News Archive: November 2014
Date Update
11/30/14 New Tales of Zestiria Screenshots and Video
Care for some post-combat banter?
11/30/14 Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Character Cameo Details
All Final Fantasy games should have Vivi in it.
11/30/14 Go Toe-to-toe with Alexander and Diablos in Final Fantasy Explorers
The summon beasts just want to protect the crystals from nasty human interference.
11/30/14 Final Fantasy XV Preview
We've played the game!
11/30/14 Rollers of the Realm Reviews: PC, PS4, PS Vita
Pinball makes me rage.
11/29/14 New Disgaea 5 Demon Lord and Character Class Details
Zombie maids, enough said.
11/29/14 Disgaea 5 Gallery Debut
Get your revenge on with 50+ new images of Disgaea's PS4 debut.
11/29/14 Choose Your Own Adventure With Lone Wolf HD Remastered
The action-RPG/gamebooks make their way to Steam.
11/28/14 First Clips of Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon
We're already getting a taste of the recently announced dungeon crawler!
11/28/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy X-2 OST (HD)
The definitive version of all things FFX-2 music?
11/28/14 Ace Attorney Localization Director Talks Translation
Janet Hsu comments on the difference between localization and translation.
11/28/14 New PvP RPG From Square Enix Available on Android
No, it's not a Final Fantasy port.
11/28/14 Pigeon Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend Migrating to PS4 and Vita
Gaming has either reached a new form of high art or finally jumped the shark.
11/28/14 Check Out Bravely Second's New Villain
Another masked man with spiky hair!
11/28/14 Criminal Girls: Invite Only to See February US Release
It'd be a crime to miss this one.
11/28/14 Telltale's Game of Thrones Will Drop Early December on All Consoles
As in next week.
11/28/14 An RPG Fan's Guide To Black Friday 2014
A list of what's on sale this year, whether you're shopping for your friends, family, or - let's admit it - yourself too.
11/27/14 Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 Now Available
In case you couldn't tell from the giant review graphic above.
11/27/14 Worlds Connect in New Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX Trailers
Let's get down to business to defeat the Heartless!
11/27/14 Dreamfall Chapters Book 2 Announcement Trailer
There will be rebellion! Apparently.
11/27/14 Philia and Klein Are Back For Sword Art Online: Lost Song
It's like seeing old friends!
11/27/14 Blackguards 2 is Coming in January - See the Latest Trailer
Hey, that's not too long of a wait, is it?
11/27/14 Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 Review
Telltale kicks off another new episodic series, this time set in the world of Gearbox's acclaimed titles.
11/27/14 Etrian Odyssey and The Mystery Dungeon Details
Cross over fun for everyone.
11/26/14 New Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century Screenshots
They churn these out pretty quickly!
11/26/14 The Longest Journey Now Available on iOS
Go back to where it all started.
11/26/14 Visual Novel Rewrite Headed to PlayStation 3 in Japan
Demons, superpowers, high school students, the usual.
11/26/14 First Patch Released for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Bugs fixed! Probably.
11/26/14 "Dewesternized" Version Of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Released
And its new sequel is now available on Steam!
11/26/14 Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord - The Review
Strategy RPG meets visual novel in Atlus' second-latest release.
11/26/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster OST
The music you remember not as you remember it.
11/26/14 Two New Etrian Odyssey Games Announced For 3DS
"Dungeon RPG is forever," indeed.
11/26/14 Persona Q Gets Some DLC Love
I would probably pay money to hear Elizabeth again...
11/26/14 Steam Transition for Dark Souls PC Delayed to December
Wait to praise the sun.
11/26/14 Persona Q Launches - Watch the Launch Trailer & More
Wait, you're still not convinced to buy it?
11/25/14 Tales of Zestiria Dragon Types Explained!
It's a frost dragon right? That turns into a Charizard? No?
11/25/14 Meet Some of the People Making Xenoblade Chronicles X
Lots of familiar faces and an exciting new one!
11/25/14 Dark Souls II Bringing the Pain to PS4 and Xbox One
In other news, the sun came up this morning.
11/24/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation Gets an English Language Release Date
Get ready to save Gamindustri once again!
11/24/14 Pier Solar HD Is Now Available Basically Everywhere
Eat your Watermelon!
11/24/14 New Details on Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal
It's as close to a Chrono sequel as we might ever get.
11/24/14 RPGFan Music: A Fleeting Dream: A Melancholy Tribute to Final Fantasy X Review
The dream might be fleeting, but this music will stay with you for a long time.
11/24/14 Rhythm Encounter 18 - Theme Park
Mike's just going to stick around forever.
11/24/14 The Banner Saga Is Now Available On Android
Just... just take my money.
11/24/14 PlayStation 4 To Be Graced With New Korean RPGs
The PS4's RPG drought could be ending soon.
11/23/14 Grab a Shiny Beldum for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Distributed online for a limited time only.
11/23/14 Game of Thrones Needs Six Episodes To Tell its Story
And its writer and design director explain why.
11/23/14 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Media Update
Multiplayer details and more screenshots about this upcoming action-RPG.
11/23/14 First English Screenshots of Hyperdevotion Noire Revealed
And it's not too far to its release.
11/23/14 Play Triple Traid on Final Fantasy's New Portal App
Maybe I'll finally get that Eden card!
11/23/14 You Can't Please Everyone ...Can You?
The ups and downs of befriending everyone in your party, even if you're just lying to them all.
11/21/14 Story of Seasons Has Been Translated and Edited
Now when's that release date?!
11/21/14 Development of Xenoblade Chronicles X is Almost Complete
You will soon be romping through vast open worlds in your own giant mech.
11/21/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's New Goddess is Named Orange Heart
Moe overwhelming.
11/21/14 Hajime Tabata Talks Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XV Demo
The hype is real.
11/20/14 New Legend of Legacy Trailer
Dagger, is that you!?
11/20/14 Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Will Include Some DLC
Regrettably, there's no Ezio armor.
11/20/14 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review
Isn't Persona supposed to have randomized dungeons?
11/20/14 Watch the First Real Trailer for Telltale's Game of Thrones
Teaser trailer for episode one features both familiar and not-so-familiar faces.
11/20/14 Punch, Shoot and Slam in a Series of New Disgaea 5 Clips
No prinnies were harmed in the making of these videos.
11/19/14 Blizzard To Give Out Free World of Warcraft Time
Five days to be exact.
11/19/14 Tales of Zestiria Will Have Even More DLC Costumes
This announcement surprises approximately no one.
11/19/14 Starting a Rebellion: Rebel Galaxy Interview
We talk to Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer about their first game at their new company.
11/19/14 Omega Quintet Western Localization Announced
Get read to master the art of idol management.
11/19/14 Nintendo of America Offering Free Copies of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
But, of course, there's a rather interesting catch.
11/19/14 XSEED Says Brandish Should Be Out By the End of 2014
Fingers crossed!
11/19/14 Stella Joins Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Century
Do you have any idea how hard it is to proofread a title like that? Do you?! (Andrew: yes.)
11/19/14 Dragon Quest V Coming to Smartphones
Time to kill some metal slimes!
11/19/14 Three New Final Fantasy Mobile Apps Announced
Now you can play Triple Triad on the go.
11/18/14 Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Hands-On Preview
Andrew reports in on the contents of the demo.
11/18/14 Earn Special Starter Weapons in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Grab some sweet loot before you ever boot up the game.
11/18/14 Pokémon Omega & Alpha's Episode Delta Explores the Origins of Mega Evolution
I, for one, am mega excited.
11/17/14 RPGFan Music: The Lost Chronicles of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey OST Review
Not be be confused with Dragons' Age!
11/17/14 Yet Another Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer
This constant teasing is killing me... come out already!
11/17/14 New Persona Q Videos Detail FOEs and Maps
Only somebody of the Fool Arcana would dare challenge... oh, right. Welp.
11/17/14 Legend of Legacy's Combat System Detailed
Please sign here and initial here to gain access to magic powers.
11/16/14 RPGFan Music: Shining the Holy Ark OST Review
A blast from the Sakuraba past!
11/16/14 New Shining Resonance Footage
Rock the dra... oh, wait, we already made a DBZ reference? Oh, well.
11/16/14 Paths Will Be Tangled in Guild Wars 2's Newest Update
Check out the first trailer.
11/16/14 Horror Adventure Game The Last Door Now on Mobile Devices
Android everywhere, iOS in some regions.
11/15/14 RPGFan Music: Penny Arcade 4 OST Review
Penny for your thoughts?
11/15/14 Final Fantasy XV To Have A More Realistic Combat System
Think Kingdom Hearts but with more weight.
11/15/14 Deoxys To Appear in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Along with pretty much every other legendary!
11/15/14 New Final Fantasy Explorers Demo Footage
I want this game, like, yesterday.
11/15/14 Tales from the Borderlands Now Has a Trailer
Return to Pandora, Telltale style.
11/15/14 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming To Steam
Cue heavy metal chocobo theme!
11/15/14 A Bird Story Review
From the creators of To the Moon.
11/15/14 10 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV's World in HD
So awesome.
11/15/14 Majora's Mask 3D Will Feature Brand New Content
Like fishing! And, unfortunately, some New 3DS only additions.
11/15/14 Opening Movie for Etrian Odyssey Untold II Revealed
Let's all go to the movies!
11/15/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation Opening Cinematic Revealed
That was quite a mouthful.
11/14/14 RPGFan Music: Transistor OST Review
New editor on the scene, and she's TRANSISTING!
11/14/14 Random Encounter - Episode 87
Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon!
11/13/14 Tales of Zestira New Character Spotlight
Finally a chance to see the new additions in action!
11/13/14 RPGFan Music: New Blood!
There are changes afoot!
11/13/14 World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Released Today
Check out the new trailer.
11/12/14 Bloodborne Delayed to March 24th
11/12/14 Random Encounter Streams Dragon Age Tonight
Rob and Stephen yell at bears and rams and each other.
11/11/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Online Elements
But the developers are still playing it close to the chest.
11/11/14 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: Season 2 Free on iOS and Android
That a girl, Clem!
11/11/14 See Chapter 2 of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
For those of us who don't need our games to be overly serious.
11/11/14 Higurashi When They Cry Coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita in Japan
"What's a sound novel," you ask? The answer lies within...
11/11/14 More Persona Q Videos Than You'll Know What To Do With
Oh, and a lot of new screen shots, too.
11/11/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition Review
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
11/11/14 RPGFan Music: 'Forever Today' Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack PLUS Released
The fifth Final Fantasy XI expansion's soundtrack gets an expansion of its own.
11/11/14 Tales of Hearts R Review
Saving a girl's heart, one shard at a time.
11/10/14 Pokemon Omega & Alpha Eon Ticket Only Available Via StreetPass
Why, Nintendo? WHY?
11/10/14 Clannad English Translation Gets Kickstarted
The illusionary world is coming.
11/10/14 Telltale to Release First of Six Game of Thrones Episodes
The folks behind The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead are making Westeros a little bloodier.
11/10/14 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Media Update
I always did have a soft spot for Lisbeth.
11/10/14 Bravely Second's New Gameplay Features Featured
Not a typo! Intended hilarity.
11/10/14 Square Enix Has a Release Date in Mind for Final Fantasy XV
Place your bets, place your bets!
11/09/14 Majora's Mask 3D In Development Since 2011
Read what Eiji Anouma has to say about it.
11/09/14 New Tales of Hearts R Screenshots
And learn about Despir sickness.
11/07/14 See How Pokémon Omega and Alpha Compare to their Originals
Oh how far we've come...
11/07/14 Atelier Shallie Western Box Art Revealed
And the European release date announced!
11/07/14 Atlus Shows Off Improvements to the Latest Etrian Odyssey
Thanks, Persona Q!
11/07/14 The Ancient Labyrinth Opens in Lords of the Fallen This Winter
Are you up to the challenge?
11/07/14 Final Fantasy XI Gets a New Update
Yes, you read that right. No, it's not 2002.
11/07/14 Koei Tecmo Dates Atelier Ayesha Plus, Atelier Shallie For North America
The first quarter of next year looks good for alchemists.
11/07/14 Majora's Mask 3D Finally Announced
See the first trailer and collector's edition.
11/06/14 The Witcher 3 to come with 16 FREE DLC packs
If you thought the adventure come out fully on release day, we've got some great news for you.
11/06/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 Director Wants to Make It a Series
Would the sequel be called Type-1?
11/06/14 Meet the Latest Cast Member of Dragon Age: Inquisition
A new mage joins the fray.
11/06/14 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector's Edition Announced
Great, now I have to use that title eight times in a news story.
11/05/14 Silence: The Whispered World II Coming to Xbox One
*insert Inception music here*
11/05/14 Dragon Age Producer Discusses Skyrim's Impact on the RPG Genre
Fus ro dah!
11/05/14 Lords of the Fallen Review
Don't reference Dark Souls, don't reference Dark Souls...
11/05/14 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Gallery Update
Taaaaake this!
11/04/14 The Keep Review
A European dungeon crawler for the 3DS.
11/03/14 Brand New Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo and Details Emerge
11/03/14 Final Fantasy Agito+ Delayed and Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Temporarily Taken Down
Well oops...
11/03/14 Check Out the Danganronpa Stage Play Rehearsal
Now with more murder!
11/03/14 Valkyria Chronicles PC Specs Released
60 frames per second, baby!
11/03/14 Dragon Age: Inquisition First Hands-On Preview
Stephen plays over five hours of the new Dragon Age!
11/02/14 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gets a New Area, Better Translations, and a Limited Edition
An entirely new continent has been added for players to fly around and explore!

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