News Archive: November 2013
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11/29/13 New Screen Shots & Video for Aura Kingdom
This time we're looking at character classes and their Eidolon companions.
11/29/13 Neverland To Cease Operations
We say goodbye to the developers of Rune Factory and Lufia.
11/29/13 The Artists and Music of Game Music Festival
Come inside for all-new interviews and album reviews as part of Loudr's weekend music festival.
11/29/13 Avadon 2: The Corruption Review
In which Dave questions his old-schoolness.
11/28/13 An RPG Fan's Guide To Black Friday 2013
You want an RPG? It's probably on sale.
11/28/13 Valhalla Knights 3 Review
A game so bad it made Dave rethink his reviewing philosophy.
11/28/13 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies: Turnabout Reclaimed Review
Is the DLC as good as the core game?
11/27/13 Namco Bandai Opens Next Tales' Teaser Site
More Tales on the way!
11/26/13 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo, DLC Available In Japan
Those are some neat costu- wait, what?!
11/26/13 Demonicon Review
They don't even care about game titles anymore.
11/26/13 Ys: Memories Of Celceta Now Available
So let's get caught up on trailers, shall we?!
11/25/13 Final Fantasy IV: The After Years iOS, Android Now Available
Who ordered a pixellated dragoon?
11/25/13 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review
Oh, I just got that - "Link," because of his name...
11/24/13 Beyond: Two Souls Review
You will feel emotions you've never felt before.
11/24/13 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS) and Persona 5 (PS3) announced
The stream = emotional
11/23/13 RPGFan Music: Lightning Returns - FFXIII OST Review
Her story begins when the myth ends.
11/23/13 Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review
From a fresh perspective.
11/22/13 Magus Teaser Trailer, Official Website Opens
Who is Magus?
11/22/13 New Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Screens
Also, a new website for the game.
11/22/13 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.1 Dated, Other Details
Lots to cover in today's Letter!
11/21/13 Lightning Returns: FFXIII Special Effects Trailer, Japanese Voice-Overs Announced
That is, as DLC for the English version.
11/21/13 RPGFan's Top 20 DS Games
We hate to say goodbye, but those dual screens deserve a proper rest.
11/19/13 One Piece: Romance Dawn Release Date, LE Packaging Announced
What was I saying about February again?
11/19/13 Atlus To Bring Conception II Out West
Yes, the baby-making RPG.
11/18/13 Pokémon Bank Costs Announced
Soon we will be able to transfer old Pokémon! Soon!
11/18/13 Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming Out In March
So far, this is just the PS3 version's date.
11/18/13 Forced Review
A review of a game called Forced, that is, and not a review we forced Bob to write.
11/16/13 RPGFan Music: Wizardry Online OST
Bob strikes again!
11/15/13 New Atelier Rorona Trailer
And some belated screens of the PS3/Vita remake, too.
11/15/13 The Inner World Review
What the heck are these characters supposed to be?
11/14/13 The Shadow Sun Trailer
Coming soon since 2010!
11/14/13 Watch Two New WildStar Class Videos
Meet the Warrior and the Esper.
11/14/13 October 2013 In Review: Belated Edition
Mike is late with this one, so he doesn't get dessert.
11/13/13 Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Dated For February, Trailer
Pop quiz time: What's NOT coming out that month?
11/13/13 Watch Another Bravely Default English Trailer
Because those never hurt, right?
11/13/13 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Trailer
It's almost time.
11/13/13 InXile Brings Back Wasteland
That would be the first Wasteland, not the Kickstarted sequel.
11/13/13 Bravely Default Comes To North America in February
And we get a shiny collector's edition, too!
11/13/13 Videos: A Look At Thirteen Lightning Returns Costumes
More battle-y, less fanservicey.
11/13/13 DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Set For February
Get trapped in your Vita by a crazy bear on Valentine's.
11/13/13 Watch A Child of Light Walkthrough Video
See Ubisoft's pretty game in motion.
11/12/13 Montague's Mount Review
11/12/13 Persona5.jp Domain Registered
Is it finally time?
11/12/13 Watch This Half Hour Demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition
Go ahead, you deserve it.
11/11/13 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Screens Added
International version content finds its way into the remake. Score!
11/11/13 The Guided Fate Paradox Review
It's going to get weird.
11/09/13 Card Hunter Review
Breaking browser game stereotypes.
11/08/13 Next World of Warcraft Expansion Announced at Blizzcon 2013
Now I feel like playing WoW again. This is bad, guys.
11/08/13 RPGFan Music: Buried in the Snow - A Melancholy Tribute to FFVII, VIII, & IX
Is TPR capable of producing anything short of beautiful?
11/07/13 Shopping Returns: Outfitting Lightning
Let's go shopping and look at more customization in Lightning Returns: FFXIII.
11/07/13 Final Fantasy V On Sale On iOS
But only until Monday!
11/07/13 Random Encounter - Episode 72
It's super effective!
11/07/13 Ys: Memories of Celceta Releases On November 26
In North America, that is. In other news, Derek has exploded.
11/07/13 MapleStory 2 Annouced By Nexon
Don't worry, they aren't dropping support for the original game.
11/06/13 Here's An English Bravely Default Gameplay Trailer
Because you needed to see how pretty it is. Again.
11/06/13 Ar NoSurge Gallery Added
I bet you'll never guess what this game is a mashup of.
11/06/13 Blackguards Now Available Via Steam Early Access
Good news for The Dark Eye fans.
11/06/13 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Review
All the best puns are taken.
11/06/13 Valhalla Knights 3 Gold Announced
And we just got the localized version...
11/03/13 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy VI OST Remaster Version
Welcome back to Kefka's Domain.
11/02/13 RPGFan Music: Mars War Logs OST
Its effect is not as massive as you might think.
11/01/13 Muramasa Rebirth DLC Planned For North America, Europe
Get ready for Genroku Legends and cat ladies.
11/01/13 RPGFan's October 2013 Game of the Month
Xylophone is a funny word, isn't it?

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