March 2010
03/31/10 Digimon Battle Open Beta Is Up; RPGFan Adds Image Gallery
What better way to celebrate?
03/31/10 Tierkreis, Muramasa, Hexyz Force, and Order of Ecclesia Soundtracks Reviewed
A lil-bit-o-backlog taken down by a nice mix of RPGFan staff. You'll want to check these out.
03/30/10 Japan to Get Persona, Growlanser PSP at Discount Price
Atlus set to re-release PSP versions in June.
03/29/10 Square Enix Working on PS3 Action-RPG
Japanese PSN title confirmed... on Twitter!
03/29/10 Chaos Head Noah Goes Portable
5pb brings its popular adventure title to PSP.
03/29/10 Inazuma Eleven 3 Detailed
Two versions confirmed for July 1st release in Japan.
03/29/10 Final Fantasy XIII Second (Or Third) Opinion
Because we know you can't get enough Final Fantasy opinions...
03/29/10 Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories Now Available in App Store
03/26/10 The Last Gallery Update for Final Fantasy XIII
Featuring 90+ new images for both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
03/26/10 Zenonia 2 Release Window, Pricing
So close you can taste it. Huh... tastes like... cumin.
03/26/10 Twelve Glorious Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Screens
Maybe I should just start calling it "Star Ocean 4."
03/26/10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Gallery Update
Oh, and it's coming here this summer. But you knew that, right?
03/25/10 Shiren The Wanderer Wii Review
It's a roguelike... with a man in a hat.
03/24/10 Harvest Moon Mastermind Resigns
Yasuhiro Wada to become adviser of Marvelous.
03/24/10 Atelier Totori for PS3 Announced
It may sound similar, but it's not related to Tonari no Totoro.
03/24/10 Atlus Working On New Persona Game
Presumably for a PlayStation platform.
03/24/10 Konami Details Love Plus +
Updated version of last year's DS adventure in the works.
03/23/10 "Leave Final Fantasy II Alone!"
The iPhone release tips Patrick over the edge in our March editorial.
03/23/10 Neverland Soundtracks Update, Featuring Estpolis DS Soundtrack
Show some respect to Yasunori Shiono and crew.
03/23/10 NIS America Localizing Trinity Universe
Looks like more PS3 love from NIS.
03/23/10 The Witcher 2 Headed For PCs Next Year
This is good news for everyone.
03/22/10 Come Along And Ride On A Strange Journey (Review)
As you should have already guessed, we're psyched about the latest SMT title.
03/19/10 Ragnarok DS Review
Neal takes on the portable version of the MMO.
03/18/10 Mass Effect 2 Second Opinion
Kyle fights the Collectors.
03/18/10 Final Fantasy XIII Domestic Review
Ashton Liu takes down the beast - in English!
03/18/10 Snowblind Crafting Lord of the Rings Action-RPG
It has to be better than The Third Age.
03/18/10 Square Enix Announces Chaos Ring
An iPhone RPG from Media.Vision, sounds good!
03/16/10 Heavy Rain Review
Is it Adventure? Is it RPG? No, it's Interactive Drama.
03/15/10 Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Review
From our Editor-in-Chief, Eric!
03/13/10 Last Rebellion Reviewed; Reviewer Breathes Sigh Of Relief
We really ought to cut Neal some slack.
03/13/10 King's Bounty: Armored Princess Reviewed!
If this were an Evony review, we'd be teasing you about getting under that armor...
03/12/10 Falcom Dishes More Ys VS Sora no Kiseki Details
Online play confirmed.
03/12/10 Square Enix Defends FFXIII @ GDC
Lack of traditional RPG features due to time constraints.
03/12/10 Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Review
Is it different? Not really.
03/12/10 Dragon Age: Origins: Return to Ostagar Review
Kyle talks about this little bit of DLC.
03/11/10 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Ushered Into an HD World
PSN and XBLA enhanced ports coming soon.
03/10/10 Blaze Union Detailed
Sting's newest to borrow a page or two from Yggdra Union.
03/10/10 Ys VS Sora no Kiseki Dated in Japan
Falcom's PSP brawler set to engage in competition in July.
03/10/10 FFXIII Shipments Reach 5 Million Copies
As PS3, Xbox 360 versions go on sale in US, Europe.
03/10/10 New Tales Remake in the Works for PSP
Tales of Phantasia, Narikiri Dungeon remakes bundled.
03/10/10 Atelier Series Returns to PS3
Again starring Rorona.
03/09/10 EA Inks Deal With 38 Studios on "Project Mercury"
That's Curt Schilling's Studio - and it's a doozy of a deal.
03/05/10 Valkyria Chronicles 2 Import Review
James Q. Clark serves it up!
03/04/10 Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest IX Reviewed
A soundtrack worthy of its own update.
03/02/10 Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Pushed Back a Week
Bonus items are still cool, and prices are decent.
03/02/10 Interview with Yuki Sugiura, Composer
An up-and-coming composer and founder of "Heinrich von Ofterdingen" caught our attention. So we interviewed him.
03/02/10 SEGA Announces Nolan North in Resonance of Fate
Oh, you know it's going to have good VA now.
03/02/10 Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review
HOLD IT!... and read this review.


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