December 2010
12/31/10 End-of-Year Soundtracks! Pokémon Black&White, Radiant Historia, Many More!
Ring in the new year with detailed information, critique, and audio samples for 16 RPG soundtracks!
12/30/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity DX Pack Revealed
Find out what goodies it will contain!
12/30/10 Students of the Round DLC is a Portrait Changer
And by that we mean you can make your characters deformed!
12/30/10 Students of the Round Trailer
Dungeon crawling galore!
12/30/10 Pokémon Black & White Gallery Debut
Also inside: Watch the English trailer!
12/30/10 The Death of Baldur's Gate: An End to Conservative Video Game Design
December's editorial: does Kyle have a chip on his shoulder or is he just plain right?
12/30/10 Cthulhu Saves The World Available on XBLIG
From the creators of Breath of Death VII!
12/29/10 A Romacing SaGa 4 is Likely
The big question is when?
12/29/10 Disgaea 4 Special Attacks Trailer
I wonder if you can do over 9000 damage?
12/29/10 Ever17's Director Has a New Game in the Works
We have some sci-fi mixed with suspense and adventure!
12/29/10 Random Encounter Podcast: Episode 15
So rad it will make your ears bleed.
12/29/10 Four Classic Square Enix RPGs Coming To North American PSN
Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, and Threads of Fate are on their way!
12/28/10 Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Gets A JP Date
Increase your own FFIV collection in March.
12/28/10 The Last Story Presentation: Details & A Battle PV
Director Hironobu Sakaguchi shows off his four-year-old project.
12/27/10 Pokémon Black and White Due In March
A post-holiday present from Nintendo.
12/27/10 Release Details & Screens for Wizardry: Town of the Imprisoned Spirits
Also: Bears.
12/26/10 New Boss & More for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix
And by "more" we mean a rhythmic-based command style for attacking foes.
12/26/10 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Review
It's about to explode!
12/26/10 Final Fantasy V Heads to Virtual Console
Clash on the big...Wii?
12/26/10 Persona Team Wants New People, Too
We don't know why yet, but let's speculate!
12/26/10 Monolith Soft Is Hiring
For what? Well, we don't really know yet.
12/26/10 First Details, Screens for Classic Dungeon X2
Oh, and a gameplay video too.
12/26/10 The Last Story Presentation Planned For December 27th
So far, it's got a trailer and a ton of tweets.
12/25/10 Release Date, Title Confirmed For Xenogears Orchestral Album
Are you ready to celebrate the Myth?
12/25/10 Soundtracks Update: "Have Yourself a Merry Squeenix Christmas..."
Let your heart be light with Tactics Ogre, Nier, a holiday-themed arrange album and some live performances!
12/25/10 Venus & Braves Gallery Update
Does it include more Tales cameos? It sure does.
12/25/10 Atelier Violet Gallery Update
New screens, character art, and yes, even a Christmas tree.
12/25/10 Imageepoch Galleries: Black Rock Shooter & Final Promise Story
Clothes? Where we're going we don't need... clothes. (also, new screens and art)
12/25/10 Your Biweekly The 3rd Birthday Update
Yes, it's out in Japan. What's your point?
12/24/10 Buy Ys I & II Chronicles Early, Get Some Hair Metal
You know, in case you were nostalgic for the 80s.
12/23/10 Front Mission 3 Available on PlayStation Network
We're only a couple of days late.
12/22/10 Dress Up As Haseo From .hack In Tales Of Graces F
Or, embarrass your characters with Santa hats and halos if you prefer.
12/22/10 ClaDun X2: This Is A Sequel
And it's not just a sequel, it's twice the.. well, everything!
12/22/10 Europe To See More Square Enix Special Editions
If Lord of Arcana isn't your cup of tea, maybe The 3rd Birthday or Tactics Ogre will be.
12/22/10 Dungeon Hunter II Review (iOS)
We're a reviewing machine for the iOS!
12/22/10 Watch Hyperdimension Neptunia's English Trailer
Catch the little announcement at the end, too!
12/22/10 Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3's Jump Festa Trailer
How many Tales cameos can you fit into two minutes and forty seconds?
12/22/10 Watch Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix's Jump Festa Trailer
Don't feel like being recoded? You could always import this.
12/22/10 More Legend Of Heroes Planned For PSP
Falcom wants to celebrate its 30th birthday in a big way.
12/22/10 Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle English Screens Added
Get a better look at Nippon Ichi's PSP port.
12/21/10 New Info on Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos
Want to know which charcters are in this cross-over strategy RPG?
12/21/10 Fallout: New Vegas' Dead Money DLC Now Available
Are you ready to explore the Sierra Madre Casino?
12/20/10 Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation English Media Update
Screens, art, packaging, video, and general goodness.
12/20/10 Play Secret Of Mana On Your iPhone... Tomorrow!
Check out the launch trailer in the meanwhile!
12/20/10 Dragon Age II Hands-On Preview
Damian heads off to the Great White North to slay some dragons!
12/20/10 Revel in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation This February
The long-lost chapter of Dragon Quest is finally on its way to North America.
12/20/10 Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Site Opens; First Trailer
Get a better look at the (latest) remake.
12/20/10 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Gets A Demo... And Mass Effect 3's Engine
If you're new to the series, try it out this week.
12/19/10 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Has Even More Promo Videos
We love video clips. If that wasn't quite obvious.
12/19/10 A Few Brief The 3rd Birthday Clips
Watch a short commercial, Aya's weapon options and enemy weak points.
12/18/10 A First Look At Konami's New 3DS Title
Meet Doctor Lautrec and his young companion.
12/18/10 Gallery Debut for the Gorgeous Tales of Xillia
Is it the prettiest Tales yet? You bet.
12/18/10 More Characters, Art, Details on Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Yes, more cameos, some pre-order goodies, and over 50 new pieces of media.
12/18/10 Chrono Trigger Also Headed To Japanese Cell Phones
Sadly, it's the OTHER iKind of cell phone.
12/18/10 Watch Valkyria Chronicles 3's Special Attacks In Action
Check out the latest video for the game.
12/18/10 Watch Atelier Violet PSP's First PV
Meet the new characters!
12/18/10 How Does Final Fantasy IV PSP Look?
Well, it looks different... Again!
12/17/10 Yes, That Lord Of Arcana Demo Will Be In English, Too
Create and transfer a character over when the full game comes out.
12/17/10 Secret of Mana iPhone Coming Soon After All
You thought Square forgot, didn't you?
12/17/10 One Last Shining Hearts Gallery Update
...Of Japanese screens, anyway.
12/17/10 Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Has A New Trailer
Check out most of the game's cast (so far).
12/16/10 Disgaea 4 Gallery Update
See the latest collabs... and the wacky stuff you can do with the map editor.
12/16/10 Telltale Dates Back to the Future: The Game
Tell me Doc, where are we going this time?
12/16/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Delayed
Square Enix adjusts its financial forecast - only to slash its projected earnings.
12/16/10 Watch Hero 30 Second's New Trailer
It is much longer than 30 seconds, I promise.
12/16/10 SEGA Making Limited Edition UMD Demo For Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity
"Some restrictions apply" might be putting it lightly.
12/16/10 The Last Story Preview
This preview is jam packed with info on the upcoming Mistwalker title!
12/16/10 One Last Chunk Of The 3rd Birthday News And Media
Including a trailer really worth watching.
12/15/10 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Gets An Actual DS Demo
..and an iOS port in Japan?
12/15/10 Want More Broken Sword For iOS Too?
Sure, why not! I told you it was a big iOS day.
12/15/10 Atlus Online's Pandora Saga Enters Closed Beta
Also inside: Check out the teaser trailer!
12/15/10 Aralon: Sword and Shadow is Universal, Out Now
The highly-anticipated iOS RPG is finally here.
12/15/10 GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL-- Oh Sorry, It's a New Inazuma Eleven Strikers Trailer
There's something you never expect to write on an RPG site.
12/15/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Gets More DLC
But what we really want to know is, will these also be made available in English?
12/15/10 Riven: The Sequel to Myst Now Available for iPhone/iPod touch
The long-awaited followup to Myst.
12/15/10 Tales of Monkey Island Hits iPad
Because we could all use a bit more Guybrush in our iPads.
12/15/10 Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS Sees Delay
It's going to miss 2010, but not by too much. First screens inside, too!
12/15/10 Chrono Cross Is Coming to PSN
Has it already been ten years since Lavos was supposed to arrive?
12/15/10 The War of Eustrath Review (iOS)
We just love giving you iOS reviews!
12/15/10 Tales of Xillia Announced
Jump beats Namco's site to the punch.
12/14/10 Infinity Blade Review (iOS)
The amazing graphics make it hard to believe it's for the iOS.
12/13/10 DSiWare: Magical Fantasia Now Available in Japan
Modern technology versus magic - what will win?
12/13/10 Solomon's Keep Review
John Tucker got addicted to this game for the iOS.
12/13/10 Final Fantasy IV + The After Years Go To PSP
This game's destiny is to be released on every platform possible, it seems.
12/13/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity Gallery Update
We just can't go very long without updating this one, can we?
12/13/10 Two Worlds II Gallery Update
All I know is, it's pretty.
12/12/10 Final Fantasy XI: Scars of Abyssea Review
We may be a step behind in covering this title... that actually puts us about five steps ahead of the FFXIV dev team.
12/12/10 Five Gust Soundtracks, +1 Competitor
Ar tonelico, Atelier Rorona, and... Chantelise?
12/12/10 Rune Factory 3 Review
Fighting and Farming, Farming and Fighting.
12/12/10 More Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded English Screens
Coded and recoded, chained and rechained. Sora must be exhausted.
12/12/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together English Screens
The dame Raveness speaks.
12/11/10 Mass Effect 3 Announced For Holiday 2011
The real announcement after yesterday's leak. UPDATED - Watch the announcement trailer.
12/11/10 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Slated for November 2011
Not much in the way of details, however.
12/11/10 Watch The Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Director's Cut Version
It's the year 2027. Light pollution is as bad as ever.
12/11/10 Here's Your Mega Man Legends 3 Bonne Mecha Contest Finalists!
And some excellent fan-made work, it is.
12/10/10 Final Promise Story Introduces Your Protagonist
Meet Wolf in video form.
12/10/10 Mass Effect 3 is Official
Oh, EA, usually it's people OUTSIDE of your company that make leaks.
12/10/10 Scarlett Adventures Episode 1: Scarlett and the Spark of Life Review
A Graphic Adventure for the iOS? Score!
12/10/10 Final Fantasy XIV Takes a New Direction With Restructured Staff
Gratuitous apologies and an indefinite extension of the free trial period are only the beginning.
12/10/10 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Dated
We PS3 owners can now catch up with the rest of RPG fans.
12/10/10 Aya's The 3rd Birthday Clothing Damage On Video
Looks like there's a shower scene after all. Are you really surprised?
12/10/10 Watch A Character Intro Video For Valkyria Chronicles 3's Imca
Also a new Nameless character and all sorts of bonuses.
12/10/10 Some Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Tidbits
Who's the latest addition to the cast? Will there be a download release?
12/09/10 Disgaea 4: Maps, Pre-Order Bonuses and Prinnies
These are the bonuses that never end.
12/09/10 Two Worlds II Gets A Release Date... Again
That's a lot of two's.
12/08/10 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Gets North American Release Date
North America and Europe finally get to find out what a Zill O'll is.
12/08/10 Aya's Two Latest Costumes In The 3rd Birthday
And the many different ways in which she can heal.
12/08/10 Lord of Arcana Gets A Blood Red Edition In Europe
What? Oh, I mean, a Slayer Edition.
12/08/10 Students of the Round Gallery Added
The who of the what?
12/08/10 Tales of Graces F Download Content Launches
Dress like an Idolmaster... for a price.
12/08/10 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Gets A New Chapter
Play the bard's tale.
12/07/10 Mega Man Legends 3 Dev Room Event #3 Detailed
Give life to these townspeople!
12/07/10 Meet The Heroines Of Rune Factory Oceans
And - surprise! They're sisters.
12/07/10 Another Ghost Trick Gallery Update & Video
This story begins with a death: Yours.
12/07/10 Random Encounter Episode 14
More like Episode 999 AMIRITE?
12/07/10 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Now Available
A brave new world... to find phat loot and gank noobs in.
12/07/10 The Legend of Heroes Will Leave Trails In North American Skies in March
And you can finish chronicling your Ys in the new year as well!
12/07/10 Get A Taste Of The 3rd Birthday's Soundtrack
Including... Christmas tuneage? Aya needs some joy in her world after all...
12/06/10 Shining Hearts Gallery Update (Again)
But this time we have video too!
12/06/10 Jikandia: The Timeless Land's First English Trailer
Aksys wants you to save this land from time. What?
12/06/10 Some Ni No Kuni DS TV Commercials
Check out the giant tome it comes with, and a couple of PVs!
12/06/10 Tales of Graces F Has New Mystic Artes
Check them out in video form!
12/05/10 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Gallery Update And Lots of Info
Special abilities, new characters, classes and limited edition bonuses, oh my!
12/05/10 Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Story Details + Flash Demo
Stay out of prison, Miles! You don't want to meet Bubba, do you?
12/05/10 Chevalier Saga Tactics Details & Gallery Added
Quit storming my castle, I'm trying to sleep here!
12/05/10 Final Promise Story Gallery Added & Details
Find out more about Imageepoch's PSP title. What is the final promise?
12/04/10 STING Soundtracks Update
Consider yourself "stung" by these PSP port enhanced soundtracks, plus two new ones.
12/04/10 Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity Trailer
Get a preview of the game's story.
12/04/10 Rune Factory Oceans First Promotional Video
Get an early look at the battle system!
12/04/10 Disgaea 4 Opening Video
Not only are there Prinnies, but you can listen to the theme song!
12/04/10 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Opening Video
For a limited time only, see the game's intro!
12/04/10 Four Kingdom Hearts Games Combined in One OST
Thank you, Mickey, you've made my dreams come true.
12/04/10 Tales of the World Radiant: Mythology 3 Release Date Announced
For Japan...but, hey, you can always import it.
12/01/10 Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Review
At last, a reviewer finds a way to work a turducken reference into a review.
12/01/10 Atari's Venetica Announced for North America
What? Atari's not dead?
12/01/10 White Knight Chronicles PSP Set For February In Japan
It's like a giant white knight in armor, only smaller!
12/01/10 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together DLC Available Today In Japan
Also, new DLC announced for December 15th!
12/01/10 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Playable Flash Demo Now Available
Get an early glimpse at how you save others from beyond the grave!


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