December 2005
12/31/05 XSEED Hands-On Preview Double Header
12/30/05 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Review
12/29/05 Legaia 2: Duel Saga Reader Review
12/29/05 Deep Labyrinth Goes DS
12/29/05 New Shining Title in the Works
12/28/05 Idea Factory Reveals First Xbox 360 Title
12/27/05 More Falcom Soundtracks
12/27/05 Square Enix Ships 1 Million Copies of Kingdom Hearts II
12/27/05 New eM-eCHANTarM Details Announced
12/26/05 Server Switch Not Yet Done
12/24/05 Fresh Dragon Quest Yangus Details Revealed
12/24/05 Tales of the Abyss Tops Japanese Sales Charts
12/23/05 Producer Talks Seiken Densetsu 4
12/22/05 Yggdra Union Gets Official Release Date
12/20/05 RPGFan Down Time
12/20/05 AQ Interactive Reveals Next-Gen Plans
12/20/05 Soundtrack Reviews: Magna Carta, Mario, Zelda
12/19/05 Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest Yangus
12/19/05 Kid Announces Separate Hearts Release Details
12/19/05 Square Enix Announces Next FFXI Fan Festival
12/18/05 New Dirge of Cerberus Details Announced
12/16/05 Fantasy Earth Gains Japanese Date
12/16/05 First Seiken Densetsu 4 Details Revealed
12/15/05 New Generation of Chaos Media
12/14/05 Summon Night 4 Confirmed for PS2 Release
12/14/05 New Dragon Quest Game for PS2 announced
12/14/05 Cryptic, Marvel Reach Settlement
12/14/05 Grandia III Officially Headed Stateside
12/13/05 SOE To Release EverQuest Titanium Pack
12/13/05 Working Designs Stops Designing Works
12/12/05 Tales DS Gets Official Title
12/12/05 New Valkyrie Profile Titles to Make JUMP Festa Appearance
12/12/05 New Phantasy Star Universe Details Revealed
12/10/05 Soundtracks Update: Langrisser and Ogre Battle
12/09/05 Rogue Galaxy Off to a Good Start in Japan
12/09/05 Valkyrie Profile Goes PSP
12/09/05 NIS America Announces Spectral Souls
12/08/05 Tales Series Goes DS
12/07/05 PSP Review Extravaganza
12/07/05 Tokimemo PSP Release Details Announced
12/07/05 Valkyrie Profile 2 Announced
12/06/05 Tales of Phantasia and Chain of Memories Reader Reviews
12/06/05 New Devil Summoner PSP Details Announced
12/06/05 Square Enix Announces JUMP Festa Line-Up
12/06/05 Square Enix Opens Official English Grandia III Website
12/04/05 New Super Robot Taisen PSP Details Announced
12/04/05 Phantom of Inferno Extravaganza
12/02/05 s-s-s-Soundtracks Update!
12/02/05 Monster Kingdom Dated
12/02/05 Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Original PSP RPG
12/02/05 New Final Fantasy XII Information Released
12/01/05 Namco Files Four "Tales of" Trademarks.
12/01/05 BioWare Looking For Writers
12/01/05 Gravity Sets Release Date For ROSE Online
12/01/05 RED Entertainment Announces Management Reshuffle and Goes Independent
12/01/05 Idea Factory to Give Away Trailer DVDs
12/01/05 New Japanese Final Fantasy XII Release Details Announced
12/01/05 New Hellgate: London Screenshots


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