May 2010
05/31/10 Why XSEED Will Localize Falcom Games Better Than Anyone Else To Date
You should be able to tell just from the title who wrote this month's editorial...
05/30/10 Indie PC Strategy RPG Review: The Battle for Wesnoth
Semi-open "for gamers by gamers" project wows our staff.
05/29/10 3 Etrian Odyssey 3 Soundtracks Reviewed
That's all of 'em. In celebration of the US release announcement.
05/28/10 New Xenoblade Systems Detailed
The Wii RPG becomes more involved by the day!
05/28/10 Square Enix Brings Games to the iPad
A wild iPad approaches!
05/28/10 Final Fantasy VII/VIII Retro/PSN Reviews
An old editor and a new editor take on two old games, newly released.
05/28/10 One Year Later: Cross Edge Reviewed
We finally put this mess of a fanfic/game behind us...
05/28/10 Pokémon Black & White Coming To North America Spring 2011
Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom also revealed.
05/27/10 Rune Factory 3 To Transform Into An English Version This Year
The monster-rearing Harvest Moon spin-off returns to the DS.
05/27/10 Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light To Shine In North America
Square Enix graces the Nintendo DS with another traditional RPG.
05/27/10 Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City To Surface In North America
Avast! Swab the deck and prepare for more touch-screen cartography.
05/26/10 City of Heroes Going Rogue Coming July 2010
Paragon Studios and NCSoft give this MMORPG a proper expansion, as well as a fantastic music composer.
05/26/10 Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Being Localized By Natsume
Looks like Twitter is becoming a haven for announcements.
05/25/10 Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem Remake Announced For DS
I can feel my blood pressure rising already.
05/24/10 Hexyz Force Review
Sting's latest on the PSP.
05/22/10 The Legend of Zelda Review
This game is as old as I am.
05/21/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Gets a North American Release Date
It's going to be a busy summ- oh wait, this is a fall date?
05/21/10 Fable III Coming to PC, Collector's Edition Revealed
Hey, you got Fable in my Windows!
05/21/10 Future Mass Effect 2 DLC Will Set Up Plot for Mass Effect 3
More DLC = more Mass Effect 2 = I'm in paradise
05/21/10 Torchlight Sells 500,000 Copies, Mac Version Now Available
Did someone say loot?
05/21/10 Fragile Dreams Second Opinion Review
What kind of second opinion is it...?
05/21/10 Two New Ys III Soundtracks Reviewed
Also, did I mention that I *love* XSEED?
05/20/10 Dragon Quest IX Gallery Update
Several new images, artwork and yes, the U.S. packaging are included.
05/20/10 Chaos Rings Gallery
Maybe we should have had this up before now...
05/20/10 Dragon Quest IX Gets a North American Release Date
And it's not far off at all.
05/19/10 Mass Effect 2: Kasumi - Stolen Memory Review
The new mission - is it worth it?
05/19/10 The Whispered World Review
A Point and Click Adventure reviewed by Kyle.
05/18/10 Interview with Joe Fletcher, US Producer of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow
On the day the game makes it to stores!
05/17/10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Dated For North America
Limited-edition PSP bundle to see simultaneous release.
05/17/10 Record of Agarest War Review
Any excuse to post the sausage girl picture.
05/17/10 Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Abyssea Site Goes Live
New battles in a parallel dimension await players this June.
05/17/10 Dragon Age: Origins PC Review
This should've been the first one we had.
05/15/10 Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC Announced
And it's here next month.
05/15/10 Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Announced
Not for the faint of (gambling) heart.
05/15/10 Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals Review
Another title from indie devs John Wizard Games.
05/15/10 White Knight Chronicles 2 To Include WKC1
Two games in one? Score.
05/15/10 Demon's Souls Gets A Price Drop
Pick it up for $20 cheaper than before.
05/14/10 XSEED Inks Deal with Nihon Falcom
Or, in the words of Patrick Gann, "YESSSSSSSS!"
05/13/10 Top 10 MMORPG Games of all time
Another win for World of Warcraft... or is it?
05/13/10 Starter Pokémon Unveiled for Black & White Versions
A grass snake, a fire pig, and a water otter. Can we call it a Wotter?
05/13/10 Final Fantasy XI Music To Be Released On Vinyl Record
Square Enix's recent fascination with records manifests itself once again.
05/11/10 Atelier Rorona U.S. Release Delayed to Q3
Please hold while the alchemist you are trying to reach is located.
05/11/10 3D Dot Game Heroes Review
It's Zel.. oh, copyright? It's an Action RPG!
05/11/10 Atlus Erects "Hall of Heroes" for 3D Dot Game Heroes
Browse, share, and download characters using this online database.
05/11/10 White Knight Chronicles 2 Release Date Revealed Early
Even the soggy pages of Famitsu couldn't plug up this leak.
05/10/10 Final Fantasy IX Confirmed for PSN in U.S.
Threads of Fate revealed as next PSN re-release in Japan.
05/09/10 Torchlight Review
Because everyone loves to kick ass and take names.
05/08/10 Five Soundtracks Reviewed, Including Valkyria Chronicles 2
Also included: Elminage, Endless Frontier EXCEED, .hack//Link, and Death Connection.
05/07/10 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar To Set Up Shop This Summer
The popular farming sim returns with a mercantile focus.
05/06/10 New Dragon Age DLC Announced for May 18th
Take a walk on the wild side in Darkspawn Chronicles.
05/05/10 End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate) Soundtrack Reviewed
All *six discs* of it.
05/05/10 NEXON Takes A Shopping Trip, Goes NDOORS To Make A Purchase
Begin work on your Atlantica/Maple Story crossover fanfics now.
05/03/10 Final Fantasy (iPhone) Review
How does one review a classic like this?
05/03/10 All Playable Xenoblade Characters Detailed
Get the scoop on young hero Shulk and his companions.
05/01/10 Neal Reviews a DS Graphic Adventure ... AGAIN
In other news, RPGFan editor Patrick Gann wins "best pun of the century" award.
05/01/10 Books Into Games: Fighting Fantasy (DS) Review
This one might've been better off staying a book forever.
05/01/10 Xenoblade Soundtrack Detailed
Four discs of music from Shimomura, to be released on Uematsu's record label.
05/01/10 Jikan de Fantasia Announced For Summer Release In Japan
The spiritual successor to Half-Minute Hero promises not to waste your time.
05/01/10 New PvP System Revealed for WonderKing
Make friends into enemies in this free-to-play MMORPG


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