WildARMS Makers Looking for Help on New Project
09/24/05 Gameon Announces Silkroad Online
09/24/05 Princess Soft Announces White Clarity
09/23/05 New Dragon Quest VIII English Screens
09/23/05 Rogue Galaxy Dated
09/22/05 Galaxy Angel II for PS2 Confirmed for Next Year
09/22/05 Sega to Establish Dedicated CG Studio
09/22/05 Super Robot Taisen MX Confirmed for PSP Release
09/22/05 Romancing SaGa Hands On Preview
09/22/05 Square Enix Acquires 94% Stake in Taito
09/21/05 Idea Factory Reveals First PS3 Project
09/21/05 Nintendo Announces Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon
09/21/05 Matantei Lok Ragnarok Goes PS2 Adventure
09/21/05 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Release Date Announced
09/21/05 X-Men Legends 2 Ships To Retail, New Preview
09/20/05 FFVII: Advent Children A Best Seller in Japan
09/20/05 Suikoden I & II Staying In Japan?
09/20/05 Londonian Gothics Gallery Debut
09/20/05 First Wild Arms 4 and Shadow Hearts 3 English Screens
09/20/05 Soundtracks "Second Looks"
09/20/05 Xenosaga Episode III Gallery Debut
09/20/05 Cryptic Studios Hires New VP of Operations
09/20/05 Wild Arms 4 and Shadow Hearts: To The New World To See US Release
09/20/05 Fable: The Lost Chapters Feature, Part 1 of 3
09/18/05 Rockman EXE 6 Heading for Late November Release in Japan
09/18/05 TGS: New Suikoden V, Rhapsodia Tidbits Revealed
09/17/05 TGS: Suikoden V Teaser Site Live
09/17/05 TGS: New Suikoden V Details Released
09/16/05 Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ 2 Slated For US Release
09/16/05 TGS: Japanese PlayStation 3 Line-Up Revealed
09/16/05 TGS: SCE Announces BLEACH RPG for PS2
09/16/05 TGS: Makai Wars Heading for PS3
09/16/05 TGS: Namco and Konami Working on PS3 RPGs
09/16/05 TGS: Xenosaga Episode III Official Website Goes Live
09/16/05 TGS: Official Xenosaga Episode I-II Website Goes Live
09/16/05 TGS: Square Enix Announces First Fantasy Earth Beta Test Details
09/16/05 TGS: Square Enix Announces New FFXI Expansion
09/16/05 TGS: Front Mission 5 Teaser Site Goes Live
09/16/05 TGS: Kingdom Hearts II Heading for December Release in Japan
09/16/05 TGS: Grandia Goes Online
09/16/05 TGS: Suikoden I & II Headed For PSP Release
09/15/05 Sam and Max Are Coming Back
09/15/05 Level 5 President Talks Rogue Galaxy
09/15/05 Microsoft Announces Japanese Xbox 360 Line-Up
09/15/05 Anarchy Online Stays Free For Another Year
09/15/05 EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow Lanches
09/14/05 US Tales of Legendia Teaser Site Goes Live
09/14/05 Final Fantasy IV Headed For GBA Release
09/14/05 SCE Announces Creation of World Wide Studio
09/14/05 Two New Next-gen Games Announced
09/14/05 Xenosaga Episode III, Xenosaga DS, Baten Kaitos II Announced
09/14/05 New Ar Tonelico Information Released
09/13/05 Bandai Namco Holdings Talks Strategy
09/13/05 Kadokawa Shoten Announces Next PS2 Adventure
09/13/05 500th Soundtrack Review!
09/13/05 Mythic Patches DAoC, Launches Darkness Rising Website
09/13/05 Yoko Kanno To Score Ragnarok Online 2
09/12/05 Konami Announces TGS Line-Up
09/10/05 New Tales of the Abyss Information Released
09/09/05 Romancing SaGa Gallery Update
09/09/05 Atlus Announces Digital Devil Saga 2 Website and Pre-Order Campaign
09/09/05 Kadokawa Shoten Opens EVE - new generation Website
09/09/05 Anarchy Online Gets New Advertising Customer
09/09/05 Climax Announces Ore no Dungeon
09/09/05 Climax Opens Landstalker PSP Teaser Website
09/09/05 Official Monster Kingdom Site Goes Live
09/09/05 Sega Strategy Conference Report
09/08/05 Team Entertainment Releases Eternal Mana 2 Drama CD
09/08/05 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Debuts in Japan
09/08/05 Riviera and Sigma Star Saga GBA Reviews
09/08/05 Dungeons and Dragons Co-Creator To Keynote DAoC Roundtable
09/08/05 NCSoft To Release City of Villians Collector's Edition
09/07/05 Growlanser Generations Review & Gallery
09/07/05 Sega Announces Tenka-bito
09/07/05 EVE New Generation for PS2 Announced
09/07/05 Ys VI PSP Heading for Winter Release in Japan
09/07/05 CESA Announces New TGS 2005 Details
09/07/05 Namco Reveals TGS Line-Up
09/07/05 World of Warcraft Expansion at Blizzcon
09/07/05 Landstalker PSP-Bound
09/07/05 Shin Megami Tensei Goes PS3
09/06/05 Tales of the Abyss Dated
09/06/05 Square Enix Releases Front Mission Online Update
09/06/05 Radiata Stories Editor Review
09/06/05 tri-Ace Soundtracks Update!
09/05/05 Monster Kingdom Teaser Page Goes Live
09/05/05 New Atelier no Marie and Elie PS2 Details Announced
09/03/05 Banpresto and Gust Team Up for PS2 RPG
09/03/05 New .hack//fragment Details Announced
09/03/05 SCE Announces More PSP Games for TGS
09/03/05 Eiyuu Densetsu V Gets Update for PSP Release
09/03/05 Nihon Falcom Classics Go Arcade
09/03/05 New Tales of the Abyss Details Announced
09/02/05 EQ2 Players Have Katrina Donation Option
09/02/05 Suikoden V to be Revealed at TGS
09/02/05 Alter Ego Project Seeks MMORPG Players
09/01/05 Marvelous Announces Harvest Moon Compilation for PSP
09/01/05 Sega Announces TGS Line-Up
09/01/05 Second Slime Controller Forthcoming in Japan
09/01/05 Square Enix Announces TGS 2005 Line-Up


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