News Archive: October 2012
Date Update
10/31/12 Atelier Totori Plus Gallery Update
The Vita port gets touch screen maps and other additions.
10/31/12 Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake Dated For Japan
And it gets a fully orchestrated score. ...Score!
10/31/12 Tales of Xillia 2 Opening Movie
Because you really haven't seen the entire game yet.
10/31/12 Tales of Hearts R: Teaser Site Opens, First Tidbits
More on what's new in this remake.
10/30/12 Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest VII Remake For Nintendo 3DS
The oft-forgotten entry in the series finally gets a chance to shine.
10/29/12 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Review
Who's the killer? You? You? You? All of you?
10/29/12 Tales of Xillia 2's Launch Trailer Features... A Cat
Because you haven't watched enough trailers for this game.
10/29/12 Final Fantasy XIV Servers To Go Offline In November
Plus a final character data save, all in preparation for A Realm Reborn.
10/29/12 Chrono Trigger Now Available For Android
For only $9.99!
10/29/12 RPGFan Music
A new name, and new review!
10/28/12 Yes, Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Getting Yet Another Update
Oh hey, another new area.
10/27/12 Persona 4: The Golden Import Review
If you haven't bought a Vita, should you come November?
10/27/12 The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Second Chapter Goes To JP PSN
And very soon.
10/27/12 Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer
More 3DS love with some 2D flavour.
10/27/12 Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Trailer
The release is almost quite literally upon us.
10/26/12 Square Enix's Online Store Is Having A Sale
...but only this weekend.
10/26/12 Tons of Tales of Xillia 2 Videos
Promo videos, DLC costumes and more.
10/26/12 Penny Arcade 3 Now Available On iOS, Android, Mac
Plus free DLC for PC and Xbox players.
10/25/12 Fire Emblem: Awakening's First English Trailer Revealed
Swords dance as Chrom and his allies march into battle.
10/25/12 Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Preview
Stephen has hands-on time with Episode One: The Hangman
10/25/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2
And some friends!
10/24/12 Darksiders II's Next DLC Is Abyssal Forge
And it's out next week.
10/24/12 Experience Inc's Next RPG Is Demon Gaze
Dungeon crawling to the Vita next year.
10/24/12 The Next Tales Remake Is Tales Of Hearts R
And it'll also be a Vita title.
10/24/12 Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection Trailer
In English! And it brings us a release date!
10/23/12 Dark Souls: Artorias Of The Abyss DLC Available Now
Console players finally get their hands on the newest content.
10/23/12 New Persona 4: Golden Trailer
Featuring: new music!
10/23/12 Interview With Composer Sam Hulick
We talk to the Mass Effect composer about his work on the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.
10/23/12 New Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution Trailer
Also: In Japan it's out now.
10/23/12 Disgaea Dimension 2 Confirmed As Direct Sequel To First Disgaea
We've got some info on the limited edition too!
10/23/12 Phantasy Star Online 2's Halloween Update
It's about what you'd expect out of, well, a Halloween update.
10/22/12 Telltale Announces Retail Date, Collector's Edition for The Walking Dead
It comes with a giant honkin' book.
10/22/12 The Elder Scrolls Online Hands-on Event
Kyle visits Bethesda and Zenimax Online to get a sneak peek.
10/20/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Dust: An Elysian Tail OST
After a brief hiatus, we return!
10/20/12 The God and Fate Revolution Paradox Trailer
With lots of animation and a bit of gameplay.
10/20/12 Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Trailer
Just a few weeks away.
10/20/12 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward OVA... In English!
Just in time for next week's release.
10/19/12 CD Projekt RED's Next Title Renamed Cyberpunk 2077
You know, to differentiate from Cyberpunk 2020, which it's based on.
10/19/12 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Now Available For Mac
GOG.com began its Mac support today.
10/18/12 New Little King's Story Review
Where is Medium-sized King? Or Big King? Or Burger King?
10/18/12 Of Orcs and Men Review
10/18/12 Tales of Xillia 2 Videos
And it's getting DLC costumes. Already.
10/17/12 The God and Fate Revolution Paradox Already Delayed In Japan
Oh, did it have an original date? Briefly, yes.
10/17/12 Atelier Ayesha Goes To Europe
Ahead of a North American announcement? That's rare.
10/17/12 Elminage Gothic Goes 3DS
I wonder if this series will ever go back to not!handheld.
10/17/12 Get Odin Sphere For Half-Price This Week On PSN
Need a PS2 Classic? Why not this one?
10/17/12 Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Gets A Season Pass
Shocker: It's cheaper than buying individual episodes.
10/16/12 More Tales of Xillia English Screens
Including a few opening shots.
10/16/12 Square Enix Is Looking For The Ultimate Final Fantasy Fan
It's a 25th anniversary contest, in case you hadn't figured that out.
10/16/12 Mugen Souls Review
Time to enter the "Kobayashi Chou-Chou."
10/16/12 Atelier Totori Plus Screens Added
More of that ortho..hexagonal... oddly-shaped dungeon.
10/15/12 The Walking Dead Episode 4 Review
Brains and Clementine!
10/15/12 Decide On Dead Island: Riptide's Collector's Edition Goodies
Deep Silver is doing a quick survey.
10/14/12 RPGFan Interview Series: Project Eternity
A chat with Obsidian about their successfully funded Kickstarter RPG.
10/14/12 Square and Amazon Put Together Awesome Download Pack
For $9.99, get Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Last Remnant, and several other non-RPGs.
10/13/12 RPGFan Complete Coverage: Mass Effect 3
Everything in one place; plus two brand new reviews!
10/13/12 Random Encounter Episode 51
Guns. Lots of Guns.
10/12/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy OST
I have... no words. Seriously. They're all in the review.
10/12/12 Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Detailed
Said to be the biggest ME3 expansion yet.. and out next month.
10/12/12 Project Eternity: First Screenshot
How is Obsidian's Kickstarter-funded game coming along?
10/11/12 Here's Sixteen English Clips From Persona 4: Golden
No, that is not a typo.
10/11/12 RPGFan Game of the Month: September 2012
Fantasy vs. Science Fiction
10/11/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Final Fantasy X Chips
The chipfest concludes. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
10/11/12 Yet More Tales Of Xillia 2 Video Clips
Characters and more characters.
10/11/12 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Screens, New Artwork
Some new and some familiar.
10/10/12 RAW: Realms of Ancient War Review
Does it hack and slash its way to high marks?
10/10/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Final Fantasy IX Chips
10/10/12 Some Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix Tidbits
On Xehanort, the reasoning behind the compilation and more.
10/10/12 Project X Zone Countdown Movies
A whole bunch of gameplay and characters inside.
10/10/12 Ragnarok Odyssey Slated For October 30 Release
Midair combat, go!
10/10/12 Torchlight II Review
The final product of Dave's love affair.
10/10/12 Chaos Rings Now Available On Android
Well isn't that a nice surprise?
10/09/12 The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution Trailer
Another Vita port's trailer today. I'm on a roll!
10/09/12 Of Orcs and Men Launch Trailer
Fight the man this week.
10/09/12 Divinity Anthology Collector's Edition Announced
Larian Studios celebrates the Divinity series' 10th anniversary.
10/09/12 Trailer: What's New In Persona 4: Golden
Since we all know what's old.
10/09/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Final Fantasy VIII Chips
Final Fantasy Chips. Once you pop, you just can't stop.
10/09/12 New Little King's Story DLC Announced
And it's available over the next two months.
10/09/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Final Fantasy VII Chips
Something everyone always wants: MORE FF7!
10/08/12 The Walking Dead Episode 4 Goes On Sale This Week
In North America, that is.
10/08/12 EB Games Expo 2012: Fable: The Journey Preview
Get ready to steer a horse-drawn carriage and steer a horse-drawn carriage.
10/08/12 The God and Fate Revolution Paradox Screens: Devils and Dungeons
Nippon Ichi's next title... well, looks like a Nippon Ichi title.
10/07/12 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Media Added
look at what Square has in store for Japan this week.
10/07/12 EB Games Expo: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
And everyone is jealous of Andrew. Again.
10/06/12 EB Games Expo: Paper Mario: Sticker Star Preview
And everyone is jealous of Andrew.
10/05/12 UFO Interactive Bringing Elminage Original To PSP In North America
This is just about the most surprising localization announcement I've seen lately.
10/05/12 Check Out The European Trailer For Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Will you choose to ally... or to betray?
10/05/12 Phantasy Star Online 2's Next Update: Sub-Classes
As always, come check out the related trailer and screens.
10/05/12 Tales of Xillia 2 Trailer, Even More Videos
Because there aren't enough of the returning characters.
10/05/12 An Extended Version Of Shin Megami Tensei IV's TGS Trailer
Now with more characters.
10/05/12 Level-5's Crimson Shroud Heads To North America Later This Year
The black box opens.
10/04/12 Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Update
New jobs, summons, and character designers.
10/04/12 Mass Effect 3 Gets Patched, New Multiplayer DLC Announced
These new enemies look familiar.
10/04/12 XSEED Games Announces Shinichi Suzuki As President
Executive Shuffle, GO!
10/04/12 Atlus USA Announces Localization Of Etrian Odyssey IV
Not so much a surprise, but great to have a confirmation.
10/03/12 Code of Princess Gallery Update
If you loved Guardian Heroes, you might be into this one.
10/03/12 Bethesda Opens Austin-based BattleCry Studios, Headed By Rich Vogel
Veteran producer has worked on Meridian 59, Ultima Online, and SWTOR.
10/03/12 Persona 4: Golden Screens - Social Links And Decisions
No one wants a world without unicorns.
10/02/12 Torchlight II Pre-Review
An epistolary explanation for our lack of coverage.
10/02/12 Atelier Totori Plus Screens Added
The Vita version gets new costumes and a dungeon.
10/02/12 The Walking Dead Episode 4 Trailer
Four (almost) down, one to go...
10/02/12 RPGFan Soundtracks: Persona 4 The Golden
Our resident P4 guru weighs in.
10/02/12 This Week On PSN: Good News For Vita Owners
New Little King's Story, a Virtue's Last Reward demo, what else?
10/01/12 What DLC Is Included In The Mass Effect Trilogy?
Answer: Not much.
10/01/12 Tales of Xillia 2 Videos
Alternate costumes and Alvin and Jude clips.
10/01/12 Another Code Of Princess Trailer
Just one more week to go!
10/01/12 Watch Fifteen Minutes Of Sol Trigger
Imageepoch's PSP title hits Japan this week.
10/01/12 Tokitowa Screens Added
Some animation and battle shots.

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