July 2008
07/31/08 FFIII Characters Set to Appear in Dissidia
07/30/08 Triple Import Review Bonanza!
07/30/08 Final Fantasy IV (DS) Review!
07/30/08 New Devil Summoner Game Announced for PS2
07/29/08 Lost In Blue 3 Review
07/29/08 Regarding Downloadable Content
07/28/08 Cryptic Beams Up Star Trek Online
07/27/08 Ar Tonelico 2 Headed Stateside
07/27/08 Fallout 3 Download Content to See PC Release
07/27/08 Release Date for Silverfall: Earth Awakening
07/26/08 Harvest Moon & Rune Factory 2 Galleries Debut
07/26/08 Marvelously Marvelous Gallery Update
07/26/08 New Playable Characters Available for Disgaea 3
07/24/08 Valkyrie Profile DS to Ship in October
07/23/08 Namco Rescues Hellgate: London
07/23/08 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Site Goes Live
07/23/08 DC Universe Online Details Released
07/23/08 Atlus to Announce New Title Next Week
07/23/08 Flagship Shuts Down Mythos Beta Testing
07/23/08 Soundtracks Update: Summon Night
07/22/08 First RPG Developed for iPhone Revealed
07/22/08 Izuna 2 Review
07/21/08 FF Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Review
07/21/08 E3 2008: Best of E3 Awards
07/21/08 Retro Review: Anachronox
07/21/08 Indie PC Graphic Adventure Review: Fatal Hearts
07/19/08 E3 2008: Away Shuffle Dungeon
07/18/08 E3 2008: Valkyria Chronicles
07/18/08 E3 2008: Sega Prepares a Space Siege
07/18/08 E3 2008: Sega and BioWare's Sonic Chronicles
07/18/08 E3 2008: Jade Empire Now on Xbox Originals
07/17/08 E3 2008: EA Hints at BioWare-Developed MMORPG
07/17/08 E3 2008: Spying on Alpha Protocol
07/17/08 E3 2008: Sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance Announced
07/17/08 Flagship Studios Still on Life Support
07/17/08 Operation Darkness Review
07/17/08 E3 2008: Too Human Impressions
07/17/08 E3 2008: Fable 2 Impressions
07/17/08 E3 2008: Naruto Sneaks Onto the DS Again with D3 Publisher
07/16/08 E3 2008: Sony Online Entertainment
07/16/08 2K Games, Cryptic Explore Champions Online
07/16/08 Vay Released for iPhone & iPod touch
07/16/08 E3 2008: Rise of the Argonauts
07/16/08 E3 2008: Atari Expands NeverWinter Nights 2
07/16/08 E3 2008: Atari ,CD Projekt Talk The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
07/15/08 E3 2008: Square Enix's Playables
07/15/08 E3 2008: NIS America
07/15/08 Retro Graphic Adventures: "Myst" Coverage
07/15/08 E3 2008: XSEED at E3
07/15/08 E3 2008: Fallout 3 Hands-On Preview
07/15/08 Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Review
07/15/08 E3 2008: Namco Bandai Announces PS3 Eternal Sonata
07/15/08 South Peak Games Announces Two Worlds Re-Release
07/15/08 E3 2008: Fable 2 Announced for October
07/15/08 E3 2008: Square Enix Talks FFXIII Shocker
07/14/08 E3 2008: Last Remnant Dated
07/14/08 E3 2008: Fallout 3 DLC exclusive to Xbox 360 & Windows
07/14/08 Tales of Vesperia & Too Human Demos on Xbox Live
07/14/08 Flagship Studios Closes Its Doors
07/14/08 Fallout 3 Banned In Australia
07/14/08 E3 2008: Final Fantasy XIII Headed to Xbox 360
07/12/08 Alien Syndrome (PSP) Reviewed
07/12/08 GungHo Announces Mimana
07/11/08 Summon Night: Twin Age, Twin Reviews!
07/11/08 Lord of the Rings: Tactics Review
07/11/08 Dirge of Cerberus, Drakengard Become Ultimate Hits
07/11/08 Sega Announces Garnet Chronicle for PSP
07/10/08 Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles Review
07/09/08 Musashi Slices his Way to PS Archives
07/09/08 Microsoft Announces Fable II Pub Games and Collector's Edition
07/08/08 Two New Chocobo Games Announced
07/08/08 New Tales Details Announced
07/07/08 Square Enix Releases New RPG... for the iPod
07/06/08 Atlus USA Announces Persona 4 for US Release
07/05/08 Tecmo and RED Team up for DS RPG
07/05/08 Soundtracks Update: Valkyria Chronicles, More
07/04/08 AWAY Delayed Again
07/04/08 Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections Review!
07/02/08 Chrono Trigger Goes DS
07/02/08 Two New Tales Games Announced
07/02/08 Chrono Trigger Announced for DS


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