November 2010
11/30/10 NIS America Confirms Imageepoch Partnership
We, too, will shoot black rocks and make final promises.
11/30/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Pre-Order Bonuses
And/or you can get an Augmented special edition, to boot.
11/30/10 Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP Dated For Japan
Dear Atlus: English release, please? We'll bake you cookies!
11/30/10 Square Enix Debuting Final Fantasy TCG
11/29/10 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn FINALLY Available
Stop reading and go buy it now so they make more!
11/28/10 Hey, You Got Some Front Mission 3 In My PS3 (Or PSP)
Square Enix's mecha strategy RPG is on its way to North America.
11/28/10 Check Out Venus & Braves PSP's Tales Cameos In Action
If you haven't played the demo yet, you can see them in trailer form.
11/28/10 Fable III Review
Should you add this game to your holiday wishlist?
11/27/10 Imageepoch Games North America and Europe-Bound
By way of NIS America.
11/27/10 Disgaea 4 Video: Watch People Explain Things to Prinnies
Is that a prinny on your head, or are you just glad to see me?
11/27/10 Another Valkyria Chronicles 3 Character Video
This one is about Riela Marcellis; you're gonna want to see this. Also, another gallery update!
11/27/10 Atelier Violet Gallery Debut
Come inside and enjoy the adorableness.
11/27/10 A(nother) Shining Hearts Gallery Update
Déjŕ vu!
11/26/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity Gallery Update
How I'd love to get to a beach and away from this snow.
11/26/10 New Radiant Historia Screens & Trailer
Yes, they're in English!
11/26/10 A Few Hints On Final Fantasy Agito XIII
And they had to come from The 3rd Birthday's Twitter.
11/26/10 Fallout: New Vegas Second (and Third!) Opinions
Kyle E. Miller and Robert Steinman take on Obsidian's latest.
11/26/10 Beyond The Game – Expanding RPG Worlds
November editorial. Wherein we discover... some of us read books.
11/25/10 Thanksgiving Weekend Game Sales!
There's a lot on sale this weekend. What are the best deals? Well...
11/25/10 Final Fantasy XI: Heroes of Abyssea Detailed, Gallery Added
With lots of new uglies! The monsters, that is.
11/25/10 Venus & Braves PSP Gallery Update
That purple hair is everywhere!
11/24/10 New Shining Hearts Screenshots Added
See what all that heart power does. You can..... bake?
11/24/10 Aksys Brings Jikandia: The Timeless Land To North America
Make your dungeons bite-sized or a seven-course meal.
11/24/10 Random Encounter Episode 13
It's bad luck, I'm telling you!
11/24/10 Imageepoch Press Conference: Announcements & Trailers
The company that pondered JRPGs has a bunch of them in the works.
11/24/10 Namco Bandai To Hold A Tales Event At Jump Festa
Will we see the next-next (next) Tales game?
11/24/10 Pokémon Black & White, Renamed In English
But they're still cute, legendary and New York-inspired.
11/23/10 Inazuma Eleven Kicks Off In Europe
Want proof? Look at all those English screens.
11/23/10 Rimelands: Hammer of Thor iOS Review
You roll the dice in this game, but is it worth the gamble?
11/23/10 Another Disgaea 4 Gallery Update And Yes, More Details
The punishment system (again), and see what your pirate ship can look like!
11/22/10 Radiant Historia Announced for North American Release
You have no idea how happy I am.
11/21/10 What Does Psynergy Look Like In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn?
Nintendo shows us in video form.
11/21/10 Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Gallery Update
Oh em gee, that purple hair looks familiar. No, it's not Neptune.
11/21/10 Ghost Trick Gallery Update
Haunt the living... with chicken roasters.
11/21/10 Dragon Age II Gallery Added
Fill your Sunday with hi-res fighting and gloomy backdrops.
11/21/10 Some New Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Details
Including a beautiful judge with weird hair.
11/21/10 Hyperdimension Neptunia Detailed & Gallery Update
A whole lot on the battle system: Your PlayStation 3 is going to war.
11/20/10 More Arc The Lad Coming To PSN Next Week
Make room for Arc II and monster tournaments.
11/20/10 Ravensword: The Fallen King iOS Review
Do you like Elder-Scrolls-style combat? This game might be for you!
11/20/10 999 Soundtrack Review
Also, a Dragon Quest arranged album.
11/19/10 Customize Aya In The 3rd Birthday (And Other Details)
No, we don't mean the costumes this time. Really!
11/19/10 Costume Quest Gets A Chilly DLC
Trick-or-treating in the snow is really not that strange - if you live in Canada.
11/19/10 Gust Confirms And Dates Atelier Violet PSP Port
Soon, every RPG will have a PSP version. It's just a matter of time...
11/19/10 Parasite Eve I & II Soundtracks Get A Reprint
And you can grab 'em both at once.
11/19/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Dated
Maybe you will get it for Valentine's Day.
11/18/10 Puzzle Quest 2 Review
The second time isn't always as good as the first.
11/18/10 Square Enix Unveils New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Footage
Finally! Oh and a few screens.
11/18/10 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Coming To GOG.com, Steam
Premium and Collector's Editions detailed with lots and lots of goodies.
11/18/10 The Last Story Gets Uematsu Music And A Wii Bundle
You won't ever want to recycle the box that it comes in.
11/18/10 Lord of Arcana Dated For North America
There will be no hunting and slaying of monsters for your Christmas dinner. Sorry.
11/18/10 First Fallout: New Vegas DLC Is A Month Away
PC and PS3 owners, get your tissues. It's Xbox 360-only (for now).
11/17/10 Tecmo Koei Brings Two More To Europe
Ar Tonelico Qoga and Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll are not far behind Neptunia.
11/17/10 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Import Review
Thanks to Stephen being abroad, we have an early decision on Sora and Co.!
11/17/10 Aya Dresses Up More In The 3rd Birthday
And it looks like the game is getting a digital release after all.
11/17/10 Yes, You Get New Worlds In Kingdom Hearts 3DS
What's more, it'll lead in to Kingdom Hearts III - whenever that shows up.
11/17/10 Aralon: Sword & Shadow Gameplay Footage & Details
You're going to want a retina display iOS device.
11/17/10 Big Devroom Updates for Mega Man Legends 3
Site revamp, Bonne Mecha Idea Event goes live, and the heroine contest winner gets a name!
11/17/10 Phantom Brave Portable Makes Its Way To North America
Let's hope it doesn't vanish in the Hermuda Triangle.
11/17/10 Neptunia Turns Europe Into A Hyperdimension
I think Idea Factory is trying to take over the world.
11/17/10 Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Extended... Again
Eorzea hopes that you still have some patience left.
11/17/10 Baldur's Gate II Completes GOG.com Atari-Hasbro Catalogue
What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It's small, so look close. Trust me, it's there.
11/17/10 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Dated For May
With a kingly collector's edition to boot!
11/16/10 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Gallery Added
And the game's out today! See what it looks like.
11/16/10 Atlus USA Is Having A Super-Mega PSN Sale
Beat the Black Friday Rush with some nice, steep discounts.
11/16/10 Is Diablo III Going To Consoles?
Not yet, but Blizzard may be hiring the appropriate staff to do so.
11/16/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Has More Crossovers
This time, it's less random and involves two other upcoming RPGs.
11/15/10 Fable III Gets Some DLC Next Week
You can get anything from new missions to new hairstyles!
11/15/10 What Are The Most Popular Dragon Quest Games In Japan?
See what topped the long list in games, monsters and characters.
11/15/10 Aya's Maid Costume In The 3rd Birthday And Other Details
Will the real Aya Brea please stand up?
11/14/10 Blazing Souls Accelate Review
Bryan Grosnick takes down this Idea Factory title.
11/13/10 Tales Of Graces F Gallery Update
You too can have Tales-themed instant curry!
11/13/10 Record of Agarest War Zero Gallery Added
No, there are no sausages yet. Sorry.
11/12/10 Level-5 Details Ni No Kuni Completion Ceremony
And you're invited! You just need to be in Japan!
11/12/10 Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Gets A Sticky Pre-Order Bonus
We hope your DS is compatible with this one.
11/12/10 Rune Factory 3 Interview with Graham Markay
The game hit shelves this week, find out all about it from the VP of Operations at Natsume!
11/12/10 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Gallery Update
Heart boobs for everyone! Well okay, just Maya.
11/12/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Gets Some DLC
Extra scenarios for those who just can't get enough.
11/12/10 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Gets Heavy Promotion In Japan
How does an anime, some figures, and a commercial sound?
11/11/10 How Short Are the Load Times in Rune Factory Oceans?
Come and see for yourself!
11/11/10 Millennium Gallery Update
Check out the new screens from Episode 3: Cry Wolf.
11/11/10 PSone Classics Review: Alundra
The best $6 you'll ever spend? One staff member thinks so...
11/11/10 Random Encounter - Episode 12
A new challenger approaches!
11/10/10 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Detailed
It'll be worth the yearlong wait, I promise.
11/10/10 Disgaea 4's Online Mode And Other Details
What kind of booty really awaits in the Netherworld anyway?
11/10/10 Design a Bonne Mecha for Mega Man Legends 3
11/10/10 Watch Some Actual Secret of Mana iOS Footage
It's Secret of Mana! On an iPhone!
11/09/10 Ash Review
Not only do we have a review on release day, but we also announce our contest winners!
11/09/10 Rune Factory 3 Now Available
You can farm AND slay beasts.
11/09/10 Knights in the Nightmare Now Available
The nightmare spreads to PSPs.
11/08/10 Yet Another Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Tie-In Announced
Go, Colonel Sanders! GIGA DRILL BREAK!
11/08/10 Knights in the Nightmare PSP Review
The game comes out tomorrow, Andrew lets you know if it's for you!
11/07/10 Soundtracks Update: Valkyria Ranker Chronicles (or "Last Senjou")
Last Ranker OST, Piano Promo CD, and Valkyria Chronicles Vocal
11/07/10 Valkyria Chronicles II Review
Thanks to Bryan we finally have a review!
11/06/10 A Few New Rune Factory Oceans Details
It just wouldn't be a fantasy Harvest Moon if you couldn't get married.
11/05/10 Record of Agarest War Zero Really Is Coming To North America
Did you really think Aksys would deny us this one?
11/05/10 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Import Hands-On Preview
Can you believe it's coming so soon?
11/04/10 The 3rd Birthday Gallery Update & Soundtrack Announced
Are we sure Square Enix isn't celebrating *my* birthday?
11/04/10 Ghostlight Brings More Idea Factory To European PSPs
Guess their hands weren't quite full with the Agarest sequel.
11/04/10 Hero 30 Second Gets A Japanese Release Date
I could calculate how far away it is in seconds, but I really don't want to do more math than I need to.
11/03/10 SEGA Shows Off Valkyria Chronicles 3 In Japan
And here's what we found out!
11/03/10 Win A Copy of Ash For Your iOS Device!
Move quickly, before this giveaway turns to... well, you know.
11/03/10 A Great Big Disgaea 4 Gallery Update
Also: more on the punishment system. You've been a very bad... player?
11/03/10 Atelier Violet: Alchemist of Gramnad 2 Also Coming To PSP
Aren't you glad you have a PSP that is (hopefully) not a Go?
11/02/10 Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Review
A remake of a classic SNES title.
11/02/10 Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Gets Japanese Release Date
It will also come in more editions than you can point a finger at.
11/02/10 Hyperdimension Neptunia Gallery Added
What does an RPG with personified game consoles look like?
11/02/10 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Now Available
Play Ys with ease on your PSPs!
11/02/10 Check Out Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP's Official Site
This remake is brought to you by: Everyone who bought Persona PSP.
11/01/10 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Review
The game is out tomorrow, is it a must have?
11/01/10 Venus & Braves PSP Gallery Added
With lots of pretty!
11/01/10 Agarest Prequel Announced For Europe
...Wait, doesn't North America get a second dose of innuendo?
11/01/10 Pokémon Black & White Coming Early Next Year to North America
Haven't pre-ordered yet? Wotter you waiting for?
11/01/10 Can You Hear That? It's the Sound of Voice Fantasy
Amass an army of aural automatons on your iPhone.


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