News Archive: April 2012
Date Update
04/30/12 Diablo III Final Beta Preview
About two weeks until retail!
04/30/12 The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Review
Brains? Brains.
04/30/12 Atelier Ayesha Media Added
Let's meet a few more characters.
04/29/12 Another Nayuta no Kiseki Gameplay Video
And two new characters.
04/29/12 Two More Characters Announced As Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC
Specifically, Michaiah and Alm.
04/27/12 Get A Head Start With TERA This Weekend
If you pre-ordered, you can start playing a few days ahead of everyone else.
04/27/12 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Media Added
Those battles look fun.
04/27/12 Chaos Rings II Review
We return to the top-tier iOS RPG series.
04/27/12 MangaGamer Announces EVE Burst Error
I know you visual novel fans are out there somewhere!
04/26/12 Dragon Quest X JP Date, Trailer
And a look at the alchemist class.
04/26/12 Guild Wars 2 Digital Pre-Orders Temporarily Sold Out
Good luck getting into the Beta Weekend Event now.
04/26/12 Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time PSP Opening Movie
Yet another title to look forward to this summer.
04/26/12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Now Available For Mac
If that's not an option, the PC version is currently on sale...
04/26/12 Pre-Orders Open For Torchlight II, Bonuses
Steam and Perfect World both offer up incentives.
04/25/12 Gungnir English Screens Added
The official website is now open.
04/25/12 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Review
Is this another reason to pick up your 3DS?
04/25/12 Skyborn Review
Neal continues his tour of the indie RPG.
04/25/12 Game Of Thrones Screens Added
Up close and in battle.
04/25/12 Guild Wars 2 Studio Visit Preview
We go to Seattle and war with some guilds.
04/25/12 Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 3DS First Screens, Art
Because there just isn't enough MegaTen.
04/25/12 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP Trailer
An animated look at familiar faces.
04/25/12 Amazon Restocks Several Atlus PS2 Titles
Need Nocturne, DDS, or Persona? $20 each.
04/25/12 Persona 4: The Golden Trailers
Silly and serious.
04/24/12 Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Announced For 3DS
Seems that Atlus will never run out of MegaTen games to remake.
04/24/12 Heroes of Ruin Multiplayer Walkthrough Trailer
How does all that drop-in and drop-out co-op work on the 3DS? Come see.
04/24/12 Video: Etrian Odyssey IV's Sword Dancer Class
Video and concept art inside.
04/24/12 Project X Zone Gallery Added
Another look at a triple crossover.
04/23/12 Risen 2: Dark Waters Review
Yaar. Yaaaar. YAAAAAAAAAR!
04/23/12 Devil Survivor Heads To PAL Regions
Both of the games, that is.
04/22/12 Rune Factory 4 Boss Fight Video
Is she a boss, or is she a marriage candidate? ...She's both!
04/22/12 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow & Valfodr DLC Screens Added
A look at what's coming in mid-May.
04/22/12 Neptune V Gallery Added
And.. it looks like Neptune.
04/22/12 Nayuta no Kiseki Gameplay Video
A look at a boss battle.
04/21/12 Next Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Announced
Roy and Leaf are up next.
04/21/12 Project X Zone's First Trailer
AKA Capcom X Namco Bandai X Sega in action.
04/21/12 Pokémon Black & White 2 Nintendo Direct Trailer
And a couple of related 3DS apps announced.
04/21/12 Etrian Odyssey IV Nintendo Direct Trailer
Fight or flight (in a hot air balloon).
04/20/12 Torchlight II Opening Movie
Filling in the bits between games.
04/20/12 Risen 2: Dark Waters For Consoles Delayed
But to make up for the delay, these version get extra content.
04/20/12 Two Final Fantasy XIV Promos Announced
Legacy and Welcome Back designed for former and active players.
04/20/12 Diablo III Open Beta This Weekend
Starting in about... two and a half hours.
04/19/12 Atlus Acquires Rights To Dragon's Crown
Heaving busoms are now being assisted by Jack Frost.
04/19/12 RPGFan Soundtracks Update
Now with 100% more modernity!
04/18/12 Four New Persona 4: The Golden Video Clips
Looks to be shaping up nicely.
04/18/12 To The Moon Coming To Steam
Bonus: If you already own it, you get a free Steam copy!
04/17/12 Sword & Sworcery EP Now On Steam
Comes with a bonus too!
04/17/12 Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Review
Dennis delves into the first SRPG on the Vita.
04/17/12 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Screens Added
Come see the pretty!
04/17/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition Review
Geralt travels to the 360. Does he survive?!
04/16/12 Etrian Odyssey IV Screens & Art Added
Of classes, the guild and skills.
04/16/12 Conception: Please Have My Babies Screens Added
Haver your friends' girlfriends' kids via wireless support. Yes, really.
04/16/12 Little Battler eXperience: Baku Boost Screens, Japanese Date
New units and six-player battles added to the 3DS version.
04/16/12 Dragon's Dogma Demo Available Next Week
Try out the character creation tools.
04/15/12 Atelier Ayesha Media Added
Two new characters and the item synthesis system introduced.
04/14/12 Persona 4: The Golden Screens Added
Of new personae and TV shows.
04/14/12 Rune Factory 4 Media Added
Meet more characters!
04/14/12 Nayuta no Kiseki Gallery Added
Some extra story and character bits included.
04/14/12 Here's A Long Video Clip Of Conception: Please Have My Babies!
Locations, dungeons, classes, characters and more!
04/14/12 Pokémon Black & White 2 First Gameplay Trailer; Gallery Added
Tons of never-before-seen stuff!
04/13/12 Demon's Souls Servers To Go Offline Next Month
But Atlus is squeezing in one last world tendency, and you get to pick it.
04/13/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Launch Trailer
Soon, Geralt. Soon.
04/13/12 Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2 Now Available
Create your in-game family legacy.
04/12/12 RPGFan Interview Series: Victor Ireland
A chat about what's coming up with Class of Heroes 2.
04/12/12 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim To Get Kinect Support
Because you've always wanted to yell FUS-RO-DAH! at your TV, right?
04/12/12 Random Encounter: Episode 43
Xenoblade: Contagion or Tales of Graces Phlegm
04/12/12 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Delayed; English Trailer
We have to wait until early 2013 for this one.
04/12/12 Rift Version 1.8 Screens Added
Infernal Dawn update is coming next week.
04/12/12 Details for Pokémon Black & White 2
New locations, new characters, and some interesting plot points... come see!
04/11/12 Media Added For Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC
If you haven't grabbed this week's DLC yet, have a look.
04/11/12 Project X Zone Announced For 3DS
If you ever wanted a three-way crossover between Capcom, Namco and Sega, consider your prayers answered.
04/11/12 Nayuta no Kiseki Details
What's new with the Legend of Heroes game that's not connected to past Legend of Heroes games?
04/11/12 Dark Souls Officially Announced For PC
Introducing the they-really-wants-you-to-die Edition.
04/11/12 Fire Emblem: Awakening Video, Details
Of DLC, classes and marriage.
04/11/12 Gungnir: English Media Added
PSP packaging, screens and the opening movie.
04/11/12 Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy Concert Review
Dennis takes a trip to Boston and lets us know what kind of good music was played.
04/11/12 Legend of Dragoon Headed To PSone Classics on May 1
You too can have wings without Red Bull.
04/10/12 Neptunia V Announced
No, that's not 'the fifth Neptunia game'... it is apparently V for Victory.
04/10/12 Prodigy of the North: Akatori Review
Neal checks out a debut from a new developer.
04/09/12 Newish The Witch and the Hundred Knights Media, Too!
A higher quality look at the third game of the NISA trifecta.
04/09/12 Luscious Legasista Le... Media
I ran out of "L"s. Just come see the new stuff.
04/09/12 New Mugen Souls Media
Take a look at new screens and artwork for the Compile Heart title.
04/09/12 Persona 3: FES Becomes A PS2 Classic This Week
Get re-acquainted with Port Island... for cheap.
04/06/12 Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gets Free DLC Next Week
New maps, characters, items and weapons are coming.
04/06/12 Xenoblade Chronicles Review
Monolith Soft's opus made it to North America... how is it?
04/06/12 Xenoblade Chronicles Artwork Update
It's the next best thing to playing!
04/05/12 Time and Eternity (Tokitowa) Gallery Update
More from Namco and Imageepoch's pretty PS3 RPG.
04/05/12 Pokémon Conquest English Media Added
A bit of everything, trailers included.
04/05/12 Dragon's Dogma Videos Added
Watch this open-world Capcom action RPG in, well, action.
04/05/12 New Risen 2 Media Added
Pirate action comes in the way of screenshots and a collection of videos.
04/05/12 Rift: Infernal Dawn Update Trailer
A sample of what's to come in the next update.
04/05/12 The Witcher Now Available For Mac On Steam
At a whopping $10.
04/05/12 Mass Effect 3's Ending Gets An Extended Cut
Are you surprised?
04/05/12 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Heads To North America This Summer
The wait won't be a terrible one.
04/04/12 Dragon Quest X Screens Added
Meet the interesting Pukuripo tribe.
04/04/12 Star Wars: The Old Republic V. 1.2 UI Customization Video
And yet another weekend pass free trial begins tomorrow.
04/04/12 Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition To Be Localized As Pokémon Conquest
And it's slated for a June release!
04/04/12 Heroes of Ruin Release Date Announced; Walkthrough Trailer
Meet the alchitecht class.
04/04/12 Confrontation Launch Trailer
RPG adaptation of the war game out tomorrow.
04/04/12 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition Announced For Mac
Insert an Adam's Apple joke here.
04/04/12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Teeth of Naros DLC Announced
Downloadable content available later this month.
04/04/12 Realm of the Mad God Review
Bob decides to play a browser-based MMORPG.
04/04/12 Kyle's Mass Effect 3 Second Opinion
Another look at the Xbox 360 version.
04/04/12 RPGFan Game of the Month: March 2012
Two big RPGs this month... which one wins?!
04/03/12 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP Commercial, New Screens
Unsurprisingly, it has a lot in common with Innocent Sin.
04/03/12 The Witcher Recap Animation
For those of us who won't get to play the first game before The Witcher 2.
04/03/12 Atelier Ayesha Teaser Movie, Details
Take all the time in the world to search for your missing sister.
04/02/12 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Screens Added
What's in a name?
04/02/12 Dragon Quest X Online Screens Added
Of homes and medals.
04/02/12 Atelier Ayesha Gallery Added
Take a look at Gust's next pretty PS3 title.
04/01/12 Sweet Lily Dreams Review
Taking a look at another indie title.

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