June 2009
06/30/09 Marvelous Talks Future
PS3/Xbox 360 offerings in the works.
06/26/09 Black Sigil Review
Are you ready to wield the Blade of the Exiled?
06/26/09 New Square Enix Game Being Teased
We'll know what the heck it is by July 6th.
06/25/09 Numbers Speak Louder Than Words?
Our June editorial, "In Defense of Rating Games However You Want."
06/24/09 E3 2009 Awards and Gallery
No, Charm Girls Club did not win.
06/24/09 Sega Reveals New Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity) Details
More info on tri-Ace's newest title inside.
06/24/09 Tears to Tiara Gaiden Announced for PS3
Japanese PS3 owners can look forward to another TtT title.
06/24/09 Final Fantasy I Archived
Along with Farland Saga.
06/23/09 Fallout 3 DLC: Point Lookout Review
More downloadable content from Fallout 3 released today. Kyle's got the review.
06/23/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Review
Welcome to Hell, where you're asked to tame demons and sacrifice friends just to survive another day.
06/22/09 All The Hype: Dragon Quest IX Seven Minute Trailer
If this doesn't get your blood flowing, there might be something wrong with you...
06/20/09 Spectrobes: Origins Interview @ E3
This marks our second interview with creator/producer Kentaro Hisai.
06/20/09 DTP at E3: Venetica Gallery
Playing death's daughter never looked so pretty.
06/20/09 DTP at E3: Divinity II: Ego Draconis Gallery
Which is a much better title than say, "Diviner Divinity."
06/18/09 New FFXI Star Onions, Arc Rise Fantasia, Izuna, and More Soundtracks Reviewed
Seven reviews in total today.
06/16/09 Infinity Series Compilation Coming to PSP
Popular adventure series receives compilation treatment.
06/15/09 XSEED at E3: Little King's Story Gallery Update
So you want to run a kingdom...
06/15/09 XSEED at E3: Half-Minute Hero Gallery
What in the...
06/15/09 Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Gallery Update
New images for the upcoming PSN & XBLA title.
06/15/09 Natsume at E3: Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Gallery
Is your best friend a badger? Would you like it to be? Natsume can make it so.
06/15/09 Natsume at E3: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Gallery
Penguins, pandas and monkeys!
06/15/09 Natsume at E3: Adventures To Go! Gallery
Wouldn't it be funny if this wasn't a portable title? No? A little bit?
06/13/09 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord Gallery
Screens for the next WiiWare-based FFCC title.
06/13/09 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Gallery
Yes, it's real.
06/13/09 Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Gallery
New media for the Wii version of NIS' strategy RPG.
06/13/09 Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Gallery Debut
More Disgaea action on the go.
06/13/09 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Gallery
The first Zill O'll title to make it to North America.
06/13/09 Muramasa: The Demon Blade Import Review
Is Vanillaware's newest game a victim of "style over substance" design?
06/12/09 Nostalgia Gallery Update
I'm not the only one who gets a Wild ARMs vibe here, am I?
06/10/09 Phantasy Star II Released on Xbox Live Arcade
We're finally getting a classic traditional Japanese RPG on XBL!
06/10/09 Hudson Confirms No Active Plans to Localize Tengai Makyou: ZIRIA
Looks like the announcement from 2006 is moot.
06/10/09 Square Enix Dishes Out New FFXIII Details
Info on summons and more inside.
06/10/09 New Super Robot Taisen Coming to Wii
Super Robot Taisen NEO forthcoming...let's hope it's better than Shining Force NEO.
06/10/09 Tales of Vesperia PS3 Dated in Japan
PS3 port scheduled for September release.
06/10/09 Class of Heroes Review
Atlus localizes another dungeon crawler, this time for PSP. Can it hold a candle to Etrian Odyssey?
06/08/09 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Import Review
Maybe this game can clarify some of the confusion caused by Kingdom Hearts 2.
06/08/09 E3: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Impressions
Announced in 2005, playable in 2009!
06/07/09 E3: Heroes of Telara Gallery
Dynamic events for the win.
06/07/09 E3: Dragonica Online Gallery
THQ*ICE's upcoming side-scrolling free-to-play MMORPG.
06/07/09 E3: Jumpgate Evolution Gallery
So... pretty...
06/07/09 Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Triple Review
Let me guess... you wanted four.
06/07/09 E3: Alpha Protocol Impressions
In preview form!
06/06/09 E3: ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale Gallery
Several images from the very pretty upcoming RPG formerly known as Gothic 4.
06/06/09 E3: Dungeon Fighter Online Gallery
Screens and a ton of artwork for Nexon's upcoming title.
06/06/09 E3: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Impressions
The inside scoop on Inside Story.
06/06/09 E3: XSEED, Part 2
All of their awesome Wii stuff.
06/06/09 E3: White Knight Chronicles Impressions
Hands-on with Level-5's latest.
06/05/09 E3: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Impressions
Trek number two for Layton and Luke!
06/05/09 E3: Tales of Monkey Island Gallery
Plenty of images and concept art from Telltale's new episodic game.
06/05/09 E3: Perfect World's Trio of MMORPGs
All of them free-to-play.
06/05/09 E3: Konami Revives Vandal Hearts
This time for XBLA and PSN.
06/05/09 E3: Shiren the Wanderer Gallery
Atlus' surprise announcement.
06/05/09 E3: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Impressions
Insert overused train pun here.
06/05/09 E3: RPGFan Heads To The Nexon Offices
Checking out the new MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online
06/05/09 E3: New Screen Shots for Atlus' Demon's Souls
Tough-as-nails action RPG coming this fall.
06/05/09 E3: DTP's Alternate Venice in Venetica
You want to be the daughter of death? Go for it.
06/05/09 E3: DTP Shows Off Divinity 2
German publisher striking out in North America.
06/05/09 E3: Concept Art for New Wii Zelda Title
And the surprises keep coming...
06/05/09 E3: Monado: Beginning of the World Gallery
Monolith Soft's latest Wii offering was quietly shown at E3.
06/04/09 E3: Ignition's Double Dose
Nostalgia and Muramasa playable.
06/04/09 E3: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Gallery
New gallery for Nintendo's on-rails adventure.
06/04/09 E3: Glory of Heracles Gallery
Images from one of Nintendo's surprise RPGs.
06/04/09 E3: Jumpgate Evolution Evolves The MMORPG Genre
When they told me "Wing Commander" and "MMO" when they described the game, I fell in love.
06/04/09 E3: Telltale's New Monkey Island
It's five games, one Guybrush Threepwood.
06/04/09 E3: Special Q&A With Victor Ireland
Gaijinworks isn't just a logo: they have products on the way.
06/04/09 E3: Nier Q&A With Yosuke Saito
Cavia's new genre-identity-crisis still early in development.
06/04/09 E3: Black Sigil, Now With No Delays!
And this time, we mean it!
06/04/09 E3: XSEED, Part One: The Handheld Titles
Talk about their non-playables at the show.
06/04/09 E3: Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy Gallery
Yes, PlayStation 2 titles are still coming.
06/04/09 E3: A Witch's Tale Gallery
The first of several NIS-centric galleries.
06/04/09 E3: Dragon Age: Origins
06/04/09 E3: Koei Brings Zill O'll Stateside
That's Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll as a full title.
06/04/09 E3: Mass Effect 2 Rocks My World
Holy crap! It's Mass Effect 2!
06/03/09 E3: Are You Ready For More Gothic?
Arcania: A Gothic Tale from DreamCatcher.
06/03/09 E3: NIS America To Introduce New IP For PSP
In development at the NIS home office.
06/03/09 E3: Square Enix FFXIV Press Conference
More details on Square Enix's next-gen MMORPG.
06/03/09 E3: Glory of Heracles Impressions
A surprise JRPG localized and published from Nintendo.
06/03/09 E3: Square Enix Dates DS Kingdom Hearts
358/2 Days available in September.
06/03/09 Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review
I hope the developers are making fun of inane RPG titles.
06/03/09 Square Enix Downloadables: FFIV After Years, FFVII Released
On WiiWare and PSN, respectively.
06/03/09 E3: MagnaCarta 2 Impressions & Gallery Update
Namco Bandai's sole RPG on the show floor.
06/03/09 E3: Dragonica Online
The side-scrolling MMORPG from THQ*ICE.
06/02/09 E3: OGPlanet at E3
La Tale and Cabal Online at the show.
06/02/09 E3: Heroes of Telara
Trion World's MMORPG on display.
06/02/09 E3: Golden Sun DS Gallery & Debut Trailer
Come inside for the first screens and video of the return of Golden Sun.
06/02/09 E3: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Gallery Update
New screens and artwork inside.
06/02/09 E3: Runic's Torchlight
The best little game at E3.
06/02/09 E3: Cabal Online Soul & Siena Trailer
Footage from OGPlanet's MMORPG.
06/02/09 Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout Trailer
Point Lookout has always been a wasteland.
06/02/09 Science Girls! Review
Science is something to shout about!
06/02/09 E3 2009: Atlus Online
Atlus USA later today.
06/02/09 E3: Final Fantasy XIV Announced, Coming to PS3 & PC
The long-time-coming next-gen MMORPG from Square Enix.
06/02/09 E3: New Golden Sun Slated for the DS
Yay for Camelot!
06/02/09 E3: Mario and Luigi RPG 3 Coming Stateside
AKA Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
06/02/09 E3: Atlus Announces Shiren The Wanderer For Wii
Your favorite roguelike, coming to North America.
06/01/09 E3: Telltale, LucasArts Bringing Back Monkey Island
I can't wait to get back to insult swordfighting.
06/01/09 E3: EA Press Conference
No big announcements, but a release window for ME2.


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