News Archive: January 2014
Date Update
01/31/14 Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Box Art Revealed
Take that! Objection! A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved! etc.
01/31/14 Final Fantasy VII Mini Figures Now Available For Pre-Order
Sephiroth just looks so huggable.
01/31/14 Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition Now On 3DS eShop
It's free, but will only be available for a very limited time.
01/30/14 Conception II Coming To Europe
Now Europeans can make star babies too.
01/30/14 Meet Tales of Symphonia Chronicles' Cast In New Trailers
Or, you know, meet them again!
01/30/14 New Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Intro Trailer
Console sisters unite! Wait, what?
01/30/14 Divinity: Original Sin Hands-On Preview
Larian's latest hits Steam Early Access.
01/30/14 GameStop Leaks Mind Zero Release?
Apparently published by Aksys, coming in May.
01/29/14 RPGFan Music: Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3
Chrono-themed hat trick!
01/29/14 New DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Trailer
I really, really just don't know what's going on anymore.
01/29/14 Final Fantasy X / X-2 Art Exhibition Coming to Los Angeles
You can even get Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster early and signed!
01/29/14 New The Wolf Among Us Trailer For Episode 2
Bigby's back!
01/29/14 Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Announced For Release on Vita
Only in Japan, if you didn't already guess.
01/29/14 The Banner Saga Review
The banner will not be unwoven.
01/29/14 Here's a Final Fantasy XIII Series Recap... In 16 Bit-Style
Proof that Square Enix can still do it retro style.
01/29/14 There's A Final Fantasy PSN Sale In North America, Too
Need to stock up? Now is the time.
01/29/14 See The Witch And The Hundred Knight In Action
In new screenshots and video.
01/28/14 The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II To Be Localized For China and Korea
Plus, take a look at some new screenshots.
01/28/14 Crow Returns In Dreamfall Chapters
We have video to prove it!
01/28/14 Take A Look At Some Ar NoSurge Gameplay
It's pretty, and I want it.
01/28/14 Final Fantasy XIV Gets A Collector's Edition On PS4
You know, in case you didn't already buy the PS3 or PC Collector's Edition.
01/27/14 RPGFan Hiring Drive 2014: Seeking News Writers
Who wants to turn their hobby into a job?
01/26/14 Yasumi Matsuno Clarifies His Position On Unsung Story's Team
He just wants to make sure we're all on the same page.
01/26/14 Japanese Pokémon Centers To Give Out Special Gengar and Scizor
Hold on, I need to book a flight real fast.
01/26/14 Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Gets Japanese Pre-Order Bonuses
It's okay Capcom, North America doesn't want any of this anyway. (Yes we do.)
01/26/14 Trust Becomes Magic in Final Fantasy XI
And with it, you can call legendary heroes to your side!
01/26/14 Falcom Has Confirmed Next The Legend of Heroes Game Title
You'll never guess what it is. Or, actually, you'll guess really easily.
01/26/14 Genres Become Characters In Hyper Goddess Creed Noire
Can you guess which is which?
01/26/14 Learning to Enjoy in the Face of Negativity
A letter from the (Managing) Editor.
01/25/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.2 Details
A look inside the maelstrom, and the PS4 release.
01/25/14 RPGFan @ MAGFest 12
Video interview, Chasm preview, and more!
01/24/14 This Is The Pre-Order Bonus For Tales of Symphonia Chronicles In United Kingdom
It's pretty cute.
01/24/14 Agarest: Generations Of War Zero Announced For Steam
More and more JRPGs are coming to Steam!
01/24/14 New Trailers Show Yukiko And Shinjiro In Persona Q
Come, Konohana Sakuya!
01/24/14 RPGFan's Most Anticipated Games of 2014: 21-25 & Reader's Choice Winner
Come and see the last of our choices for 2014, and the one that you chose as well!
01/24/14 Demon Gaze Gets Release Date, New Media
New screen shots, and a look at the limited edition packaging!
01/23/14 PSN Final Fantasy Sale in Europe and Australia
Oh, and New Zealand too. We wouldn't forget you guys!
01/23/14 Pokémon Bank Finally Re-Released in Japan
The rest of us will have to wait just a little longer...
01/23/14 Final Fantasy VI Mobile Bugs and Spelling Errors Patched
They managed to spell Esper correctly! Hooray!
01/23/14 Guild Wars 2: Origin of Madness Now Available
Introducing a giant plant and a marionette.
01/23/14 Is Borderlands 2 Coming To Vita Soon?
It's quite possible!
01/23/14 Visual Novel Cinders Now On Steam Greenlight
Time to get your voting on.
01/23/14 Combat Returns: New Battle-Focused Trailer for Lightning Returns
Why Lightning, what big swords you have.
01/23/14 RPGFan's Most Anticipated Games of 2014: 16 - 20
Day four: A sequel, a suggestive acronym, and a game that may never leave this yearly feature.
01/23/14 Tales of Phantasia Now Available On iOS
And we have a review for you already!
01/22/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Screens Added
A look at new costumes for the Vita version.
01/22/14 Lightning Returns' Demo... Returns
And it yields costume unlocks and is now on PSN!
01/22/14 Daedalic's Blackguards Now Available
This is the full, official release this time.
01/22/14 Conception II Trailer, Release Date
Good news for your gaming schedule: It's not February OR March!
01/22/14 RPGFan Music: Dragon Fantasy Book II OST
A double dose of Dale's Dragon-y tunes!
01/22/14 RPGFan Music: Saturday Morning RPG "Christmas Adventure"
Just pretend like it's still December, okay?
01/22/14 RPGFan's Most Anticipated Games of 2014: 11 - 15
Day three: A bolt of lightning amid the death and darkness.
01/21/14 Bravely Default Story Trailer
Also inside: So. Many. Jobs.
01/21/14 Monster Monpiece Coming to North America & Europe
Yes, the screen-rubbing, tactical card-battling RPG is... coming out here.
01/21/14 Ace Attorney 1-3 To Be Re-Released In Japan For 3DS
Nintendo's handheld is starting to become the Ace Attorney machine!
01/21/14 DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Screens Added
Dreads never looked so awesome in a game.
01/21/14 Rhythm Encounter 12 - Red Letter Date
The destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.
01/21/14 New Details On The Lightning Returns Strategy Guide
But wait, there's more! A sweet new gameplay video!
01/21/14 The Dark Souls 2 Achievement/Trophy List Has Hit The Internet
It's already making me incredibly nervous.
01/21/14 Pre-Order Lightning Returns: FF XIII With Amazon For Yuna's Costume
Or wait until later and buy it through other means, apparently.
01/21/14 Rune Factory 4 European Release Cancelled
Go cancel that pre-order.
01/21/14 Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine (Enhanced Edition) Review
This is the enhanced version?
01/21/14 RPGFan's Most Anticipated Games of 2014: 6 - 10
Day two: Murderers, scoundrels, wolves, fairies, and baby makin'.
01/21/14 Tales of Vesperia $5 for Xbox Live Gold Members
Just in case Xillia for $10 on PS+ wasn't for you.
01/20/14 Koenchu! The Tale of the Voice Actress Review
This is the last time Andrew will dig into the backlog.
01/20/14 RPGFan's Most Anticipated Games of 2014: 1 - 5
Plus voting begins for our Reader's Most Anticipated Game of the Year
01/19/14 Final Fantasy VI Mobile Gallery
All the Ultros you can handle, now in your smartphone.
01/19/14 New Screens, Official Website Launched for Bound by Flame
Flaming bondage never looked so good.
01/19/14 Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Now Available on iPad
Make way villainy! Hero coming through!
01/19/14 Leader Of Criminal Guild Revealed in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
And his name is related to that of a famous yellow bear...
01/19/14 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Unboxed
Take a look at what will be included in a new video.
01/19/14 Valdis Story: Abyssal City Soundtrack Discounted
Plus, the game receives a new update with new bosses!
01/18/14 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Act I Review
An action RPG wrapped up in a book.
01/18/14 More Costume and Music DLC For Drakengard 3 In Japan
01/18/14 Fable Trilogy Coming Soon To Xbox 360 Marketplace
You know, just in case you haven't bought them already.
01/18/14 World End Economica New Translation Released
If you already own the game, you can download it now.
01/18/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Collections Vol.3
At last, the trilogy is complete!
01/18/14 Videos: Atlus Shows Off Chie and Akihiko In Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
You know what that means: kicks, punches, and beef bowl.
01/17/14 Redaction Returns: Scratch That, No Lightning Returns Demo For You
Well, that was quick.
01/17/14 New Images & Trailer for Dark Souls II
If this doesn't get you excited to die all over again, I don't know what will.
01/17/14 New Images for Lords of the Fallen
Still lookin' good, guys.
01/17/14 Yep, We're Getting Those DQX and FFXI Events in Final Fantasy XIV, Too
Never before have I found a Tarutaru so terrifying.
01/17/14 Muramasa Rebirth Nekomata DLC Now Out In North America
Europe, you'll get it next week.
01/17/14 The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 To Release In February
Almost there!
01/17/14 New Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Screenshots
Otherwise known as the story by pictures update.
01/17/14 World End Economica Wants To Be On Steam
And with your help, its dreams could become reality.
01/17/14 Watch Lightning Battle Caius and Noel in Lightning Returns: FFXIII
The boys are back in town.
01/17/14 Shin Megami Tensei IV Soundtrack Releases Next Month
It's guaranteed to make you feel like fusing some demons.
01/17/14 Bravely Default's Producer Feels The Game Has No More Room For Improvement
It's fine just the way it is, thanks.
01/16/14 Final Fantasy VI Now Available For Android
In both Europe and North America.
01/15/14 Dragon Quest X Gets Some Final Fantasy XI In It This Week
Now if we could just get a North American release date, we'd be in business.
01/15/14 Random Encounter - Episode 74
Sick tattoo, bro!
01/15/14 Gameplay Returns: Play the Lightning Returns Demo Now on Xbox 360
Plus, see more outfits, enemies, and returning characters in new screens.
01/15/14 Unsung Story Now Has A Kickstarter Campaign
Go ahead, get your wallet out.
01/14/14 Xenogears PERFECT WORKS To Be Reprinted
And yes, it's still going to be in Japanese.
01/14/14 Meet the Heroines of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
Complete with flashy transformation animations!
01/14/14 Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver Music Collection Now On iTunes
Gotta listen to them all!
01/14/14 Final Fantasy VI Mobile To Be Released On Android In Europe Tomorrow
North Americans and iOS users will have to wait a little longer.
01/14/14 RPGFan Music: Shining Ark Tenshi no Fandisc
Angels have their own fan discs?
01/13/14 Cross-Platform Play Could Decide What Platforms Unsung Story Releases On
Regardless, it's still going to be insanely pretty.
01/13/14 Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Remake Has New Post-Game Content
The replay value is endless, so free up some time.
01/13/14 Second Magi Game Gets a Japanese Release Date
New details have also been announced!
01/13/14 Tales of Xillia $10 For PlayStation Plus Users This Week
Now's your chance if you haven't jumped already.
01/12/14 RPGFan Music: The World Ends With You Crossover Tribute Review
What a wonderful world!
01/12/14 Pursuing My True Self: Identity in Role-Playing
Confront your shadows.
01/11/14 Torchlight II Free To Play This Weekend On Steam
And 75% off if you want to buy it!
01/11/14 Mini Final Fantasy Plush Now Available For Pre-Order
That Chocobo is adorable!
01/11/14 New Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue Evolution Trailer
Isn't it out yet?!
01/10/14 Farmers Revolt In A New Muramasa Rebirth DLC Trailer
Wow, look at those peasants go!
01/10/14 Across Age 2 Release Date Announced
There's a new trailer to watch, too.
01/10/14 Disgaea 4 Return Demo Now On Japanese PSN
Time to explode some Prinnies.
01/10/14 Special Edition Lightning Returns PS3 Controller To Be Sold In North America
You might want to pre-order this one if you're keen.
01/10/14 Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Gallery Update
Come take a look at some new gameplay and event screens.
01/10/14 New Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Screenshots
Including the trailer they come from.
01/09/14 Shining Force Gaiden Will Release On Virtual Store Next Week
In Japan, of course.
01/09/14 Falcom's President Elaborates On Upcoming Games And 2014
A new Trails game, and maybe even a new Ys, are on the horizon!
01/09/14 United States Pokémon Winter Regional Championships
In other news, X & Y's musical composer is leaving Game Freak.
01/09/14 The 3DS Remake of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Has A New Fusion Method
Building a perfect monster might be easier than you expect...
01/09/14 New Costume and Music DLC Released For Drakengard 3
And its director is keen to make a Drakengard 4.
01/09/14 New PokéMilage Rewards For Pokémon X & Y
Do you enjoy evolving Pokémon or buying clothes? You should read this.
01/09/14 Desktop Dungeons Review
I think you have to play roguelikes to be cool now.
01/08/14 30 Minutes Of Video Released For Dreamfall Chapters
I am struggling to contain my excitement right now.
01/08/14 New Content Announced For If My Heart Had Wings
Is it a fan disc or a sequel?
01/08/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Media Added
You're not surprised there's an Ayesha Plus, I hope.
01/08/14 Fantasy Flight Announces The Witcher Adventure Game
A board game from your favorite Witcher - also coming to iOS and Android.
01/07/14 Watch Lightning Returns: FFXIII's Third Behind-the-Scenes Video
So, about that whole 'thirteen days' thing...
01/07/14 Log Into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn For Free This Weekend
Eorzea misses you. Maybe it's sick of me.
01/07/14 Phantasy Star Online 2's Producers Discusses Plans for 2014
Plus, we might be seeing it in English soon... sort of.
01/07/14 New Nippon Ichi Titles In Development
And president Sohei Niikawa wants them to be "masterpieces."
01/07/14 Take A Look At Tales of Zestiria's World
Well, little pieces of it.
01/07/14 Solstice Hands-On Preview
A new visual novel from MoaCube.
01/06/14 To The Moon Now Available in Additional Languages
Now even more people around the world can enjoy it!
01/06/14 Kemco Releases Chrome Wolf on iOS
And also ports Journey to Kreisia to Android.
01/06/14 SaGa Series Creator Teases Something New For 2014
But what could it be?
01/06/14 Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Was Done By Virtuos
From Ben 10... to Final Fantasy X.
01/05/14 See The Witch's Hundred Knight Fight In A New Video
Along with some new screenshots.
01/05/14 New Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Trailer
Along with the extras included with the first print-edition.
01/05/14 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Gallery Update
Come check out the new screens!
01/05/14 Darkblood Chronicles Review
Dark, indeed.
01/05/14 Tales of Zestiria's Female Protagonist Detailed
Plus some other interesting information.
01/05/14 5pb Announces A New Visual Novel
Just wait until you hear the title...
01/05/14 New Trailer For Mobile RPG Alphadia Genesis
Plus new details on the voice acting and story.
01/03/14 Dischan Halting Game Development
A promising series will be shelved indefinitely.
01/03/14 All PS4 Users Will Have Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Beta Access
And you won't even need PlayStation Plus.
01/02/14 RPGFan's Games of the Year 2013
Come celebrate with us!
01/02/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy XI - Stolen Hearts / Nanaa Mihgo's
Vana'diel + violin = an adventurer's aural delight.
01/02/14 Hyper Goddess Creed Noire Limited Edition Detailed
Where do they come up with these names?
01/02/14 New Bravely Default Demo Out In North America
Now you can help rebuild Norende.
01/02/14 Imageepoch Is Developing A New Strategy RPG
Savior of JRPGs indeed.
01/02/14 Shivah (PC) Review
Proving that games don't have to be about laser-shooting monsters and magical girls.
01/01/14 Official Nintendo 3DS Party Coming To Hong Kong
It's very soon, and includes the distribution of a special Sylveon for Pokemon X & Y.
01/01/14 Freebird Games Releases To The Moon Minisode
And it's free!
01/01/14 Bravely Second's Sales Will Impact The Series' Future
And the first one isn't even out everywhere yet!
01/01/14 Multiple Keyblade Transformations Will Appear in Kingdom Hearts III
Even director Nomura can't believe it!
01/01/14 RPGFan Music: Drag-on Dragoon Chips Music
Happy new year! Let's listen to some chiptunes!

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