News Archive: February 2014
Date Update
02/28/14 Shin Megami Tensei Coming To iOS
Yes, the very first one! Check out the trailer.
02/28/14 Dark Souls II Coming To PC In April
And check out the collector's edition goodies!
02/27/14 The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 Release Date Revealed
Plus a new trailer for it!
02/27/14 More Details on Tales of Zestiria's Mikulio
Plus some other interesting facts!
02/27/14 Sacred 3 Coming To PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Come check out the announcement trailer!
02/27/14 Loren The Amazon Princess Review
Is that a run-on?
02/27/14 Deus Ex: The Fall Coming to PC
And it's coming soon!
02/26/14 Dark Souls II Behind The Scenes Trailer
And an interview with its co-director, Yui Tanimura.
02/25/14 Video: Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Unboxed
Shiny! Also dark.
02/25/14 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Launch Trailer
A final video to tempt you to pick it up! It's pretty convincing.
02/25/14 Bonds That Cannot Be Broken: Four Persona Games Announced For North America
Reach out to your dread... and dance!
02/23/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Screens Added
Escha & Logy bosses? Even more outfits? Yes.
02/23/14 Watch Tales of Symphonia Chronicles' Collector's Edition Unboxing
That's a mighty big soundtrack you have there.
02/23/14 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Trailers, Update
Special 3DS, special packages, special first-print bonuses ...the usual.
02/23/14 New Classes Revealed For Conception II
Your kids failed their last class? Don't worry, there's more!
02/22/14 Demon Gaze Gallery Update
Along with new info on characters to match.
02/22/14 Streaming: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta
Got something you want to see? Tune in at 6pm EST and check it out!
02/21/14 Off To A Slow Start: JRPG Stories
Andrew Barker explores the sluggish opening hours that seem traditional for JRPGs.
02/20/14 New Dark Souls II Trailer
02/20/14 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster New Features Trailer
I wasn't sure if I was going to get it... but it looks so good!
02/20/14 Muramasa Rebirth DLC To Launch in North America, Europe Next Week
You might say it's "A Cause To Daikon For." Because, you know, that's its title.
02/20/14 Genesis RPG Pier Solar HD May Reach 3DS
In the mean time, it's coming to pretty much every other platform.
02/20/14 Yoshinori Kitase Discusses Possibility of A Final Fantasy VII Remake
Will it happen? Maybe?
02/20/14 Namco Bandai Announce Tales Of Asteria
Before you get too excited, it's a mobile spin-off.
02/19/14 First English Trailer For Steins;Gate
And a release date announced!
02/18/14 Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Now Available & Discounted On Steam
Both the collector's and standard editions.
02/17/14 Gallery Updates & Debuts For NISA's 2014 Lineup
Battle Princess Fencer F: A Promise of Despair.
02/16/14 Learn More About The Classes Of Conception II
Put your kids in jobs and send them off to work! Or something like that.
02/16/14 Zero's Sisters Will Be Playable In Drakengard 3 DLC
Yes, all of them!
02/16/14 Final Fantasy XI Content Update Coming Very Soon
You can see it all in a new trailer.
02/16/14 New Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Trailer
Learn a little more about the mysterious Philia.
02/16/14 More Party Members Shown In Tales of Symphonia Chronicles' Trailers
Next up: Zelos, Presea and Regal.
02/16/14 First Screens For Monolith Soft's "X"
It pretty much looks like Xenoblade version 2. Not that I'm complaining.
02/14/14 Newest Pokémon Diancie Shown In First Trailer
In other news, Ruby and Sapphire OST now on iTunes!
02/14/14 NISA Announces Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, Fairy Fencer F, and Battle Princess of Arcadias Localizations
So. Many. RPGs.
02/14/14 DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye Despair Slated For Fall 2014 in North America and Europe For PSVita
And we barely touched the first one!
02/13/14 Meet The Next Party Member In Tales Of Zestiria
Something about his eyes scares me just a little bit...
02/13/14 More Details On Newest Pokémon Diancie
It can create diamonds. Pretty sure that's better than Meowth's Pay Day.
02/13/14 RPGFan Music: Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Super Music Collection
It's super-sized, all right.
02/12/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Trailer, Screens and Beta Details
You wanted to craft on your Vita while lying in bed, right?
02/11/14 Brand New Pokémon Revealed
...I only just completed my Pokedex, too!
02/11/14 Free DLC For Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
And a gallery update with plenty of new screens!
02/11/14 Arc System Works' Visual Novel Xblaze CODE:Embryo Is Being Localized
More English visual novels are always a good thing!
02/11/14 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review
The final strike.
02/10/14 Have A Really Romantic Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trailer
Something something Valentine's Day.
02/10/14 Compile Heart Announces Makai Ichiban Kan for PlayStation Vita
We know it's Compile Heart but... Disgaea and Phantom Brave people are also involved!
02/10/14 South Park: The Stick Of Truth To Release Soon
And you can pre-order it on Steam.
02/10/14 Dragon Age's Alistair Not A Party Member In DA: Inquisition
Though that doesn't mean he won't make an appearance.
02/10/14 New Persona Q Videos Introduce Yukari and Junpei
It's Stupei, Ace Defective!
02/10/14 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review
It's like Battle Royale. With a bear. An evil robot bear.
02/08/14 Random Encounter - Episode 75
We might get sued....
02/08/14 Persona Director Talks About The Philosophy Behind Persona 5
It's deep stuff, and also pretty inspirational.
02/07/14 Aksys Games' Magus Release Date Announced
And pre-orders are open.
02/07/14 Visual Novel And Travel Guide Go! Go! Nippon! Coming To Steam
Ikimashou! Let's go!
02/07/14 Bravely Default Review
Final Fantasy V-2?
02/07/14 Take a Look at Dark Souls II's Character Customization
You're gonna need to look your best, even when your constantly dying.
02/06/14 Take A Better Look At Bravely Default's Collector's Edition
Nintendo brings us a new video showing all.
02/06/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Opening Video Released
Expect catchy J-pop and cute anime girls.
02/06/14 Child Of Light Release Date Announced
There's a new trailer to see, too!
02/06/14 The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Review
Will you wait until all the episodes are released?
02/06/14 RPGFan's January 2014 Game of the Month
This has nothing to do with candy, I swear!
02/06/14 The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors Now Available
Continue on down that rabbit hole.
02/05/14 Murdered: Soul Suspect Gains Release Month, PS4 & Xbox One Versions
It won't be long now until you can solve your own murder.
02/05/14 Lara Croft Returns: Lightning Gets A Tomb Raider Costume, Too
Because why not, I suppose.
02/05/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Gallery Update
The series just isn't the same for me without Sterk...
02/05/14 Pokémon Bank Finally Available In North America
Now everyone can catch them all.
02/05/14 Drakengard 3 Releasing On May 20th
... With a limited edition too!
02/05/14 Final Fantasy VI Available On iOS Tomorrow
'Bout time!
02/05/14 The Enchanted Cave Review
Android games are on the rise.
02/05/14 The Witch and the Hundred Knight Trailer
A nice English overview of NIS America's next localization.
02/05/14 Introductions To Characters New And Old In Persona Q
See some friendly faces and learn more about two all new characters.
02/05/14 Pokémon Bank And Transfer Now Available In Europe And Australia
Time to get a free Celebi!
02/05/14 Alphadia Genesis Now Available On Android
Kemco went 3D!b
02/04/14 KingsRoad Hands-On Preview
Free-to-play browser games are the next big thing?
02/02/14 Official Japanese Tales Of Zestiria Website Now Open
Time to learn more about the world and story.
02/02/14 Might & Magic X - Legacy Review
Yep, they're still making these games.
02/01/14 Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi Limited Edition Announced
Including a love charm for all your romancing needs.
02/01/14 Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Detailed, New Trailer
Plus, news on pre-order bonuses.
02/01/14 Take A Closer Look at Blackguards in New Screens
Oh, and some artwork too!

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