November 2009
11/27/09 Falcom Talks Ys VS Sora no Kiseki
Company president details Falcom's take on Dissidia.
11/27/09 First Classic Dungeon Details Surface
NIS' newest is a retro-style 2D dungeon crawler.
11/26/09 New Artwork & Screens for Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Boomerangs, big magma monsters and illogical headwear inside!
11/26/09 It's Time For New Final Fantasy XIII Pics!
Two dozen screen shots added.
11/26/09 Sakura Taisen: So Long, My Love Gallery Update
Yes, another one. Within a week.
11/26/09 Langrisser 4,5, Tokimemo 2 Archived
Three classics and one adventure title now downloadable.
11/26/09 NIS Working on New PSP RPG
Will Classic Dungeon become an instant classic?
11/26/09 New FFXIII Details Revealed
Here is your weekly dose of FFXIII-related news.
11/26/09 Level 5 Talks Professor Layton 5
This game reminds me of The Mask, just without Jim Carrey.
11/26/09 Lufia DS Footage Debut
Get a first glimpse at the new Lufia title inside.
11/25/09 Give Thanks, For He Is (Reviewing) Risen!
See what I did there?
11/25/09 Atelier Annie Review
It's more sim than Iris, is that good or bad?
11/25/09 Dungeon Hunter Review
Because the iPhone really is getting a lot of RPGs.
11/25/09 Falcom Announces Duo of PSP Titles
3D fighting game and Oath in Felghana remake in the works.
11/23/09 Divinity II: Ego Draconis Preorder Bonus Set
In-game items for those who go through GameStop to obtain their "Divinity."
11/22/09 Soundtracks Update: New Uematsu, New Kaneko
Sakura Note and Trinity Universe, anyone?
11/22/09 Massive Sakura Wars Gallery Update
In anticipation of NISA's upcoming localization.
11/21/09 Dungeon Fighter Online Review, Introducing Robert Richardson
We're reviewing an MMO? One that was released this year? It's a miracle!
11/21/09 Even More Final Fantasy XIII Media
Why hello there, Alexander.
11/18/09 Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts PSP Bundle Announced
Yet another bundle for the Japanese market.
11/18/09 New Lufia Is A DS-Based Action RPG
First details on the revival of the beloved series.
11/17/09 iPod/iPhone Review: Zenonia
It's like Zelda.. kind of.
11/17/09 Atlus USA Brings 3D Dot Heroes Stateside
Looks like Atlus + From Software = Love.
11/16/09 Atelier Annie Gallery Debut
Yeah, we probably should have had this up by now.
11/15/09 More Artwork for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
11/15/09 Record of Agarest War Coming to North America in Spring 2010, + Gallery Update
And there's enough extra sausage for both an Xbox 360 and a PSN version.
11/13/09 Final Fantasy XIII Gallery Update
Cause hey, why not?
11/13/09 Final Fantasy XIV Gallery Update
Yes, we know you're excited about FFXIII, but this one is coming in 2010 as well.
11/13/09 Final Fantasy XIII Dated For North America!
March 9, you get to play!
11/13/09 Nostalgia Sweepstakes Winners!
Is it you? Maybe so!
11/13/09 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Review
I do what I'm toooold.
11/13/09 A Witch's Tale Review and Soundtrack Review
There's a world made out of candy in this game!
11/12/09 Lufia Returns
Square Enix revives classic RPG series.
11/12/09 A New Week and A New Countdown
Bandai Namco really seems to dig the teaser sites.
11/11/09 Project K Revealed to be Keroro RPG
Developed by Tales Studio, but no Tales game after all.
11/11/09 FFXIII Growth System Detailed
It was about time.
11/11/09 Dragon Quest VI DS Dated
Remake of SNES classic to ship in late January.
11/10/09 PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Interview
With the show's producer, Jason Michael Paul.
11/08/09 Borderlands Review
You woke the wrong dog!
11/08/09 Ultra-Retro Soundtracks Update
As a follow-up to Retro Remix Revue, we go even more retro...
11/07/09 Gallery Update for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Also known as "that one with the train" to some of you.
11/07/09 The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road Review
Toto does tricks!
11/07/09 Mass Effect 2 Enemies Trailer + Collector's Edition Box Art
Check out the latest video for BioWare's upcoming sequel.
11/07/09 Warhammer Online Introduces Endless Free Trial
Will you give it a try?
11/07/09 Dark Souls 2 Review
An Indie look from Dennis.
11/07/09 Konami Announces Character Advancement and Skills for Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
That is one long headline...
11/07/09 D3Publisher Announces Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow for Nintendo DS
Set for release in Spring 2010.
11/05/09 Bandai Namco Set to Reveal New RPG Next Week
Newest Tales game code-named Project K?
11/05/09 Persona 3 PSP, FF Gaiden Off to Strong Start in Japan
As each portable RPG sell more than 100,000 copies.
11/05/09 Atlus USA Announces Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
A Sci-Fi SMT game for the DS? Sign me up!
11/05/09 Backlog Review: Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony
It's a PSP Beat-'em-up!
11/05/09 Magnacarta 2 Review
"Magnacarta 2 is a Hyundai Accent."
11/05/09 RPGFan's Nostalgia Sweepstakes!
You should enter. It's free games.
11/04/09 Special Soundtracks Update! Retro Remix Revue Vol. 2
Jazz and rock arrangements of Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and more, from Hollywood studio musicians.
11/03/09 Shiren 3 Goes Multiplatform
As PSP version of Wii RPG is announced.
11/02/09 The Return of PLAY!
Game orchestra concert coming to Salt Lake City this month.
11/01/09 Atlantica Online Media Tour
Celebrating their one year anniversary.
11/01/09 New Final Fantasy XIII Screens
Mmm... dragoon action.


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