August 2009
08/30/09 Flower, Sun, and Rain Review
Less flowers and sunshine, more rain and unhappy thoughts.
08/28/09 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview
Goblins versus Worgen. Oh, and Ragnaros is back.
08/27/09 BioWare Announces Voice Actors for Dragon Age: Origins
Prepare to hear some familiar voices!
08/27/09 Demon's Souls First Look Preview
Are you ready for From Software's latest?
08/27/09 Dates Announced For Aion's Open Beta, Pre-Select and Headstart Programs
Full press release inside.
08/27/09 Knights of the Old Republic II Review... Finally!
A gaping hole in our repertoire of reviews is finally filled, thanks to John Tucker.
08/26/09 Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy Review
What happens when a magical academy in the skies falls down?
08/25/09 Marvelous Announces New DS Adventure
Sakura Note to be published in early November.
08/25/09 Level 5 Teams Up With Brownie Brown
Joint DS project titled Fantasy Life in the works.
08/25/09 New Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Details Revealed
Nomura talks length, release date.
08/25/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Hands-On Preview
See Neal Chandran's first impressions on this remake for the PSP!
08/24/09 Gamepot (USA) Announces Free-to-Play MMORPG Bright Shadow
Squirrels with scythes, evil pumpkins galore storm North America.
08/24/09 The Glamour Issue: Looking Back On RPGs
Our August editorial takes a close look at Tetsuya Nomura's obsession with zippers... among other things.
08/24/09 Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XIII
Playable TGS demo, paradigm shift and more inside.
08/24/09 International Version of Dissidia Final Fantasy Announced
PSP fighter receives "universal tuning" in Japan.
08/21/09 Dragon Age: Origins Haven Trailer
Check out the city of Haven.
08/21/09 Super Robot Taisen K Musical Plagiarism (Lufia, Chrono Trigger) Admitted To
Bandai Namco publicly apologizes, but no word yet as to the fate of the plagiarizing composer.
08/20/09 Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past Review
Aksys attempts to Americanize Saburo Jinguji. Again.
08/20/09 Konami Reveals Characters From Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
We also have 15 new screenshots of the game.
08/20/09 Microsoft Announces Fable III, Episodic Fable II
Peter Molyneux is bringing us another tale.
08/20/09 Preorder Alpha Protocol On Steam, Get A Free Game
Space Siege. It's like Dungeon Siege. In Space.
08/19/09 Dragon Age: Origins Screenshots & Box Art
And we do have screenshots of dragons!
08/19/09 Dragon Age: Origins Trailer
Another cool video from BioWare.
08/19/09 Mass Effect 2 Screenshots & Box Art
Check out this "mass" of screens!
08/19/09 Mass Effect 2 Trailer
Straight from GamesCon.
08/18/09 Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins Gets Blood Dragon Armor
How do you get your hands on it?
08/18/09 Persona 3 PSP Revealed
More details: looks like Junpei can hit on you after all.
08/18/09 Funcom Expands Age of Conan
Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer on its way.
08/18/09 From Soft Announces Original PS3 RPG
3D Dot Game Heroes to provide 3D take on sprites.
08/18/09 Sega Working on Phantasy Star Portable Sequel
PSP returns to PSP in December.
08/18/09 Atlus to Bring Persona 3 to PSP
Remake to ship in Japan only three months from now.
08/17/09 Theresia Review
One of the few "mature" DS games in existence.
08/17/09 Hands-On Preview: Risen
Dennis reports from Deep Silver's NYC press event.
08/13/09 Tales of Legendia Review
Tales of Fashionablylatesia.
08/13/09 PSP RPGs Go Digital in Japan
Ten first and third party titles available for download.
08/12/09 Vagrant Story Archived
PS classic now available for download...in Japan. Seriously, America needs to catch up.
08/11/09 Luminous Arc 3 Announced in Japan
Marvelous readying new DS strategy title for winter release.
08/10/09 Mana Khemia 2 Hands-On Preview
Is alchemy still the cool new thing?
08/10/09 Lunar PSP Remake Dated in Japan
Lunar to go portable in mid-November.
08/07/09 Mana Khemia 2 Gallery Update
English Screens, U.S. Packaging now here!
08/07/09 Soundtrack Reviews: Dark Spire, Earthbound, Nostalgia, More
Yes, we even managed to work in more Ys! Falcom can't stop giving out the love!
08/07/09 FFXI: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Review
Mini-expansion #2 of 3 is out. We have the details just for you!
08/06/09 Sega Teases Another New RPG
But what could it be?
08/06/09 New RPG Maker Game: Deadly Sin Review
Three guesses as to which member of our staff reviewed it...
08/05/09 Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review
The fifth expansion is out, and Kyle's got the 411.
08/05/09 New Final Fantasy XIV Details Revealed
A lot of new information inside.
08/05/09 White Knight Chronicles EX Edition Announced
Japan to receive updated budget re-release this October.
08/05/09 Four Warriors of Light Detailed
As official website goes live.
08/02/09 Torchlight Gallery
Part Perfect World, all Runic Games.
08/02/09 Perfect World Gallery: Jade Dynasty
And on the opposite end of the design spectrum...
08/02/09 Perfect World Gallery: Ether Saga Online
Think of World of Warcraft, but cute.
08/02/09 Perfect World Gallery: Perfect World International
You've seen the ads, now see the game!


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