April 2006
04/29/06 Xenosaga Episode III Preview
04/28/06 Square Enix Adds 16 to Ultimate Hits Series
04/28/06 Persona 3 Limited Edition Announced
04/28/06 EVE Next Generation Release Details Announced
04/27/06 Tales of the Abyss US-Bound
04/27/06 Activision, Raven Studios Announce Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
04/27/06 SCE Reports Financial Results
04/26/06 Legend of Heroes Continues on PSP
04/26/06 Tengai Makyou PSP Headed for Summer Release
04/26/06 Valkyrie Profile 2 Pre-Order Campaign Announced
04/25/06 Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny Review, Gallery, and Soundtrack
04/24/06 Pre-E3: NCSoft's E3 Lineup
04/24/06 Pre-E3: Square Enix Announces E3 Line-Up
04/23/06 Marvelous Announces New PSP Action RPG
04/22/06 Square Enix Opens FFIII DS Website
04/22/06 FFXII OST Details Announced
04/22/06 Super Robot Taisen OG 1 and 2 PS2-Bound
04/21/06 New Brave Story PSP Details Announced
04/21/06 Hirameki Mega-Update
04/21/06 New Xenosaga Episode III Details Announced
04/20/06 Bandai Namco Announces New Legend of Heroes
04/20/06 Phantasy Star Universe Coming to Xbox 360
04/19/06 Nintendo and Red Team Up for DS Adventure
04/19/06 FFXI Producer hints at PS3 MMORPG
04/19/06 Square Enix Sees Lower Sales, Profit
04/16/06 The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Arena Reviews and Gallery
04/14/06 Want a Star Control 2 Sequel? E-Mail Toys for Bob!
04/13/06 Xenosaga Episode III Heading for Fall Release in the US
04/13/06 FFXI Treasures of Aht Urhgan OST Announced
04/13/06 Producer Talks Future of Tokimeki Memorial
04/13/06 NCSoft Launches Auto Assault
04/13/06 Dirge of Cerberus Gallery Update
04/11/06 Devil Summoner PS2 Confirmed for US Release
04/11/06 Reader Reviews E-Mail Account Re-activated
04/11/06 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Premiere Event
04/11/06 Atelier Iris 2 Hands On Preview
04/10/06 Oblivion Shipments Reach 1.7 Million Units
04/10/06 Roc Works Acquires Japanese Rights to Korean MMORPG
04/10/06 Fushigi no Dungeon Mobile Trial Version Available
04/10/06 Gyakuten Saiban DS Gets Budget Re-release in Japan
04/10/06 Bandai Reveals New .hack//G.U. Vol.1 Details
04/10/06 Atelier Iris Grand Fantasm Theme Song Announced
04/10/06 Kingdom Hearts II Shipments Reach 2.5 Million Units
04/06/06 Ai Yori Aoshi Review
04/06/06 Lost Odyssey to Arrive Only in 2007
04/06/06 Microsoft Acquires Lionhead
04/06/06 Ubisoft Brings Xbox 360 Version of FFXI to Europe
04/06/06 Mythic Releases First Warhammer Online Screens
04/06/06 Microsoft Announces 360 RPG from tri-Ace
04/05/06 Tales of the Tempest Delayed Again
04/05/06 FFVII Advent Children Debuts in the US
04/05/06 Four Soundtrack Reviews
04/04/06 Nintendo Projects Higher Profits
04/01/06 Square Enix to Shut Down Japanese EverQuest II
04/01/06 Capcom Lowers Profit Projections
04/01/06 Motoi Sakuraba Concert Announced


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