News Archive: February 2012
Date Update
02/29/12 Dragon's Dogma Gets A Demo
But when? Who knows.
02/29/12 Game Of Thrones Screens, PAL Boxart
Introducing Castlewood.
02/29/12 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning DLC Announced
Learn about the Legend of Dead Kel.
02/29/12 Wakfu Launches Today, Trailer
Get your tactical MMORPG on.
02/29/12 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Trailer
A demo is out today for Japan.
02/28/12 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Heads To PSP, Too
And with extra scenarios.
02/28/12 Good People Die Comes To North America As Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Plan your (zero) escape this fall.
02/28/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh DLC Trailer
New content goes on sale today.
02/28/12 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Review
Japan is full of demons again, dagnabbit.
02/28/12 Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Review
We return to Gameindustri. What did we find?
02/28/12 Pokémon Black & White 2 Headed To North America, Europe This Fall
No surprises here.
02/28/12 Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Announced
The first major expansion is out in June.
02/27/12 Video: Meet The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition's Kingslayer
New enemies? Sweet.
02/27/12 Risen 2: Dark Waters Hands-on Preview
Kyle visits the land of pirates and grog (but not Monkey Island).
02/26/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Spotlight: drammatica
Another check in the "Shimomura is awesome" column.
02/26/12 Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer: Fight
Just when you thought they were out of trailers.
02/25/12 Pokémon Black & White 2 Announced
What, no Pokémon Gray?!
02/25/12 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable Trailer
That is one difficult game title to type out.
02/25/12 Digimon World Re:Digitize Screens, Art Added
Meet a new possible ally.
02/25/12 Finally, Tales of Graces f English Screens
Just weeks away from your next Tales dose.
02/25/12 Pre-Order Xenoblade Chronicles, Get An Artbook
...But only from US GameStops.
02/25/12 How To Fight In Devil Survivor 2
Atlus shares a few tips days before the game's release.
02/25/12 Star Wars: The Old Republic Review
Dave gets to 50, writes a lot.
02/24/12 The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution Trailer
And a big, fancy box from Chara-Ani.
02/24/12 Shin Megami Tensei iOS Now Available In App Store
The downside? It's $14 ... and in Japanese.
02/23/12 Game Of Thrones Pre-Order Bonus Announced
How about a full-colour artbook in a hardcover binding?
02/23/12 Shining Blade's Commercials
And how moods and personality comes into play.
02/23/12 Mugen Souls Trailers
Infinite battles and... bathtime?
02/23/12 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Now Available For iPad
02/23/12 Mass Effect 3: Of Space Editions And Unboxings
A couple of quick videos and ways to get the game early.
02/23/12 Tales of the Abyss 3DS Review
Drink your blue milk, Luke.
02/23/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Update
I used to post updates on time, until I took an arrow to the knee!
02/22/12 Europe Gets A Pandora's Tower Limited Edition, Too
And it's really not that much more expensive.
02/22/12 A First Look At Etrian Odyssey IV
No, this one didn't get a trailer, but here are some screens and art.
02/22/12 Disgaea 4 DLC Trailer, Schedule Released
That's... a lot of DLC.
02/22/12 Rune Factory 4's Nintendo Direct Trailer
Fully animated and cute, too.
02/22/12 Fire Emblem: Awakening Heads To Europe; New Trailer, Media
Many reasons to be excited.
02/22/12 Borderlands 2 Dated For September, New Trailer
Comes with 87 bajillion promises.
02/22/12 Xenoblade Chronicles Dated For April 6th
At least there's enough content to tide you over until The Last Story.
02/22/12 The Last Story Coming To North America Courtesy of XSEED
A partnership of Nintendo and XSEED Games gives us another Wii RPG.
02/22/12 Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Screens Added
Because you haven't seen what the game looks like at this point, right?
02/21/12 New Elminage Title Also Announced
Fill your gothic dungeons with your own songs.
02/21/12 Good People Will Die In North America, Too
Famitsu isn't the only magazine with good news.
02/21/12 Persona 4: The Golden Dated For Japan
Yet another Persona gets one of those fancy Famitsu DX packs.
02/21/12 Etrian Odyssey IV Announced For 3DS
Japan will get their dungeon RPG fix this summer.
02/21/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Trailers
What's better than one video? Two!
02/21/12 Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer... The Extended Version
It's really extended. After all, you wanted to see more CG husks, right?
02/20/12 Conception: Please Have My Babies Trailer
There's more to the game than having kids. Like dragging your kids off to fight.
02/20/12 A Look At Kingdom Hearts' 10th Anniversary Box
Plus, random tidbits on Dream Drop Distance.
02/20/12 Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer
Yes, it's still pretty.
02/20/12 Digital Devil Saga Series To Become PS2 Classics... In Europe
Rend, slaughter, devour your enemies... but only in some regions.
02/19/12 Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer
The Milky Way has a few walking dead of its own.
02/17/12 Feature: Paragon vs. Renegade: The Morality of Choice
Full of heroes, jerks, in-betweens, tsunderes, and also Commander Bob.
02/16/12 RPGFan Complete Coverage: To The Moon
Just because.
02/16/12 Good People Die Screens Added
One last batch to go with today's Japanese release.
02/16/12 More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Announced
Screens and details of the costume DLC and Sazh's episode.
02/16/12 Dragon Quest X Online Screens Added
You get to take your own in-game screenshots.
02/16/12 More Fire Emblem: Awakening Details
More on your character, difficulty, and... permadeath!
02/15/12 Even More Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Screens
Check out 80 new screen shots!
02/15/12 The Last Story's Newest English Trailer
...is also Italian.
02/15/12 Pandora's Tower Dated For April In Europe
I wonder how many are saying 'eat your heart out, North America'...
02/15/12 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter - Episode 40
A Time Paradox on the Fields of Amalur...
02/15/12 Here's A Ten Minute Kingdom Hearts 3DS Trailer
Yes, you read that right.
02/15/12 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Set For Winter 2012
Level-5 and Studio Ghibli's charming-looking RPG may end up under your next Christmas tree.
02/13/12 Say Hello to Our New Features Section
Now with improved navigation, less scrolling, and more shiny stars.
02/13/12 Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Review
Neal gets down and dirty with his Otome self.
02/13/12 New Little King's Story Dated In Japan
See how the Vita title works.
02/13/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Dev Diary
The team talks about the story, its nonlinearity, and choices.
02/13/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Spotlight: Fragile Dreams
It's anything but a fragile dream.
02/11/12 Shining Blade Media Added
Plus, what does SEGA have in store for this series?
02/11/12 Nendoroid Generation Gallery Added
Did you forget about Namco Bandai's cute crossover RPG?
02/11/12 The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution Gallery Added
Plus some details and a trailer for the whole works.
02/11/12 Fire Emblem: Awakening Detailed
What's new in the first 3DS entry of Nintendo's strategy series?
02/11/12 RPGFan Game of the Month: January 2012
Maybe it involves a Moogle...
02/10/12 Namco Bandai Announces Tales of Graces f Pre-Order Bonus
GameStop gets you some costumes.
02/10/12 Mass Effect 3: Female Shepard Gets Her Own Trailer
You asked, BioWare listened.
02/09/12 You Can Marry Rune Factory 4's Bosses, Too
Wait... what? Oh. and a release date.
02/09/12 CryEngine 3 Will Power A Warhorse Studios RPG
Crysis 2's engine will be put to good use.
02/09/12 Mass Effect 3's Massive Site Relaunch
Which means a collection of new videos!
02/09/12 Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone Review
We summon Kyle for his opinion!
02/08/12 Conception: Please Have Babies With Star Constellations
Well, sort of. The star maidens are named after them.
02/08/12 Venetica PC Review
So you're the daughter of Death...
02/08/12 The Changing of the Guard: Part 2
An introduction from the new Editor-in-Chief.
02/08/12 The Changing of the Guard: Part 1
A goodbye from a dear friend.
02/07/12 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit Now Available On Steam
Just in case you wanted to tweak that My Little Pony mod.
02/07/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coliseum DLC Available Today
And - you guessed it - more screens!
02/07/12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review
Stephen really likes his chakrams.
02/06/12 More English Clips Of The Last Story, Screens
Browse around the city.
02/06/12 New Media for Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time
New screens and an early look at the North American packaging!
02/06/12 Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland English Screens Added
And lots of them.
02/06/12 Vote On Xenoblade Chronicles' Reversible Cover
Your choices are: Pretty, pretty, pretty and pretty.
02/06/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Update
Featuring both flexibility and reach!
02/06/12 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Hands-on Preview
Bob is surviving devils. Or so I can surmise.
02/05/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Trailer, Screens
See what you're in for.
02/05/12 Persona 4: The Golden Screens Added
And golden it is!
02/05/12 Labyrinth Tower Legacista Gallery Update
Surprise (or not)! Cameos!
02/04/12 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2's Newest Trailer
Get ready for an alien invasion.
02/04/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Xbox 360 Developer Diary
CD Projekt RED is putting a lot of work into this adaptation.
02/04/12 Confrontation Website Opens
More on the tactical board game-turned-video game.
02/02/12 New Game Of Thrones Trailer, Screens
Oh hey, is that a release date?
02/02/12 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Now Available On iOS
The best part: You can try it for free!
02/02/12 Ragnarok Odyssey Screens Added
One last dose before Japanese release!
02/02/12 Conception: Please Have My Babies Gets A Due Date
And the Terrible Headline of the Year goes to...
02/02/12 Already, Mugen Souls Gets Another Trailer
I'd hate to be the person who writes out equations for those numbers.
02/02/12 The Last Story Characters Trailer
In English... and we do mean English.
02/02/12 TERA Beta Plans, Pre-Order Incentives Announced
And a promo trailer starring who?
02/02/12 You Say You Want Over 90 New Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Screens?
Well then, you good sir/madam/anthromorph are in luck!

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