October 2005
10/31/05 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Delayed
10/31/05 Japan Says Goodbye To Star Wars Galaxies
10/31/05 Kid Announces Newest Memories Off Title
10/31/05 Level 5 Announces Capital Increase
10/31/05 New Suikoden V Details Announced
10/31/05 HUE Announces New MMORPG
10/31/05 Kid Announces Separate Hearts
10/30/05 Blazing Souls for PSP Announced
10/30/05 Atlus Opens Growlanser V Generations Website
10/30/05 Soundtracks Update: A Tribute To S-E
10/28/05 World of Warcraft Review
10/28/05 BlizzCon 2005: First WoW Expansion Details
10/28/05 Wild Arms: Alter Code F Date Confirmed
10/27/05 CESA Game Award Winners Announced
10/27/05 First Info on Magna Carta PSP Revealed
10/27/05 Nokia Ships Rifts: Promise of Power
10/27/05 SCE Back in Black
10/27/05 SCE Vice President Satou Retires
10/26/05 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Review
10/26/05 Hellgate: London Gallery Update
10/26/05 Japanese Release Date Update
10/25/05 Spike TV Announces RPG of the Year Nominees
10/24/05 Seiken Densetsu DS Website Goes Live
10/24/05 Double Feature PC Reviews
10/24/05 Dragon Quest VIII Hands-On Preview, Gallery Update, and New Release Date
10/24/05 Seven Soundtracks Reviewed
10/23/05 Kingdom Hearts Series Deluxe Package Announced
10/23/05 Even More Seiken Densetsu DS Details Revealed
10/23/05 Namco Brings Kyou kara Maou to PS2
10/23/05 New Seiken Densetsu DS Details Released
10/22/05 Games Japan Festa 2005 Line-Up Announced
10/22/05 Final Fantasy Concert Returns to Japan
10/21/05 Oblivion's Soundtrack Crafted by Jeremy Soule
10/21/05 Shining Force NEO Heads For Stores
10/20/05 Square Enix Releases New Fantasy Earth Beta Test Details
10/20/05 New Baten Kaitos II Details Revealed
10/20/05 Mega Man X Command Mission Review
10/20/05 Mage Knight: Apocalypse Gallery Update
10/20/05 Tales of Symphonia Reader Review
10/20/05 Super Robot Taisen MX Portable Dated
10/19/05 Activision Ships X-Men Legends 2 For PSP
10/19/05 Rhapsodia OST Review
10/18/05 Arika Opens Tsubasa Chronicle Website
10/17/05 Square Enix Talks Business Strategy
10/17/05 Gungho Plans to Make GameArts a Consolidated Subsidiary
10/17/05 FFIV/GameBoy Micro Bundle Announced
10/17/05 Grandia III Editor Review
10/17/05 Lunar: Dragon Song Reviewed
10/17/05 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Ships
10/16/05 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Review
10/16/05 Wizardry Xth Goes Budget Re-release
10/16/05 To Heart 2 Vocal Album Announced
10/16/05 Sting Opens Yggdra Union Website
10/15/05 Tales of the Abyss Theme Song Revealed
10/15/05 Monolith Opens Baten Kaitos II Teaser Site
10/13/05 Tri-Ace on the Move
10/13/05 FFVII Advent Children Sales Top 700,000 in Japan
10/12/05 Japanese FFXI Xbox 360 Beta Test Announced
10/12/05 Namco x Capcom Soundtrack Review
10/11/05 Mythic Launches Darkness Rising, 10th Anniversary
10/11/05 Kameo Soundtrack Drops November 8th
10/10/05 Romancing SaGa Review
10/10/05 FFIV Advance Heading for December Release in Japan
10/09/05 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Preview
10/08/05 Langrisser III PS2 Dated
10/08/05 Namco to Announce Tales of the Abyss Theme Song Details Next Week
10/07/05 Ys -The Oath in Felghana- Soundtracks
10/07/05 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Preview
10/06/05 Blizzard To Announce... Something Tomorrow
10/06/05 City of Heroes Players Get CoV Monthly Fees Axed
10/06/05 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 360 Date Confirmed
10/05/05 Fable: The Lost Chapters Feature, Part 3 of 3
10/05/05 Nintendo Announces Tingle RPG, Custom Robo DS
10/05/05 Square Enix Bringing Final Fantasy V and VI To The Game Boy Advance
10/05/05 Namco Announces DS Tales Game
10/05/05 Mistwalker Announces DS RPG
10/04/05 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Ships
10/04/05 BioWare Drops Massive Xbox 360 Bomb
10/03/05 New World of Mana Details Released
10/03/05 Spectral Souls 2 PSP Now Heading for Late October Release
10/03/05 Final Fantasy IV GBA Teaser Site Launches
10/03/05 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Ships + Editor Review
10/03/05 Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising Gold
10/03/05 Shining Force Neo Preview


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