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Date Update
03/30/12 Generation of Chaos 6 Gallery Added
Idea Factory continues the series on PSP in June.
03/30/12 Wasteland 2 KickStarter Gets Even More Incentive
If $2.1 million is reached, Obsidian and and Chris Avellone will collaborate on the game.
03/30/12 NIS America Announces Three PS3 Titles
Get ready for Mugen Souls, Legasista and The Witch and the Hundred Knights!
03/29/12 Etrian Odyssey IV Screens & Art Added
Spoilers: It's still pretty.
03/29/12 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance's CG Opening Screens
Visual Works indeed.
03/29/12 Unchained Blades English Trailer, Screens
Some visuals to go with XSEED's recent announcement.
03/29/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Goes Gold
Xbox 360s get a Geralt fix.
03/29/12 Game of Thrones Story Trailer
Familiar themes come to the surface.
03/28/12 Another Lengthy Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer
A look at leveling, classes and class promotion.
03/28/12 New Little King's Story Opening Movie
PS Vita title hits Japanese shelves tomorrow.
03/28/12 Atlus USA's Re-Vita-lized PSN Price Drop Event
Hope you like Persona!
03/28/12 XSEED Games Localizing Unchained Blades for PSP and 3DS
That's "UnchainBlades ReXX" for those following the Japanese title.
03/27/12 MonkeyPaw Games Planning A Class of Heroes 2 KickStarter
So what's the kicker? They want half a million.
03/27/12 Next Atelier Game Is Atelier Ayesha For PS3
Sisterly love (and heartbreak) and new gameplay elements abound.
03/27/12 Persona 4: The Golden Character Clips
Meet everyone all over again.
03/27/12 GOG.com Gets A Little Less Old
Digital distribution service will add newer titles, including Legend of Grimrock.
03/27/12 Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Screens Added
A look at the foresty Cavern region.
03/27/12 Tanto Cuore: Deck Building Game Spotlight
Another guest article by our board game blogger.
03/26/12 Ragnarok Odyssey First Expansion Now Available
In Japan that is. Also, screens and more expansions planned!
03/26/12 Phantasy Star Online 2 To Be Free-To-Play, Heads To Smartphones
Plus: closed beta details, character creation demo and lots of screens.
03/26/12 Mistborn RPG Announced
Little Orbit brings Brandon Sanderson's series to life.
03/24/12 Telltale Games Brings The Walking Dead Game To Life
First trailer, pricing, platforms, and more.
03/24/12 Time and Eternity (Tokitowa) Gallery Added
Come see Imageepoch's pretty PS3 title!
03/24/12 New Little King's Story Trailer
Out in Japan next week and Europe later, and North America can only hope.
03/24/12 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Heads To iPad
With extra content!
03/23/12 Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Trailer
Also, a not-so-pricey limited edition.
03/23/12 Risen 2: Dark Waters Trailer
This game's got a lot of bones.
03/22/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 N7 Armor DLC Trailer, Screens
And some of Ultros and Typhon, too.
03/22/12 New Fire Emblem: Awakening Screens
You might want to make use of that 3DS.
03/22/12 Video: Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy Update
And another weekend pass starts up today!
03/22/12 Pandora's Tower English Trailer
Watch a girl eat beast meat.
03/22/12 Kingdom Hearts 3D Videos
A short recap of the recent premiere event, and a commercial.
03/21/12 Fire Emblem: Awakening Intro Trailer
And some random tidbits on pitched game ideas.
03/21/12 Conception: Please Have My Babies Media Added
Plus some explanations on maidens, children, and the baby-making machine.
03/21/12 Random Encounter: Episode 42
Paragons and Renegades on the Throne
03/21/12 Next Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: Of Mass Effect And Coliseum Monsters
Commander Kreiss and Lieutenant Farron, perhaps?
03/20/12 Confrontation Dated For April, New Screens
Cyanide Studio will see lots of action this spring.
03/19/12 Aion Goes Free-to-Play, Renamed Aion: Ascension
Big changes next month.
03/19/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition New Elements Trailer
Just a reminder of what's 'enhanced' here.
03/19/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Spotlight
What's better than a warrior of light?
03/19/12 Mass Effect PC Review
A second opinion on a different platform.
03/19/12 TERA Beta Hands-on Preview
Andrew ventures forth in En Masse's new title.
03/18/12 Conception: Please Have My Babies Opening Movie
Apparently, they don't make babies the way we thought they would.
03/18/12 Next Atelier Game Revealed
It doesn't have a name, but it's coming to Japanese PS3s in June.
03/15/12 Kingdom Hearts 3DS Media Added
A few tidbits from Nomura about the game, and vague FF Versus XIII comments.
03/15/12 Video: A Look at Game of Thrones' Combat
Atlus shows us the way.
03/15/12 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 1.5 Available, Video
Beta update available on Steam now, consoles will see the update soon.
03/15/12 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Announced
Is this the rumoured HD Baldur's Gate? Perhaps.
03/15/12 Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny Add-on Dated For May
Hey, you got some RTS in my RPG.
03/15/12 Diablo III Launches on May 15
Click, click, click, click, click...
03/15/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Update
Sorry it's late, I was in the middle of some calibrations.
03/14/12 Rune Factory 4 Dated For Japan, Screens Added
The series' first 3DS entry is all ready for summer.
03/14/12 Nine Minutes of Labyrinth Tower Legacista
Nippon Ichi and System Prisma's PS3 RPG hits Japan tomorrow.
03/14/12 Yes, That's Marth In Fire Emblem: Awakening
Watch a six minute trailer here.
03/14/12 Chaos Rings II Available Tomorrow, Launch Trailer
Or later tonight, if you're awake late enough.
03/14/12 Heroes of Ruin Customization Trailer
A quick look at your options.
03/13/12 Wasteland 2 Gets A Kickstarter Campaign
InXile hopes for fan funding for the sequel to Fallout's inspiration.
03/13/12 The Book of Legends Now Available
Millennium series developer Aldorlea also has a tempting offer.
03/13/12 XSEED To Begin Bringing Games to Steam
Do you like Falcom? Well then you're in luck!
03/12/12 Etrian Odyssey IV Gallery Added
The series goes 3D.
03/12/12 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP's First Trailer
Familiar faces, familiar tunes, new animation.
03/12/12 The Last Story Import Review
Andrew plays around with the Euro version.
03/09/12 Phantasy Star Online 2 Heads To PlayStation Vita
But not til next year.
03/09/12 Mass Effect 3: From Ashes Review
The first DLC for Mass Effect 3 is already out - but is it worth it?
03/09/12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Composer Interview and Complete Coverage
We finish out our Amalur coverage with an interview with Grant Kirkhope!
03/08/12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PlayStation 3 Review
The last in our trifecta of reviews.
03/08/12 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP Gallery Debut
And it looks like.... Innocent Sin!
03/08/12 More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Due Next Week
Jihl Nabaat enters the Coliseum, plus more content announced for later.
03/08/12 New Persona 4: The Golden Trailer
Ski with Teddie! ....That should be interesting.
03/08/12 Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts Review
As you might have guessed, it's not very good.
03/07/12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PC Review
Rob takes on the PC version of Reckoning. How did it fare?
03/06/12 Imageepoch Announces Sol Trigger For PSP
Dengeki reveals the developer's last title for the handheld.
03/06/12 Mass Effect 3 Review
Shepard finishes out the trilogy in style.
03/05/12 First Etrian Odyssey IV Trailer
What's a FOE? Hint: Not just a foe.
03/05/12 Star Wars: The Old Republic V. 1.2 Update 'Legacy' Set For April
Lots of content and requested features on the way.
03/05/12 Dragon's Dogma Media Added
Watch a fight with Drake, the not-so-friendly dragon.
03/04/12 Lots Of New Screens For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Added
A look at the Tron world, dream eater breeding, the Radiant Garden and more!
03/04/12 Elminage Gothic Gallery Added
Unsurprisingly, the PSP is still getting lots of support in Japan.
03/04/12 Mass Effect Roundtable
So there's this little game coming out soon that we're looking forward to...
03/03/12 Soul Tamer Kiki Review
There's some bunny ears going on here...
03/03/12 March Editorial: The Darker Side of Communication
Ashton weighs in on the Jennifer Hepler incident.
03/02/12 What's New In Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky's iOS Port?
It's not just a straight-up port.
03/02/12 Labyrinth Tower Legacista Media Added
Hey look, more cameos!
03/02/12 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter - Episode 41
JRPG Madness!
03/02/12 Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III Trailer
And the announcement of the next soundtrack installment...
03/02/12 Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer
If you watch just one trailer for the game, make it this one.
03/02/12 Fara HD Review
Because all the cool kids want HD.
03/02/12 Freedom Cry Review
Did Neal cry tears of joy or tears of agony?
03/01/12 Details On Conception: Please Have My Babies Combat
Strategy and formations are the name of the game.
03/01/12 Risen 2: Dark Waters Pre-Order Bonuses Announced
Nab some quest DLC, and an outfit.
03/01/12 RPGFan's Game of the Month: February
So many awesome games... so hard to choose!
03/01/12 Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest Monsters Get Special Edition 3DS Systems
One's slimey; the other, not very fiery.
03/01/12 First Screens Of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP
The new scenario to center around Tatsuya.

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