December 2009
12/31/09 Shin Megami Tensei Soundtracks Update
Celebrate the decade with a decade's worth of SMT music!
12/30/09 Final Fantasy XIII Impressions
The quick 'n' dirty summary article comes before the obligatory wall-of-text review.
12/30/09 Sakura Wars Hands-On Preview
It's really on its way! ... GEKI! TEIKOKU KAGEKIDAN!!
12/29/09 Best-Selling Games of the Year Announced
Japanese edition of Top 30 inside.
12/29/09 Why My Favorite JRPG Isn't Even Japanese
Neal's end-of-year editorial.
12/28/09 Retro Review: Fate
John Tucker looks at Torchlight's spiritual predecessor.
12/28/09 Phantasy Star 0 Contest Winners
Sorry it's a couple of days late, whoops!
12/27/09 Soundtracks Roasting On An Open Fire...
We put three semi-high-profile soundtracks to the flame and see which chestnuts are good, and which are rotten.
12/25/09 Ys PSP Release Details Announced
Oath in Felghana LE, Ys I&II, 7 set forthcoming.
12/25/09 New Ar tonelico 3 Details Revealed
Find the explanation for the added kinkiness inside.
12/25/09 A Quick Look at Shiren the Wanderer
Atlus and ChunSoft wish you a merry Christmas.
12/24/09 Persona 3 Portable Reviewed
James explains why, for once, we're not giving an award to a Persona game.
12/22/09 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review
Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga... choo choo!
12/22/09 Atlus Working on New Project
Even more fodder for the rumor mill.
12/22/09 NIS President Talks Future
Disgaea makers aim to increase number of PS3-based projects.
12/22/09 Nomura Working on Two Unannounced Projects
New fodder for the rumor mill inside.
12/21/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Gallery
Not that one can ever NOT say "what a weird looking game" when it comes to Persona, but...
12/21/09 Lunar PSP Limited Edition Announced
XSEED wants to spoil you.
12/21/09 FFXIII Passes 1.5 Million Mark in Japan
PS3-exclusive sells with Lightning speed.
12/21/09 DQ IX Becomes Best Selling Dragon Quest Game to Date
More reasons for pre-Christmas celebrations at Squenix.
12/21/09 Phoenix Wright Heads for iPhone/iPod Touch
Japanese version of adventure game released.
12/20/09 Estpolis Denki: Yomigaeru Densetsu Gallery
Yes I know, most of us know it better as "Lufia."
12/20/09 Dragon Quest VI DS Gallery Debut
The last (?) of the DS remakes is coming soon. Come look at it.
12/20/09 Dragon Quest IX Gallery Update
New screens for DQ for DS.
12/20/09 It's Time for More Final Fantasy XIII Screens!
I don't know what else to say for a headline anymore...
12/18/09 FFXIII Sells One Million Copies on Day One
Surprise, surprise.
12/18/09 Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review
Kim's back for a run at the Wii release.
12/17/09 Mass Effect 2 Hands-On Preview
It needs to be January 26, like right now.
12/17/09 Square Enix Ships 1.8 Million Copies of FFXIII
As highly anticipated RPG launches in Japan.
12/16/09 Final Fantasy VIII Coming "Soon" To PlayStation Store
How soon is soon? We don't know.
12/16/09 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Sign-Up Opens
Just in time for the holidays!
12/15/09 Half Minute Hero Review
It's okay, you can take more than 30 seconds to read it.
12/12/09 Infinite Undiscovery Soundtrack Review (Plus FFXIII Single)
Wherein we make a finite discovery about one of our new writers.
12/12/09 Asguaard Review
Neal tackles Aldorlea Games’ latest offering.
12/12/09 Final Fantasy XIII Preview Update
The preview you've been waiting for!
12/12/09 RPGFan's Phantasy Star 0 Sweepstakes!
You know you want to enter.
12/10/09 Square Enix Dishes More FFXIII Details
Just when we thought that they had nothing more to share.
12/10/09 Necromancer Archived
PS3/PSP users get classic RPG three years after VC release.
12/10/09 Tokyo Mono Harashi Detailed
First story and system info inside.
12/09/09 Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Review
It's no Rune Factory: Frontier...
12/09/09 Final Fantasy XIII Only Almost Perfect
Says Famitsuu's reviewers.
12/09/09 Atlus Announces Etrian Odyssey III
DS-based RPG to set sail in March.
12/08/09 Borderlands 2nd Opinion Review, Plus Soundtrack Review
A decidedly lower opinion of the game, via Kyle Miller.
12/06/09 Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 Review
It's not Dungeons & Dragons, but there are dungeons and dragons.
12/06/09 Latest Indie Graphic Adventure Reviewed! Fading Hearts
The reviewer's name sort of rhymes with "real mandarin."
12/06/09 Soundtracks Update: Square, Lunar, White Knights, and Dams
The best part of today's update? The RPG with the dams has a really good soundtrack.
12/05/09 FFXI: A Shantotto Ascension Expansion Review
Ohohoho, the last expansion is mine! With Shantotto as star, it is sure to be fine!
12/05/09 Time for More Final Fantasy XIII Media
This time with packaging shots!
12/03/09 The Rebirth of Mythos
Flagship's final project handed off to Redbana.
12/02/09 A Bold Statement: Tales of Vesperia PS3 Import Review
James Clark believes he's found the best PS3 RPG to date.
12/02/09 Glory of Heracles DS Gets North American Date
I'm all for more Greek-themed games.
12/01/09 Atlus Announces Newest PSP Offering
Adventure/RPG hybrid in the works.
12/01/09 Nobunaga's Ambition Online Expands to PS3
PS3 version of Koei's MMORPG scheduled for 2010 release.
12/01/09 November Editorial, Tucker-style
Get it while it's hot (and last-minute)!


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