October 2010
10/31/10 Get Spooked! Halloween Soundtracks Update!
Features FFXIV, Fable III, Square Enix Battle music, Persona, and a broken promise.
10/30/10 Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Review
Not "Final Fantasy: The IV Heroes of Light."
10/30/10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Gets An Actual JP Date
Make Cloud look cooler; not like anyone's tried over the past 13 years.
10/30/10 See Even More Of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Now in video form too!
10/29/10 Watch Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP's New Opening Movie
We hope you like Lotus Juice.
10/29/10 Venus and Braves Gets A PSP Remake
....What HASN'T gotten a PSP remake at this point?
10/28/10 Do You Want A Ton Of Suikoden Music?
Show Konami the money and you can get 25 (yes, twenty-five) discs worth.
10/28/10 NISA Details European PSN Winter Lineup
Because an Idea Factory game wasn't enough, apparently.
10/28/10 NIS America Announces Hyperdimension Neptunia
One more Idea Factory game, in the pipe!
10/28/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity Gallery Added
Complete with steam rollers, tuna swords and Vocaloids. Yes, all in one game.
10/28/10 Dragon Age II Gets Another Trailer
Guess who's back?
10/27/10 The 3rd Birthday's Theme Song Isn't Just Fly, It's Superfly
How I Loved / Your Twisted Eyes on Me…
10/27/10 Knights in the Nightmare PSP Hands-On Preview
Get a sneak peek at how the game functions for the PSP!
10/27/10 Random Encounter Episode 11
Rules compliancy, ho!
10/26/10 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Goes To PSP
The dreams are coming true, one by one.
10/26/10 Three Galleries For Crescent Moon Games... Games
Specifically, Ravensword and its upcoming sequel and Rimelands: Hammer of Thor.
10/26/10 The Netherworld Is Yours To Rule In Disgaea 4
Yet more game details and media have emerged.
10/26/10 Xenome: Episode 1 Review
Fallout Meets Borderlands for the iOS = AWESOME.
10/26/10 Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman Out Today
Fear the Darkdeath Evilman!
10/26/10 Fable III Now Available
King me.
10/25/10 Parasite Eve Goes To Japanese PSN Next Week
Let's hope they infect our network soon, too.
10/25/10 Nippon Ichi Needs More Disgaea 4 Help
This time you get to help name some techniques.
10/25/10 Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Gallery Update
Oh and a teaser trailer and some details.
10/24/10 Square Enix Is Planning A.... Christmas Album?
Yes indeed!
10/24/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Gallery Update
Yes, another one. But this one's a big update.
10/24/10 SaGa 3 DS Gallery Update
And an original vs. remake screenshot comparison.
10/23/10 Shining Hearts Gallery Update
Are those Pokémon? No, they're just pet spirits, apparently.
10/23/10 Two Tales Gallery Updates
Graces F and Radiant Mythology 3 may look a bit fruity.
10/23/10 Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Interview with Graham Markay
We discuss the localization process and what separates this title from the pack with the VP of Operations at Natsume!
10/23/10 Crimson Gem Saga iOS Review
Introducing our newest addition to staff Bryan Grosnick!
10/23/10 Square Enix Gallery Update
And by that we mean four galleries, including The 3rd Birthday.
10/23/10 Diablo III Gets Its Final Class
You know news on this game is rare when it becomes a Twitter trending topic.
10/22/10 Harvest Moon DS Review
Bob takes a trip to the backlog to review the first DS game!
10/22/10 Parasite Eve Coming To PSN
See what the games were like BEFORE they became a clothing-ripping sim.
10/22/10 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - New Media & Trailer!
Tons of screens, character art and the beautiful box art.
10/21/10 FFXI: Vision of Abyssea Review
Wait, what about FFXIV?
10/20/10 Cladun: This is a Second Opinion!
That's a really fun subtitle to work with.
10/20/10 The Last Story Gets A Second Trailer
And hopefully it won't be the last trailer.
10/20/10 Arevan: The Bitter Truth Review
Just how bitter is the truth?
10/20/10 Swear Your Oath in Felghana This November
The next Ys release from XSEED is just a couple of weeks away.
10/20/10 Caption These Tactics Ogre Screen Shots For Great Justice
...also you can win a sealed copy of the PSone Final Fantasy Tactics.
10/19/10 Lord of Arcana Gallery Update
Check out your enemies. In great detail.
10/19/10 Hero 30 Second Gallery Added
Or rather, the other half-minute hero.
10/19/10 Ni No Kuni DS Gallery Update & Gameplay Details
Who knew you needed a giant book to help you use the stylus?
10/19/10 Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Announced, Gallery & Trailer
...Any objections to this kind of crossover?
10/19/10 Arcania: Gothic 4 Now Available
Now with a new developer!
10/19/10 Fallout: New Vegas Now Available
It's new! And it's in Vegas!
10/19/10 Now On Virtual Console: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Relive the nostalgic charm! ...Definitions of charm may vary.
10/19/10 Fallout: New Vegas Review
Explore the Mojave! See Sin City!
10/18/10 Square Enix Hiring Staff For FF Versus XIII
Could this one be going multiplatform?
10/17/10 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cinematic Available
If you missed the football game (yes, you read that right), worry not.
10/17/10 Crusade of Destiny Review
Was it destiny that John Tucker reviewed this?
10/17/10 Ghost Trick Gallery Update
Make your presence known... while dead.
10/17/10 New Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Screens
Or, "That R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane & Ken Rolston" RPG.
10/16/10 Rune Factory Oceans Details & Gallery Added
And guess what, there's already a bonus item!
10/15/10 Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Extended
Square Enix responds to the MMORPG's new inhabitants of Eorzea.
10/15/10 Grimoire Chronicles Review
Things are looking pretty grim alright...
10/15/10 Dragon Age II Gets A Signature Edition
And it doesn't cost anything extra! ...As long as you pre-order.
10/15/10 Pokémon: Do You Want Mew Or Music?
Or c) all of the above?
10/15/10 Some Fable III Details
They put an RPG inside your RPG.
10/14/10 Random Encounter - Episode 10
In which we talk about a slightly random selection of RPGs.
10/13/10 A Great Big Radiant Historia Update
A gallery, lots of info and ... two trailers!
10/12/10 Marvelous Announces Rune Factory Oceans for Wii & PS3
The series' second console entry comes with a giant twist.
10/12/10 Ys: Oath in Felghana Q&A with Tom Lipschultz
Localization Specialist for XSEED, Go!
10/12/10 The Arc Trilogy Continues With Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena on PSN
Victor Ireland isn't done just yet.
10/12/10 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Character Info, Gallery Added
Well, they're not entirely Nameless.
10/12/10 World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1 Incoming
The servers are slowly but surely getting ready for a Cataclysm.
10/12/10 Zenonia Becomes A PlayStation Mini
What a week for RPGs on the PSN.
10/11/10 Soundtracks Update Featuring Indie RPG "Deadly Sin"
Also: Twinbee (?!), Antiphona, Blue Forest Story, Atelier, and even more Atelier.
10/11/10 Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge iPhone Review
Is LeChuck's Revenge as great on the iPhone/iPod Touch?
10/11/10 Tales of Graces F Info, Gallery Added
That's a lot of purple hair going on.
10/10/10 Mega Man Legends 3 Development, Fan Involvement Details
Including a job opening, character design contest and more.
10/09/10 Aksys Games Has Another Survey
Yes, it's an otome one again.
10/09/10 Arc The Lad And Alundra PSN Dated And Priced
They'll be hard to resist with that price tag.
10/08/10 Square Enix Releases FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII Trailers
But only for a limited time, and for a select few. Sigh.
10/08/10 Aralon Trailer Hits Web, Impresses
If you're still in doubt about seeing "real" games on your iPhone, you should see this.
10/08/10 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Hands-On Preview
What's a Zill O'll?
10/08/10 Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Gallery Added
Can't keep track of Tales games? Neither can we sometimes.
10/07/10 Mana Chronicles Screen Shots & Trailer
As iOS action adventure RPG from Spearhead Entertainment.
10/07/10 Aralon: Sword and Shadow Gallery Debut
Is that a Western RPG in your pocket, or...
10/07/10 Another Disgaea 4 Update
This time with art! And a... professor class?
10/07/10 Pokémon Black & White Gets DSi Bundles In Japan
And they are... black or white DSis! Who would have ever guessed?
10/07/10 Rune Factory 3 Goes Gold
In a month, you too can have a fantasy Harvest Moon!
10/07/10 DeathSpank Headed To Steam
Amusing adventures in even more formats!
10/07/10 FF Legends: Warriors of Light & Darkness Gallery Added
This game should totally get an iOS port. Just saying.
10/07/10 Tis The Season For... Winter Voices?
But summer JUST ended!
10/06/10 Want a Bunch of Disgaea 4 Screens? Sure You Do!
Over 50 brand new screens inside, plus a fun pixel comparison.
10/06/10 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Gets North American, Europe Release Dates
Oh, and some new English-infused screens as well!
10/06/10 Heroes of Lore For iOS From EA: Screen Shots and Video
Speaking of quiet reveals...
10/06/10 Ossian Studios Reveals iOS RPG The Shadow Sun
Yet another promising-looking RPG for Apple's handheld. Screens inside!
10/06/10 Ni no Kuni Previews
Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, need I say more?
10/06/10 Xenogears Orchestral Arranged Album In The Works
You can never have enough music from this game, ever.
10/05/10 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gets A Release Date
Why, I think Christmas is coming early this year!
10/05/10 Tears to Tiara PSP Release Info & Galleries Added
Just what are these games? Come find out!
10/04/10 Dragon Age: Origins DLC Review - Witch Hunt
Morrigan said not to follow her...
10/04/10 The 3rd Birthday Hands-on Preview
Get ready for some more Aya Brea.
10/03/10 New Zelda: Skyward Sword Screens
Is this the muted side of Link?
10/03/10 The Last Story Gallery
Beautiful screens and artwork for Mistwalker's upcoming Wii RPG.
10/03/10 Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition Announced
A year's worth of content in one convenient package.
10/01/10 I Don't Have The Patience For This! (Anymore)
October editorial: Pat laments the time commitments of RPG-ing.
10/01/10 SaGa 3 Remake Gets a Japanese Date + Gallery Added
Physics has taught me that spacetime is an actual word.


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