News Archive: January 2011
Date Update
01/31/11 DeathSpank (PC) Review
A new review of Hothead's action-RPG and graphic adventure mash-up.
01/31/11 The Breakup...
January's editorial: Rob breaks up with Japan for Poland.
01/30/11 Away: Shuffle Dungeon Review
A retro review that got Away from us!
01/30/11 Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Coming To Europe This Summer
He's like Professor Layton, except with a mustache and an attitude.
01/29/11 New Ni No Kuni PS3 Footage Surfaces
PS3 hardware + Level-5 + Studio Ghibli = gorgeous.
01/29/11 Atelier Violet: Alchemist of Gramnad 2 Screens Added
...Is this game out in five days in Japan already?! Yes, yes it is.
01/29/11 Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP Gallery Update
Lots and lots of battle screens - because I know the wait is killing you.
01/29/11 Starfish Brings First Elminage To PSP
This one is mostly a straight-up port, however.
01/29/11 More On Final Fantasy XIII-2 And The Fabula Mythology
You might want to avoid if, say, you haven't beaten XIII.
01/29/11 Jikandia: The Timeless Land Gets A Date & Pre-Order Bonus
At Gamestop, of course.
01/29/11 Ar Tonelico Qoga Premium Edition Announced
But you have to be 17 years old or over to buy the thing.
01/28/11 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review
Thanks to Andrew, we finally have a review!
01/27/11 Watch Square Enix's 1st Production Department Trailers... Again
And in HD! Mmmmm, HD.
01/27/11 Pokémon Black & White Gets An Evolved Battle System
And you can watch it in video form!
01/27/11 A Tales of Xillia Update
That is, details AND screens.
01/27/11 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Re:view
Is Re:coded a worthy addition to the series or just a re:hash?
01/27/11 Watch Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology 3's Cameos In Video Form
Need a fix while we wait for an English Tales announcement? Here you go.
01/27/11 Aquaplus Announces Two New Strategy RPGs
Not to mention a new version of a visual novel...
01/27/11 More Rune Factory Oceans Details
Guest characters, mock-marriages, customization and more!
01/26/11 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Details
That's a lot of Ds. I know you're wondering what the deal is with the name!
01/26/11 Random Encounter Episode 17
In case it wasn't clear already, Rob hates FFXIII.
01/26/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Detailed
Time to forget the name Agito XIII if you can!
01/26/11 Some More Details On Final Fantasy XIII-2
No, you don't get a new trailer. You got that last week!
01/26/11 More Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details
Something to tide you over until we can watch that trailer in HD.
01/26/11 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Slated for Summer
It's not exactly at the 3DS launch, but I'm still stoked.
01/26/11 Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Will Release At A Budget Price
Now you don't have to feel bad about buying it a third time!
01/25/11 Lord of Arcana Review
Are you a loot whore? You are now!
01/25/11 Drawn: The Painted Tower HD Review
Graphic adventure artistry on the iPad.
01/25/11 Two Worlds II Now Available
Fun with acronyms: TW^2? 2W2? 2(W*W)? sqrt(2W^4)?
01/25/11 Lord of Arcana Now Available
Square Enix's Monster Hunter Turbo RPG Extreme Assault Edition With Zippers 3rd Accel!
01/24/11 The Last Story Gallery Update, Yet Another Video
Check out more gameplay! And Ruli City.
01/24/11 Radiant Historia Hands-On Preview
All life begins and ends with... Stocke?
01/24/11 Aphelion Episode Two: Wings of Omega Review
Is it better the second time around?
01/24/11 DC Universe Online Selling At Super Speed
Now they just need to fix those villainous supply issues!
01/24/11 Atlus USA Announces Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga for Xbox 360
I'll be honest, this was not the company I expected.
01/23/11 End of 2010 Soundtracks: 3rd Birthday, Zero no Kiseki, Opoona
3 soundtracks, each 3 discs. 3x3 = 9. Not to be confuxed with 3x3 Eyes.
01/23/11 New Media for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Want to see 46 new English screens? Good, let us view together.
01/22/11 Watch A Final Batch Of The Last Story Clips
And how did Weekly Famitsu rate the game?
01/22/11 Director Akihiko Yoshida Details Upcoming Changes For Final Fantasy XIV
Catch a glimpse at what the future holds for Eorzea.
01/21/11 Watch Final Fantasy XIII-2's Trailer In English
Missed it the first time? Fear not.
01/21/11 Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack Detailed
It's for the ultimate FFIV fan with ultimately deep pockets.
01/21/11 Help Atlus USA Choose Some Radiant Historia Packaging Art
More specifically, art for the Shimomura music CD and its sleeve.
01/21/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia Artwork Added
And a good look at the game's premium edition.
01/21/11 Aralon: Sword and Shadow Review (iOS)
It's like Oblivion for your iOS device!
01/19/11 Jikandia: The Timeless Land Demo Now Available
And a gallery update!
01/19/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Details
And a first screenshot.
01/19/11 Tactics Ogre's European Limited Edition Detailed
Officially, this time. You even get to see it!
01/19/11 Hero 30 Second Delayed, Prologue Clip
Once again, it's delayed by more than 30 seconds.
01/19/11 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix's Final Trailer
It's simple and clean.
01/19/11 Inazuma Eleven Gets An English Trailer
And by English, we mean British English.
01/19/11 Watch The Latest Rune Factory Oceans Trailer
And who is this mystery person?
01/19/11 SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked Confirmed for US Release
And it's coming sooner than you might think!
01/19/11 Eternal Legacy HD Review (iOS)
Bryan took this one down on the iPad.
01/18/11 New Square Enix Galleries: XIII-2, Type-0, Kingdom Hearts 3D
Three mini galleries from today's big event.
01/18/11 Watch Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Trailer
At least this one didn't get a funky re-name.
01/18/11 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Now Available
It now has both flexibility AND reach!
01/18/11 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Gets An Official Name
Even for a JRPG, that's pretty long. UPDATE - Trailer Added!
01/18/11 Final Fantasy Agito XIII Becomes Final Fantasy Type-0
But does a change in name reflect a change in game?
01/18/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced
A direct sequel to the flagship Square Enix series will be released in 2011!
01/15/11 Arx Fatalis Gets Patched; Source Code Available
Do you even remember 2002? Me neither.
01/15/11 More Updates For The Last Story
New information on characters, setting, and Tension moves!
01/15/11 White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable Data Sharing Update
Trade quests and characters with friends!
01/15/11 The Latest In Tales Of Graces F Download Content
Dress up as *other* Tales characters!
01/14/11 Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Gallery Update & Chapter 3 Details
You can also grab a real demo from the Japanese Wii channels.
01/14/11 Radiant Historia Gallery Update
Need more convincing to pick up Atlus' time-travelling RPG?
01/14/11 Venus & Braves PSP Gallery Update
And the producer talks about wanting to make a sequel.
01/14/11 Dragon Quest VI Realms Of Revelation Gallery Update + Preorder Bonus
You can get your very own Slime plush! Is it icky *and* cuddly?
01/14/11 Laxius Force III: The Last Stand Review
Neal takes on another Laxius Force title!
01/13/11 A Fresh Batch Of Valkyria Chronicles 3 Videos
SEGA realllly wants you to get acquainted with the characters.
01/13/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets A Domain Name
But does the game exist? Will we see Lightning with odd hair extensions and dual-wielding guns?
01/13/11 RPGFan Games of 2010 Awards
It's finally time to unveil the best of the 2010 crop.
01/13/11 Machinarium Review
Tiny robots! More tiny robots!
01/12/11 Watch A Final Promise Story Character Video
Meet Wolf's friend, Rushdie. Oh, and a knight named Cain.
01/12/11 The Last Story: Tidbits and Trailers
Dungeons, equipment and more!
01/12/11 Level-5 Details Nintendo 3DS Lineup
Also: watch the Inazuma Eleven 4 and Professor Layton trailers!
01/12/11 Exclusive Darkspore Hero Spotlight Video: Zrin
Haven't heard of Darkspore? Now's your chance.
01/12/11 Shining Force (iOS) Review
The SRPG classic, now on a much smaller screen!
01/11/11 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Now Available
I totally just pulled off a rad ghost trick on that rail, bro.
01/11/11 Ghostlight Shines a Light on a European Release of Persona 3 Portable
P3P is nice and all, but can we have Persona 5? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
01/11/11 Dragon Age II Giveaway Winners!
Did you win? Did you?!
01/11/11 DC Universe Online Now Available
I can't take a villain called Brainiac seriously.
01/11/11 Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Now Available
This is not the one with all brand-new Disney worlds.
01/10/11 Random Encounter - Episode 16
A Soundtrack Spectacular!
01/10/11 Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Review
Theoretically, a goddess could fly without wings.
01/09/11 Mazes of Fate Review
A GBA review? In 2011? It's totally retro!
01/08/11 Chaos Rings (iPad) Review
It's RPGFan's first iPad game review!
01/07/11 Lots of Final Promise Story Details
You know what the game looks like, but who are the characters?
01/07/11 XSEED Offers More Bonuses With Ys I & II Chronicles
As if 80s nostalgia wasn't enough.
01/07/11 New Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Screen Shots
The SNES never had it so good.
01/07/11 New Radiant Historia Screens
*insert gratuitous Chrono Trigger reference here*
01/07/11 Venus & Braves PSP Gets A Download Version
And a(nother) demo.
01/07/11 Persona 2: Innocent Sin JP Release Delayed
Well, what's another month among friends-- err, demons?
01/07/11 Lite Version of Ash Now Available For iOS
By definition, isn't "ash" already "lite"?
01/07/11 Dragon Age II Signature Edition Details and Giveaway
Two copies, straight from EA to you!
01/06/11 More On The Last Story's Multiplayer Mode
Get your banana peels and sticky swords ready!
01/06/11 Have A Baby & Swimsuit Contests In Rune Factory Oceans
Not necessarily at the same time!
01/06/11 Watch Valkyria Chronicles 3's Latest Character Intro Video
This time, get up close and personal with your rival squad.
01/06/11 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Gets A Dark Knight Chapter
No, you don't get a Batman class.
01/06/11 Torchlight Headed to Xbox Live Arcade
That's good news for everyone.
01/05/11 Dozens of New Screens for SaGa 3 DS
Fist bump!
01/05/11 The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Contest + Image Gallery
Check out pics. Get on Facebook. Toast the professor.
01/05/11 New Media for Tales of Xillia
Feast your eyes on some new screen shots.
01/05/11 Scarlett Adventures Episode 1 Gets A Major Update & Sale
You too, can experience a spark of life on your iPhone for less than a buck.
01/05/11 Spectral Force Genesis Review
The review nobody asked for is finally here!
01/05/11 Devil Survivor Overclock Announced For The 3DS
Apparently, seven days wasn't enough time to save Tokyo.
01/05/11 Catch A Shiny Legendary Pokémon At Your Local GameStop
Starting.. now!
01/04/11 Get Ready to Be Charmed by Chantelise This Year
Carpe Fulgur's next translation project is a whimsical action-RPG.
01/03/11 The PSN Classics Just Keep Coming
Get Back to Nature and start your Journey West.
01/01/11 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Gallery Update And More Details
Meet some more Nameless with names.
01/01/11 Further Exploration: RPGFan's Dream Sequels, Prequels & Reboots
Eleven editors' visions of potential followups, prequels and more for some of their favorite titles.
01/01/11 Hero 30 Second Also Gets A Presentation
Looks like Sakaguchi started a trend with The Last Story
01/01/11 Arc the Lad III Headed for PSN On January 4
You ready to get your last PSone Arc on?

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