February 2006
02/26/06 New Xenosaga Epsiode III Details Revealed
02/26/06 Namco Announces New Tales of the Tempest Details
02/26/06 Gust to Announce Newest Title Next Week
02/26/06 Bandai Namco Talks Strategy, Banpresto Takeover
02/25/06 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview Series 2006, Part 6
02/21/06 Soundtracks Update: Phoenix Wright
02/21/06 Shadow Hearts: From The New World Editor Review
02/20/06 GungHo Online Entertainment Continues to Expand
02/19/06 Two new reader reviews.
02/19/06 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview Series 2006, Part 5
02/18/06 Yggdra Union Gallery Debut
02/18/06 GARGANTUAN Disgaea 2 Gallery Update
02/17/06 FFXII Memory Card Announced
02/17/06 Monster Kingdom Goes Platinum
02/16/06 Blade Dancer ~Lineage of Light~ Screens and Art
02/15/06 Generation of Chaos Hands-On Preview
02/15/06 FF7: Advent Children Packaging Released
02/15/06 Phantasy Star Universe Hit by New Delay
02/15/06 Tecmo Announces Monster Farm Online
02/14/06 Arte Piazza Announces New RPG Project
02/14/06 Sony Online To Release MMO Pack
02/14/06 Grandia III Domestic Editor Review
02/13/06 FFVII: Advent Children Dated
02/13/06 NIS America Announces Blade Dancer For US Release
02/13/06 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Dated
02/12/06 Broccoli Announces New Galaxy Angel II Details
02/11/06 A Real Media Update!
02/11/06 NIS America Announces Disgaea 2 for US Release.
02/11/06 Kid Announces Three Budget Re-Releases
02/11/06 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview Series 2006, Part 4
02/10/06 Atlus Gives Away a Neat Devil Summoner Goodie
02/09/06 Alchemist Brings Haru no Ashioto to PS2
02/08/06 Capcom Reports Strong 3rd Quarter Results
02/08/06 Kingdom Hearts II North American Voice Cast Announced
02/07/06 Weekly Soundtracks Update
02/07/06 XSEED Announces Shadow Hearts: From The New World Release Date
02/06/06 Tales of Eternia Online Release Details Announced
02/06/06 Bandai Talks .hack//G.U.
02/06/06 New Seiken Densetsu DS Details Announced
02/06/06 Bandai Announces New .hack//G.U. Details
02/03/06 RPGFan's Exclusive Interview Series 2006, Part 3
02/03/06 Atlus Launches New Website, Store, Announces Yggdra Union
02/03/06 Grandia III Hands-On Preview And Gallery Update
02/02/06 Koei Talks Online Strategy
02/02/06 GN Software Brings _summer## to PS2
02/02/06 John Romero Heading Into The Massively Multiplayer
02/01/06 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Requirements Released


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