News Archive: December 2011
Date Update
12/30/11 Game Of Thrones RPG's Winter Trailer
Meet your two protagonists.
12/30/11 Dungeons of Dredmor Review
Is there anything to dread here?
12/30/11 Persona 4: The Golden Screens Added
We get new events in the Vita version!
12/30/11 Tales of Innocence R Screens Added
A few more fixes for the PS Vita version.
12/30/11 Path of Exile Beta Key Giveaway
But be quick - we've only got 100!
12/30/11 Dragon Quest X Online Screens: Of Spells And Enemies
How does it all work?!
12/30/11 Labyrinth Tower Legacista Trailer, Screens
A new, close look at Nippon Ichi and ClaDun creators' PS3 title.
12/29/11 Here, Enjoy An Intro Video and 47 New Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens
Is that a Mag over your shoulder, or are you just happy to see me?
12/29/11 New Gameplay Videos + Big Gallery Update for Ragnarok Odyssey
Nearly 70 new images, and nine videos of the Vita title await!
12/28/11 December Editorial: Tanking is a Thankless Job
Andrew explores the lack of manners in online games.
12/28/11 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Trailer
Expect a demo sometime this spring.
12/27/11 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Trilogy Goes Mobile
And in English, too!
12/27/11 Fire Emblem 3DS To Hit Japan Next April
And with it comes the system's first paid DLC!
12/26/11 New Suikoden PSP Footage
Finally you get to see some actual gameplay!
12/26/11 GOG.com & RPGFan's Holiday Giveaway Winners
Are you going to have an even merrier Christmas?
12/24/11 Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Limited Edition Contents Revealed
According to Aksys, one is a warm feeling inside! (Not guaranteed.)
12/24/11 New Kingdom Hearts 3DS Screens
Including more cameos from The World Ends With You.
12/24/11 Ragnarok Odyssey Opening Video
It's pretty impressive too.
12/23/11 Dragon Quest X Story and Housing Details
Plus, the game's packaging is revealed and a look at the thief class.
12/22/11 New Digimon World Re:Digitize Trailer, Screens
Two new characters revealed a good overall look at the game.
12/22/11 Falcom Announces Nayuta No Kiseki
And it's not for the Vita, but the regular PSP!
12/21/11 Atlus Announces North American Release for Gungnir
And then they tease another "G" games, those sneaky bastards.
12/21/11 Fara HD Arrives for iPad, GAMEVIL Releases Zenonia 4
Fara gains new features in its move to larger digs, and we see a surprise new Zenonia title.
12/21/11 Holiday iOS App Store Deals
And there's plenty of them!
12/20/11 Here's a Bunch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Info, Pricing & New Videos
Including Serah in a bikini, which is what you really want to see.
12/20/11 Square Enix Announces US and European Release for Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]
Yes, apparently things get put in brackets now. Like [duodecim].
12/19/11 There's a New Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Trailer, Too
Eight whole minutes of Kingdom Hearts excitement? Yes!
12/19/11 New Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin Trailer
Showing off character creation, farming, and more!
12/19/11 New Beyond the Labyrinth Trailer
The first of many new trailers today!
12/19/11 Mass Effect 3's Composer Team Officially Announced
Who's joining Clint Mansell in creating what we hope is an epic score?
12/19/11 GOG.com & RPGFan Holiday Giveaway
Win free games!
12/19/11 Da Capo ~Innocent Finale~ Review
Andrew's back for another visual novel!
12/19/11 Frontier Gate Demo Released in Japan
If you have a JP PSN account, go play it!
12/18/11 New Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Trailer
I think you know to expect beautiful graphics by now!
12/18/11 RPGFan Soundtracks: Final Fantasy XIII-2 and More
'Twas the week before Christmas, and soundtracks were in the house.
12/18/11 Dragon Quest X Online's Item Synthesis, Mage Job
Some screens and tidbits.
12/17/11 Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review
The review you've been waiting for!
12/17/11 Tales of Innocence R Gets New Mystic Artes, Too
Here are Hermana and Ricardo's on - what else? Video.
12/16/11 The Next Pokemon Is a Crossover With Nobunaga's Ambition
No, seriously.
12/16/11 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Set For March Release In Japan
Plus, check out the latest screens and art!
12/16/11 Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die's Promo Animation
And a demo with the Japanese Vita launch... this weekend.
12/16/11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Ships Over 10 Million Copies
Not bad for the VGAs' Game of the Year.
12/16/11 Two Japanese Release Dates Set
Both Atelier Elkrone and Shining Blade will try to charm you in March.
12/15/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Movie On How To Master Monsters
Oh, you wanted screens? We have those too.
12/15/11 iOS RPG Ash Gets Major Facelift, Balance Tweaks
Oh, and it's even 80% off right now. New screens inside!
12/15/11 Europe To See Tales of Graces f Even Later
Wait until summer and you'll see how friendship can be magic without ponies.
12/14/11 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance's Three Musketeers Worlf
And other random tidbits.
12/14/11 Release Dates Are Updated!
No longer do we list summer's RPG releases as "upcoming!"
12/14/11 Risen 2: Dark Waters Release Date Announced
And a look at your boxart!
12/14/11 Aselia the Eternal Review + Interview
Visual novel fans have a lot to be happy about.
12/13/11 Ragnarok Odyssey's Latest Trailer
Up close and personal with Ragnarok Offline for the Vita.
12/13/11 Nintendo European, North American Q1 2012 Schedules
Good news for fans of Layton, Inazuma Eleven, and anyone looking forward to Pandora's Tower.
12/13/11 Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention English Screens Added
It's Disgaea, on a Vita, in English.
12/13/11 New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Videos, Screens
Some English media plus an 18 minute Japanese feed.
12/12/11 Tales of Innocence R Promo Video
Enough of this 'brief character clip' nonsense - here's a real trailer.
12/12/11 Nintendo Reveals North American Xenoblade Chronicles Packaging
It looks exactly like you expect, but why mess with a good thing?
12/12/11 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 37
Dragons, Pieces of Heart, and Loot!
12/10/11 Mass Effect 3 VGAs 2011 Trailer
Shepard gets a little assistance.
12/10/11 Tales of Innocence R: More Overlimit Videos
Conway Tau and Ange show off their stuff.
12/09/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2's Soundtrack Has A Promo Movie
With a side serving of the game itself.
12/09/11 Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 Limited Edition Detailed
NIS America does not disappoint.
12/09/11 The Big Bosses of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Feature
Kyle fights a big boss and gives his take on 38 Studios' newest.
12/09/11 Tales of Graces f - First English Trailer and Release Date Set
It's a tad later than expected, but mark your calendars for March!
12/09/11 Path of Exile Hands-On Preview
HEY LISTEN, Diablo fans!
12/09/11 RPGFan Reader Survey - What We Found
Some of the common threads we found.
12/09/11 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Limited Editions Announced
You have a choice of three ways to give EA, 38 Studios and Big Huge Games all your money.
12/09/11 Persona 4: The Golden Trailer, TV Commercial
A brief but long-awaited look at the Vita version.
12/09/11 Record Of Agarest War 2 Heads To North America, Europe
Get your PlayStation Move ready.
12/09/11 Heroes Phantasia's Latest Trailer
At nine minutes, this should really be *two* trailers.
12/09/11 The Last Story Will Be Told In Europe In February
Now you must all go and buy it so we can convince Nintendo of America, too.
12/09/11 Of Orcs And Men Teaser Trailer
One of Cyanide's many projects in action.
12/08/11 Chrono Trigger iOS Now Available
Time travel with your iPhone!
12/08/11 Help Us Out! RPGFan Reader Survey
We want to know who you are and how you use RPGFan.
12/07/11 Tecmo Koei Acquires Gust
Some possible changes are coming to the Atelier series.
12/07/11 Tales of Innocence R Screens Added
New locations!
12/07/11 Good People Die's Animated Intro
Talk about extreme escapes.
12/07/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Videos
And a perfect Famitsu score puts it in Skyrim's ranks.
12/07/11 Take A Look At Lord Of Apocalypse's Bosses
See all the pretty things you're up against.
12/07/11 Square Enix To Start Charging For Final Fantasy XIV
The longest free trial period ever is over.
12/06/11 Harvest Moon: The Land Of Origin Dated For Japan
Travel there in 3D in late February.
12/06/11 Diablo III Beta Hands-on Preview
Rob digs deep, because it's Diablo. And he LOVES Diablo.
12/05/11 Game of Thrones Gets Europe Release, Too
Focus Home Interactive doesn't want European fans to get left out in the cold this winter. Also, new screens!
12/04/11 The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Giveaway Winners
Didja win?!
12/03/11 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review
Is it really skies above the competition?
12/02/11 Beyond the Labyrinth: New Screens And Gameplay Clips
Some gameplay details on your 3D dungeon crawling needs.
12/02/11 Eve Online: Crucible Expansion Released
Released only three weeks after it was announced? Talk about speedy!
12/02/11 Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To North America
Come April, you can get your hands on this baby.
12/02/11 Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Dated For February
And a look at this remake of Jagged Alliance 2.
12/01/11 Generation of Chaos Goes Android
Don't worry, you can get it in English.
12/01/11 How To Communicate In Dragon Quest X Online
Plus a look at the game's monk class.
12/01/11 Tales Of Innocence R's Ruca And Iria Have New Skills, Too
You're hot and you're cold...
12/01/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2: New Screens, More Battle Clips
Your merchant also serves as eye candy.
12/01/11 RPGFan's Game of the Month
The ultimate battle of the skies with a touch of the moon.
12/01/11 Obsidian Developing South Park RPG
No, this isn't a joke. I promise. Really.

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