January 2010
01/31/10 Mass Effect 2 Reviewed, Receives Editor's Choice Award
An early, and extremely worthy, contender for RPG of 2010.
01/31/10 Media.Vision & Square Enix Bringing New RPG to iPhone
The developers behind the Wild ARMs series, if you're keeping track.
01/31/10 Millennium Episode 2: Take Me Higher Review
Neal's love of indie RPGs sucks him into an episodic adventure.
01/30/10 FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Game + Soundtrack Review
From Mike Salb-- wait, the graphics guy? He wrote something?!
01/29/10 NIS America Announces Disgaea Infinite
A graphic adventure starring ... Prinny!
01/29/10 Nintendo Promises Updates to Major Franchises
New Zelda and Pokémon games forthcoming.
01/29/10 New Mistwalker RPG Revealed
The Last Story to be told on Wii.
01/29/10 Monolith Sharpening Xenoblade
Wii-based RPG in the works.
01/28/10 Soundtrack Reviews Clearing House Update
Making room for the new 2010 models! Today's update includes Grandia Online, Genso Suikoden Arrange, Pia-com, Memories Off, and much much more!
01/28/10 King's Bounty: The Legend Reviewed
RPGFan's flaming feather duster approves of this review.
01/26/10 Record of Agarest War "Really Naughty Limited Edition" Unveiled
And yes, unfortunately, only 360 owners get it.
01/26/10 Atelier Judie Goes Portable
Classic PS2 Title PSP-bound in Japan.
01/26/10 More NUGA-CEL! Forthcoming in Japan
Another PS2 title set to re-surface on the PSP.
01/26/10 Newest Memories Off Title Confirmed for 360 Release
Series' 10th anniversary title set for summer.
01/25/10 Sands of Destruction Review
Are the sands of destruction eroding Masato Kato's credibility?
01/25/10 Ragnarok DS Image Gallery
Enjoy one of Korea's most famous MMORPGs on a train, in bed, or just about anywhere!
01/25/10 Nexon Q&A
Nexon takes on our critique of Dungeon Fighter Online, answers questions about MapleStory, and discusses the MMO business in general.
01/25/10 Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans Review
The score? It's under 9000.
01/25/10 More RPGs on the iPhone: Chronicles of Inotia II Review
Courtesy of our most physically attractive (male) editor, John Tucker.
01/24/10 SMT Soundtracks Update
Persona 3 Portable and Strange Journey OSTs covered! Thanks Liz!
01/21/10 DOFUS 2.0 Media Tour
French, strategy-based, graphically-upgraded MMORPG. Need we say more? If so, read this article.
01/21/10 Final Fantasy I & II Headed to iPhone/iPod touch
A Square Enix iPhone release that's NOT a defense/strategy game?
01/20/10 Ys VI PSP Review, Four Years Late, Plus Two Soundtrack Reviews
In other words, Ys and a bunch of numbers.
01/20/10 Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, Dates and Details Inside
Also inside, discover the meaning of the term "asynchronous online multiplayer."
01/20/10 Phantasy Star 0 Review
Is it more Online or more Universe?
01/20/10 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Headed Stateside
Did you have any doubt?
01/19/10 3D Dot Game Heroes Gallery
It's full of 3D dot goodness!
01/19/10 Shiren the Wanderer Gallery Update
A handful of new screens inside.
01/19/10 Phoenix Wright 2 Set for WiiWare Release
Digital download to be available later this month.
01/19/10 Etrian Odyssey III Delayed
Atlus' RPG now set to be available in Japan in April.
01/18/10 Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Extravaganza
English screenshots, impressions, demo, release date and more!
01/16/10 Social Gaming and the Legacy of RPGs
It's been happening for a long time. MMOs be damned. Check out our January editorial.
01/14/10 Fantasy Earth Zero Coming to America
Gamepot to soon launch NA version of Japanese MMORPG.
01/13/10 RPGFan's Games of 2009 Awards
And the winners are...
01/13/10 Knights in the Nightmare in the Works for PSP
Sting set to release a new version of its SRPG in April.
01/12/10 Luida's Bar Set to Open in Tokyo
What's next? Tifa's 7th Heaven bar?
01/12/10 New Ar tonelico 3 Info Revealed
Talk and party matters inside.
01/12/10 Demon's Souls Re-release Announced in Japan
From Soft's popular PS3 RPG available for low-dough.
01/12/10 Square Enix Adds Four to Ultimate Hits Series
Trio of DQ games, FFIV DS to get re-released in March.
01/10/10 Final Fantasy XIII Import Review
Is it really a Final Fantasy? You've heard the rumors, now hear the truth.
01/10/10 Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Review
Also: soundtrack reviews for the series.
01/09/10 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Review
A gem that nearly fell below our radar is now fully covered. You should read about this.
01/07/10 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey English Site Opens
Something to hold you over until March.
01/07/10 Hexyz Force Coming To North America
Atlus releases yet another Sting game, though it's not part of the Dept Heaven series.
01/07/10 Dragon Age: Origins Expansion Pack Announced
Just in case you haven't had enough of the game already.
01/06/10 Sakaguchi Promises Major Announcements
Two new games in the pipeline at Mistwalker.
01/04/10 Two Dragon Age (PS3) Reviews, Two Opinions
A little bit of contention to be found... can it still win RPG of the Year 2009?
01/04/10 Interview with Casey Hudson
That would be the man in charge of Mass Effect 2.
01/01/10 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Preview
It's like Pokémon, but with bloodthirsty demons.
01/01/10 Test Update
I really need to update this script so that I don't have to do this manually.


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