News Archive: April 2011
Date Update
04/30/11 More Mega Man Legends 3 Screens
Yay, it's Miss Tron!
04/30/11 Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Gallery
And incredibly brief first impressions.
04/29/11 Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 4 Now Available
It's already mutated into Episode 4, shoot it!
04/29/11 Feature: The Best (and Worst) Female RPG Characters
It's Feature Friday, and this one goes out to all the ladies!
04/29/11 So, You Want To Fight In Grand Knights History
You better make sure your knights are in formation, then!
04/28/11 New Tales of Xillia Screenshots
Get a better look at your old butler, the chat systems and more!
04/28/11 New UnchainBlades ReXX Screens Added
Tiana shows her heart! Or something.
04/28/11 Tales Of The Abyss 3DS Gallery Update + PV
Oh yes, we are celebrating the localization muchly.
04/28/11 First Chaos Rings Omega Info, Screens & Video
Well that was quick.
04/27/11 New Treasure Report Media Added
No videos this time, sorry!
04/27/11 The Witcher 2 Interview with Tomasz Gop
That would be the Senior Producer over at CD Projekt RED. (Oh, and the game's gone gold!)
04/27/11 Looks Like North America Gets Tales Of The Abyss 3DS After All
As outed by Nintendo Power.
04/27/11 Growlanser IV To Overload The PlayStation Portable
With new story routes, events and more!
04/27/11 iOS Releases Today: Zenonia 3, Order & Chaos Online and... Dark Horse?
A new 2D RPG, 3D MMORPG and yes, comics.
04/27/11 Square Enix Has More Chaos Rings Coming Your Way
Prequel and sequel on the way, one quite soon!
04/27/11 Atlus Announces Nora And The Carving Studio For DS
Or rather, Team Etrian Odyssey Meets Team Atelier.
04/27/11 Tri-ace And Konami Announce Two Titles
Introducing Beyond the Labyrinth and Frontier Gate
04/27/11 Earth Seeker Also Gets A New Date (JP)
A date for everything! At least in Japan.
04/27/11 Grand Knights History Dated (JP)
Watch the game's opening movie, too!
04/27/11 Make Friends And Foes In Dark Souls
If you thought Demon's Souls was hard, just you wait.
04/27/11 Moogles Play An Important (And Fruity) Role In Final Fantasy Type-0
Oh, and other characters! ..Less fruity ones.
04/27/11 Neptune Mk-II Gets A Very Special Cameo
You might recognize him as helping to promote the game.
04/27/11 Darkspore Now Available; New Trailer Too
Don't worry - it't not a PS3 (or PSN) title.
04/27/11 Tales Of The Abyss 3DS Re-Dated (JP)
The tale will be re-told in late June.
04/25/11 Your Guide (So Far) To Chrono Trigger's Many Releases
Are you confused? So are we. Let's sort it all out, shall we?
04/25/11 A Massive Ragnarok: Imperial Princess Of Light & Darkness Gallery Debut
We really do mean massive.
04/25/11 Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D's Opening Looks Familiar
..But it's still worth watching.
04/24/11 A Look At Phantasy Star Online 2
Read the first details, and check out the first screens and trailer.
04/24/11 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 22
Take 2!
04/24/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Gallery Update & Official Site Details
A whole lot of character details. Oh and the screens are nice too.
04/24/11 More On Ragnarok: The Imperial Princess of Light And Darkness
Fourteen jobs, but what pays the most?
04/24/11 The Races And Classes Of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls
Or, if you prefer, info on the LoLS.
04/23/11 More Valkyria Chronicles DLC Planned
And lots of it, too!
04/23/11 Yes, Final Fantasy VI is Coming to Your PSN, Too
Thanks ESRB!
04/23/11 Watch The Latest Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Trailer
Get a glimpse of story and lore.
04/23/11 Yes, It's Another Dungeon Siege III Character Trailer
Meet Anjali. Spoiler: She's hot.
04/22/11 Yep, More Costumes and Music for Dissidia 012[duodecim]
This time it's FFII and FFIII-themed. Hope you like onions!
04/22/11 Wakfu Media Update; Closed Beta Gets A Patch
Including an overview trailer outside.
04/22/11 This Is Final Promise Story's Opening Movie
And it's an attractive one at that!
04/22/11 Mega Man Legends 3 Website Opens, Even More Video Footage
And some concerning news about the game's future.
04/22/11 Chrono Trigger Headed to US PlayStation Network
Chrono Trigger? In my PSN? It's more likely than you'd think.
04/22/11 The Latest On Tales of Xillia
Meet Rowan (again), swap party members, and chat!
04/22/11 Final Fantasy III Dual iOS Galleries
Compare and contrast the small- and large-screen iOS versions inside.
04/21/11 Hey Look, New Disgaea 4 Screens
And info on the game's latest DLC.
04/21/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Gallery Update
Featuring some tentacle... er, HDMI cable-laden artwork that you might want to be careful when viewing.
04/21/11 Capcom Announces Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version
Downloadable preview version of MML3 is coming soon. New art, first screens and trailer too!
04/21/11 Namco Bandai Announces Nendoroid Generation
Yes, it is just what it sounds like.
04/21/11 A Goldmine Of Treasure Report Media
Check out Namco Bandai's puzzle/mystery DS title!
04/20/11 Ever17 Xbox 360 Remake Dated (JP)
How long until you're kidnapped and locked in an amusement park?
04/20/11 Ragnarok Goes PlayStation Portable
As in, Ragnarok Online... well this one's a bit less online, but you get my point.
04/20/11 Watch Another Pandora's Tower Trailer
Mmmm, beast meat. Wait no, that came out wrong!
04/20/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screens Added
Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim in one day? What is this, Christmas?!
04/20/11 Deus Ex: Human Edition Gets A Collector's Edition
I am now back to being jealous of Europe.
04/20/11 Here's Some Mass Effect 3 Screens
Thanks GameInformer!
04/19/11 Death is No Joke in Final Promise Story
Also, Imageepoch has HOW many titles in development?
04/19/11 New Character and Weapon Details for Final Fantasy Type-0
Today we learn the last names of several characters, but alas, no middle names.
04/19/11 Tales of Xillia Has a Butler Party Member Too
Here's some common ground between two RPGs I never thought we'd be reporting on.
04/19/11 Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Now Available
Can any FFIV collection really be called "complete?"
04/19/11 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Has Some New Features After All
One feature helps newbies, while the other challenges veterans.
04/19/11 Pre-Order Bonus Announced For Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns
...and it's an alpaca out of freakin' nowhere!
04/18/11 Gray Matter Review
Stephen tells you why this game matters!
04/18/11 UnchainBlades Rexx: Why Charisma Matters
More info on the gameplay!
04/18/11 Final Fantasy XIV Review Update #3
Stephen Harris touches on the 3/23 update.
04/18/11 Editorial: The JRPG Standstill
He who controls the JRPG controls the universe!
04/18/11 2nd Opinion: The 3rd Birthday
Andrew tries the Parasite Eve series for the first time!
04/17/11 A Bunch of New Atelier Meruru Media
I never tire of looking at these games.
04/17/11 Threads of Fate on PSN This Week
Play as Mint, Rue or both in this now-classic action RPG.
04/17/11 More Over My Dead Body Media
Any joke I put here would just be too obvious. But this new artwork is nice stuff.
04/17/11 Darkspore Hands-on Preview
Kyle heads to Maxis' HQ to get some game time.
04/16/11 Final Fantasy III Gets An iPad Version, Too
That is, the real Final Fantasy III.
04/16/11 ESRB Leak Confirms Final Fantasy VI For North American Virtual Console
Why, when I was a boy, we had to trek uphill in the snow to Narshe without any fancy-shmancy Magitek armor!
04/15/11 Zenonia 3 Gains Subtitle, Release Date
It's soon! Zenonia 1 is on sale as well.
04/15/11 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Gallery Update
Is it as pretty as ever? Of course it is.
04/15/11 Square Enix Teases New iOS & Android Title
When a game reveal lacks even a name, that's when you know we're being teased.
04/15/11 Devil Survivor 2 Dated For Japan
Expect some demon attacks on cities in July.
04/15/11 Neptune mk-II Gallery Added
And you'll never guess who's helping Compile Heart promote the game.
04/15/11 Legend of Mana (PSone Classics) Review
Does the newest PSone classic hold up?
04/15/11 Watch A Trailer For Dungeon Siege III's Reinhart
What better way to meet your allies?
04/15/11 The Legend Of Heroes: Ao No Kiseki's LE Bonuses
They're cute, colourful and rather limited.
04/15/11 New Media Added (For) Over My Dead Body
Don't worry, you don't actually have to look at dead bodies.
04/15/11 Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos Gallery Added
I'd be lying if I said this game didn't look wacky.
04/15/11 Pandora's Tower Gallery Added
And an update on the controls.
04/13/11 Doctor Lautrec And the Forgotten Knights Isn't Forgotten
Here's a trailer.
04/13/11 Two More Titles Delayed In Japan
Fans wait a little longer for UnchainBlades ReXX and The Little Battlers.
04/13/11 Final Fantasy VI Hits Japanese PSN Next Week
Okay seriously, I'm running out of regions to be jealous of.
04/12/11 Atelier Meruru Has A Maid And A Butler
And apparently they're both relevant.
04/12/11 Chrono Trigger Goes To European Virtual Console
Can we officially be jealous of Europe yet?
04/12/11 Disgaea 4 Premium Edition Announced
NISA, good to their fans as always.
04/12/11 Watch A Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP Play Movie
Get an eyeful of gameplay here!
04/12/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia Gets A Sequel
And while portable-themed, it's not actually on a handheld system. Huh?
04/12/11 Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS Gets A Date
And it's... probably as close as you thought.
04/12/11 Dissidia 012[duodecim] Keeps Getting Costumes
You can do what to Vaan, now?
04/11/11 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Knight Chapter Available
No, not a dark knight, just a knight.
04/11/11 Chrono Trigger Goes Mobile This Month
But it will not be on my, or your, iPhone.
04/11/11 Persona 4 Animation Announced
No FeMC here, sorry to anyone who wanted to date Teddie.
04/10/11 Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 3 Review
What followup is even more exciting than Jaws 19? This one!
04/10/11 Paper Mario Virtual Console Review
Another return to memory lane.
04/09/11 Is Persona 4 Portable Being Revealed on Monday?
Magic 8-Ball says, "maybe."
04/08/11 2nd Opinion: Dragon Age II PC Review
Did Hawke win Kyle over?
04/08/11 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Gets New DLC Costumes
You'll never guess who designed them.
04/08/11 Class of Heroes 3D Gets A JP Release Date
A retailer leaks some details. Spoiler: It's more than a dungeon crawler.
04/08/11 The Best (and Worst) Final Fantasy Games Feature
It's Feature Friday, WE SO EXCITED!
04/08/11 Revisit Persona 2: Innocent Sin's Original Opening
And get a quest from Famitsu.
04/08/11 UnchainBlades ReXX Also Gets A Trailer
And the usual bonus goodies.
04/07/11 Watch Gungnir's First Trailer
Strategy fans need not worry, there's lots here.
04/07/11 Grand Knights History Gallery Update
Get a good look at the kingdoms.
04/07/11 Disgaea 4 Will Release In North America In September
And you, too, get to name in-game items!
04/07/11 Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Hands-On Preview
We took a stroll through Tethyamar and are back to tell you about it.
04/07/11 Lunar Makes Its Way To iOS Devices Out West
From the same company that brought us Vay.
04/07/11 Dungeon Siege III Delayed
Fortunately, this isn't a Deus Ex: Human Revolution-length delay.
04/07/11 Mass Effect Gets An Anime Movie
But you can't see it until next year.
04/07/11 White Knight Chronicles II Announced For Western Release
It's official, finally.
04/06/11 Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Screens Added
Two more weeks until the game's sixth version is here!
04/06/11 Elminage Original For PSP Delayed In Japan
By less than a month.
04/06/11 Namco Unveils Mobile RPG... With An All Namco Cast
Think of it as a crossover fanfic in your cellphone.
04/06/11 Natsume Announces Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns
And it's coming to your DS... and 3DS.
04/06/11 Nintendo Reveals Pandora's Tower
Another Wii action RPG we may or may not see here.
04/05/11 Tales Of The Abyss 3DS Delayed In Japan
But here's a short TV commercial anyway.
04/05/11 Gloria Union's Official JP Site Opens
Also: full name, the first screens and details!
04/05/11 Buy Dragon Age II, Get Mass Effect 2 PC... Free
Because everyone needs to play the latter.
04/05/11 The Witcher 2 Gallery Update
CD Projekt also tells us if your PC is adequate for this game.
04/05/11 More On Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP's Quests
Remember the Persona Thief quest? Here's the main guy.
04/04/11 Final Fantasy V Hits PSN In Japan... And Europe
While North America awaits - again!
04/02/11 Dungeon Siege III Gallery Update & Lucas' Trailer
You get more allies!
04/02/11 A Quick The Little Battlers Commercial Clip
Level-5's plastic model RPG hits Japanese PSPs in May.
04/02/11 Clannad Coming to PlayStation 3, Gallery Inside
More love adventures coming to a next-gen console.
04/02/11 Pokémon Black & White Reviews
Two different reviews from two different reviewers.
04/02/11 Ever17 Xbox 360 Gallery Added
That is, the remake of one of our Games of the '00s.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Another Apology
A follow-up to our earlier expression of regret.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Mass Effect: Conquest Announced
It looks to have both flexibility and reach. Also, a surprise cameo by Commander Shepard elsewhere!
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Say Hello to Half-Month Hero
Marvelous has something a little different in mind this time around.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Details on the Possible Final Kingdom Hearts Title
Which may or may not be titled "Kingdom Hearts III."
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Ar tonelico Qoga gets DLC, Special Controller
This one's for the fans. Seriously.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: A Conversation Between the CEOs of Square Enix and Electronic Arts
Documents leaked detailing communications between Square Enix, EA.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: An Apology
For some recent posts.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Square Enix Acquires Gust Corporation
Ar tonelico to become a part of "polymorphic content."
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Kairosoft Announces Video Game Reviewer: The RPG
From the makers of Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story.
04/01/11 April Fools 2011: Final Fantasy VII: Errant Civilization Announced
Another spin-off joins the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII!
04/01/11 Watch Atelier Meruru's First PV
You know, the one they showed weeks ago but never hit the Web until now?

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