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Date Update
01/31/13 Drop Operative Review And Interview
Dave talks to developers Soldak Entertainment, then reviews their game.
01/31/13 XSEED Announces RPG-Filled 2013 Lineup
And Killer Is Dead, for those of you who care about the one non-RPG.
01/30/13 RPGFan Music: Primordia
Sink into the boggy depths with Kyle's review.
01/30/13 Video: Fire Emblem: Awakening's Character Progression
Also: How to fight. Kind of.
01/30/13 Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 2 Review
The Wise Monkey.
01/30/13 Pandora's Tower: Screens, Art Added
Hold on to your Wii.
01/30/13 Dark Souls II Screens, Trailer
Let the darkness come.
01/30/13 The Journey Down: Episode 1 Review
The beginning of an African themed graphic adventure.
01/29/13 Aksys Localizing Muramasa Rebirth For PlayStation Vita
It's a good day for the Vita today.
01/29/13 Sony Announces American Release Date, Box Art, Pre-Order Bonuses for Soul Sacrifice
The end of April brings some new goodies to your Vita.
01/29/13 RPGFan Music: Rainbow Moon Melodies
A most merry melange of musical melodies!
01/27/13 Kentucky Route Zero: Episode 1 Review
I bet you've never been on Route 0 before.
01/27/13 RPGFan Music: Crimson Blitz: Lightning Returns Available on iTunes
A little PSA for the Hamauzu-lovers out there
01/26/13 Lock-On To Etrian Odyssey IV's Sniper Class
Bang bang, he shot me down, bang bang...
01/26/13 Falcom To Release Classic Ys Games For Windows 8 In Japan
The company continues to support their platform of Origin. (Get it?)
01/25/13 RPGFan Music: Ys Foliage Ocean in Celceta Soundtrack
Get your Adol on with Falcom's latest rockin' tunes.
01/25/13 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Review
Forget Sarevok, Imoen, and Gorion - this is Boo's story!
01/25/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Box Art Is Royally Awesome
When you play the game of Keyblades, you win or you become Heartless.
01/25/13 Persona 4 Golden Release Date Announced For Europe
It's time to make (European) history, yeaaaaaah!
01/25/13 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers Ships With a Bonus
Get an arranged music CD with retail copies.
01/24/13 RPGFan Music: Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition Soundtrack
In honor of Episode VII (possibly) having a director!
01/24/13 Watch Nine Minutes Of Dead island: Riptide's Gameplay
Zombies, weapons, more zombies, more weapons...
01/24/13 Project X Zone: New Screen Shots
Ulala, Dante, X, Chun-Li, and the roster goes on.
01/24/13 Fire Emblem: Awakening Preview
Because you weren't excited enough.
01/24/13 Nintendo Announces The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker For Wii U + First Screens
Also, some hints about the next new entry in the Zelda series.
01/23/13 Video: An Overview Of Fire Emblem: Awakening's Classes
There's a few.
01/23/13 Nintendo Direct Teases New Xenoblade, Shin Megami Tensei-Fire Emblem Crossover
Yeah, that's a strange crossover.
01/23/13 Crimson Shroud Game and Soundtrack Reviews
Yasumi Matsuno saves and takes no damage.
01/22/13 RPGFan Music: Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss
Huzzah, more ways to die!
01/22/13 Etrian Odyssey IV Demo Available February 7
And all of your progress carries over!
01/22/13 Bethesda and Zenimax Open Beta Sign-ups For The Elder Scrolls Online
It's time to revisit Tamriel.
01/21/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~
Square Enix celebrates FF's 25th birthday. Bob crashes the party.
01/21/13 Project X Zone Headed To Europe, North America Courtesy Of Namco Bandai
This one's surprising, based on all of the licensing involved.
01/19/13 RPGFan Music: A Conversation with Yoko Shimomura
Our interview with the legend herself!
01/18/13 More Etrian Odyssey IV Class Videos
Meet the dancer and the fortress.
01/18/13 Skyrim's DLC Is Finally Coming To PS3 Next Month
And if you get it quick you'll get a discount.
01/18/13 Video: Creator Talks Cyberpunk 2077's World
Mike Pondsmith talks about collaborating with CD Projekt RED.
01/17/13 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter - Episode 55
Our 2012 End of the Year Spectacular!
01/17/13 New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Extended Trailer, Screens
Who is Lumina and why does she look like Lightning?
01/16/13 New Screens & Video for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
See the third Neptunia title in both stills and two different videos focused on the battle system.
01/16/13 Fire Emblem: Awakening Gameplay Trailer
How to bond and strengthen your army.
01/16/13 Video Interview: Kan Gao of Freebird Games
Let us take you to the moon.
01/16/13 Pandora's Tower Slated For Spring 2013 North American Release
I guess the Wii gets to live a little longer, courtesy of XSEED.
01/16/13 Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy All The Bravest For iOS.
Looks like that trademark wasn't for Bravely Default.
01/15/13 Tecmo Koei Announces North American Release For Atelier Ayesha
Localization courtesy of NIS America.
01/15/13 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Now A PS2 Classic
Missed the ports? Play the PS2 original!
01/15/13 Gas Powered Games Launches Kickstarter For "Wildman"
RTS-RPG hybrid from Dungeon Siege veteran Chris Taylor.
01/14/13 The Most Anticipated Games of 2013
If only they all come out on time.
01/14/13 RPGFan Music: Jyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ OST
We return from holiday hiatus!
01/14/13 Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle Detailed, Priced
Check out this lovely bundle.
01/11/13 Nintendo of America Announces Fire Emblem-Themed 3DS
Also, it comes with the game!
01/10/13 Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo Available Next Week
And some English screens.
01/10/13 CD Projekt RED Shows Off First Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer
It's Witcher ti... oh, wrong game. Sorry.
01/10/13 Deep Silver Announces Dead Island Riptide: Rigor Mortis Edition
AKA the Collector's Edition.
01/10/13 Atelier Meruru Plus Gallery Added
Your favourite alchemists on the Vita... again.
01/09/13 Tera Joins The Ranks Of Free-to-Play MMORPGs
Lots of AAA titles now available for free.
01/08/13 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: Behind The Scenes, Part 3
We hear from the game's composer, Joe Hisaishi.
01/08/13 RPGFan's Games of the Year 2012
A year of diverse winners, but just two RPGs battle for top honors.
01/08/13 Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced For 3DS
And Pokemon Arrives in 3D. See the trailer inside!
01/07/13 Fire Emblem: Awakening Update
A downloadable version, character art and more.
01/07/13 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Tester Recruitment Now Open
Plus, take a look at the game's stunning CG intro movie.
01/05/13 Jisei/Kansei Bundle Review
Two visual novels for the price of four!
01/04/13 Help Us With A Quick Survey For An Editorial
It's about your favorite Final Fantasy!
01/03/13 RPGFan's Game of the Month December 2012
Back to the roots.
01/03/13 Unchained Blades Now Available On 3DS eShop
Explore the Titans with Fang and his followers today!
01/02/13 Lucius Review
Most point-and-click adventures don't follow a pint-sized murderer...

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