News Archive: August 2014
Date Update
08/29/14 A First Look at the World of Lords of the Fallen
Harkyn is the only hope of saving the world, as only evil can defeat evil... apparently.
08/29/14 Etrian Odyssey 2's Arianna Gets Her Own Trailer
The Princess of the the Duchy of Caledonia would like to politely introduce herself.
08/29/14 Check Out Bravely Second's Newest Video
This beautifully crafted trailer shows off more of the upcoming Winter release!
08/29/14 Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For 3DS
Which, unfortunately, you'll need a new model of 3DS to play...
08/28/14 BEEP: A History of Game Sound Now on Kickstarter!
Plus, an exclusive announcement of a legendary composer attached to the project!
08/28/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature an Improved Quest Log and Interface
Less scrolling? Yay!
08/28/14 Mistwalker Release First Full Trailer For Terra Battle
We've also got some details on how to pre-register for its release.
08/27/14 Random Encounter - Episode 84
Leave no stone unturned!
08/27/14 Etrian Odyssey 2 Gets a Release Date and a Chef
We've also got details on the extras players can expect this Winter!
08/27/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Multiplayer
And here is a trailer.
08/27/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X to Have a World Five Times Larger Than Predecessor
...Holy cow.
08/26/14 Learn More About Paladins, Hunters, Shiva and Resonance in Final Fantasy Explorers
So many new screens!
08/26/14 Fencers and Fairies Merge in New Fairy Fencer F Screenshots
And also in the new trailer!
08/26/14 The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 Review
No spoilers!
08/26/14 Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- Review
New Vita RPGs are always nice to hear about.
08/26/14 New Gameplay Videos For Idol RPG Omega Quintet
The bad news: its release has been delayed.
08/25/14 Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy to Come with I, II, and Omega
Four Chaos Rings for the price of one!
08/25/14 Watch the First Ever Gameplay Footage of Bravely Second
It will also be playable at TGS this year!
08/25/14 See Both Angel and Demon Modes in a New Awakened Fate Ultimatum Video
Demons aren't too intimidating in chibi form.
08/25/14 Natural Doctrine's Newest Video Shows How You Can Blow up Obstacles
Pew pew!
08/24/14 See New Transformation and Character Videos For Tales of Zestiria
And a release date will be revealed soon!
08/24/14 New Introductory Trailer and TV Spots For Dragon Quest X 3DS
And even a 'making of' the TV spot!
08/24/14 Localisation For Visual Novel Clannad In Progress
The times, they are a changin'.
08/22/14 Rhythm Encounter 16 - Schmoozin' with Schafianski
We schmooze smoothly with Sean Schafianski.
08/22/14 The Final Episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 Available This Week
Oh my darling, Clementine.
08/22/14 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Hits 3DS Next Week
Case solved.
08/22/14 Legend of Grimrock Announced For iOS
Back to the prison we go.
08/21/14 Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review
It's like that time everyone saw Mike's underwear in The Room.
08/20/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Gets a Japanese Release Date
Not to mention Ramuh, Fenrir, Time Mage, and Ninja.
08/20/14 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley to Feature More Animal Traits Than Ever Before
You mean I have to raise cows differently from chickens?
08/20/14 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review
Expanded devil fighting from the comfort of your couch!
08/20/14 Paladin and Hunter Job Classes Confirmed For Final Fantasy Explorers
And Shiva will be there too.
08/20/14 Watch Bloodborne Gamescom Demo Video Walkthrough
Gamescom has been good to us!
08/19/14 Quest for Infamy Review
Not to be confused with Quest for Glory.
08/19/14 RPGFan Music: Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX
You won't believe what happens when one editor tries to force Tonberry references!
08/19/14 Pokemon Fans in China Petition For Localisation
Good luck, guys!
08/19/14 Fantasy Life Release Date Set For Europe, New Trailer
About a month before North America.
08/17/14 The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 Now Live in Guild Wars 2
Tyria is not yet free of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.
08/17/14 New Blackguards 2 Teaser Trailer
Daedalic is back with a new The Dark Eye strategy RPG.
08/17/14 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review
Dusk of an old world.
08/17/14 The Detail Hands-On Preview
Or, The Moral Ambiguity Among Us.
08/17/14 New Screens For Danganronpa 2
Monokuma's in a suit!
08/16/14 New Off-Screen Bloodborne Videos From Gamescom
You died.
08/16/14 Watch the Pokemon World Championships Live Via Twitch
Plus, see the trailers for previously leaked Mega Evolutions of Slowbro and Audino.
08/16/14 Watch EverQuest Next's Official Keynote Address
Well, if you have an hour to spare.
08/16/14 Ether One Coming to PlayStation 4, Built From Scratch
Great news for traditional adventure and exploration fans.
08/16/14 New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Videos Take Us Through Disney Worlds
But not "whole new world[s]."
08/15/14 A New Batch Of The Witcher 3 Images
If your day wasn't awesome enough already, we've got the solution.
08/15/14 A Dream Team of Former Employees Come Together for X-Tactics
Have a look at this new mobile RPG from previous Square Enix, Capcom, and Sega team members.
08/15/14 New Media for Dragon Age: Inquisition
My my, that's one misty little kingdom you've got there.
08/15/14 New Media and a Sneak Peek at Sword Art Online's Free DLC Pack
Also, some information on the game's first free major update.
08/14/14 Dreamfall Chapters a PlayStation 4 Exclusive on Consoles
But don't worry, it's still coming first to PC, Mac and Linux as planned.
08/14/14 New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Straight From Gamescom
Darkness descends over Thedas.
08/14/14 A First Look at Bloodborne
The official trailer has finally been released!
08/13/14 Alphadia Genesis (Android) Review
Generic JRPGs are Kemco's specialty!
08/13/14 Shadowgate Hands-On Preview
Retro preview? Nope, this one's being rebooted.
08/13/14 Obsidian Acquires Pathfinder License
This could be very, very good.
08/13/14 CD Projekt Red Set the Tone for The Witcher 3
A new developer video describes the upcoming world and setting.
08/12/14 Gawk at Ar Nosurge In 50 New Images
A veritable platter of new screens and a generous helping of character art will... okay, now I'm hungry.
08/12/14 Rogue Legacy (Playstation Ports) Review
Our family line is cursed with vertigo and hypergonadism.
08/12/14 New Mega Evolutions For Slowbro and Audino in Pokemon Alpha & Omega Leaked
08/12/14 Meet Chaos Rings III's Heroes and Learn What Brings Them Together
New story details inside!
08/12/14 Visual Novel Chaos;Child to Release in Japan This November
The fourth in their "Science Adventure" series.
08/11/14 Expanded Details on New Mega Pokemon and Contests in Alpha & Omega
Including a new trailer!
08/11/14 New Go! Go! Nippon! Visual Novel in Development
Travel guide, round two.
08/10/14 New Natural Doctrine Trailer and Screenshots
Take a look at different multiplayer modes.
08/10/14 Clannad [Full Voice] Review
A visual novel to make you weep.
08/10/14 New Mega Evolutions Announced For Pokemon Alpha & Omega
Along with new details on Pikachu costumes and in-game contests.
08/10/14 Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Cofirmed For iOS in North America, Europe
Must. Avoid. Making. Objection. Pun. ...Take that!
08/09/14 Gallery Debut for Hatoful Boyfriend
Make your pigeon dating dreams come true later this month.
08/09/14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn One Year Anniversary Site Opens
And promises lots of new events and goodies soon.
08/09/14 Tales Producer Shows Off Xillia 2's Limited Day One Metal Case
Yep, a whole video dedicated to it. For some reason.
08/08/14 Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon Coming to X & Y in PAL Regions Too
Yay! I'll certainly be grabbing one.
08/08/14 Early Details on Etrian Odyssey 2 3DS Remake
A princess, a ceremony, and a strange transformation? This remake is already shaping up nicely!
08/08/14 Two Additions to Tales Of Zestiria's Roster and New Character Intro Videos
Meet Sergei and Lucas and check out the latest Kamui Mode fusion options!
08/08/14 NIS America Streaming Natural Doctrine Multiplayer at 4:30 PM PST
See the game in action for yourself.
08/08/14 Of Blood and Song - An Analysis of Drakengard 3
Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.
08/07/14 Chaos Rings III Will Have Over 50 Hours of Content
Well, we all know those numbers are always at least a little exaggerated.
08/07/14 Breath of Fire 6 Heading to iOS, Android, Browsers in Spring of 2015
And maybe we'll see it in the west?
08/07/14 World of Warcraft Down 800,000 Subscribers in Three Months
But perhaps it's only a temporary lull before the new expansion?
08/06/14 Pokemon X & Y Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon Can Be Caught by North Americans
But only until August 12th!!
08/06/14 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Act III Available Now
Get your Shianti power cubes ready.
08/06/14 Dragon Quest IV Available Later Today on iOS in North America
And it's already out in Australia and New Zealand!
08/06/14 PlayStation Owner? RPG Fan? This Sale Is For You!
Tons of discounts on RPGs for PSP, PS3, and PSVita.
08/06/14 Crypt of the NecroDancer Hands-On Preview
This roguelike's got the rhythm.
08/06/14 Etrian Odyssey 2 Remake Heading to 3DS
Check out the debut trailer.
08/06/14 Final Fantasy XI August Update Just Around the Corner
There's still more new stuff on the way for this gracefully aging MMO.
08/06/14 Xblaze: Lost Memories Announced For PS3 and Vita in Japan
Nobodies and lost memories? KH, anyone?
08/05/14 Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons' New Trailer Shows New Features
Including the new Scourge Warlock class.
08/05/14 MMORPG Burning Blade Now on Android
Another loot-filled MMO hits Google Play.
08/05/14 Danganronpa 2's Includes New Logic Dives and Rebuttal Showdowns
See those new features and more in our updated gallery.
08/05/14 Bioshock Heading to iOS
Would you kindly read this article?
08/05/14 Secret of Mana Coming to Android in Fall
And it's currently discounted on iOS!
08/05/14 New Dragon Quest Monsters Currently in Development
A slime draws near!
08/04/14 Chaos Rings III Announced For Vita, Android, iOS
Come take a look at the first revealed screens.
08/04/14 Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Review
Better than the original, but...
08/04/14 Squids Odyssey Review
Cute but tough.
08/04/14 Part 1 of The Dragon's Reach Now Live in Guild Wars 2
And we've got some new screens in our gallery.
08/02/14 Bravely Second to Feature New Writing Team
And a slew of media for the new jobs? Sign me up!
08/02/14 Alliance Chopper Coming to World of Warcraft Too
Nobody misses out!
08/02/14 NIS America Swaps Release Dates For Fairy Fencer F and Natural Doctrine
Just to keep you on your toes.
08/02/14 Heracross and Pinsir to Be Distributed to Pokemon X & Y
Along with Mega Stones if you live in North America.
08/02/14 Meet Jupiel From The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
Will you save her? Or let her die?
08/01/14 Classi Point-And-Click Remake Shadowgate Launching August
It's quite the upgrade!
08/01/14 Videos and Details from the Tales of Zestiria Live Stream
We've got the full breakdown from the Nico Nico Douga Live Stream Event.
08/01/14 Rhythm Encounter 15 - Hometown
Oh Derek, won't you come back to your homeeee towwwnnn?

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