October 2009
10/31/09 Editorial: Handhelds: The End of Console Wars
Why the DS and PSP are making your home arguments moot.
10/31/09 Mana Khemia: Student Alliance PSN Review
Is it better from the memory stick?
10/30/09 Alchemist Announces Duo of Adventure Games
One PS2 port and an original PSP/Xbox 360 title in the works.
10/30/09 Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star Demo Impression & Screenshots
Ready to experience Lunar for a 4th time?
10/29/09 Torchlight Gallery Update
Our Best PC RPG of E3 is out now. Come look at the shinyness.
10/29/09 Lunar PSP Additional Scenario Detailed
Here is your chance to lead the four heroes into battle.
10/29/09 Pre-Order Bonuses for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Three of them, even, depending on your retailer of choice.
10/27/09 Dragon Quest Soundtrack Reprints: Clean-Up and Updates
I kinda-sorta want to punch Sugiyama in the face after this.
10/27/09 The Three Musketeers: The Game Review
10/27/09 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review
We'll never let them forget about that title.
10/27/09 Nostalgia Review and Two Character Reveals
What's Neal's final word? Check it out!
10/25/09 New Soundtracks Reviewed: Half-Minute Hero, Demon's Souls, More
How about some Infinite Space and Mario/Luigi RPGs to spice it up?
10/25/09 FFXIII OST Announced for January Release
Five-disc limited edition forthcoming.
10/25/09 New End of Eternity Details Surface
...from my cold dead hands.
10/25/09 Mimana Iyar Chronicles Announced For PSP
Another GungHo-developed, Aksys-published RPG is on its way.
10/24/09 PSN Retro Review: Final Fantasy Tactics
10/22/09 Arc Rise Fantasia Now Under Ignition
The rights for the Marvelous game changes hands.
10/21/09 Toriyama, Nomura Talk Final Fantasy
Details on current projects, & potential Dissidia sequel?
10/21/09 Japanese Release Date Update
End of Eternity, Star Ocean 4 PS3, Kingdom Hearts PSP dated.
10/21/09 New Info On Final Fantasy Gaiden
More light shed before next week's JP release.
10/19/09 Bleach: The 3rd Phantom Review
You can never have too many anime SRPGs.
10/19/09 Arc Rise Fantasia Import Review
James Q. Clark takes down this Wii RPG.
10/17/09 Sega Announces Phantasy Star Portable 2 Collaboration
EVA, Hatsune Miku, Fate-themed outfits revealed.
10/15/09 Big McLargeHuge Nostalgia Update!
A preview! A character reveal! A contest!
10/15/09 PSN Retro Review: Wild Arms 2
For only six dollars? Yeah, you're going to want this game.
10/14/09 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Delayed To 2010
As a consolation prize, we give you an image gallery.
10/13/09 ONE Power-Up Game Card: Available at Rite-Aid?
Like free-to-play MMOs? Like them enough to buy items for your avatar? And do you shop at Rite-Aid?
10/13/09 Hero's Saga: Laevatein Tactics Review
First we advertise it. Now...we review it!
10/13/09 Miami Law Review
Have you ever wanted Sudoku, Texas Hold 'Em, CSI-style mini-games and a cop buddy drama all in one game? It's here!
10/13/09 Ar Tonelico 3 Headed for PS3
Set for late January release in Japan.
10/11/09 Fragile, Shining Force Feather, More Soundtracks Reviewed
And not a single soundtrack review from Patrick in this update.
10/11/09 Millennium: A New Hope Review
A not-so-long time ago in an indie RPG far far away...
10/10/09 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 PSP Review
Eventually, we'll cover every version...
10/09/09 Nostalgia Exclusive Character Reveal #1: Eddie
Reveal one of four! Collect them all!
10/09/09 Zenonia 2 Doing Well in Korea
Strong first-month sales figures for the sequel to the mobile hit.
10/09/09 New White Knight Chronicles 2 Info Released
Tons of new info on PS3 sequel inside.
10/08/09 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Screen Shot... Bonanza?
Explosion? Medley? Hodgepodge?
10/07/09 MagnaCarta 2 Gallery Revision
Even more screen shots!
10/07/09 Borderlands Gallery Debut
Several screen shots for Gearbox's upcoming title.
10/07/09 Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Receives Sequel Treatment
Bandai Namco hopes to EXCEED the original with this new DS RPG.
10/07/09 Alpha Protocol Officially Delayed
Now it's next year. What is our Game of the Year supposed to be now?
10/06/09 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Review
Who knew that Bowser's entrails made up perfect dungeons?
10/03/09 Demon's Souls Review
Our own John McCarroll not only survives, but lives to tell the tale!
10/03/09 NIS America Confirms Atelier Rorona For 2010 Release
Not that we weren't expecting it... but it's still exciting!
10/03/09 Dawn's Light Review
Neal reviews the debut title from John Wizard Games.
10/02/09 Falcom Announces Two Budget Re-Releases
Sora no Kiseki trilogy and Gurumin PSP to see December re-releases.


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