September 2009
09/30/09 Fresh Square Enix Soundtracks Update: Includes Dragon Quest IX
Also includes that SaGa 2 DS remake and a couple other albums. Check it out!
09/30/09 Nippon Ichi Software Details Last Rebellion
As official website of this original PS3 title goes live.
09/30/09 Bahamut Lagoon, Fire Emblem Announced for Virtual Console
Two classics added to Japanese download service.
09/29/09 Final Fantasy XIII Expected to Outperform FFXII
Also inside: Square Enix working on new potential hit titles.
09/29/09 Marvelous working on Fate-Based RPG
Popular franchise expands into RPG genre next year.
09/28/09 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Nintendo DS Review
Are our Marvel friends quite as epic on the Nintendo DS?
09/28/09 Spectrobes: Origins Review
It's not just for kids!
09/27/09 TGS: Delivery of Kingdom Hearts PSP Scheduled for January
Square Enix will give birth by sleep early next year in Japan.
09/27/09 TGS: Sega Reveals New Valkyria Chronicles 2 Info
Sega adds some Chemistry.
09/26/09 Konami Celebrates Tokimemo's 15th Birthday on PSP
Tokimemo 4 for PSP scheduled for December release.
09/26/09 TGS: New Final Fantasy XIII Story Details
Snow apparently has a fiance already.
09/26/09 TGS: Tales of Graces Dated
December release for Tales on the Wii in Japan.
09/25/09 TGS: Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star Trailer
We're getting psyched up again.
09/25/09 Producer Done With Star Ocean
Square Enix's Yamagishi wants to move on.
09/24/09 TGS: Capcom Announces Original RPG
Last Ranker in the works for PSP.
09/24/09 Telltale Games Interview With Designer Mark Darin
Where we ask pertinent questions, like: "is there anyone sexier than Guybrush?"
09/24/09 TGS: FFXIII PS3 Bundle Detailed
In case you want Lightning not only on your screen, but on your PS3 as well.
09/24/09 TGS: Final Fantasy VIII Archived
Next main FF series installment added to Game Archives.
09/24/09 TGS: Sega Details Valkyria Chronicles 2 Release
PSP sequel to popular PS3 RPG to arrive in Japan in January.
09/24/09 Dragon Quest IX Shipments Top 4 Million Mark
Not that we didn't see this one coming.
09/23/09 White Knight Chronicles Sequel Titled
TGS appearance confirmed.
09/22/09 Persona 3 Portable Receives Limited Edition Treatment
DX pack including T-shirt, calendar and poster announced.
09/21/09 Muramasa: The Demon Blade Domestic Review
Dennis is much more fond of it than James was...
09/20/09 Random Weekend Media: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Now with 33.334% more content!
09/20/09 Random Weekend Media: Final Fantasy XIII
A small assortment of new screens.
09/20/09 Random Weekend Media: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Mario, Luigi and Bowser's... internal organs? All on display.
09/19/09 Laxius Force II Review
Neal Chandran answers the burning question: Will this direct sequel be worth your while?
09/17/09 Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Review
Is Axel as cool as Laharl or Etna?
09/17/09 Hero's Saga: Laevatein Tactics Gallery Debut
Yes, I had to look at the box art to spell it right.
09/16/09 Valkyria Chronicles 2 In North America Next Year
SRPG goodness in the palm of your hand.
09/16/09 Square Enix Brings Star Ocean: The Last Hope to PS3
Not just on the other side of the Pacific, either.
09/16/09 Little King's Story Review
Reviewed by my favorite editor.
09/15/09 zOMG! We Interviewed Jeremy Soule!
An MMO called zOMG, with music by the famed veteran of game music? I want to know more!
09/13/09 It's Not Just For Elementary Schoolers: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review
RPGFan breaks from level grinds to do some serious puzzle-solving.
09/11/09 Dragon Quest IX Reviewed, Wins No Awards
James knows it's certainly not a bad game. But does it "wow" him? Not really.
09/11/09 Largest Game Soundtrack Ever Made Reviewed: SaGa Premium Box
Twenty discs of music from... THAT series? In the words of a dubbed Naruto: believe it!
09/10/09 Are All Games Becoming RPGs?
Editor Mark P. Tjan tackles the question.
09/09/09 Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Review
Plus a soundtrack review!
09/08/09 Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed For Mid-December Japanese Release
As well as FF branded... energy drinks?
09/06/09 Special Soundtracks Update: CHRONOTORIOUS
The "bad dudes" are good musicians. Chrono Trigger musical fandom ensues.
09/06/09 Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth North American Site Launch
Also, release date revealed.
09/04/09 Dragon Age: Origins Interview with Lead Designer
Mike Laidlaw sits down with us to discuss his latest game.
09/04/09 Dragon Age: Origins Hands-On Preview
Ready for some vintage BioWare fantasy RPG?
09/04/09 PAX 09: Torchlight Gets Dated
RPGFan's PC RPG of E3 2009 is coming - soon.
09/03/09 Dragon Age Goes Penny Arcade, At PAX
The Penny Arcade Expo shows off BioWare's newest.
09/03/09 GOG.com Gives Us More Quality Oldies
Might and Magic six-pack for $10.
09/02/09 Backlog Review: Dungeon Explorer PSP
Better or worse than the DS version?
09/02/09 Square Enix, Sega, Acquire Announce TGS Line-Ups
As expected, FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts BbS playable.
09/01/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP Review
Who among you can overthrow the Snow Queen?
09/01/09 Giant Soundtracks Update: Chrono Trigger, Mana Khemia 2, Devil Survivor, More
Check out the news update for Pat's biggest soundtrack-explanation/rant to date.


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