July 2010
07/30/10 More Media for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Already? Already. Several new screens, characters, and pretty landscapes.
07/30/10 Shining Force Hits App Store
Classic strategy RPG action on my soon-to-be iPhone 4? Yes!
07/29/10 EverQuest II Goes Free-to-Play with EQII Extended
"Similar, but different" has never described anything so well.
07/29/10 Deadly Sin: Shining Faith Review
Neal reviews another indie game!
07/29/10 Travel Through Time With Radiant Historia
As long as Lavos doesn't show up, we'll be fine.
07/29/10 More Dragon Age DLC Coming In August
Now with 110% more golems!
07/29/10 Dungeon Siege III: First Screens and Teaser Trailer
Sieging dungeons is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
07/28/10 Tales Explosion! Three New Tales Games Coming to PS3 and PSP
All are of the "RPG That Needs To Come to North America" characteristic genre.
07/28/10 Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Gallery Debut
An easier title to pronounce than 358/2 Days, that's for sure.
07/28/10 Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Gallery Added
An epic tale of buying, selling, and debt repayment!
07/28/10 Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together Gallery Debut
And they have noses!
07/27/10 Random Encounter Podcast: Episode 6
The episode where we talk about Dragon Quest IX a lot!
07/27/10 More NIS! Sixty-Six New Z.H.P. Screens! In English!
07/26/10 First English Screens for Atelier Rorona
Come inside and behold the first 92 English screens!
07/26/10 Deathspank Review!
The exclamation mark sets the tone for the game.
07/25/10 Finding My Persona Through Persona
July editorial, from Neal Chandran, about Indian culture, family, gaming, and more.
07/24/10 New Mass Effect 2 DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker Announced
Hopefully it will shed some light on this shadowy character.
07/24/10 Final Fantasy XIV To Have 18 Classes At Launch
Discipline? Who needs it?
07/24/10 EA Announces New Action RPG, Darkspore
Like Spore, but dark and filled with teen angst.
07/23/10 Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge Review
More pirates! More monkeys! More Guybrush!
07/23/10 Ar tonelico Qoga ~Knell of Ar Ciel~ Gallery Debut
Many new images of the furthest away NIS release.
07/23/10 Z.H.P. Gallery Debuts
Take control of the Unlosing Ranger in another quirky NIS title.
07/23/10 38 Studios Announces Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Oblivion meets God of War? Color me excited! Screens & trailer inside.
07/22/10 Demon's Souls Online Support Extended to March 2011
Looks like Boletaria still needs saving...
07/22/10 New Gallery for ClaDun: This is an RPG
No, really, it is! See, the title even says so!
07/22/10 Huge Gallery Update for Atelier Rorona
Alchemy, big trees, flashy spells and bikinis inside.
07/22/10 Vandal Hearts Flames of Judgment Review
How does this prequel hold up?
07/22/10 Legend of Mana PSN Release Date Announced
And it's next week! ....In Japan, of course.
07/22/10 Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Japanese Release Date Set
Also a couple of battle details.
07/21/10 New Translation Studio Carpe Fulgur Localizing Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
Sell items, meet townsfolk, and battle monsters in this simulation RPG.
07/21/10 Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness Announced
A brand new FF spin-off to be released on mobile phones.
07/21/10 Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Review
JRPG hack-and-slash goodness.
07/21/10 Phantom Brave Portable Coming to PSP
The Adventures of Marona and Ash: Pint-Sized Edition.
07/21/10 Tactics Ogre: The Wheel of Fortune Announced
The series' first entry is being "rebuilt" for the PSP.
07/21/10 Valkyria Chronicles II Dated For North America
Crush the Gallian insurrection before this summer's end.
07/20/10 Arc Rise Fantasia Preview
Some quick reading before tomorrow.
07/20/10 Review Update: Dungeon Fighter Online
The game goes from "open beta" to "official release." Did anything change?
07/18/10 Dreamscape Gallery Updated
Just in time for Inception's opening weekend!
07/18/10 DeathSpank Gallery Updated
He once danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
07/18/10 Dragon Quest IX Domestic Review
Continue your life as a slime decimator.
07/17/10 NIS America Reveals Three New Titles
A roundup of Thursday's press event.
07/16/10 Random Encounter Podcast: Episode 5
Dragon Quest IX, difficulty in RPGs and Dragon Age II.
07/16/10 Mass Effect 2 PC Review
Commander Shepard kicks some butt again.
07/16/10 Video Games Live Concert Special To Air On PBS This Summer
Featuring music from Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and more.
07/15/10 Atelier Totori Soundtrack Review, All The Way!
More intense than a full double rainbow!!!
07/14/10 Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Preview
A new browser-based Strategy MMORPG.
07/13/10 Pokémon Black & White Details: New Game Features Revealed
Did someone say video chat?
07/12/10 Deathspank Developer Roundtable
A look at this week's release.
07/12/10 Symphonic Fantasies Album Details Revealed
Cover art, date, tracklist, date, and more. Europeans, take note!
07/12/10 Deadly Sin II Gallery Updated
It would be a deadly sin not to check it out...
07/12/10 Dragon Quest IX Available Now
Meanwhile, Japan gets the last of 184 downloadable quests.
07/11/10 Kanuchi, Clean Keeper, Sony Vocals: Totally Random Soundtracks Update
Like, totally! Random!!
07/11/10 Tales of Hearts Import Review
Andrew Barker takes down this DS Tales title.
07/10/10 Lord of the Rings Online: Volume III Book 1 Gallery
Yep, that's a pretty long title.
07/10/10 Professor Layton Gallery Updates
New images for both the upcoming DS and 3DS titles.
07/10/10 Two Might & Magic Gallery Debuts
New media for Clash of Heroes HD & Heroes Kingdoms.
07/10/10 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Gallery Update
More Falcom goodness from XSEED!
07/10/10 Random Encounter: Episode 4
Persona 3 Portable, Mass Effect 2 chat, and more!
07/08/10 Final Fantasy IX Review
We take a look at another classic PSone Final Fantasy.
07/08/10 Ys PSP Media Trifecta
New galleries for all three upcoming Ys titles from XSEED.
07/08/10 Dragon Age 2 Coming March 2011
Now with more dragons!
07/08/10 Etrian Odyssey III To Receive Art Book As Pre-Order Bonus
Atlus Spoils once again with this premium freebie.
07/08/10 Debut Trailer For The Last Story Released
Watch Elza dash, slash, and take cover in this action-packed preview clip.
07/08/10 Date Set For Final Fantasy XIV Beta
And it's only a couple of days away.
07/08/10 Leliana's Song DLC For Dragon Age Available Now
Let's all sing along!
07/07/10 LEGO Universe Gallery Debut
Yes, really.
07/07/10 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition Now Available
That's the second biggest remake I've ever seen!
07/07/10 Breath of Death VII: The Beginning Review
An Indie title from a forum regular.
07/06/10 Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Retro Review
It's Al and Ed!
07/06/10 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Released Today
Experience the Dark Hour again and again-- on the go!
07/05/10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Import Review
Three new main characters?!
07/05/10 Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Review
We go back and look at a title we didn't originally review.
07/04/10 Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition Review
A game that's more than the sum of its parts
07/04/10 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Review
This time, let's review the game in English.
07/02/10 E3 Awards, Gallery, and Podcast (Again!)
What won the best of show, just for your Independence Day weekend!
07/02/10 Release Date Finalized for The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki
The successor to the Sora no Kiseki series will hit Japanese shelves this fall.
07/02/10 Paper Mario 3DS Screen Shots
Sadly the screens are only in two dimensions.
07/02/10 Massive Final Fantasy XIV Gallery Update
Will you find 75 new screens inside? Yes you will.
07/01/10 Ella's Hope Review
Another indie game from Aldorlea Games
07/01/10 Mount and Blade: Warband Review
Adam Tingle steps up to the plate.
07/01/10 Narcissu Review
A visual review from Andrew Barker
07/01/10 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney iPhone Review
In case you missed it on the DS or Wiiware, the iPhone has you covered.
07/01/10 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Gallery Update
Twenty four new screen shots and a non-release date inside!
07/01/10 Jumpgate: Evolution Gallery Update
The final frontier is looking mighty purple these days.


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