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07/31/13 Atelier Escha & Logy DLC Released
Get some Wilbell from Ayesha with your Escha.
07/31/13 New Pokemon X and Y Trailer Featuring Horde Battles
This game appeals equally to those with XX and XY chromosomes.
07/31/13 Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 Receiving Pirate Costumes
This has nothing to do with an angry pirate.
07/31/13 Dragon's Crown: New Video, Screens, Artwork
Get a closer look at... okay, I'm all out of inappropriate jokes about artwork.
07/31/13 RPGFan Music: Time and Eternity OST
Koshiro is so totally awesome right now.
07/31/13 Bravely Default Delayed in Europe to 2014
You could say the game has bravely defaulted.
07/31/13 Dragon's Crown Dual Reviews
Rob and Derek take on the modern brawler together.
07/31/13 Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is Being Remade for the 3DS
Gotta catch 'em all!
07/31/13 The Witch and the Hundred Knights Receives Casual Mode Patch
The game released five days ago in Japan. At least they let it play out.
07/30/13 New Shin Megami Tensei IV Story DLC Available Now In North America
Burroughs! Tell me about the new Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC!
07/30/13 Free Post-Game Dungeon for Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God
Free is good. Curry... not so much.
07/30/13 Vanille is Set to Return in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Also breaking: The game is being renamed Moaning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
07/30/13 Face Noir Review
Can you handle all this noir in your face?
07/30/13 New Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Limited Edition Artbook Video
Pretty Keyblade Sketches? Count Me In!
07/29/13 Shiny Legendaries To Be Distributed For Pokémon Black and White
Always wanted a shiny Dialga, Palkia and/or Giratina? Now you can have all three!
07/29/13 RPGFan Music: Tales of EDM
NEDM? No, EDM! Symphonia-style.
07/29/13 Club Nintendo Platinum Member? Get The Majora's Mask OST Now
It's either this or Nintendo posters.
07/28/13 New Pokémon X & Y Media
"What's a Spritzee?" I can hear you asking. The answer lies within.
07/27/13 The Incredible Review of Van Helsing
And it's not entirely what you'd expect at first glance.
07/27/13 Oh, Hello There, English Disgaea D2 Screen Shots
"If you gotta pee, you really shouldn't try and hold it, ya know."
07/26/13 Aksys Announced Pre-Order Bonus For Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
How about a PSP otome with a side of... skull necklace?
07/26/13 The Witcher 3 To be Distributed By Warner Bros. In North America
CD Projekt enlists some big time help for our continent.
07/26/13 Bloodmasque Out Now, Here's a Trailer
Oh, and screens. Many screens are here.
07/25/13 Drakengard 3 Offers In-Battle Weapon Swapping
Learn about this and more weapon-based facts inside.
07/25/13 Look Inside Final Fantasy XIV's Dungeons in This New Trailer
You put HOW many hours into the beta? C'mon, you know you still want to see more.
07/24/13 Chaos Rings Now Available For PS Vita
And it's only $8!
07/24/13 RPGFan Music: Triple Triad - Remixes From Final Fantasy VI VII VIII
Oontz oontz oontz, wubwubwub.
07/23/13 Disgaea D2 Trailer Brings Us Into A Brighter Darkness
Welcome to the Netherworld. Again.
07/22/13 Shin Megami Tensei IV Review
A strange, digital, devilish, nocturnal, personal journey.
07/21/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections Vol.1
An acoustic affair most agreeable.
07/21/13 The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Review
John Tucker steps on Stephen's toes and reviews a graphic adventure!
07/19/13 RPGFan Music: Shin Megami Tensei IV Music Collection
The premier prelude to exploring the wastelands of Tokyo.
07/19/13 Random Encounter - Episode 67
An unholy army of ferrets!!!
07/18/13 Would You Like A Dynamic Theme With Your Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix?
Yes. Yes you would.
07/18/13 This New Tidus Screen from FFX|X-2 HD Remaster is Begging to be Captioned
You know you want to.
07/18/13 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - '13 Days' Trailer + Screens
Is that a Miqo'te I see?
07/18/13 Earthbound Launching On Wii U Virtual Console... Now
That's right, it's coming today!
07/17/13 Jane Jensen's Moebius Hands-On Preview
Stephen must get his hands on every adventure game.
07/15/13 New Screens & Trailer for The Raven — Legacy of a Master Thief
You won't have to look very hard to find these.
07/15/13 Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Launching October 1
Dungeon crawling soon returns to your 3DS.
07/14/13 Screens, Trailer for Deus Ex: The Fall
Also, yes, *that* issue is being addressed.
07/14/13 Dungeonmans Hands-On Preview
And you thought those Pokeymans were all the rage.
07/14/13 New Screens for Goodbye Deponia
*insert terrible goodbye pun here*
07/13/13 Rhythm Encounter 8: An Evening With Aivi
I already used my pun for Cryamore in the show notes.
07/12/13 Sure, You Can Has More Lightning Returns Screens
20+ screens & artwork inside.
07/12/13 ArcaniA: The Complete Tale Review
Kyle's too good for this stuff...
07/12/13 Learn All About Aiming in This New WildStar DevSpeak Video
Want your MMORPGs to have a heavier focus on player skill? You're in luck.
07/11/13 Deep Silver To Distribute Wasteland 2
InXile will launch the PC RPG later this year.
07/11/13 Gallery Debuts: DanganRonpa, Demon Gaze
First look at NIS America's upcoming PS Vita games!
07/11/13 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Gains Release Date + Limited Edition
What's an RPG without a limited edition these days, anyway?
07/10/13 New Trailer and Screen Shots for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
The perfect refresher on Kingdom Hearts.
07/09/13 Valdis Story: Abyssal City Hands-On Preview
We're jaded, but we still get excited about new games.
07/09/13 Meet Battle Princess of Arcadia, Nippon Ichi's Next RPG
It's colourful! Lots of screens and artwork. Come see!
07/09/13 Register SMTIV and Fire Emblem: Awakening For $30 of eShop Credit
It's a good time to have a 3DS and love RPGs.
07/09/13 RPGFan Music: Sora no Kiseki Zanmai
The last in our extended week-long Falcom celebration.
07/09/13 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Gets A Limited Edition Pre-Order Bonus
Take a look at the fancy packaging and artbook included.
07/09/13 RPGFan's June 2013 Game of the Month
Two games enter, but only one can emerge the victor.
07/08/13 Aksys Brings Sorcery Saga, The Curry-Making RPG Out West
Can I be cursed by a curry god? Please?
07/08/13 RPGFan Music: A Public Service Announcement
Don't panic! Or panic. Either works, though one might involve more panic.
07/08/13 Deus Ex: The Fall For iOS Out This Week
Transhumanism comes to an Apple device near you.
07/06/13 NIS America Announces Demon Gaze, DanganRonpa For The West
Because today is a day for announcements, clearly.
07/06/13 Tales of Xillia 2 Announced For English Release
Will Ludger repay his debt to Tom Nook, or die trying?
07/06/13 Steins;Gate Visual Novel Announced For English Release
Hacking to the gate.
07/06/13 RPGFan Music: Ys Zanmai
One of Ys! One of Ys!
07/05/13 Here's Thirteen Minutes of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay from Japan Expo
See some exploration, combat, and outfit customization.
07/05/13 RPGFan Music: An Evening With OC ReMix
And you can tune in live, tonight at 9PM Eastern!
07/04/13 Japan Expo: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - New Videos, FFXIII Crossover
A new look at many new zones, a key gameplay system, and why that Lalafell is wielding a Gunblade.
07/04/13 Pokémon X & Y Limited Edition 3DS And A New Trailer
Also, another new Pokémon revealed!
07/04/13 99 Spirits Review
But there's always room for one more...
07/04/13 Random Encounter - Episode 66
What? Positive thoughts about a Final Fantasy game two weeks in a row?!
07/04/13 Japan Expo: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster To Feature New Epilogue, Cross-Saves
Well, now isn't this interesting...
07/04/13 Japan Expo: Lightning Returns European Pre-Order Bonuses
Also! A first look at a new outfit set.
07/04/13 Final Fantasy VII Now Available on Steam
Of course it features Cloud Saves.
07/04/13 Japan Expo: New Lightning Returns: FFXIII Trailer
These are really creeping into spoiler territory...
07/04/13 Warhammer Quest Review
It's an iOS game based on a board game based on a...
07/03/13 Dragon's Crown: New Media & Some Small Details
Customize characters to suit your tastes (within reason).
07/03/13 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Cloud Costume Pre-Order Bonus
It's the rain transformed. Wait...
07/03/13 New Screens for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
You can't object to this.
07/02/13 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review
Get your old-school RPG brawler on
07/02/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin Now Available
You like Final Fantasy VI. You want six hours of arrangements. We can help.
07/02/13 June 2013 In Review: Hot Cops Edition
Okay, no, there's no hot cops here, but it's definitely heating up outside.
07/02/13 RPGFan Music: Falcom Boss Zanmai
We're only just getting started.
07/01/13 Drakengard 3 Gets Its First Bloody Trailer
Zero isn't the friendliest gal around.

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