News Archive: June 2011
Date Update
06/30/11 A Quick Update on Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS
Yes, it's another delay, but nothing to lose sleep over.
06/30/11 Yatsumi Matsuno Joins Level-5
And announces Tactics Layton. No, not really, but he is talking about his first project, vaguely.
06/30/11 Final Fantasy VI Now On Virtual Console
As Nintendo cuts us off with one hand, they feed us with the other.
06/30/11 Nintendo Will Not Localize Three Wii Titles
...But that won't stop Operation Rainfall.
06/30/11 Rusty Hearts Beta Key Giveaway
Are you guys ready to redeem two thousand keys?
06/29/11 New Final Fantasy XIII-2 English Screens
And some neat keyart.
06/29/11 Dragon Quest Collection Gets A Japanese Date
And a whole lot of extras.
06/29/11 Rune Factory 4 Announced
And it's coming to the 3DS!
06/29/11 Bastion Gallery Added
Get your looting on next month!
06/28/11 Xenoblade Chronicles EU Wii Bundle, English Clips
Here's more reason to participate in Operation Rainfall!
06/28/11 Retro Reviews: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald
Andrew can't stop catching them all...or can he?
06/28/11 World of Warcraft 4.2 is Live, Goes Semi Free-to-Play
While we're at it, The Burning Crusade expansion is free now, too.
06/28/11 Makai Kingdom Goes PlayStation Portable
And Disgaea 4 gets some DLC that are actually scenarios!
06/28/11 Watch Two Trailers For Devil Survivor 2
Get a look at Nicaea and the gameplay.
06/28/11 Frontier Gate Media Update
Meet some more partner characters.
06/27/11 Here's The Latest Nora And The Time Studio Trailer
Sure, it's cute, but it provides quite a good look at the game.
06/27/11 Do You Want More Wii RPGs In North America?
The latest on the fan campaign Operation Rainfall's progress.
06/27/11 Want To Be In The Credits Of Dark Souls?
Now you can! ...Assuming you have at least some artistic talent.
06/25/11 Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Review
Stephen digs in to this beat 'em up.
06/24/11 Disgaea 4 DLC Has A Few Cameos
And a LOT of screenshots.
06/24/11 Hero 30 Second Gets Another Demo
Meanwhile, the game's European publisher remains a mystery.
06/24/11 Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Hands-on Preview
Anthropomorph fans, rejoice! It's officially hitting North America!
06/24/11 Back To The Future Episode 5 Now Available On PC/Mac
Oh and if you wanted those Tales of Monkey Island eps on your iPad, they're ALL available.
06/24/11 Tales of Xillia Gallery Update
This game just gets prettier and prettier.
06/23/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Makes Cloth Maps Popular Again
Or rather, pre-order the game and get a sweet premium map.
06/23/11 Black*Rock Shooter: The Game Character Clip
Or rather, a video of Black Rock Shooter: The Main Character.
06/23/11 Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Combo Pack Goes Gold
Get your Zeboyd on for cheap!
06/23/11 Rainbow Moon Gallery Added
What the heck is a rainbow moon? Ask EastAsiaSoft.
06/23/11 One Last Batch Of Atelier Meruru Videos
The countdown is over... now!
06/23/11 Square Enix Had An Investors' Meeting
..And talked about Dragon Quest X, the Mana series, and reboots.
06/22/11 Nora And The Time Studio Battle System And New Screens
Items, items, items.
06/22/11 TERA Media Spectacular!
If you're in the mood to poke through over 300 new pieces of media, today is your lucky day.
06/22/11 Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues DLC Dated
Sing the blues a month from now.
06/22/11 LEGO Universe Gets A Free-To-Play Version
Legos? For free?
06/22/11 Europe May See Hero 30 Second This Fall
But via which publisher?
06/21/11 EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 Launches
Let your character take their first steps outside their spaceship!
06/21/11 Dungeon Siege III Now Available
Why would you siege a dungeon, anyway?
06/21/11 World of Warcraft Rage of the Firelands Trailer
The first video emerges!
06/20/11 More On Atelier Meruru's Countdown And Cast
Some of them might look familiar.
06/20/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Its Own Art Exhibition
An actual one in New York, but only for a short time.
06/20/11 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Second Opinion Review
You've heard Rob talk about it on the podcast, now read his thoughts in text.
06/20/11 Atelier Elkrone: Dear For Otomate Announced
The recipe calls for one part alchemy and one part dating simulation.
06/20/11 Tales Commercials Galore
In this instance, galore means three and refers to Xillia and Abyss.
06/19/11 E3 2011 Awards, Podcast, Gallery and Wrap-up
All of your E3 2011 RPG goodness all in one place!
06/19/11 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Now Re-Available
06/18/11 Meet More Devil Survivor 2 Characters & Enemies
And they are interesting and colourful as always.
06/18/11 The Atelier Meruru Countdown Continues
Here are days 4, 5 & 6's videos!
06/18/11 Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy Is Getting Lots Of DLC
Music, costumes, and more!
06/17/11 New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Setting, Character & Gameplay Details
Details on why Noel is so attractive, monster raising, weather and moogles.
06/17/11 How Grand Knights History's Online Play Works
It took Vanillaware long enough to tell us.
06/17/11 A New Trailer For Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded
Spend some quality time with the characters... and go on vacation with them.
06/17/11 RIFT Update 1.3 Set For Next Week
What are these Waves of Madness?
06/17/11 7th Dragon 2020 Trailer Includes English Subtitles
The question is... does it mean anything!?
06/17/11 Tales of Xillia Gallery Update
Are those Star Driver costumes?
06/17/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Gallery Update
Check out Eight, Arecia, and Gilgamesh.
06/16/11 Hyperdimesnion Neptunia Mk-2 Healing System Makes Sense
Who'da thunk? Oh, and here's some new screens.
06/16/11 E3 2011: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Preview
The last E3 update before awards!
06/16/11 E3 2011: Prime World Impressions
Part RPG, Part Strategy, Part MOBA, all fun.
06/16/11 E3 2011: Wizardry Online Announcement + Impressions
Think UO was hardcore? Turns out you're a wimp.
06/16/11 New Half Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Screens And Trailer
It goes for longer than half a minute.
06/16/11 New Videos for Growlanser IV
Two anime story clips, in fact, and a look at the boxart.
06/16/11 Terror of the Stratus Gets A JP Release Date & Opening Movie
I'll give you a hint: it's not June, July, or August.
06/15/11 E3 2011: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Media
I choose you, weird purple bat-like Slime!
06/15/11 E3 2011: Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress News & Gallery Added
Yo ho, yo ho, into the hellish depths we go!
06/15/11 E3 2011: Star Trek: Infinite Space News & Gallery Added
To infinity and beyond. No, really. This space is deep.
06/15/11 E3 2011: Dark Souls Hands-On Preview
"Prepare to die," is the game's tagline. They weren't kidding. At all.
06/15/11 Gust Counts Down To Atelier Meruru's JP Release
And how are they celebrating? Lots of videos, for one. Come see!
06/15/11 E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Media Update
You've read the preview and seen the intro cinematic. Here's more!
06/15/11 A Lot Of GamePlay From The Little Battlers
Level-5's plastic model RPG is finally hitting Japanese shelves.
06/15/11 Level-5 Is Working On A Gundam RPG
You read that right.
06/15/11 This Is Black*Rock Shooter's Opening Movie
Complete with the punk attitude.
06/14/11 E3 2011: Bastion Impressions
Supergiant Games' title talks and talks and talks...
06/14/11 E3 2011: Lord of the Rings: War in the North Impressions
Hack and slash your way to victory.
06/14/11 E3 2011: Heroes Of Ruin Hands-On Preview
A first look at Square Enix and n-Space's 3DS title.
06/14/11 E3 2011: Wakfu Preview Update
What's the latest in Ankama Games' upcoming strategy MMO? Come find out!
06/14/11 Random Encounter - Episode 25
The Witcher 2: The Witchening Edition!
06/14/11 E3 2011: Dungeon Siege III Media Update
A few screens, some character artwork, and yet another trailer!
06/14/11 E3 2011: Disgaea 4 Gallery Update
You know, because this gallery really needed a 9th page.
06/14/11 E3 2011: Dragon Nest Hands-On Preview
We spent some time with Nexon's upcoming free to play action MMORPG. How is it shaping up?
06/14/11 Ragnarok PSP Special Edition Details
Includes special items for the original Ragnarok Online!
06/13/11 E3 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Media Update
Not only did the game get remade, but so did its classic TV spot.
06/13/11 E3 2011: Dragon's Dogma Hands-On Preview
We take a look at combat in Capcom's upcoming open world adventure.
06/13/11 E3 2011: Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Preview
The knights may be forgotten, but is the game forgettable?
06/13/11 E3 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gallery Update
Get up close and personal with Adam's... augmentations.
06/13/11 E3 2011: A First Look at Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter's Creation Tools
We got an early look at Neverwinter and its comprehensive Foundry.
06/13/11 E3 2011: Spacetime Studios Talks Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles
What does the team behind Pocket Legends have in store for us next?
06/13/11 E3 2011: Rusty Hearts Hands-On Impressions
We catch up with Perfect World and get some time with their latest title.
06/12/11 E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Preview
We get a good, long look at the closing chapter to BioWare's trilogy.
06/11/11 E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hands-on Preview
We demo and watch Square play Final Fantasy XIII-2.
06/11/11 E3 2011: White Knight Chronicles II Preview
Dennis met with D3 to check this one out.
06/11/11 E3 2011: Aksys Games Focuses On Their Fans
A community-focused publisher tells us their next announcements will be all about the fans.
06/11/11 E3 2011: DC Universe Online News and Hands-On Impressions
Heroes and villains unite against a common foe.
06/11/11 E3 2011: A Chat With NIS America
No new solid info, but some little tiny tidbits.
06/10/11 E3 2011: Dead Island Preview
Does the first look live up to the promise of the trailer?
06/10/11 E3 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-On Preview
It's tough to get your hands on Adam Jensen - but we've done it.
06/10/11 E3 2011: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Hands-On Preview
Set sail on another Rune Factory adventure!
06/10/11 E3 2011: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Hands-On Impressions
Step aside, Rorona, Totori's the new alchemist in town!
06/10/11 E3 2011: Torchlight II Impressions and Gallery Debut
We berserk the crap out of stuff.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Dragon's Crown Announced (And Impressions, Trailer, and Gallery)
The next side-scroller from Vanillaware and Ignition.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Crimson Alliance Gallery Debut
Inside: Crimson screens and crimson art.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Hands-On Impressions
A detailed look at the upcoming Facebook-based Dungeons & Dragons title.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Paper Mario (3DS) Media Update
Revisit the paper-thin world of Paper Mario in 3D.
06/09/11 E3 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Impressions
Link in the sky, flying oh-so-high with beetles, birds, and androgynous bosses!
06/09/11 E3 2011: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Impressions
We go back to collecting slimes... and other monsters, I guess.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Everquest II 61st Update Looms
Everquest II 61st update details and other upcoming information.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Risen 2: Dark Waters Preview
John gets a look at a pirate RPG.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview
06/09/11 E3 2011: TERA Hands-On Preview
We go hands- and eyes-on with TERA and its new political system.
06/09/11 E3 2011: Atlus Duos Devil Survivors
A brief look at Overclocked and DS2.
06/08/11 E3 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Media Update
Screens, art and video of Link's next console adventure. Also: Birds.
06/08/11 E3 2011: Certain Affinity Shows Crimson Alliance
A hack-and-slash for XBLA.
06/08/11 E3 2011: Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Hands-on Preview
It's a tale about which town can cook up the best food!
06/08/11 E3 2011: The Witcher 2 Hits Xbox 360, Gets Reveal Trailer
While not much new info, we've got a new trailer.
06/08/11 E3 2011: Nintendo Quietly Announces New Professor Layton Title
And this one is for the original DS.
06/07/11 E3 2011: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview
It's looking good, and that's an understatement
06/07/11 E3 2011: Nintendo Reveals Zelda Anniversary Plans, Skyward Sword Release Date
Also new handheld Zelda releases, a special Wii Remote and more.
06/07/11 E3 2011: Fable: The Journey Announced
Are you ready to Kinect with Fable?
06/07/11 E3 2011: Atlus USA Announces Devil Survivor 2 for US Release
But not until next year.
06/06/11 E3 2011: New Trailer & Screens for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
You're going to want to see this.
06/06/11 E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Intro Cinematic
Space cowboys and the return of the Sith.
06/06/11 Watch Final Fantasy XIII-2's Full E3 Trailer
More than 27 seconds! Actual story bits and gameplay!
06/06/11 Mass Effect 3: Release Date, New Trailer, Screens & More
A collector's edition! Surprise! (Or not.)
06/04/11 Digimon World DS Review
Introducing our newest reviewer: Greig McCallum!
06/03/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2's E3 Teaser Trailer
But to some, these 27 seconds may be rather glorious.
06/03/11 Grand Knights History Finally Gets A Trailer
Is that.... gameplay?
06/03/11 This Is What Class Of Heroes 3D's Battles Look Like
Yes, it's another trailer!
06/03/11 This Is SMT Devil Survivor: Overclocked's Box Art
But you won't be overclocking your 3DS this summer.
06/03/11 Dark Souls Gets A Date And An E3 Trailer
When in October does your punishment start? Come find out!
06/03/11 Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Gallery Update + Trailer
Didn't get your PSN dungeon crawler fix yet? XSEED may have the answer.
06/02/11 The Witcher 2 Announced For Xbox 360, Patches PC Version
Perhaps the worst-kept secret in RPGs this year.
06/02/11 Pokedex 3D Launches With The Nintendo 3DS eShop In North America
Gotta download 'em all!
06/02/11 Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Now Available On PlayStation Network
Even XSEED was surprised!
06/02/11 Square Enix Pre-E3 Screenshots
Some teasers before E3.
06/02/11 E3 2011: Square Enix Announces Lineup
A bunch of RPGs to satiate you.
06/02/11 This Is Your Little Battler Experience
Level-5's plastic model RPG gets another trailer.
06/02/11 World of Warcraft Patch 4.1 Latest Hotfixes
Less cheating bosses, less cheating players.
06/02/11 Additional Tweaks for Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded
Shorter load times, message-skip, and more!
06/01/11 Dark Souls Gallery Update
They're dark, but there aren't a lot of souls.
06/01/11 Who Are Code_18's Writers?
Also: come watch the opening video!
06/01/11 Atelier Meruru Has Multiple Endings
Just when you thought it was impossible to have any more news about the game.
06/01/11 Crimson Alliance Is An XBLA Action RPG From Certain Affinity
Take a look at the first screenshot here.
06/01/11 Get A Look At Dungeon Siege III's Character Skills
Watch the latest gameplay trailer here!
06/01/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets An Early E3 2011 Trailer
Also: Good news for OnLive users!
06/01/11 Curse of Slate Rock Manor Review
Neal explores a haunted house in this new visual novel.
06/01/11 Even More Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Videos
Hey!! Look!! ...It just doesn't have the same ring to it.
06/01/11 This Is Gloria Union's Intro Movie
You might be able to see the ocean. Possibly. Maybe.

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