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Date Update
03/29/14 New Screens & Trailer for Demon Gaze
Gaze into the eyes of... uh... I don't have an entertaining pun here.
03/29/14 More Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.2 Screen Shots
Leviathan, sahagins, kobolds, and so many moogles.
03/29/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Gallery Update
A better look at the portable console wars RPG.
03/29/14 Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Review
We now return to the return of Final Fantasy X returns.
03/29/14 A First Look At Destroyer Trillion
Compile Heart's newest project and their incoming hellish joyride.
03/29/14 New Details On Atelier Shari's Story And Gameplay
Check inside for new pictures, game mechanics and more!
03/28/14 Mind Zero Launching In May
More Vita RPGs? Always a good thing.
03/27/14 Golden Sun Coming To Wii U Virtual Console
Along wiht Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Zelda: Minish Cap!
03/27/14 Watch Atlus PR Play The Conception II Demo
Entertaining and informative!
03/27/14 Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Review
The fifteenth game in the series!
03/26/14 RPGFan Music: Borderlands 2: Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage OST
I have only one question for you. EXPLOSIONS?!
03/26/14 RPGFan Music: Dragon Quest X OST
Tunes from Square Enix's OTHER MMORPG!
03/26/14 Creator Of Ace Attorney Series Against Continuing Phoenix's Story
Though his involvement in Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright may suggest otherwise!
03/26/14 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Act II Will Release In April
I'm looing forward to drawing my Sommerswerd already.
03/26/14 Regency Love Review
In which Dave reveals his history with and love of Jane Austen's novels.
03/25/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Coming To North America and Europe This Summer
Console Wars: The RPG now in a portable device!
03/24/14 Diablo III Release On Xbox One In Limbo
But the PlayStation 4 release is nearly good to go!
03/24/14 Atelier Sharry: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea Announced For PlayStation 3
The 7th Atelier game on PS3 now has a name.
03/24/14 Dragon Quest IV Finds New Home on Smartphones in Japan
OMG u plyn Chapters of the Chosen?!? kewl
03/24/14 Random Encounter - Episode 77
Gonna have myself a time...
03/24/14 See WildStar's PVP Arenas and Battlegrounds in Action
Any official developer video that includes the term "roflstomping" is just peachy by me.
03/23/14 New Screens & Art for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Behold the cuteness.
03/23/14 Child of Light Media
Give Ubisoft's upcoming RPG another look.
03/23/14 Moebius: Empire Rising GDC 2014 Screens, Trailer
A look at Jane Jensen's newest title.
03/23/14 Conception II Videos: Meet Narika and Serina
What's an RPG about copulation without some options?
03/23/14 Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Media Added
Check out the 3D remake in a trailer and some screens.
03/23/14 Shadowrun: Dragonfall Review
It's like a brand new game.
03/22/14 Final Fantasy XIV: ARR's Titan Extreme Mode... in 16-Bit!
If they had to bring one MMO to your Super Nintendo... we hope they'd make it this one!
03/22/14 RPGFan Music: Re:Birth II -Sen- / SaGa Battle Arrange
Typing that name out was a SaGa all on its own.
03/22/14 RPGFan Music: Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
Bunkers and Badasses, ho!!
03/21/14 WildStar Beta Preview
Pre-orders are now open!
03/21/14 Naoto and Ken Showcased in Newest Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Videos
The great detective and S.E.E.S. member get their own time in the spotlight.
03/20/14 Mugen Souls Z Gallery Update
I don't know if I could live in a universe with an undisputed god named Chou-Chou.
03/20/14 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection Now Available On iTunes
Chatot cover of the Pokerap will not be included as a bonus track.
03/20/14 Dark Souls II Review
Does the series survive a change in directors?
03/20/14 Borderlands Spinoff Coming to Mobile Devices
Let's be bad guys.
03/20/14 Gust Announces Next Atelier Game, Final Of The Dusk Trilogy
Check out the first art and trailer.
03/19/14 Nintendo To Release Limited Edition Persona Q 3DS In Japan
It's Velvet Room themed.
03/19/14 First Sacred 3 Gameplay Trailer Released
And the launch date announced.
03/18/14 South Park: The Stick of Truth Review
A licensed game that isn't shovelware?
03/18/14 Doggins Review
A cute adventure game for the iOS.
03/18/14 Where's Our Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Review?
We're waiting on FFX-2 Vita to become active!
03/17/14 Parasol-Wielding Edna Is The Next Tales Of Zestiria Character
Welcome aboard a sassy anti-Peach.
03/17/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Encore
We chat with Austin Wintory for one last hurrah.
03/17/14 Warner Bros. Interactive Announces Gauntlet Reboot
And it's out this summer.
03/16/14 XSEED Games Announces Day One DLC List for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
A bevy of optional add-ons for the improved title, including some Grandia goodies!
03/16/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Seven
The explosive finale! Rhythm Encounter listens to YOUR favorites!
03/16/14 Bound By Flame Gets a Release Date, Too
My, how thorny you are, new screen shots.
03/16/14 WildStar Launches In June, Pre-Orders Begin This Week
As you can imagine, there's multiple editions, plus additional perks for pre-ordering.
03/16/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Six
Josh Whelchel dishes on Loudr!
03/16/14 This is My Story: A Report From the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Launch Event
Read all about Square Enix's launch event for Tuesday's release, and gaze upon so. much. artwork.
03/15/14 Mugen Souls Z to See Western Release
Chou-Chou and peons return courtesy of NIS America.
03/15/14 Angry Birds Goes Turn-Based RPG
We're not kidding.
03/15/14 Compile Heart Announces Vita RPG Destroyer Trillion
Including help from Disgaea 4's director.
03/14/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Five
Check out our staff picks for the absolute best that 2013 had to offer!
03/14/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.2 Dated, Screens, Trailer
You say you want a battle on a big bridge?
03/13/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Four
Rhythm Encounter Episode II: Attack of the Steinman
03/13/14 Darkrai To Be Distributed To Pokemon X & Y In Japan
As long as you pre-order tickets to the new movie.
03/13/14 999 To Be Released On iOS
With all puzzles removed and a new flowchart feature.
03/13/14 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Collector's Edition Unboxing
See the artbook, soundtrack and more!
03/12/14 More Details On Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Dungeon mapping, team member options, Teddy Harems and more returning faces!
03/12/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Three
We chat with the man behind the music of Final Fantasy XIV, Masayoshi Soken!
03/12/14 Quickfire Games Announces Visual Novel Exogenesis
Jump inside for a trailer.
03/12/14 Final Fantasy X / X-2HD Remaster Launch Trailer, Screens
So here's some new media.
03/11/14 Conception II Character Video: Meet Torri
She hopes to go home with you.
03/11/14 The Witcher 3 Delayed Until 2015
Hold me.
03/11/14 Details On Tales Of Zestiria's Back-Story Emerge
Are you there, Heavenly Tribe? It's me, Zestiria.
03/11/14 Ore ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Otsu HD Coming to PlayStation Vita
We have no idea what this game is, but it's an RPG... On the Vita!
03/11/14 Earthlock: Festival of Silence Relaunches Kickstarter Campaign
A wild indie RPG reappears!
03/11/14 More Information on Drakengard 3's DLC
Meet the Intoner sisters and more!
03/11/14 RPGFan Music: Path of Exile OST
It's Music Week, so we can't let you go without an album review!
03/11/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day Two
We chat with Shota Nakama, mastermind of the Video Game Orchestra.
03/10/14 Music of the Year 2013 - Day One
RPGFan Music and Rhythm Encounter celebrate 2013!
03/08/14 Conception II Demo Available This Month, New Screens
Early labour? I suppose you can call it that.
03/08/14 Video: Discover Dragon Age: Inqusition's Environments
All the pretty of a next-gen title.
03/08/14 Square Enix Wants to Know How You Feel About Kingdom Hearts
Players are being polled for their feelings on all things related to the series.
03/08/14 Atelier Ayesha Plus Coming To Vita Featuring Tons of Bonuses
Gustís rerelease of the popular JRPG features additional content and an eye catching Limited Edition!
03/08/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.1 - A Realm Awoken Review
Featuring the musical work of critically acclaimed director Tim Blurton.
03/08/14 RPGFan Music: Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Arrangements & Variations
More Monarch melodies.
03/08/14 Mvisioning Launches Toby's Island! Kickstarter
Yes, that exclamation mark is part of the title.
03/07/14 RPGFan Music: Monarch: Heroes of a New Age OST
Kneel and be knighted by these tunes.
03/06/14 Watch Child Of Light's Co-Op In Action
Including a brief peak at the deluxe edition.
03/06/14 New Pier Solar HD Trailer And Screens
And learn how you can be involved in the beta!
03/05/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.2 Screens Added
Of water and weapons.
03/05/14 Murdered: Soul Suspect Dated For June
Solve your own murder, because apparently you'll die later this spring. Lovely.
03/05/14 The Guided Fate Thesis Announced for PlayStation 3, Trailer
Not-Disgaea, the sequel!
03/05/14 The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 Review
A House Divided.
03/05/14 Square Enix Announces Rise Of Mana
And we have so many videos to show you.
03/04/14 Drakengard 3 Second Tier Pre-order Items Revealed
Plus a novella, and developer video.
03/04/14 Diablo III Updates To Patch 2.0.1
Check out all the features in a new video.
03/04/14 Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 4 Review
We admit this one's a little late.
03/03/14 Random Encounter - Episode 76
Jobs and outfits galore!!!
03/01/14 Visual Novel Series Dysfunctional Systems Gets Kickstarted
All hope it not yet lost for the series!
03/01/14 World End Economica -Part 1- Review
Another VN for your pleasure.

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