June 2008
06/30/08 Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Review
06/29/08 Space Siege Headed To PC This August
06/29/08 Blizzard Announces Diablo III
06/27/08 Marvelous Announces Arc Rise Fantasia for Wii
06/27/08 Tales Installment in the Works for PS3?
06/27/08 Moogles, Bunnies and Crocs... Oh my!
06/26/08 Hellgate: London Review
06/26/08 American Release Date for King's Bounty: The Legend
06/25/08 Eternal Sonata PS3 Detailed
06/25/08 White Album Coming to PS3
06/25/08 Valkyrie Chronicles DLC Announced
06/25/08 Xenogears Available on PS Archives
06/24/08 Natsume to Bring Rune Factory 2 Stateside
06/22/08 Valkyria Chronicles Review
06/22/08 Square Enix Talks Last Remnant
06/20/08 Square Enix Talks Dev Status of FFXIII, Other Projects
06/19/08 Atlus USA Announces Master of the Monster Lair
06/18/08 WildARMS Developers Working On Wizard of Oz RPG
06/18/08 More Downloadable Content Announced For Disgaea 3
06/18/08 More Info on Square Enix's Summer Event Surfaces
06/17/08 Shiren the Wanderer Soundtracks Update
06/17/08 Etrian Odyssey II Review!
06/17/08 Is Sony's RPG Dominance Coming To An End?
06/16/08 Star Ocean: Second Evolution Import Review
06/14/08 Drone Tactics Review
06/14/08 Tidus, Jecht Set to Appear in Dissidia: Final Fantasy
06/11/08 Star Ocean: The Last Hope details & screenshots
06/11/08 New Infinite Undiscovery screenshots
06/11/08 New The Last Remnant screenshots
06/11/08 Square Enix To Hold Private Party This Summer
06/10/08 Valkyria Chronicles screenshots
06/10/08 New Tales of Vesperia screenshots
06/10/08 News Position Open
06/10/08 Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008 Report
06/09/08 Penny Arcade Adventures Ep. 1 Reader Review
06/09/08 Reader Review: Super Robot Taisen Alpha
06/09/08 Mass Effect PC Review
06/09/08 Battle System of Valkyrie Profile DS Detailed
06/09/08 Dragon Quest V DS Details Announced
06/06/08 A Small Serving Of Falcom Soundtracks
06/05/08 Stateside Release of Yggdra Union PSP in the Cards?
06/05/08 Enchanted Arms, Duo of PS2 RPGs to be Re-released
06/04/08 Eternal Sonata PS3 Not Coming to US
06/04/08 Rune Factory Wii-Bound
06/03/08 New Disgaea DS Details Surface
06/02/08 Fable 2 screenshots
06/02/08 Fallout 3 screenshots
06/01/08 Chaos Wars Review, Gallery


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