News Archive: September 2011
Date Update
09/30/11 A Look At Dragon Quest X Online's Jobs
Have a look at the warrior, thief, mage, monk, minstrel, and martial artist.
09/30/11 Beyond The Future: Fix the Time Arrows Screens Added
A look at 5pb's pretty otome.
09/30/11 Phantasy Star Online 2 Delayed
Don't expect to be playing this anytime soon.
09/30/11 Ragnarok PSP Demo Now Available
You can beat the game! Well, sort of.
09/30/11 Ghostlight Dates Two For Europe
You can get a deal if you buy both Persona 2: IS and Trails in the Sky LEs, too.
09/30/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Review
Mechs + Anthropomorphs = Japan.
09/29/11 The Legend Of Heroes: Zero No Kiseki Full Voice Version Announced
Ys isn't the only series moving on to the PS Vita.
09/29/11 Chocobos Incoming To Final Fantasy XIV In Patch 1.19
It's about time, right?
09/29/11 Chrono Trigger Travelling To North American PSN
Took 'em long enough! At least it's only a few days away!
09/29/11 Lots Of The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Media
Nintendo got overly generous today.
09/29/11 The Witcher 2 Version 2.0 Out Today
A look at what's in CD Projekt RED's major update.
09/28/11 Dark Souls' All Saints Day Trailer
But I thought All Saints Day was in November...
09/28/11 Dragon Nest Launches Today
And we have a whole bunch of media for you.
09/28/11 Xenoblade Chronicles Import Review
Perhaps one of the last massive RPGs for the Wii, does Xenoblade Chronicles live up to the hype?
09/28/11 Random Encounter Episode 32 - The Xenoblade Edition
Warning: This episode may contain sheep.
09/28/11 Square Enix: Final Fantasy Brand Damaged
On the bright side, there's a new video for Ifrit in FFXIV!
09/28/11 Nippon Ichi's Newest RPG: The Witch And The Hundred Soldiers
Magic, swords, exploration, item creation... and GIGAcals.
09/28/11 Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Book Review
There's a whole lot of music coming at you!
09/27/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack & Pre-Order Bonuses
Even if you didn't like XIII, I think we can all agree the soundtrack rocked.
09/27/11 Lots Of New Information About Dragon Quest X Online
Story details, new race information, and the ability to build your own house!
09/27/11 Atelier Totori DLC Released
And the game isn't even in stores yet!
09/27/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Launch Trailer
And one more batch of screens.
09/27/11 Dead Island Gets A Movie
Looks like that first trailer paid off.
09/27/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cast Revealed
You might have heard of a few of these people.
09/27/11 The Lord Of The Rings: War in The North Power Of Three Trailer
Who are the three?
09/27/11 Chrono Trigger Releases This Week On PSN.. In Japan
It's true this time!
09/27/11 A Look At Ruin, Sony's Cross-Platform Social RPG
Screens AND details!
09/26/11 NISA Wants To Know If You Want Black*Rock Shooter's Limited Edition
Remember that sweet White Rock Shooter figure? Yeah.
09/26/11 Crimson Alliance Gets Vengeance DLC
Check out the first screenshot.
09/26/11 Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Review
It's time to alchemise the hell out of things.
09/26/11 A Pimp RPG Coming To Xbox Live Marketplace
Yes, you read that correctly.
09/25/11 Your Morals are Wrong!
How morality systems can evolve in Western RPGs.
09/24/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Hands-on Preview
Some impressions before the release on Tuesday.
09/24/11 Star Wars: The Old Republic Launching on December 20
Oh man, guess what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas?
09/23/11 A Hero's Guide To Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
The latest trailer introduces you to the game's beautiful world.
09/23/11 Another Look At Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Missing Link
Eidos talks about, and gives a brief video walkthrough of the first DLC.
09/23/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Media Added
So how exactly can you upgrade your robo Dahak, anyway?
09/23/11 RPGs as Therapy
How Junpei, Commander Shepherd, and Cecil will save us all.
09/22/11 New Tales of Xillia School Uniform DLC
A nice mix(?) of nerd and punk.
09/22/11 Even More Minor Characters For Final Fantasy Type-0
There's a picture of each once included. Come take a look!
09/22/11 The Newest Addition to the Cast of Tales of Innocence R
A few other pieces of gameplay information included on the side.
09/22/11 Dragon Quest X Online TGS Trailer
Humans make another appearance! Will they have anywhere to live?
09/22/11 Fate/Extra's Exclusive Online GameStop Pre-Order Bonus
A special Fate/the Fact booklet--featuring Rin Tosaka!
09/22/11 Diablo III Finally In Closed Beta
Yes, apparently Blizzard is actually making progress on it.
09/22/11 Heroes Phantasia Character Trailer
This is a title for the anime fans!
09/22/11 A Look At 7th Dragon 2020's Hacker Class
They wield the awesome might of... electrical cables?
09/22/11 Demon's Souls Servers To Stay Online Until 2012
Atlus is feeling generous, it seems.
09/22/11 ESRB Rates Chrono Cross & Final Fantasy Origins For PSN
Now we have even more Square PSone Classics to wait impatiently for.
09/22/11 XSEED Games Announces Grand Knights History
Looks like the PSP continues to get some love in North America.
09/22/11 First Screens And Art For Lord Of Apocalypse
Another look at Lord of Arcana's follow-up.
09/22/11 Dragon Quest X Online Gallery Added
Come look at some characters and environments.
09/22/11 Bravely Default TGS Trailer, Screens
And a few tidbits, but we still don't know what she's bravely defaulting on.
09/21/11 Rift Gets An Update Next Week
Introducing the Ashes of History.
09/21/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS 2011 Trailers, In English
And a few more tidbits on time paradoxes and disc numbers.
09/21/11 Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Delayed
Two more weeks without farming giants.
09/20/11 Dragon Fantasy Review (iOS)
Sweet dragon dreams are made of this...
09/20/11 The Original Dragon Quest Monsters Is Being Remade for 3DS
No, not Joker! The series existed before that!
09/20/11 Dead Island Ships More Than 1 Million Units
In just one week!
09/20/11 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance TGS Trailer
How can they be so cute with a name like 'dream eater?'
09/20/11 Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney TGS Trailer
Come check out Phoenix Wright in 3D.
09/20/11 DC Universe Online Goes Free To Play Next Month
Be your favourite superhero for no cost.
09/19/11 Dragon Age II Mark Of The Assassin DLC Media Added
Get your polygonized Felicia Day right here.
09/19/11 Correction: No Square Enix PSone Classics This Week
Sony says it made a mistake.
09/19/11 Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows Trailer
An otome visual novel... with RPG mechanics.
09/19/11 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Review
Atlus USA gives us the game that we wanted to see twelve years ago.
09/18/11 This Week's PSOne Classics Are What You've Been Waiting For
Can we say Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI on the same day?!
09/17/11 Kingdom Hearts 3DS Game Mechanics And More
By "more" I mean a four minute video of gameplay from Famitsu!
09/17/11 Ragnarok Odyssey Trailer, Screens
Not to be confused with the other hundred games featuring 'Ragnarok' in the title.
09/17/11 New Suikoden Title In Development For PSP
Its connection to other series games is unknown.
09/17/11 A First Look At Dungeon Hunter: Alliance For Vita
This Ubisoft action RPG looks familiar.
09/16/11 iOS This Week: Pocket RPG Shrinks Down, Destinia, Zenonia 4 and More
Pocket RPG can now actually fit in your pocket.
09/16/11 Devil Survivor Overclocked Review
Stephen revisits a DS classic.
09/16/11 Bastion PC Review
The Kid takes the on the PC.
09/16/11 Dragon Age II Gets DLC Featuring Felicia Day
No, really. She has her own character and quest.
09/16/11 NIS America Announces A Few
Disgaea 3 Vita, Neptune Mk-2 and Disgaea for Android all head out West.
09/16/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Announced For North American Release
Hooray! But still no word on a potential DS release.
09/15/11 Final Fantasy Legends Mobile Headed To iOS, Android
Looks like we may get that Japan-only iMode cellphone game after all!
09/15/11 Dragon's Crown Gameplay Trailer
Wow, those are some big... uh, dragons!
09/15/11 Full Dark Souls Prologue Video
Finally you can see it all at once!
09/15/11 Kingdom Hearts 3DS: A Look at Sora and Riku
And a cameo from.. The World Ends With You?!
09/15/11 Disgaea 3 Return Trailer
It's short, but sweet.
09/15/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2's TGS PS3 Trailer
Hope and Snow make a return.
09/15/11 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Pre-Order Bonuses Announced
Special armour, weapons and treasure hunter packs can be all yours!
09/15/11 Here's Beyond The Labyrinth's TGS Trailer
I got the creeps.
09/15/11 Little King's Story PS Vita Trailer
It looks pretty different...
09/15/11 Lord Of Apocalypse's First Trailer
Check out Lord of Arcana's followup.
09/14/11 Tales of Innocence R's TGS Trailer
A PS Vita re-imagining of a DS game? Sure!
09/14/11 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 31
Zombies, Demons and Musicians.
09/14/11 A First Look At Ys IV: Woodlands of Celceta
Have a trailer and some screens.
09/14/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2's Release Dates Set
Plus: a hardware bundle and DLC!
09/14/11 Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Trailer
Time to settle the score with the courier.
09/14/11 Millennium Series Goes XBLA
The indie game love spreads.
09/14/11 Two Tales Games Revealed
Tales of Innocence R, and Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave.
09/14/11 A Look At The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Upgrade System
Plus some random tidbits and packaging.
09/14/11 Some Announcements From Sony's Pre-TGS Press Conference
Ys IV Remake, a Lord of Arcana followup, and... Final Fantasy X?!
09/13/11 Americans Are Involved In 7th Dragon 2020
They're led by a President with a really boring name.
09/13/11 Beyond the Labyrinth First Details, More Screens
More to come during the Tokyo Game Show.
09/13/11 White Knight Chronicles II Now Available
In case you weren't aware.
09/13/11 There Are Fate/Extra's Limited Edition, Well, Extras
And a release date!
09/13/11 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy 3DS Also Announced
Everyone wants a little bit of augmented reality.
09/13/11 Fire Emblem 3DS Announced
Perhaps to no one's surprise.
09/13/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Goes Mac
Cue the Adam's Apple and iMac-augmenting jokes.
09/12/11 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Goes Gold
Get your anthropomorphic action RPG on later this month.
09/12/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets A Download Version (JP)
One more version to compete with two UMDs and the collector's edition.
09/11/11 RPGFan Complete Coverage: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
A new RPGFan feature that helps you get the most out of our coverage.
09/10/11 How To Summon Personas And Negotiate With Demons In Persona 2: Innocent Sin
In a trailer! And check out Europe's collector's edition while you're at it.
09/10/11 Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Interview
Cooking and alpacas, but not cooking alpacas!
09/10/11 Dark Souls' Prologue, Part Three
So what happened to the dragons, anyway?
09/10/11 Professor Layton And The Last Specter Trailer, Screens
Keep your DS busy this fall with both puzzle *and* RPG gameplay.
09/09/11 Turbine Shows Off The Lord of the Rings: Rise of Isengard Expansion
The latest expansion to the online version of Middle-earth is out later this month!
09/08/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Xbox 360 Review
Kyle gives us a third look at Eidos Montreal's first title.
09/08/11 The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine Review
Better late than never, a review of Oblivion's second expansion pack.
09/08/11 These Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Show A Lot of Lightning
Snipe Snipe Snipe Snipe Snipe...
09/08/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC First Trailer, Screens
I never asked to see Adam Jensen beaten up and bloodied.
09/08/11 iOS This Week: Machinarium, Plus Dead Island Gets an App
Guide an adorable robot on an adventure, and chart your collectibles in Dead Island.
09/07/11 Nexon Adds New Dragon Nest Content + Media
Edge of Darkness update features new encounters, a faire, new costumes and more.
09/07/11 White Knight Chronicles II Media Added
New story trailer included.
09/07/11 Crimson Alliance Review
The newest hack-and-slash available on XBLA.
09/07/11 Tales Of Xillia Has Two Opening Movies
One for each character, and you can watch them here.
09/07/11 A Look At Frontier Gate's Multiplayer
And a demo that you can download from Famitsu.
09/07/11 Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Gallery Added
Another look at 999's successor.
09/07/11 Japanese Release Schedule Update
Two delays, and two fresh dates.
09/07/11 Persona 4: The Golden Gallery Added
Up close and personal with Marie.
09/07/11 Dead Island Review
Who do you voodoo, (expletive deleted)?
09/06/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Takes You Through Time
A few more details on that interesting revelation.
09/06/11 428 Goes iOS
In case you forgot, that's another visual novel from Chunsoft.
09/06/11 This Is Ni No Kuni's PS3 Trailer
Come see Studio Ghibli's latest creation.
09/06/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer
It's a long one.
09/06/11 Phantom Kingdom Portable Gallery Update
A look at King Drake and vehicles in battle.
09/06/11 Heroes Phantasia Gallery Added
A closer look at Namco Bandai's crossover RPG.
09/05/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens Added
Bahamut, party members, l'Cie and more!
09/05/11 Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens Added
Have a look at the character creation screens.
09/05/11 Square Enix Reveals Dragon Quest X Online
It's online, it's multi-platform (sorta), it's being created by a surprising developer, and more!
09/04/11 A Look At Solatorobo: Red The Hunter's Combat
Throw enemies around like rag dolls. Like in these videos.
09/03/11 New Ragnarok PSP Videos
Have a look at the male and female protagonist choices!
09/03/11 Dark Souls' Prologue Videos
There's more to this game than just dying.
09/03/11 Dead Island Release Trailer
09/03/11 Crimson Alliance Gets An Assassin
And here's her trailer.
09/03/11 Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun Details & Screens
New story, higher level cap, respec options, and more!
09/03/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2: Noel's Backstory Revealed
Serious spoiler warning.
09/03/11 Another 7th Dragon 2020 Video
This one covers party arrangement.
09/03/11 Persona 2: Innocent Sin's Full English Trailer
That September release date is no longer a rumour.
09/03/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Announced
I'll never stop playing.
09/03/11 New Dragon Quest Game To Be Revealed Next Week
Hmm, and is there a website?
09/03/11 Labyrinth Xross Blood Reloaded Plot Details
And a ton of additions to our gallery!
09/03/11 Digimon World Re:Digitize Teaser Trailer
Plenty more details coming very soon!
09/03/11 Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition Trailer
Even Valkyria Chronicles 2 gets some love!
09/02/11 Class of Heroes Final Dated
Some new character artwork too.
09/02/11 Dragon's Dogma Pawn System Explained
And there's a video with new gameplay footage too!
09/02/11 Grand Knights History Released
Just for Japan. Here are two videos to make you feel better.
09/02/11 White Knight Chronicles II Interview
We chat with Miki Takahashi of D3 Publisher of America!
09/02/11 Random Encounter Episode 30
Also included: an interview with the developers behind Emissary of War!
09/02/11 Tales of Xillia DLC Pricing Guide, New Videos
Star Driver DLC video and... a whole video dedicated to accessories!?
09/02/11 7th Dragon 2020 Delayed
But here's some other news about it while you wait.
09/02/11 Dragon Quest Collection (I, II, III) Trailer
We can only hope it makes it outside of Japan...
09/02/11 Limited Edition Ni No Kuni PS3 Console
The Ni no Kuni Magical Edition, to be exact.
09/01/11 New Frontier Gate Video
Take a look at some dialogue and story.
09/01/11 Homage Costumes for Tales of Xillia
Some through pre-order, others as DLC.
09/01/11 Persona 4: The Golden Originally Planned for PSP
Don't worry, it's for a good reason that they moved it to the Vita.

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