News Archive: August 2011
Date Update
08/31/11 Don't Expect Persona 5 Anytime Soon
Plus some other little tidbits of information.
08/31/11 Dunamis 15 Gameplay Video
I think you'll agree the graphics are quite lovely.
08/31/11 Persona 4: The Golden Announced For PS Vita
But that wasn't the only thing to be announced!
08/29/11 Mass Effect 3 Screens Added
No, no FemShep... yet.
08/29/11 Professor Layton And The Last Specter Dated
You won't need a 3DS for this one.
08/29/11 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Comes With A Bonus
Hope you like orchestrated music!
08/29/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Screens Added
Get a glimpse of Studio Ghibli goodness.
08/28/11 Mass Effect 3 Artwork Added
Plus, your new default FemShep!
08/28/11 Dragon Commander Gallery Update
A look at the latest entry in the Divinity series.
08/28/11 Torchlight II Priced
And the last class is revealed!
08/27/11 Dunamis 15 Demo Coming Soon
Xbox owners get to go first, but the PS3 demo isn't far behind!
08/27/11 Beyond the Labyrinth Teaser Trailer
If you want to take a look at what the 3DS is capable of, look inside.
08/27/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 PAX Prime Trailer
It's a good one!
08/26/11 iOS This Week: The Late Edition
Two new releases sure to please retro fans and graphic adventure lovers, and sales, sales, sales!
08/26/11 Top 20 RPGs of the 90s
And what a great decade it was for RPG fans.
08/26/11 Grand Knights History's Latest Trailer
And two more of those short gameplay clips.
08/26/11 The Fall of Gods Chapter 1: The Dream of Esther Review
Neal's back on the indie scene!
08/26/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed In Japan
Time to re-arrange your import schedule! Or not.
08/26/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screens Added
Plus, a bit of news on DLC... and exclusivity.
08/26/11 Borderlands 2 Gallery Added
If you love the artstyle, you'll love the screens.
08/26/11 Zeboyd Games Crafting Penny Arcade Episode 3
On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness Returns!
08/26/11 Heroes of Ruin Screens Added
Have a look at the Coral Tombs.
08/26/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 News Roundup
Characters, more gameplay clips and more.
08/26/11 White Knight Chronicles II Artwork Added
Take a look at some pretty powerful weapons.
08/26/11 Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Dated
And more FNV goods are on the way, too.
08/25/11 Harvest Moon Tells The DS Tale Of Two Towns Soon
If you were holding out for the 3DS version though, you might need to wait longer.
08/25/11 Frontier Gate's Opening Movie
Plus... a demo coming soon!
08/25/11 More Tales of Xillia Trailers
Obviously Namco doesn't think we've seen enough yet...
08/25/11 Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens Added
Remember that alpha phase?
08/25/11 Fourth Round Of Tales Of Xillia Trailers
One for gameplay and one for story.
08/25/11 A First Look At 999's Successor
Here's some details, art and a trailer!
08/25/11 Crimson Alliance's Direwolf Trailer
Meet the wizard, one of your character options.
08/24/11 GameStop Pulls OnLive Codes From PC Copies Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I bet you weren't expecting this kind of conspiracy when you picked up the game.
08/24/11 NIS America Brings Black*Rock Shooter: The Game Out West
That means you too, Europe.
08/24/11 Motoi Sakuraba Composing For Beyond The Labyrinth
The Tri-Ace music master returns!
08/24/11 Telltale Bringing The Future Back to Wii
Rearrange that headline and then click it!
08/24/11 Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Release Date Washes Ashore
The start of your tropical farming adventure is only a month away!
08/24/11 A Sequel To Little King's Story Announced
If, like me, you actually played the original then you'll be jumping for joy!
08/24/11 Release Date for Ni No Kuni PS3 Confirmed (JP)
From the makers of Professor Layton and the makers of Spirited Away.
08/24/11 999 Team Announces A New Visual Novel Title
But will it be a successor to the popular DS title?
08/24/11 Tales of Xillia Screens, Tidbits
Playtime, more DLC costumes, and uh... more!
08/23/11 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Now Available
Now you can hear Yuzu talk!
08/23/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Now Available
I never asked for thi- oh who am I kidding. Why contain it?
08/22/11 Yes, Disgaea 4's Special Attacks are Appropriately Over-the-Top
Four new battle videos and some new screens inside.
08/22/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Added
More English ones, but this time it's Serah's closeup.
08/22/11 25 x2 New ClaDun x2 Screen Shots (That's 50)
Who doesn't love pointlessly complex headlines?
08/22/11 SMT Devil Survivor: Overclocked '8th Day' Trailer
Tokyo on lockdown sure makes for an extra-long week.
08/22/11 Dark Souls' Bartholomew Trailer
Prepare to die. In case you haven't heard already.
08/22/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 Review
You heard about the PC version, but how did the console version fare?
08/22/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Reviews
Will Eidos and Square Enix's WRPG live up to the hype?
08/21/11 Parasite Eve II Hits PSN This Week
Are you happy now?
08/20/11 Five New Videos for Ragnarok PSP
Classic strategy RPG battle footage.
08/19/11 A Few Grand Knights History Videos
Two CMs and two gameplay movies.
08/19/11 Customize Your Skills In 7th Dragon 2020
This latest trailer shows you how.
08/19/11 A Look At Frontier Gate's Environments
This short clip travels everywhere.
08/19/11 TERA Gamescom Trailer & Screens Added
After being delayed, it's pretty as ever.
08/19/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review Event
We learn all about the game before our review next week.
08/19/11 Dragon's Dogma Gallery Update
And a new promo video!
08/18/11 The Baconing Characters Trailer
Looks like everyone else gets to play it this month, too.
08/18/11 Class of Heroes Final Teaser Trailer
That's "Class of Heroes Final," not "Final Teaser Trailer."
08/18/11 Two Tales of Xillia Character Videos
Meet Alvin and Leia.
08/18/11 The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Gamescom 2011 Trailer
Do you dare? Do you truly dare?
08/18/11 Disgaea 3 Return Gallery Debut
How does it look compared to the original?
08/18/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Gallery Update
Because you need to see more of the game after playing the demo, right?
08/17/11 Dunamis 15 Opening Movie
Fans of visual novels rejoice!
08/17/11 iOS This Week: Emissary of War Releases Early, Small Fara Update
The new 3D dungeon crawler misses its planned September release (in a good way).
08/17/11 Random Encounter - Episode 29
Get your Deus Ex: Human Revolution previews here!
08/17/11 Disgaea 4 DLC Screens Added
Looks like a few cameos have wandered their way over from Neptune Mk-2.
08/17/11 Dark Souls Screens Added
These are the game's final count of ten classes.
08/17/11 New Tales Of The Abyss 3DS English Screens & Videos
Gamescom is good to us indeed.
08/17/11 The Witcher 2 Gets Version 2.0 Next Month
This isn't an Ultimate Witcher 2, this is a big, free update.
08/17/11 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Releases in November
Nintendo finally specifies a release date for the next Zelda title.
08/17/11 Super Paper Mario Joins Nintendo Selects Lineup
If you haven't played this one yet, now's your chance to get it for a great price.
08/17/11 White Knight Chronicles II Goes Gold
Get ready to fight off Yshrenia in less than a month.
08/17/11 Nexon Releases Launch Trailer for Dragon Nest
One last trailer to get you hyped before the game releases.
08/17/11 Xenoblade Chronicles Let's Play Video #3 Released
Ether mining, gem crafting, and talk of showers within.
08/17/11 Tales of Xillia Promotional Skits Are Educational
Who better to teach about gameplay systems than the characters themselves?
08/16/11 Dark Souls' Gamescom 2011 Trailer
See what else you're up against.
08/16/11 Mass Effect 3's Latest Trailer & Screens
As if there was ever any doubt as to who your squad leader was...
08/16/11 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Dated + Trailer
In unrelated news, I'll be taking an early spring vacation in February.
08/16/11 Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer
The Gunzerker goes gunserk. In style.
08/16/11 Meet The Cast Of White Knight Chronicles II
Two new characters join the familiar faces.
08/16/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution's TV Ad
And a small gallery update.
08/16/11 NIS America Releases New Trailer for Atelier Totori
Get another look at Totori before you bring her home. Wait...
08/15/11 Back to the Future: The Game Final Episode Review
Stephen critiques the fifth and final installment of Telltale's Back to the Future series. This is heavy.
08/15/11 Devil Survivor Overclocked's Latest English Trailer
If you're a little rusty on how auctions and demon fusion worked, here you go.
08/15/11 Madoka Magica Announced for PSP
See the magical girl in the new trailer!
08/15/11 This Is An Actual Trailer For Heroes Of Ruin
Get a better look at Square Enix and n-Space's 3DS co-op title.
08/14/11 The Baconing To Hit PSN This Month
Get a little something extra for pre-ordering DeathSpank's latest adventure.
08/14/11 A Look At Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Music And Sound
Also: Adam's voice actor is nothing like you'd imagine he'd look like.
08/14/11 Xenoblade Chronicles Full Website Opens
Also inside: Episode 2 of the Let's Play video series and a huge gallery update.
08/12/11 Larian Studios Announces Dragon Commander
Can you guess the developer's favourite mythical creature?
08/12/11 Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Now Available For Android
Yes, iPhone owners... it's still coming.
08/12/11 The Fall of Gods Now Available For PC
And soon to be an Xbox Live Indie Game.
08/12/11 First Footage of Atelier Meruru's DLC
Also inside: Meruru's Rorona costume! And a semi-NSFW video.
08/11/11 ClaDun X2 Gets A Release Date
And it's... rather soon!
08/11/11 Two New Black*Rock Shooter Videos
Combat, missions, and face-licking. True story.
08/11/11 7th Dragon 2020 Battle Video
Get a good look at the psychic character class!
08/11/11 New Screen Shots for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The Adam Jensen love fest continues, this time with new media.
08/11/11 Up Close With Final Fantasy XIII-2's Multifunctional Moogle
Fresh screen shots show Serah's useful (and throwable) moogle companion and more.
08/11/11 Deus Ex Event Live Tweets
Stephen Meyerink's at Eidos Montreal... Right Now!
08/11/11 A First Look At Disgaea 3 Return For PS Vita
Teaser trailer alert!
08/10/11 iOS This Week: Companions Update, Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia, Touch Detective
Yes, the published-by-Atlus-on-Nintendo DS Touch Detective.
08/10/11 Risen 2 Media Update
Plus a few more tidbits.
08/10/11 New Persona 2: Innocent Sin English Screens
Including the lonely, cool Tatsuya.
08/10/11 Two New Frontier Gate Videos
Have a look at character customization and combat.
08/10/11 Falcom-chan Announced For Neptunia Mk-2
And she's in this trailer!
08/10/11 Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset Now Available
Check out the latest installment in Aldorlea's award-winning episodic series.
08/10/11 Record of Agarest War Zero Review
Does this prequel do the series justice?
08/10/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Gallery Update
Re-familiaraize yourself with the character before the demo drops.
08/10/11 Square Enix Wraps Up Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness
The final chapter of the iMode-based title is now available.
08/10/11 Nintendo of Europe Kicks Off Xenoblade Chronicles "Let's Play" Video Series
Episode 1 highlights gameplay basics, a combat overview and more.
08/10/11 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Goes To Europe, Too
Ghostlight promises a Collector's Edition.
08/10/11 Hack Your Way Through Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The catch? You'll have to be social, too.
08/09/11 Buy Solatorobo Early, Get Its Soundtrack
Also inside: Some locations and more story tidbits!
08/09/11 Dead Island Goes Gold
Have a quick look at the co-op mode.
08/09/11 Disgaea 3 Confirmed for PS Vita
Even better, Nippon Ichi has four new games planned. That's right, FOUR!
08/09/11 More Screens & Packaging for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
Speaking of screens and packaging updates...
08/09/11 English Screens & Packaging for Fate/Extra
If those Japanese screens were too confusing for you, good news! Also: A potential release date.
08/09/11 Nintendo Opens 25th Anniversary Site for Zelda
Details Zelda Symphony, a Flipnote Studio contest, wallpapers and other fun randomness.
08/06/11 WoW Raises $1.9 Million For Japan Earthquake Relief
Some new patch notes also included.
08/06/11 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions iOS Review
Time to return to the world of Ivalice on your cell phone!
08/05/11 Black*Rock Shooter: The Game Latest Video Clips
A little less gameplay this time around.
08/05/11 A Look At Ragnarok PSP's Battle System
Get ready for another batch of video clips.
08/05/11 A Handful Of Grand Knights History Clips
Trailer, gameplay, the world and more!
08/05/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition Announced
You knew this was coming.
08/05/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Drops Next Week
If you don't have a Japanese PSN account, now's the time to have one.
08/05/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Gallery Update
Another look at the story and characters in English!
08/05/11 PC Version of Bastion Coming August 16
Available on Steam, of course.
08/04/11 Disgaea 4's Append Disc Trailer
This one has a story, too.
08/04/11 Phantom Kingdom Portable Gallery Update
And yet another video.
08/04/11 One More Batch of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Media
Some new screens, and the iOS release's launch trailer, within.
08/04/11 Two 7th Dragon 2020 Videos
This time it's character creation and the battle system.
08/04/11 Two Tales of Xillia Videos
Have a look at Milla and the growth system.
08/04/11 These Are White Knight Chronicles II's Pre-Order Bonuses
But you can only get them at Gamestop.
08/04/11 Tales of Xillia Gallery Update
Plus, more costumes and the theme song in full.
08/04/11 Namco Bandai Announces Heroes Phantasia
That is, a crossover RPG featuring lots of anime.
08/03/11 iOS This Week: FFT, Ragnarok, Kids, Goblins, Fara and More!
What's a Fara? You'll probably want to find out. And yes, Final Fantasy Tactics is really here.
08/03/11 Zeboyd Games Double Pack Review
Cthulhu Saves The World and Breath of Death for $3.
08/03/11 TERA Rescheduled + 55 New Screen Shots
Let's just say... it won't be out this fall.
08/03/11 A Look At Final Fantasy Type-0's World And Rulers
Plus, a demo is on its way.
08/03/11 Here Is Another Look At Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The (very) latest trailer gives an overview of, well, everything.
08/03/11 2K Games Officially Announces Borderlands 2
We'll see if the theme song is by Cage the Elephant.
08/03/11 Over My Dead Body Dated In Japan
Have a look at the limited edition (not of my dead body).
08/03/11 Labyrinth Xross Blood Goes Xbox 360
And yes, it was spelled that way long before its 360 port.
08/03/11 Rune Factory 4 Has a Butler, Too
Well, why not, at this point? Plus: Details on the Prince System.
08/02/11 Xenoblade Chronicles English Trailer
Just two weeks away! Well, in Europe.
08/02/11 The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North Release Date Announced
Hint: It's got one less '1' than Skyrim's date.
08/02/11 White Knight Chronicles II English Screens Added
The enemies and Incorruptus are ready for their closeups.
08/02/11 Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters Review
Could Greig resist the Chantelise charm?
08/02/11 Breath Of Fire IV Heads To PSN
Says the ESRB *and* a Capcom rep.
08/02/11 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions iOS Out This Week
Naturally, Famitsu has already played it.
08/02/11 Four Of Black Rock Shooter's Special Skills
More gameplay video inside.
08/01/11 The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Delayed to Q1 2012
Namco Bandai gets litigious.

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