April 2009
04/30/09 FFXI: A Crystalline Prophecy Media Tour & Review
Two different articles for the new expansion and other content updates for April 2009.
04/30/09 New Ys VII Details Announced
Pre-order Falcom's newest title and get a sneak peak at Eiyuu Densetsu VII.
04/30/09 Broken Sword DS Review
Shadow of the Templars...DIRECTOR'S CUT! Awesome!
04/30/09 Namco Bandai Bringing Magnacarta 2 Stateside
Now with even more gender-confused characters.
04/29/09 City of Heroes Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Takes Questions
NCsoft celebrates. Again. And we got in on the action with a mini-interview.
04/28/09 Nostalgia Coming To North American Shores
Ignition is going at the RPG genre hardcore.
04/28/09 The Greatest Enemy of the RPG Genre
No, it's not Peter Molyneux.
04/27/09 Rorona Atelier OST Announced
Two-disc set to be available in late June.
04/25/09 Memories Off 6 Sequel Announced
Also inside: Memories Off 6: T-Wave remake.
04/24/09 Aeria Games Announces Closed Beta for Twelve Sky 2
Sign up to experience Twelve Sky's sequel early.
04/24/09 Guild Wars 4th Anniversary Feature & Interview
Today's milestone marker for NCsoft deserved some attention; here's our contribution.
04/24/09 End of Eternity Gallery Debut
Nearly 22 screen shots of tri-Ace & Sega's multi-platform RPG.
04/24/09 Magna Carta II Gallery Debut
A new gallery of screens and artwork for the recently-revealed Xbox 360 title.
04/23/09 Final Fantasy XIII Hands-On Impressions & Screenshots
Our editor James spends some quality time with the Japanese demo.
04/23/09 Four RPGs Join PS Game Archives
Today's update features more than just Grandia.
04/23/09 Ys VII Dated in Japan
PSP version to arrive in mid-September.
04/23/09 Square Enix Completes Eidos Takeover
And sees bright future for Tomb Raider makers.
04/23/09 PSP Version of To Heart 2 Announced
Portable release of popular love adventure forthcoming in Japan.
04/23/09 FF Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord Dated in Japan
Play as the devil's daughter in this WiiWare title.
04/23/09 Idea Factory Announces PS2 Strategy RPG
Strategy meets dress-up in this original RPG title.
04/23/09 FFVII Advent Children Complete a Hit in Japan
Surprise, surprise.
04/23/09 New Atelier Rorona Details Revealed
Introducing the assist system.
04/23/09 Marvelous Opens Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga Site
First infos on Wii game's story, characters inside.
04/23/09 White Knight Chronicles to be hit by 1st Wave Update
Major update coming soon.
04/23/09 Hayari Gami to Haunt Japanese DS Users in June
As NIS brings its mystery adventure to Big N's handheld.
04/21/09 New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Details
As official website goes live.
04/21/09 Grandia to Hit Game Archives Soon
Also inside: New info on Grandia Online promised for next month.
04/21/09 Ignition Snags Muramasa Publishing Rights
That was a bit unexpected.
04/20/09 Fallout: New Vegas Announced
Developed by... Obsidian Entertainment?!
04/19/09 Lux-Pain Triple Soundtrack Update
How does this game have three soundtracks?!
04/19/09 Suikoden Tierkreis Review
Tons of DS RPGs exist, but this is the first Suikoden game on DS. How does it measure up to the rest of the series?
04/19/09 Konami Announces Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
Coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
04/19/09 SMT: Devil Survivor Website Goes Live
The Shin Megami Tensei series' debut on the Nintendo DS.
04/17/09 Echoes of Time Dual Review
DS and Wii versions of the newest FFCC title, both covered in this feature update!
04/17/09 Elminage Goes Portable
Starfish brings its dungeon crawler to PSP.
04/15/09 Magna Carta 2 Resurfaces
Looks like Softmax is still working on this one.
04/15/09 Sega Announces Shining Force Cross
Arcade-based Action RPG to launch in winter.
04/13/09 How to Contact Us
In the new design, of course.
04/12/09 Dokapon Journey Review
A portable boardgame only works when the pieces are virtual.
04/12/09 Lionhead Announces Second DLC Content for Fable II
Can you "see the future"?
04/12/09 RPGFan's New Look
It's been a long time coming. Read on to hear about what we changed and why.
04/11/09 Demon's Souls Import Review
04/10/09 Lux-Pain Review
04/10/09 FFVII Available for Download in Japan
04/08/09 tri-Ace Teams up with Sega for End of Eternity
04/06/09 Bandai Namco Talks Tales
04/04/09 Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Screenshots
04/02/09 Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Domestic and Import) Reviews
04/02/09 The Dark Spire Screenshots
04/01/09 The Last Remnant PC Screenshots
04/01/09 Ys VII To Go Multiplatform
04/01/09 Bethesda Celebrates April With Oblivion Discounts
04/01/09 Bandai Namco Announces Three New Tales Games


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