July 2009
07/31/09 Record of Agarest War Coming To North America Via Aksys Games
And you wouldn't believe how they decided to "announce" it.
07/31/09 WildARMS Producer Heads New Company
Witchcraft working on new RPG project.
07/29/09 Demon's Souls Preorder Bonus, Editions Revealed
Lots of new goodies in the latest of "Atlus Spoils."
07/29/09 Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Preorder Bonus(es) Revealed
Digital art disc for everyone, Japanese bonus soundtrack for some.
07/29/09 White Knight Chronicles Sequel in the Works
Level 5 working on sequel to last year's PS3 RPG.
07/28/09 July Editorial: "Are We Having Fun Yet?"
If you've ever been mocked by your friends because you think leveling up is more fun than blowing up buildings, this article is dedicated to you.
07/28/09 Gallery Update for Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent
Steampunk MMORPG from HanbitSoft and Atlus Online.
07/27/09 Soundtracks Update: Prosecutors, Promos, and Puh...Others
I ran out of "P" words.
07/26/09 Massive Champions Online Gallery Update
Or at least "really large."
07/26/09 Neal's Retro Review Corner: Virtua Quest
PS2 and GameCube versions are equally bad. Neal tells us why.
07/24/09 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review
It's about time!
07/23/09 Infinite Space Import Review
From our good friend James Quentin Clark.
07/22/09 Infinite Space Screenshots
Take a look at Sega's new Sci-Fi Epic.
07/22/09 Final Fantasy Marathon to Raise Money for Autism
Proving that you CAN have fun while doing a good deed!
07/22/09 Atlus Announces New Shin Megami Tensei for DS
DS users can look forward to going on a Strange Journey in October.
07/22/09 Atlus, Sting Announce Duo of Games
Yggdra Union gaiden and original PSP RPG inside.
07/21/09 My Life As a Darklord Released
The latest Final Fantasy spin-off of a spin-off is out on WiiWare.
07/20/09 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Gallery Debut
What's inside the box?
07/20/09 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Gallery
Screens and artwork for the latest Pokémon-based Mystery Dungeon game.
07/20/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona & Devil Survivor Gallery Updates
New media for a game already out, and for an upcoming one.
07/20/09 Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Review
Come and discover the secret that only LeChuck knows.
07/19/09 XSEED Games Bringing RIZ-ZOAWD to North America
Now with new name, "The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road."
07/19/09 Sacred 2 Game and Soundtrack Reviews
Kim Wallace takes on 2009's premiere hack'n'slash RPG for consoles.
07/16/09 Valkyria Chronicles to be told on PSP
This time it's more than just a typo. It's also a sequel.
07/16/09 New FFXIII Details Announced
One new character and more inside.
07/15/09 DQIX Goes Triple Platinum
Surprise, surprise. (is anyone actually surprised?)
07/13/09 Retro Soundtracks Time! Starring: Glory of Heracles
Also, Industrial Spy (Dreamcast), Sword of Vermilion, Rent a Hero, and Secret of Evermore.
07/13/09 DQIX Sells 2.3 Million During First Two Days
As expected, Dragon Quest IX is flying off the shelves in Japan
07/10/09 RPGFan's GOG.com Sweepstakes Winners
See who got some Good Old Games!
07/09/09 Sting's Dept Heaven Series Retrospective Reviews
Riviera and Yggdra Union. Also, Atlus USA's soundtracks for the series.
07/09/09 NIS America Announces A Bunch
Disgaea 3 Trophies, Atelier Annie, and a Sakura Taisen Box Set.
07/08/09 Final Fantasy II Archived
PS version now available for download in Japan.
07/08/09 NIS Announces Original PSP RPG
NIS working on spiritual successor to Rhapsody.
07/08/09 The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Patch 1.5 Now Available
Including the classic community-made adventure "Merry Witchmas."
07/07/09 Zenonia Gets Update, Lite Version
Much-welcomed improvements, and a free version to boot.
07/07/09 Atlus USA Dates Demon's Souls for PS3
And announces deluxe edition & pre-order bonuses. Surprise!
07/06/09 LucasArts Dates Monkey Island Remake, Sends Games To Steam
Oh, it's a good day to be an adventure fan.
07/03/09 RPGFan Teams Up With GOG.com To Give Away Some Free Games!
Whoo for free RPG downloads in honor of the US and Canada's Independence Days!
07/03/09 Shadow of Destiny Coming to PSP
First generation PS2 title goes portable.
07/03/09 Soundtracks: Atelier Rorona, 7th Dragon, Fire Emblem, More
A much-needed "new albums" update to help you pick out some of the best new stuff.
07/02/09 Little King's Story Goes Gold
XSEED's newest due on July 21.
07/02/09 Sega Dates Alpha Protocol
Early October, you can spy it up.
07/01/09 428 Goes Multiplatform
PSP/PS3 releases of popular Wii adventure in the works.
07/01/09 FF Gaiden Coming to DS
It's not July 6 yet, but we already know what Square Enix has been teasing.


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