November 2005
11/30/05 Japanese Release Date Update
11/30/05 Aruze Announces New Shadow Hearts Bundle
11/29/05 Square Enix Launches US Kingdom Hearts 2 Site
11/29/05 Devil Summoner PS2 Delayed
11/29/05 GungHo Acquires 20% Stake in Broccoli
11/29/05 Diablo Developers Delve Into New Company
11/28/05 New Final Fantasy XII Information Announced
11/26/05 Suikoden Tactics Review
11/24/05 Suikoden I and II PSP Dated
11/24/05 Phantasy Star Universe Dated
11/23/05 Nihon Falcom and Marvelous Entertainment Join Forces
11/23/05 Suikoden V Release Details Announced
11/23/05 Clannad PS2 Gets Definite Release Date
11/21/05 Tengai Makyou II DS Dated
11/21/05 SOE Launches PSP-Formatted Station Site
11/21/05 Tales of Legendia Soundtrack Review
11/20/05 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Editor Review
11/19/05 Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII Pre-Order Details Announced
11/19/05 Square Enix, Taito Release Results for First Half of Fiscal Year
11/17/05 Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Editor Review
11/16/05 eM - eNCHANTarM Pushed Back
11/16/05 Drakengard 2 To Hit US, European Shores
11/15/05 Square Enix Talks Present, Future and FFVII Remake
11/15/05 Square Enix President Talks Next-Gen
11/15/05 NCsoft Working on Games for Next-Gen Consoles
11/15/05 Seven More Soundtrack Reviews
11/14/05 Dwango Acquires 80% Stake in Spike
11/14/05 Tactica Online Open Beta Begins
11/14/05 Dragon Quest VIII Domestic Editor Review + New Screenshots
11/13/05 Sakura Taisen Mastermind To Go Freelance?
11/11/05 Rogue Galaxy Preview
11/11/05 Devil Summoner PS2 Dated, Delayed
11/11/05 tri-Ace Releases Sales Figures
11/11/05 Jade Empire Sequel Confirmed, Mass Effect Details
11/10/05 Baten Kaitos 2 Receives New Release Date
11/09/05 Lost in Blue Review
11/08/05 Another RPG Makes Its Way To Film
11/08/05 Pair of Tactics Titles Ship
11/08/05 Makai Kingdom and Ys: Ark of Napishtim Reviews
11/07/05 Banpresto Sees Bright Financial Future
11/07/05 Swallowtail Butterfly Goes Cellphone RPG
11/07/05 Mother 3 Heading for GBA in Early 2006 Release
11/07/05 PLAY! Symphony Concert to Hit Stateside
11/06/05 Phoenix Wright and Tales of Symphonia Reader Reviews
11/05/05 Soundtracks Section Earns An "A"
11/05/05 PS2 and PSP Budget Releases Forthcoming in Japan
11/04/05 Atlus Announces Two, Launches Magna Carta Site
11/03/05 Three-Disc Estpolis OST Announced
11/03/05 Devil Summoner: Kuzu no Ha Raidou Dated
11/03/05 New Dirge of Cerberus Details, Release Date Announced
11/03/05 Tales of Phantasia Hitting US, Europe
11/03/05 Funcom To Go Public On Oslo Stock Exchange
11/03/05 BioWare, Pandemic, Elevation Partners Join Forces
11/02/05 New Wild Arms 4 Screenshots
11/02/05 Arc the Lad: End of Darkness Game & OST Review
11/02/05 XSEED Narrows Wild Arms 4 Date
11/02/05 Konami Ships New Castlevania
11/02/05 Kameo Website Launches
11/01/05 Some Pictures Catch-Up
11/01/05 Three New Harvest Moon Games Announced
11/01/05 Tokimemo Goes PSP
11/01/05 Mythic Updates DAoC Players
11/01/05 City of Villians Hits Retail
11/01/05 SOE To Develop MMORPG Without Monthly Fees


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