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Date Update
05/31/11 Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 4 Review
Almost done: Come inside for our review of the PC version of the penultimate episode of Back to the Future!
05/31/11 Tales of Monkey Island Review
Andrew breaks down an oldie - is it a goodie?
05/31/11 May Editorial: Number Crunching
Robert hates numbers! Find out why!
05/30/11 New Earth Seeker Gameplay Video
Cute voice actress included.
05/30/11 Atelier Meruru's Finishing Moves + A New PV
All ten playable characters get one! ...A finishing move, that is.
05/30/11 Growlanser IV PSP Gets A Name Change + Gallery Added
Apparently the game was too overloaded for a name like Overload.
05/30/11 Watch Two More Tales Of Xillia Videos
In action: The gameplay, the world, and cutscenes!
05/30/11 Atelier Meruru Gallery Update
Lots of screens, new characters, and the premium boxart!
05/29/11 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Screens Added
Sure the game's months and months away, but here's something to look at in the meanwhile.
05/29/11 Say Hello to Sortable Release Dates and More
Another batch of changes for RPGFan: Some cosmetic, some functional, all fun.
05/29/11 Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Gallery Update
Yes, that is the real name of the XBLA version.
05/28/11 A First Look At code_18
What does the Infinity series have in store for us now?
05/28/11 Final Fantasy V Gets A Job On North American PSN
Via another ESRB leak, naturally.
05/28/11 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review
Kyle takes a final look at CD Projekt's highly-anticipated title.
05/28/11 Tales of the Abyss 3DS Screens Added
In case you haven't gotten your Saturday morning Tales fix yet...
05/28/11 Tales Of Xillia Gets Its Own PlayStation 3
And a JP date! Check out the pics and gameplay video aside!
05/28/11 Retro Review: Shadow Hearts
Kyle goes down memory lane to visit Yuri!
05/28/11 Ragnarok PSP Gallery Update
As if we didn't have enough pictures already.
05/28/11 More Pandora's Tower Comedy (And Gameplay)
Japanese + Video Games + Comedians = ???
05/28/11 Details On UnchainBlades ReXX's Monster System
There's a video too!
05/27/11 Tales of Xillia Will Have Numerous Anime Cutscenes
All chat scenes will be voiced too!
05/27/11 Jikandia: The Timeless Land Review
It looks like a charmer, but looks can be deceiving...
05/27/11 White Knight Chronicles II Gets An English Trailer
Also: good news for PAL territories, and hear what the series' director had to say.
05/27/11 Hothead Games Announces The Baconing
From the makers of DeathSpank!
05/27/11 Phoenix Wright Goes To The Big Screen
Apparently, he didn't object hard enough.
05/27/11 Growlanser IV Overloads Japanese PSPs This August
Atlus is quite busy these days.
05/26/11 Chaos Rings Omega Review (iPad)
We loved Chaos Rings, but how does Omega fare?
05/26/11 Final Fantasy Type-0: Characters, Maps And More
Maybe even an old friend... or foe.
05/25/11 Hero 30 Second Really Gets JP Date, Half-Minute Hero Goes XBLA
UPDATED: See what the XBLA version of Half-Minute Hero looks like!
05/25/11 Watch Not One, But Two Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Trailers
One in each language!
05/25/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gallery Update
It's been a while, so we figured this was about time.
05/25/11 A Look At White Knight Chronicles II's Incorruptus
The what? The great big knights that you control.
05/25/11 Wakfu Beta Key Giveaway
Enter the Beta for Square Enix and Ankama's Wakfu
05/24/11 Millennium Episode 3 Review
Neal dips into Aldorlea Games' title for a third time.
05/24/11 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Coming To North America
Believe the rumours (and hints)!
05/24/11 Infinity Series Title code_18 Goes Multiplatform
The series that spawned Ever17 continues with a new adventure.
05/24/11 Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Will Be Available On XBLA & PC This Week
If you prefer to use your PS3, you don't have much longer to wait.
05/24/11 Rorona's Youthful Appearance In Atelier Meruru Explained
It's a tad spoilery, so click at your own risk!
05/24/11 More DLC Costumes Revealed For Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy
Gilgamesh, Shantotto, Bartz, and Terra sport some new duds.
05/23/11 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 24
I'm doing, like, jumbles and tumbles and rumbles.
05/23/11 A Look At Grand Knights History's Classes
...And subclasses!
05/23/11 Dungeon Siege III Gets A Demo
And it comes to XBL next week!
05/23/11 Watch More Video Clips Of Atelier Meruru
Six minutes of gameplay, and a retailer video you've seen, now with better quality.
05/23/11 New Treasure Report Media Added
I think I already used my only good pun for this game.
05/23/11 Devil Survivor 2 Screens Added
We think we've added plenty of artwork to last us a while.
05/23/11 Nora And The Time Studio Gallery Update
Also: Two character introductions and details on the item creation system.
05/23/11 Secret of Mana iOS Review
Sage Joch may be out, but the verdict for this game is in!
05/22/11 Gallery Update: New, Old Art for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Take a look at a bunch of artwork - including a brand-new piece - for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS Zelda title.
05/22/11 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Gets A Dancer Chapter
Apparently, a bard wasn't enough.
05/22/11 Here's 20 Minutes Of FF Type-0 Gameplay Footage
Yes, really.
05/21/11 This Is What Neptune Mk-II's Nendroid Figures Look Like
And a look at some cameos!
05/21/11 Chaos Rings II Gets A Reveal Trailer
Also: The original Chaos Rings gets an update! ...And that has a trailer, too.
05/21/11 Watch Some Pandora's Tower Gameplay Footage
Oh, and a couple of commercials. Lots of video!
05/20/11 More UnchainBlades ReXX Video
You have a main cast! They have special moves too!
05/20/11 Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Delayed
Also: Will we ever see the first two games on PSN?
05/20/11 Watch The Latest Class of Heroes 3D Trailer
You saw the customization options, now meet the cast.
05/20/11 7th Dragon 2020 Gallery Debut
The flowers aren't poisonous this time, we swear.
05/20/11 Gungnir Gallery Update
One last batch of Japanese media!
05/20/11 New Chaos Rings Omega Media Added
There's a lot. And a trailer. Bonus: It's all in English!
05/20/11 Frontier Gate Gallery Debut
This gate does NOT lead to hell, I promise.
05/20/11 Hellgate Opens Back Up In North America
As a free MMORPG.
05/19/11 Is Persona 2: Innocent Sin Being Not So Innocently Hinted At?
If you're confused about Atlus' newsletter from earlier, this is why.
05/19/11 Risen 2: Dark Waters Gallery Debut
Think Pirates of the Caribbean, but with no Johnny Depp. Or Caribbean.
05/19/11 Another Record Of Agarest War Zero Trailer
Make that Agarest: Generations of War Zero.
05/19/11 Devil Survivor 2 Finally Gets A Trailer
And it's Major Japanese Cities 101.
05/19/11 Romance Ceres In Pandora's Tower
I guess feeding a vegetarian meat counts as romantic now...
05/18/11 Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Comes With A Pre-Order Bonus In Europe
Plus: minor gallery update!
05/18/11 Vagrant Story (PSone Classics) Review
Time to dip back into the PSone era again with this Squaresoft classic.
05/18/11 Chaos Rings Omega Available Tonight in North America
Before we get into the sequel, dive into the all-new Chaos Rings prequel.
05/17/11 Record Of Agarest War Zero Gets A Limited Edition... In Europe
This one isn't terribly naughty either.
05/17/11 Meet More Protagonists And Enemies Of Devil Survivor 2
What is it with SMT and astronomy?
05/17/11 Fable III (PC) Now Available
When I become king, I'm going to be like the King of Hyrule, my boy.
05/17/11 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Now Available
And now we all rush out to upgrade our PCs.
05/17/11 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions iOS Dated... Sort Of
Just a short time after E3.
05/17/11 Lineage Will Come To An End In North America
NCSoft will focus on Asia instead.
05/17/11 Hey, It's New Final Fantasy Type-0 Media
Featuring another moogle, a chocobo and... oh, people!
05/16/11 Vagrant Hearts Review
Neal takes on, what else, a new indie title!
05/16/11 Rune Factory: Oceans Coming To North America
Don your wetsuits. The Tides of Destiny are coming in.
05/16/11 Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Now Available
This one is REALLY the ultimate collection, they promise.
05/16/11 Watch An Atelier Meruru Boss Battle
Fight an ugly tree with items and skills!
05/14/11 Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review
It's another version of Final Fantasy IV, but this time it's high-resolution 2D and has it's share of extras. But should you play it yet again?
05/14/11 Devil Survivor 2 Gallery Update
Devil messengers, locations and more!
05/14/11 Gungnir Screens Added
Less cutscenes, more battles and menus.
05/14/11 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Screens Added
Just enough to tease you some more.
05/13/11 Watch Disgaea 4's First English Trailer
It's a long one.
05/13/11 Nora And The Time Studio Gallery Debut
If you thought the trailer was cute...
05/13/11 Watch Clips Of Your Allies In UnchainBlades ReXX
You get two death gods on your team.
05/13/11 Konami Has A PSP RPG Named Terror of The Stratus
Watch its trailer!
05/13/11 Watch Growlanser IV Overload's Opening Movie
It's all anime.
05/13/11 NIS America Announces Two
ClaDun X2 and Atelier Totori are coming out west!
05/13/11 The Combat And Jobs Of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls
Steal, focuse, exorcise - you choose!
05/13/11 Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Trailer
The right hand of the Lord likes guns. A lot.
05/13/11 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay Video
Watch it in action.
05/13/11 Meet More of Neptune Mk-II's Characters And Enemies
A lot of them may look familiar.
05/12/11 A Closer Look At Tales of Xillia's Partner Support Skills
Just how talented is this cast?
05/12/11 Get Your Chrono Trigger On Virtual Console Next Week
But if you were holding out for the PSN version... well, we can't help you there.
05/12/11 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Review
John Tucker takes a trip to the backlog, and barely survives.
05/12/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Preview
Two words: Final Fantasy.
05/12/11 7th Dragon 2020 Announced + First Details
SEGA collaborates with Imageepoch.
05/12/11 New Dark Souls Screens & Artwork
If you weren't creeped out by yesterday's trailer...
05/12/11 Grand Knights History Has Curved Battlefields
And other random tidbits + screens!
05/12/11 Watch A Pandora's Tower Promo Video
It's really just a trailer shown at retailers.
05/11/11 Cthulhu Saves The World Headed To Steam
The top-selling Xbox Live Indie Game gets more love.
05/11/11 Tales of Graces F Set for 2012 In North America
But Tales of the Abyss should be out this year, at least.
05/11/11 Dark Souls Dated For North America, Too
And some neat pre-order bonuses.
05/11/11 Tales Of Graces F Is Coming To Europe, Too
Oh, and so is Tales of the Abyss 3DS.
05/11/11 Nora And The Time Studio's First Trailer
And an official website!
05/11/11 Get Your The Witcher Fix At GOG.com
Buy the first game for cheap and pre-download the second.
05/11/11 Dark Souls Gets A New Trailer, Release Windows
Looks like the game will make 2011 after all.
05/11/11 Some Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version Details, Screens
How much content can we expect in the demo version? Well...
05/11/11 Three Classic Dragon Quest Titles Coming To Wii On One Disc
It's like the Super Mario All-Stars Collection, but with slimes instead of goombas.
05/10/11 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review
True story: Bryan gets his strategy on...and falls in love!
05/09/11 Avadon: The Black Fortress Review
Yeager plays an indie game. Does he like it?
05/09/11 Diablo III External Beta Begins In Q3 2011
Will the title make it out to shelves this year? Stay tuned!
05/09/11 Nendoroid Generation's First Trailer
Pat Nendoroids on the head, then send them to a dance-off.
05/09/11 Atelier Meruru Commercials, Goodies And More
Development is now complete on Gust's latest, cutest title.
05/09/11 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Gets A One-Armed Ninja
A Shinobi chapter is now available.
05/08/11 Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review
Ashton takes a look at the DLC that's supposed to lead into Mass Effect 3.
05/08/11 Gloria Union Gets A Trailer
Meet the cast and watch some gameplay.
05/08/11 Get A Better Look At Class Of Heroes 3D
Videos on character creation and gameplay.
05/07/11 Official Wizardry: Labyrinth Of Lost Souls English Website Opens
Check out your monsters!
05/06/11 Dungeon Siege III Still Has Co-Op
In case you forgot, Square Enix has a little trailer.
05/06/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Specs, Screens & More
Good news for fans of Steamworks!
05/06/11 Finally, Some More Black*Rock Shooter Media
Get a glimpse of the different kinds of packaging.
05/05/11 Make Your RPG More Japanese With RPGMaker VX
Watch a trailer for the upcoming expansion pack!
05/05/11 New Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version Screens
What can you do as Barrett? Lots, apparently.
05/05/11 Mass Effect 3 Gallery Update
Salt in the wound? Or just a reminder to be very, very patient?
05/05/11 Gungnir Gallery Debut
Wield the god of war in your spear. No, not Kratos.
05/05/11 Gloria Union Takes The Pirate Theme Seriously
Oh and here's a handful of new screens.
05/04/11 Watch A Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Teaser Trailer
Unfortunately, to actually see all this in 3D you have to wait a month and a half.
05/04/11 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Set For Q1 2012
Right up against the new date of Mass Effect 3.
05/04/11 Darkspore Review
After Kyle got a preview at Darkspore Day, how was the full game?
05/04/11 Mass Effect 3 Delayed
Potential GotY 2011 contender moved to being potential GotY 2012 contender.
05/03/11 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 23
In which we bewitch a Witcher from Wichita.
05/03/11 Three New Fallout: New Vegas DLCs Announced
Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road to see release.
05/03/11 New White Knight Chronicles II English Screens
If you forgot to grab the first White Knight Chronicles, worry not.
05/02/11 New Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Screens Added
Hack and slash your way through the fourth edition ruleset.
05/02/11 Atelier Meruru: New Videos And New Characters
Watch the prologue and some gameplay footage!
05/02/11 Ever17 Xbox 360 Remake JP Release Details & Promo Video
If you liked 999, you might want to watch this video.
05/02/11 Dragon Quest Composer Talks DQX
The Wii title - or at least its music - should be completed next year.
05/02/11 Final Fantasy XI Gets An Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition
And it's two weeks away, and it's cheap.
05/02/11 Yes, Chrono Trigger is Coming to North American VC, Too
Only one platform/region combination is missing now. Can you guess which?
05/01/11 Atelier Meruru Gallery Update, TV Ad And More
...Is it too late to trade in my younger brother for the super-adorable young Rorona?
05/01/11 20+ New Images for Dungeon Siege III
Get a good look at some battle screens, spell-casting and dialogue stills! In Japanese.
05/01/11 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Hands-on Preview
Kyle has some time with a preview build.
05/01/11 A Pandora's Tower Update
Feed the meat of beasts to a vegetarian! Does she still count as one here?

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