News Archive: October 2011
Date Update
10/30/11 Hakuoki: Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom Screens Added
What does an otome look like in English?
10/30/11 Meet Your Potential Servants In Fate/Extra
One last batch of screens before its Tuesday release!
10/30/11 Professor Layton and the Last Specter Review
No, that's not Commander Shepard. He's a SPECTRE.
10/30/11 Meet The Cast Of Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die
And find out how the 'ambidex' game works.
10/30/11 Gundam Age Gallery Added
Don't be fooled by the size of the screenshots... it's still a PSP game.
10/29/11 Frontier Gate Trailer
At four minutes long, there's plenty to see!
10/29/11 Tales of Innocence R Update
A Spada video clip, another new character, special download pricing and more!
10/29/11 Wakfu Release Date Announced
Also inside - two trailers, one of them animated!
10/29/11 A Closer Look At The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Concept Art
And I really do mean, a closer look.
10/28/11 This Heroes Of Ruin Video Walks You Through Coral Tombs
Finally, a look at Square and n-Space's 3DS co-op RPG in action.
10/28/11 The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Heats Up
Link really loves volcanoes, magma, and fire in Nintendo's newest batch of media.
10/28/11 The Lord Of The Rings: War in The North Launch Trailer
Be Middle Earth's final hope!
10/28/11 Random Encounter Episode 34 - Dark Souls Edition
If only I could be so grossly incandescent. Plus: The Old Republic!
10/28/11 Mugen Souls Trailer, Screens
Oh, so that's why it looks like Disgaea.
10/27/11 Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Heads To iOS Next Week
Bonus: you can try it out for free!
10/27/11 A Hero's Guide To Choosing Your Fate In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Or really, how your character's skills and abilities will progress.
10/27/11 Dragon Quest X Online Screens, Details
How to adventure both solo, and with friends.
10/27/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Update
New details and screens on the casino, Xanadu, Hope, Chocobos and more!
10/27/11 Details On 7th Dragon 2020's Central Hub
Hatsune Miku makes another appearance in the video too.
10/27/11 Beyond the Labyrinth Website Opens
And a look at the stunning box art.
10/26/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's PC Requirements
Hopefully this gives you just enough time to upgrade - if needed.
10/26/11 Conception: Please Have My Baby Announced
Think this is just for shock value? Think again!
10/26/11 Dark Souls Second Opinion
Kyle likes the game as much as Rob, but has some different thoughts.
10/26/11 Alpha Kimori: Episode 1 Review
Neal looks as a Phantasy Star-esque indie title.
10/26/11 Go! Go! Nippon! Review
Does anyone else think that title is just a little bit silly?
10/26/11 Costume Quest PC Review
Just in time for Halloween.
10/26/11 Final Fantasy Type-0's First Ten Minutes
Did you think we were done talking about the game?
10/26/11 Beyond The Labyrinth To Be Released In January In Japan
If you haven't been watching this one, you should take a look.
10/25/11 The Gray Matter of Adventure Gaming
We sit down to chat with Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes.
10/25/11 Faster Battles For Lord Of Arcana's Successor
Yup, that means a new video!
10/25/11 New Digimon World Re:Digitize Details
Time to meet some characters!
10/25/11 Cross-breed Demons, Humans & Gods In Over My Dead Body
Oh Japan. You and your crazy ideas.
10/25/11 Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Now Available
Off to the desert we go for some treasure.
10/25/11 Final Fantasy Type-0: More Characters, Chocobo Breeding And Other Tidbits
One last gander at this one before it hits shelves in Japan!
10/25/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Live Action Trailer
Don't worry, it's not cheesy. It's actually pretty awesome.
10/25/11 Lost Heroes' First Trailer
Fans of Gundam, Ultraman and/or Kamen Rider, this 3DS dungeon RPG is for you.
10/23/11 Four New Zelda: Skyward Sword Videos
Hey look, Link can play music in the game! ....Shock?
10/22/11 Dragon's Dogma Screens Added
Just because you needed some more ugly monsters in your weekend.
10/22/11 Dragon Quest X Online Screens Added
A look at the fun Pukuripo tribe, and where they live.
10/22/11 Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Gallery Update
But there never is an absence of screenshots, is there?
10/22/11 First Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin Trailer
You can ride a panda!!
10/22/11 The Little Battlers Boost Debut Trailer
LBX are go!
10/22/11 Tales of Innocence R Japanese Date, Iria Animi Video
A look at the female protagonist - and a short wait for anxious Vita owners and Tales fans.
10/22/11 A First Look At Sega's Shining Blade
Don't shelve your PSP just yet.
10/22/11 BlizzCon 2011: World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Expansion Announced
Forests, giant turtles, playable pandas, monks... what else does WoW need?
10/22/11 BlizzCon 2011: Diablo III Collector's Edition, Cinematic
Plus, get the game completely free - by committing to a year of World of Warcraft.
10/22/11 New Kingdom Hearts 3DS Video
You may or may not be familiar with one of the songs...
10/21/11 7th Dragon 2020 Trickster Video
You'd think shooting a dragon with a rocket launcher would kill it faster.
10/21/11 Frontier Gate Dated For Japanese Release
Suikoden fans may be interested in the newly-announced DLC!
10/21/11 Rune Factory 4 Will Not Release This Year
You'll have to wait for your 3D Rune Factory fix.
10/21/11 Warner Brothers Distributing The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 in North America
That would be as opposed to Atari, who published the PC version.
10/21/11 Confrontation Gallery Added
A look at the strategy RPG adaptation of... a board game.
10/21/11 Yes, There Will Be A Mass Effect 3 Demo
It's a good thing I was planning to get Battlefield 3 anyway...
10/21/11 Lord of Apocalypse Screens Added
Another look at Square Enix's PS Vita launch title (JP).
10/20/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 European Special Editions Announced
Pre-order bonuses too!
10/20/11 Heroes of Ruin Class Skills
And how loot trading works.
10/20/11 A More Detailed Look At Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC
It's times like this I'm glad acquiring DLC in the West is easier.
10/20/11 Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands-on Preview
We dig around as the Republic in the beta.
10/20/11 Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Review
We go hunting for Pok... er, just regular monsters.
10/19/11 iOS This... Month? Fara & Mage Gauntlet Equals a Good Week
Two RPGs with a sense of humor, a dose of retro goodness, and, for one of them, enough hats to last a lifetime.
10/19/11 First Screens For Mugen Souls
Wow, that is some high total damage...
10/19/11 Day and Night In Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Yup. A whole video clip dedicated just to that.
10/18/11 Today's New Releases: Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC & Dungeon Defenders
You can either play as a stripped-down Adam Jensen, or with 3 friends in a tower-defense action RPG.
10/18/11 Fantasy Life Trailer, Screens Added
A first look at Level-5 and Brownie Brown's life sim/RPG.
10/17/11 Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin Review
Kimberley spends some time with Felicia Day.
10/17/11 Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition Review
FFXI veteran Stephen Harris reviews the latest iteration with all the expansions.
10/17/11 Ever17 Xbox 360 Opening Movie, Screens
Who's up for a nice intense visual novel? We are!
10/17/11 How Phoenix Wright Cross-Examines A Mob In Layton Vs. Ace Attorney
With help from Professor Layton, of course!
10/17/11 Penny Arcade Adventures: Episodes I & II Review
Something to tantalize you for Zeboyd Games' Episode III.
10/17/11 Dark Souls Review
The enemies may be ugly, but that rewarding feeling sure isn't.
10/16/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Level-5 World Trailer, Screens
It never hurts to get another glimpse of this beautiful world.
10/16/11 Watch Metal Max 2 Reloaded's Long PV
By non-Square Enix standards anyway.
10/16/11 The Witch and The Warrior Review
Just in time for Halloween!
10/16/11 Dragon Quest X Online Gallery Update
Forests, towns and mountains. Oh my.
10/15/11 New Zelda: Skyward Sword Elements Revealed
Locations, weapons, and skills. Oh, and screenshots, of course.
10/15/11 Tales of Innocence R Demo Footage From TGS
See its battles in action.
10/14/11 Namco Bandai To Publish Ni No Kuni Out West
North America and Europe will still see the game in 2012.
10/14/11 Rainbow Moon Delayed To Next Year
On the plus side, here's some new screens!
10/14/11 Hakuoki: Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom Date Set
Could Valentine's Day be any more appropriate?
10/14/11 Explore Sufokia In Wakfu
This archipelago nation awaits you in the MMORPG's beta.
10/14/11 Watch Final Fantasy Type-0's Latest, Lengthy Trailer
You thought seven minutes was a lot?
10/14/11 Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Announced
Huge changes will be sweeping across Eorzea.
10/14/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2's NY Comic Con Trailer Is 7+ Minutes Long
So you better enjoy it.
10/14/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link Review
Also introducing a new grading scale for DLC!
10/14/11 A New Grading Scale for DLC and Re-Releases
Don't worry, we're not changing much here.
10/13/11 More On Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer
Let producer Casey Hudson and a couple of screens show you.
10/13/11 New Details for Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Touch screen controls and networking features.
10/13/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Dated
Get an extra Adam Jensen fix next week... for a price.
10/13/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 OST's Trailer
We'll soon meet another character, and other random tidbits.
10/13/11 Compile Heart Announces Mugen Souls
And it's produced by New Keiji Inafune! Who really isn't Keiji Inafune.
10/12/11 Ni No Kuni TV Commercials (JP)
Two of them. Both are very cute.
10/12/11 Retroreview: Kira Kira
Andrew goes back and looks at a visual novel.
10/12/11 Random Encounter Episode 33 - Reckoning Edition
The Reckoning draws near...
10/12/11 A 30 Year History Of Falcom
All bound together in a beautiful book.
10/12/11 No Valkyria Chronicles 3 Out West
The first two games' sales weren't up to par.
10/11/11 RPGFan Soundtracks Update
It's overdue, but it's finally ready!
10/11/11 Tales Of The Abyss 3DS Screens Added
In case February was too far off.
10/11/11 Dragon Age II: Mark Of The Assassin DLC Now Available
Get your Felicia Day fix here!
10/11/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC's Second Walkthrough Video
You need not suffer for too long. Adam gets his augmentations back.
10/11/11 Tales of the Abyss 3DS Dated
Happy Valentine's Day.
10/11/11 It's Official: Mass Effect 3 Has Multiplayer
But is anyone surprised?
10/10/11 Zelda: Skyward Sword: New Details And Videos Revealed
Acrobatics, item dowsing, cute animals and more!
10/07/11 A First Look At Nippon Ichi's The Witch And The Hundred Soldiers
That oh-so familiar art style is back.
10/07/11 Of Orcs And Men Gallery Added
What side do you take? Hint: The green one.
10/06/11 7th Dragon 2020's TGS Trailer Stars Hatsune Miku
She's cute, she's in 3D..... and she needs to be saved from dragons.
10/06/11 Nearly 1.5 Hours Of Phantasy Star Online 2 Footage
And a new batch of screens!
10/06/11 Zelda: Skyward Sword's Faron Woods And Sky Temple
Two short videos now screening in a news article near you!
10/06/11 Neptunia Mk-2: Cave and Falcom Arriving On JP PSN Store
Get an early preview of their special attacks inside!
10/06/11 Ni No Kuni's Magical Tome Is Virtual Only On PS3
I guess getting a physical copy was hoping for too much...
10/06/11 King's Bounty: Warriors Of The North Announced
The north is a popular place lately.
10/05/11 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Community Events Planned
Is February too far off for you? Get to know the world of Amalur in the meanwhile.
10/05/11 Brand New Harvest Moon Set For 3DS Next Year
Marvelous don't mess around, do they?
10/05/11 Three New Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Videos
They're all pretty short, but show off some new footage!
10/05/11 Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Roundtable
We've got heaps of info coming at you in waves!
10/04/11 The 3rd Birthday And Tactics Ogre Joining Ultimate Hits
Two great games for a great price!
10/04/11 Class of Heroes Final TGS Trailer
This time it's 'final' in both ways!
10/04/11 Today's Releases: Dark Souls, A PSone Classic... And PS2 Classics?
You might have expected lots of deaths and Chrono Trigger, but I bet you weren't expecting this.
10/04/11 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Patch 2.0 Review
It's not an expansion or anything, but another company might have charged for it.
10/03/11 Ni No Kuni PS3 Gets An English Name
Feel the wrath of the white witch.
10/03/11 Ever17 Xbox 360 Remake Release Date Announced, New Trailer
Before you get too excited, it's only coming out in Japan.
10/03/11 Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Delayed
Insert horrible pun about late/missed appointments here.
10/03/11 Final Fantasy Type-0 Media Update
A look at Diablos, air combat, Moogles, characters, abilities and more!
10/03/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Bonuses Announced
This time, for North America.
10/03/11 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Studio Visit
John spends some quality hands-on time killing chickens.
10/01/11 Fallout: New Vegas: Lonesome Road Review
Joe takes a walk with Ulysses.

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