August 2010
08/31/10 Recettear Comes to Steam September 10th
I can't help it, they have my credit card number!
08/31/10 RPG Buffet: Room Enough For Neo and Retro RPGs
The August 2010 editorial, wherein we take the food metaphor a little too far.
08/31/10 Valkyria Chronicles II Now Available
Can people please actually buy this one?
08/30/10 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn To See Domestic Release This November
Right around the time we're waking up from our tryptophan comas.
08/30/10 Final DLC Pack for Dragon Age: Origins Announced
It's time for a witch hunt.
08/30/10 Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC Arrives September 7th
Will you rekindle an old (blue) romantic flame?
08/30/10 Atlus to Merge With Parent Company, Brand Will Live On
We still get Persona 5 some day, right guys? RIGHT?!
08/29/10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Will Not See PSN Release
It's a no-go for the PSP Go.
08/29/10 Random Encounter Podcast: Episode 8
Could this be the first episode with no mention of Mass Effect 2? Nope!
08/28/10 Ys SEVEN Review
If you pronounce it "Wise" we will find you, and we will punch you in the face.
08/26/10 Big Sale on iPhone/iPod Touch RPGs
Get Shining Force, Phantasy Star II and Across Age for cheap!
08/26/10 Arc Rise Fantasia Review
It's better than Opoona, I promise.
08/26/10 Pre-Order Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Get A Poster
Aw, aren't they just the most adorable little saviors you've ever seen?
08/26/10 Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Mobile Marches All Over Your Phone
With some new maps and features thrown in for good measure.
08/26/10 Valkyria Chronicles Threequel A Possibility
At the very least, it has a website domain.
08/26/10 Pokémon Black and White Pre-Orders Break 1,000,000
Quite a few people want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.
08/26/10 SEGA Reveals Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity
Update coming to Japanese gamers, as we wait for the original game to release.
08/25/10 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Now Available
Did you get your horse plushie?
08/25/10 Phantasy Star II Coming to iOS This Week
Sega continues with its iPorts of old classics.
08/25/10 DeathSpank Sequel Announced
I didn't realize thongs were at all virtuous.
08/24/10 Final Fantasy XIV Beta Hands-On & Gallery Update
A detailed look at the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV. Also, 202 new screens and artwork!
08/24/10 Ash Hands-On Preview and Gallery Update
Get a sneak peek at a new RPG coming to the iOS.
08/22/10 Subscribers To Both Online Final Fantasies Get Perks
Reduced fees, shiny boots, and name transfers aplenty! Also, Xbox 360 version on pause.
08/22/10 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn To Release This Year In Japan
The hype train builds steam with a new website and trailer inside.
08/22/10 Aphelion Review
Xbox Live Arcade Indie Game Review #2!
08/20/10 Date Set for Free-to-Play Lord of the Rings Online
Odd coincidence, I'm going on vacation right about then...
08/18/10 Eschalon: Book II Review
One more indie game in the slot
08/17/10 Grandia (PSone Classics) Review
We go into the backlog for Game Arts' classic PSone title.
08/17/10 Heroes of Might and Magic VI Announced
And you'll only have to wait until next year
08/17/10 Cladun: This is an RPG Crawling To North American Dungeons In September
And it's chock-full of more customization than you can shake a sword at!
08/17/10 Front Mission 3 Coming to European PSN
Strategy! Wanzers! A branching plot! It's all going digital.
08/17/10 Mass Effect 2 Announced for PlayStation 3
...but not the original title. How odd.
08/16/10 Disciples III: Renaissance Review
It's not quite a new Heroes of Might and Magic...
08/15/10 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Virtual Console Review
Is Link still as awesome as he was on the N64?
08/14/10 Dreamscape Review
Neal's back for another indie title!
08/14/10 Beta Keys! Get Your Final Fantasy XIV Beta Keys!
Get 'em while they're hot!
08/14/10 Etrian Odyssey III To Include "Explorer's Poster" With Purchase
Every would-be cartographer needs her tools, after all.
08/14/10 Recettear Release Date Announced
There, there, anxious fans. No more tears.
08/14/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Preview
In English... sans Pizza Hut Weapons.
08/14/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screenshots Update + First Gameplay Trailer
Is that Gunther Hermann at the end???
08/12/10 Shining Hearts Details
And it's actually a traditional RPG.
08/11/10 Shin Megami Tensei I & II Available On JP Playstation Network
Still can't get enough of the series? Need to practice your Japanese?
08/11/10 Square Enix Brings Chaos Rings to iPad
As promised, the HD version of Squeenix's iOS RPG is starting to appear in iTunes.
08/10/10 Random Encounter Episode 7
In which we discuss RPGs, and no StarCraft at all.
08/10/10 Fallout: New Vegas Celebrity Voice Actors Announced!
We got some big celebrities up in here!
08/10/10 Nippon Ichi Loses Money, Cancels Games, Loses More Money
We're rooting for you d00ds!
08/10/10 Crimson Gem Saga Now Available For iOS Devices
For the glory of Green Hill Academy!
08/10/10 Xenoblade Soundtrack Review
...As promised! As advertised!
08/05/10 Six-Minute Pokémon Black/White Trailer Released
Showcasing new Pokémon, locales, and features. Plus, a surprising tidbit of info!
08/05/10 Hero 30 Second, True Sequel to Half-Minute Hero, Announced
The world is once again threatened by obnoxiously efficient villains.
08/05/10 Runic Games Announces Torchlight 2
If they keep this up, we'll have Torchlight 37 before we have Diablo 3.
08/05/10 Fable 3 PC Version Delayed
Glorious PC Gaming Master Race - 0; Dirty Console Gaming Peasants - 1
08/04/10 Nier Review
See why Patrick thinks you shouldn't miss out on this title!
08/04/10 Ys SEVEN Goes Gold, Official Website Launches
The first of several Ys titles from XSEED will release later this month.
08/03/10 Soundtracks Update: FFXIII Piano and... Popolocrois?
Balancing old and new, popular and obscure, good and bad.
08/03/10 Interview with Thomas Boecker, Concert Producer
Regarding Symphonic Fantasies the concert, Symphonic Fantasies the album, and other game music projects.
08/01/10 Phantom Brave Portable Details, Gallery Debut
Just in case you haven't played the PS2 or Wii incarnations.


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