September 2006
09/30/06 Play! Feature: Part 2
09/30/06 Japanese Release Date Update
09/30/06 New PSU 360 Details Announced
09/30/06 Valkyrie Profile Extravaganza
09/28/06 Mastiff Brings Gurumin PSP Stateside
09/28/06 Pionesoft Brings New Love Adventure to PS2
09/28/06 Oblivion Headed to PS3, PSP
09/27/06 Newest Ys Installment Named, Dated
09/25/06 TGS: CESA Announces Future Award Winners
09/25/06 Special Soundtracks Update
09/24/06 Shining Tears Reader Review
09/24/06 Metal Saga Editor Review
09/23/06 TGS: Square Enix Booth Report
09/22/06 Myst Soundtrack Reviews: Complete Edition
09/22/06 TGS: Phil Harrison Talks 1st Party Development
09/22/06 Seiken Densetsu 4 Release Details Announced
09/22/06 Phantasy Star Series Compilation Announced
09/22/06 TGS: White Knight's Tale Website Goes Live
09/22/06 TGS: FFVII Advent Children Complete Announced
09/21/06 Trusty Bell Coming Stateside As Eternal Sonata
09/21/06 Enchanted Arms Complete Coverage
09/20/06 Level 5's First PS3 Title Announced
09/20/06 Microsoft Announces TGS Line-Up
09/20/06 Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Editor Review
09/20/06 Bioware Opens Handheld Studio
09/18/06 Steambot Chronicles Review
09/16/06 PSU on 360 Headed for December Release
09/16/06 Atelier Series Goes DS
09/15/06 Exodus Guilty 2: Past Review
09/15/06 Sega Announces TGS 2006 Line-Up
09/15/06 New Seiken Densetsu in the Works for DS
09/14/06 Nintendo Releases List of Wii RPGs
09/13/06 Tokimeki Soundtrack Single Reviews
09/13/06 Square Enix Announces FFXII Gaiden, New Action RPG for DS
09/13/06 Media Update: EQ2: Echoes of Faydwer
09/12/06 Idea Factory Announces PS2 Compilation
09/12/06 Mage Knight: Apocalypse Goes Gold, Grabs Date
09/12/06 Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Hands-On Preview
09/10/06 New Eiyuu Densetsu VI PSP Details Announced
09/10/06 Flight-Plan Announces New DSS Details
09/10/06 New Shining Force EXA Details Announced
09/08/06 TGS Exhibition List Update
09/08/06 NIS' New Project Headed for PS2
09/07/06 Wild ARMS Series to see Budget Re-releases
09/06/06 Enchanted Arms Goes PS3
09/05/06 Media Update: Final Fantasy XII
09/05/06 Soundtracks Update: Two New, Many Old
09/04/06 Xenosaga III Editor Review
09/04/06 All New Reader Reviews
09/03/06 Nihon Falcom Announces New Ys Game
09/03/06 Wild ARMS Goes PSP
09/01/06 The Witcher Bewitches US Publisher
09/01/06 Atlus USA Announces Etrian Odyssey
09/01/06 Square Enix Announces TGS Line-Up
09/01/06 NIS to Announce New Project Next Week
09/01/06 Sega to Publish Ore no Dungeon in November
09/01/06 New Disgaea Portable Details Announced
09/01/06 Sega Talks Phantasy Star Universe
09/01/06 Media Update: Disgaea Portable


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