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Date Update
10/31/13 Dark Souls II Beta Dates (Round II) Announced
We hope you're a night owl. Also: screens!
10/31/13 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Screens Added
But still no release date for North America.
10/31/13 South Park: The Stick of Truth Delayed, Gameplay Trailer
Well, as much of a trailer that 7.5 minutes could be, anyway.
10/31/13 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Trailers, Screens
Because a golden 3DS XL wasn't enough.
10/31/13 Ys: Memories of Celceta Will Be Released in Europe
As a retail release, too!
10/31/13 Agarest: Generations of War
At least you don't have to play all six generations.
10/30/13 Valdis Story: Abyssal City Now On Steam
I know many of you were waiting for this!
10/30/13 Zelda: A Link Between Worlds' Special Edition 3DS Comes To North America
It's shiny. And golden.
10/30/13 The Walking Dead Season 2 Announced, New Media Added
Clementine's back!
10/30/13 Pokémon X and Y Review
It really does seem like everyone is playing one of these games right now.
10/29/13 Blackguards Early Access Begins November 7th
Play the first chapters months ahead on Steam.
10/28/13 Drakengard 3 Screens Added
Meet your weapons.
10/28/13 Namco Bandai Distributing The Witcher 3 in Europe
Yes, more Geralt in Europe.
10/28/13 Final Fantasy Director Says Eidos-Developed Games Possible
It's still just a possibility though.
10/28/13 Rift Now Available On Steam
Customization, go!
10/27/13 Rhythm Encounter 11 - Pumpkin Spice
The seasonal spice that's spooky and nice.
10/27/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy IV OST Remaster Version
Hey! It's Final Fantasy IV! The long-lost and under-appreciated gem!
10/25/13 Indie RPG Forced Now Available
PC, Mac and Linux players can meet up for a little co-op with this one.
10/25/13 The Wolf Among Us Heads To PS Vita, iOS
Because it's Telltale.
10/25/13 Pokémon X & Y Save Glitch Patched
Good work, Nintendo!
10/25/13 Rewind Turns in Tears To Tiara II
There's also a long new gameplay video.
10/25/13 Bravely Default Collector's Edition Announced For Europe
So pretty! Also: more screens!
10/24/13 New Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Media, Character Art
Where everyone is the Ultimate Someone.
10/24/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy VII Remastered Tracks - Volume I
Unofficial arrangements that are officially awesome.
10/24/13 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Now Available
So here's a new trailer!
10/24/13 Atelier Escha & Logy Dated For March In North America
Atelier pumpkin and spice, coming right up!
10/24/13 Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi Set For Western Release
More feudal-era otome? Sign me up!
10/24/13 Path Of Exile Officially Launches
It took a while, huh?
10/24/13 Happy Pumpkin-Related Holiday!
What's this? What's this? There's spooky everywhere!
10/23/13 Mugen Souls Z Gallery Added
It's Mugen Souls. With a Z.
10/23/13 Sorcery Saga Dated For December 10th
Get your legendary curry recipes ready.
10/23/13 Sega's Demon Tribe For iOS Out In English This Winter
No, this isn't a Sega/Atlus project.
10/23/13 Here's Five Minutes of Drakengard 3 Gameplay
Because dragons.
10/23/13 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Date Set for North America and Europe
Definitely a Tales filled year!
10/23/13 Mugen Souls Z Heads To North America, Europe
Well, at least it's not Mugen SoulZ.
10/22/13 New The Guided Fate Paradox Media
Some screens and short gameplay clips of NIS' latest.
10/22/13 RPGFan Music: Pokémon Black & White 2
To hold you over until we get an X/Y OST, of course.
10/22/13 Goodbye Deponia Review
I said GOOD DAY!
10/21/13 RPGFan Music: Rakuen OST Now Available For Pre-Order
Laura Shigihara delivers another album of tender melodies.
10/20/13 Random Encounter - Episode 71
'Nuff Said...
10/20/13 RPGFan Music: Compi de Chocobo
Wark! Kweh! Take your pick. They're all here. Almost.
10/19/13 The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Review
Telltale is up to its old tricks.
10/18/13 Pokémon PSA: Save Glitches in Lumiose City
Inside: how you can keep yourself, your family, and me safe from Poké-glitches.
10/18/13 New Fairy Fencer F Trailer
More characters and dialogue to see.
10/18/13 Utada Hikaru Will Be Creating Kingdom Hearts III's Theme
After a long hiatus, Hiki is back!
10/18/13 Square Enix Forms a Final Fantasy Committee
The return of Final Fantasy... again?
10/16/13 Here's Some More Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Footage
Plus, some good news for PC players.
10/16/13 RPGFan's Top 20 PSP RPGs
A farewell to the Playstation Portable.
10/15/13 New Kingdom Hearts III Footage Released
I'm not really succeeding at staying calm.
10/14/13 Tales of Xillia 2's NYCC Trailer Is Pretty Dark
You want story, cutscenes and English voices? Got it.
10/14/13 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PvP Trailer Released
Plus, details on the upcoming Halloween event and World Transfer service.
10/14/13 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition Comes To The West
It seems that Namco Bandai-senpai has noticed us.
10/14/13 Dark Souls II Beta Hands-On Preview
Did you guys know that Rob likes Dark Souls?
10/14/13 Lost Echo Review
An iOS graphic adventure. And that's about all there is to say.
10/14/13 Legend of Dungeon Review
Big pixels are like, so fashionable.
10/14/13 New Lightning Returns English Gameplay Trailer Released
8.5 minutes of new footage.
10/14/13 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Announced
The important thing is to remain calm.
10/14/13 RPGFan Music: Professor Layton vs Gyakuten Saiban Magical Mystery Music Review
...well, that's a mouthful.
10/12/13 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Review
*Now* you like the graphics.
10/11/13 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review Journal #3
Dissent! Drama! Dave.
10/09/13 Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Trailer
Also, pre-orders are (sort of) open, and an official website!
10/09/13 Dragon's Crown To Get Cross-Play Support
You want it, you got it.
10/09/13 REBORN Kickstarter Gets... Kickstarted
Including details on game systems, and even more concept art.
10/09/13 Telltale's The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Available Friday
Some new media to celebrate the launch.
10/09/13 Vanille Returns: Paradigm Shifts to Saint in Lightning Returns
Plus, more outfits for Lightning and new details on the "Outerworld service."
10/09/13 Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion, Galactic Starfighter, Announced
PvP battles in space? Oh yeah.
10/09/13 Final Fantasy VI Heads To iOS, Android
An iOS game I won't be able to resist. You got me, Square.
10/09/13 Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Remake Announced For iOS, Android, Mac, and PC
20 years of remembering the best of Sierra and how they are gone now
10/09/13 Dragon Quest Is Coming To iOS, Android
That's not the first game. That's the series. Most of it, anyway.
10/09/13 Rune Factory 4 Review
Enslave as many townsfolk as you can and build the biggest rune factory of them all before time runs out!
10/09/13 Drakengard 3 Announced For 2014 North American Release
Fans of Nier, rejoice!
10/08/13 Shadowrun Returns Review
Will we ever see the end of checkpoint saves?
10/07/13 Rhythm Encounter 10 - Falcom Tomfoolery
You thought we died. We did not. Dogi saved us.
10/07/13 September 2013 In Review: Don't Touch Lola Edition
AKA the month when Tokyo Game Show creates a ton of news.
10/07/13 Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss Gallery Added
Japan gets all the pretty dungeon crawlers.
10/07/13 Sword Art Online Coming to PlayStation Vita
An RPG about an RPG. We need to go in deeper.
10/07/13 Legends of Aethereus Review
A Swedish indie RPG that's like an MMO, but isn't one.
10/06/13 Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos Review
Think you can manage your own problems? Try another world's problems.
10/05/13 Random Encounter 70 - A Whole New World
In which we in no way mention Dark Souls!
10/05/13 Video: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles' Raine
At this point, I barely remember this game's Japanese title.
10/05/13 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Review
Introducing female Laharl.
10/04/13 New Fairy Fencer F Media
We have video, screens and random tidbits.
10/04/13 RPGFan's Game of the Month September 2013
Look past the remakes and ports...
10/03/13 Hometown Story Dated For October
Suddenly, this is a busy month.
10/03/13 Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Coming November 15
Aren't we glad they got that licensing issue sorted out.
10/03/13 New Atelier Rorona Screens Added
Guess who else is playable in the Vita/PS3 remake?!
10/03/13 Leviathan: Last Day of the Decade Review
A surreal Russian graphic adventure.
10/03/13 Mega Charizard X Announced For Pokémon X
And it's Fire/Dragon type! Finally!
10/02/13 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Dated, DX Universe Revealed
Is the series heading to the next-gen? Is there even a question?
10/02/13 Tokyo New World Record Announced For PlayStation Vita
Dungeon crawlers galore!
10/02/13 The Raven Chapters 2 and 3 Reviews
Does the identity of The Raven delight or disappoint?
10/01/13 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Trailer
If you're not busy with the demo, that is.
10/01/13 The Guided Fate Paradox Gets Another Trailer
Learn more about guiding fates. Because apparently there's much to learn.
10/01/13 Idea Factory International Formed
Guess who now has a California-based branch?
10/01/13 Chronus Arc Released on Android
And discounted for a limited time!
10/01/13 Zeboyd Games Launches Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter
That's heroine, not heroin. Though junkies might be up for cosmic star heroin.
10/01/13 Nintendo Direct: Phoenix Wright Demo, Etrian Odyssey Release
Plus a Bravely Default trailer, and Zelda info.

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