News Archive: December 2014
Date Update
12/31/14 Nose to the Grindstone: Scaling (or Not) in RPGs
Slaughter that slime? Or duel to the death with a Daedra?
12/31/14 New Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker Videos Feature Anguished One, Game Mechanics
Demon summoning and purple-haired AI companions. Where can I download this app?
12/31/14 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.5 Releasing on January 20th
Yoshi P giving us a New Years present.
12/30/14 New Characters And Plot Synopsis For Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Do I get a complimentary box of Lucky Charms if I join the Shamrock guild?
12/30/14 RPGFan Music: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 HD ReMIX OST Reviews
They do not give love a bad name.
12/30/14 New Trading System in The Legend of Legacy Uses Ships
Literally sail your way to riches.
12/30/14 Final Fantasy Explorers Gets Gilgamesh Battle and More DLC
We here at RPGFan only do battle on the Big Bridge in the classiest of attire.
12/29/14 New Trailer And Details About Disgaea 5 Trickle In
So many explosions...
12/29/14 New Atelier Rorona on 3DS Gets Some New Screenshots
For all your chibi Alchemic needs!
12/29/14 Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Released On 3DS eShop
No more need for promotional serial codes!
12/28/14 Mistwalker Shows Concept Trailer for Cancelled Xbox RPG Cry On
Oh, what could have been...
12/28/14 Random Encounter - Episode 89
12/28/14 First Look at The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution
Another PSP game transitions to the Vita.
12/27/14 Final Fantasy XV to Feature Team Attacks and Summons
Permission to engage in jolly co-operation?
12/27/14 Listen to An Extended Song From Xenoblade Chronicles X
Let's not lose our heads, though!
12/27/14 Visual Novel eden* Coming to PC in January
"The final love story on a dying planet."
12/27/14 Visual Novel Littlewitch Romanesque on Steam Greenlight
But it's not your traditional VN.
12/27/14 JAST USA Explains Why Steins;Gate Isn't Available on Steam
Ah, licencing issues.
12/27/14 Overdrive Share Details on New Features of Go Go Nippon 2015
New locations and more scenes!
12/26/14 Kemco's Alphadia Genesis Will Be Available on Steam
Another addition to Steam's ever-expanding library.
12/25/14 It's a Heavensward Holiday Miracle! (Or at Least New Media)
Including our first look at the bonus items from the Collector's Edition.
12/24/14 Square Enix Details Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.5
One last big update before we're overrun with dragons in Ishgard.
12/24/14 Bravely Default Spinoff Headed To Japanese Smartphones
Now you just need to learn Japanese and import a phone, no big deal.
12/24/14 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Uses the Force on Android
This is the game you're looking for.
12/24/14 TERA: Fate of Arun Expansion Goes Live
The first expansion brings level cap and new content.
12/23/14 Final Fantasy Legends: Space-Time Crystal's First Trailer
Be Emo, Tomorrow, and Reega! Those are characters, not moods.
12/23/14 New Media And Pre-Order Bonus Details For Etrian Mystery Dungeon
Over 40 minutes of gameplay footage, yowzah!
12/23/14 Final Fantasy XIII (PC) Review
Will this be Bob's final Final Fantasy?
12/23/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia and Other Idea Factory Games Coming to Steam
More and more Japanese RPGs are heading to Steam.
12/23/14 Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Super Music Collection Now on iTunes
Gotta catch all that music.
12/23/14 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Gets 'Second Performance' DLC
An encore featuring music from Bravely Default, Chrono Trigger, and more!
12/23/14 Pre-Order Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, Get Soundtrack
Seems like a fair deal. Also, take a look at the game's official box art!
12/22/14 Trails in the Sky Getting the Evolution Treatment
Now with blinking eyes!
12/22/14 Yuji Horii Says He's Busy Working On Dragon Quest XI
And we've also got some additional footage of Dragon Quest Heroes.
12/22/14 New Final Fantasy XV Footage Brings Us Closer to Cindy and a New City
And Cid is female? Maybe?
12/22/14 New Tales of Zestiria Promotional Video
Number five to be exact.
12/22/14 Latest Etrian Mystery Dungeon Trailers Show New Classes and Enemies
What awaits in these mysterious dungeons? We've got ya covered.
12/21/14 Check Out Theatrhythm Dragon Quest's Jump Festa Trailer
So much whimsy!
12/21/14 Fresh Details for The Legend of Legacy's Battle System
Yay for party formations!
12/21/14 First Details for Dragon Quest X's Third Expansion Emerge
There be dragons...
12/21/14 Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker Introduces Keita and Hinako
It's always important to make a good first impression.
12/21/14 Look at These Stunning Panoramas of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Also get a closer look at the game's other protagonist, Ciri.
12/21/14 Cat User Job Joins Bravely Second Ranks
As opposed to real life, these cats sometimes care what you want and do what you ask.
12/21/14 Two New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailers
Glory to the Empire!
12/21/14 New Tales of Zestiria Anime Trailer and DLC Info
The anime special airs later this month.
12/20/14 Watch These Criminal Girls Get Motivated in New Video
New video highlights exactly how you'll be "motivating" the girls.
12/20/14 See Dozens of New Atelier Ayesha Plus Screens
And learn more about album missions.
12/20/14 Kemco Games Discounted on iOS
To scratch that old-school RPG itch.
12/20/14 Shadowrun Returns to Kickstarter in January
Shadowrun Returns to... well, return.
12/20/14 Come Watch the All-New Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa Trailer
Seriously, watch this now.
12/20/14 The Square Enix Mobile RPG Sale Has Begun
Lots of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Chaos Rings games on sale for the holidays.
12/20/14 Lords of the Fallen Coming to Mobile Devices, Sequel in the Works
Mmm, Diet Dark Souls.
12/19/14 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Gets a New Race, Machinist & Astrologian Jobs
Also: details on the new raid, an extravagant Collector's Edition and more from FFXIV Fan Fest Tokyo.
12/19/14 See Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart in Action
New video shows off battle, special moves, and more!
12/19/14 Minecraft: Story Mode Announced By Telltale Games
I guess the takeaway from this is that anything is possible, right?
12/19/14 New Disgaea 5 Details on Villains, Classes and Squad Mechanics
There is a lot of information in here.
12/19/14 Atelier Rorona 3DS Release Date and Details
This looks adorable.
12/19/14 Adventure Game Life Is Strange Release Date Announced
Travel through time in an episodic adventure from Square Enix.
12/19/14 Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Review
Catch 'em all really isn't a reasonable demand anymore.
12/17/14 RPGFan Music: Project Destati: LIGHT Review
My Hearts will go on.
12/17/14 A New Trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Approaches
Would you like to know more?
12/17/14 Previous Final Fantasy Titles May Be Heading to PlayStation 4 Soon
Just in case you have a PS4 and 5,000 hours to spare.
12/17/14 New Info on the Thief and Alchemist Classes in Final Fantasy Explorers
I'm guessing the thief will steal stuff. Just a hunch.
12/17/14 Steins;Gate Coming to PlayStation 3, Vita in North America and Europe
Insert Back to the Future reference here. Get it? Because time travel... I'll show myself out.
12/17/14 Divinity: Original Sin Coming To Store Shelves
Some phat loot just in time for the holiday season.
12/17/14 Anima - Gate of Memories Gets a New Gameplay Trailer
Protect mankind from darkness while exploring Gaia.
12/17/14 NIS America Announces Three for North America & Europe
Disgaea 5, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum are all on the way!
12/16/14 Release Date For Brandish: The Dark Revenant Pushed Back to Early 2015
Yet another reason 2015 needs to hurry up and get here.
12/16/14 Fault - Milestone One Released on Steam
A visual novel that is an homage to 80's science fiction.
12/16/14 Cosmic Star Heroine Impresses with New Gameplay Footage
Even in its early stages there is plenty to be excited about.
12/16/14 Listen To The English VA for Final Fantasy XV
Noctis says it himself! Been a long time... too long... not much longer.
12/16/14 Two New SaGa Games Announced
Beautiful 2D sprites are sure to be inbound.
12/16/14 More Xenoblade Chronicles X Artist Announcements
Just because it has giant robots doesn't mean it's all about sci-fi.
12/15/14 RPGFan Music: Project Destati: Awakening Review
Kingdom Hearts week begins!
12/15/14 CD Projekt Details The Witcher 3's Second Playable Character
I'm sure fans of the books figured this out a while ago...
12/15/14 Limited Edition Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Announced
...along with a slight delay in Europe.
12/15/14 New Characters Revealed for Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
And one of 'ems a chef!
12/14/14 Escha and Logy Are All Dressed Up in a New Atelier Plus Trailer
New costumes and bosses.
12/14/14 See The Banner Saga in Action on PS4, Vita
On handheld? Awesome.
12/13/14 NIS America Reveals Limited Edition for Atelier Shallie
What would a NIS release be without an extensive LE?
12/13/14 NIS America Downplays Closure Stories Relating to Disgaea 5 Sales
Glad this got cleared up.
12/13/14 A New Update for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin Approaches
Yup, you read that right!
12/13/14 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition Unveiled
12/12/14 Silence of the Sleep Review
Some aren't so silent when they sleep.
12/12/14 Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Act IV Review
This isn't over yet?
12/12/14 Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Review
Life is about more than left clicks.
12/12/14 RPGFan Music: Broken Age OST
The game was fantastic, but how was the music?
12/12/14 Cat Master Job Class Revealed For Bravely Second
12/12/14 New Sword Art Online: Lost Song Trailer
Take to the skies.
12/12/14 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS4 this Spring
Soon every console will have a Sphere Grid.
12/12/14 Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Kicks Off Again in January
Specifically, on the 13th!
12/11/14 New Character Trailers for Tales of Zestiria
And one of them has a sweet mustache!
12/11/14 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Get a Bevy of Bonus Costumes
All the PS3 DLC AND extra costumes?
12/11/14 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 to Come With Special Pre-Order Event
What's your name? What's your sign?
12/11/14 Bravely Second Demo Available in Japan With 30 Minutes of Gameplay
But you can watch it here! How many career changes can you fit in a half hour?
12/11/14 Final Fantasy XIV's Eternal Bond System Is Now Live
Going to the chapel...
12/11/14 Disgaea 5 Main Character Details
Demon revenge is best served hot.
12/11/14 Take A Look At Strea And Argo In Sword Art Online: Lost Song
The breasty one with the big sword and the cat girl.
12/10/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn OST
Mike reviews the epically-long album with an equally epically-long review. Get comfy.
12/10/14 Rhythm Encounter 19 - String Quartet: An Interview with Taylor Davis
We sit down with Taylor for a one on one on one on one discussion about her music and upcoming original album.
12/10/14 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy VI Remastered Soundtrack: Disc One
Sometimes, you just need more Final Fantasy VI in your life.
12/10/14 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Coming to North America
Peaceful days are over, come early 2015... let's survive until then.
12/10/14 Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Announced
Feel the rhythm!
12/10/14 Bravely Second Will Release With a Collector's Edition in Japan
Will it come with an Enthusiast's Asterisk?!?
12/10/14 New Details On PoPoLoCrois Farm Story
It's that other fantasy farming game where you also fight monsters.
12/10/14 RPGFan Music: Dungeonmans OST Also Available!
And we've got an exclusive remix for you to jam out with!
12/10/14 RPGFan Music: Scarlet Moon Christmas EP Available Now!
You like Christmas and Final Fantasy, right?
12/09/14 Now Streaming: Phantasy Star Nova
Watch our Editor-in-Chief get wrecked!
12/09/14 Grim Fandango Remastered Gets a Release Date
And Double Fine announce a remaster of Day of the Tentacle!
12/08/14 The Witcher 3 Delayed Until May
Wake the White Wolf a little later than expected.
12/08/14 Eidos Unveils New Deus Ex Universe and a Brand New Game Engine
A new competitor in the next generation of game engines is on the way.
12/08/14 RPGFan Music: Persona Q OST Review
Davi dishes on dastardly dpersona dmusic!
12/08/14 New Media For Atelier Shallie Looks Shiny Indeed
Shallie sells sea shells by the Dusk Sea shore.
12/08/14 Etrian Mystery Dungeon To See US Release
Explore this new mystery in 2015.
12/08/14 Wasteland 2 Developer Teases New Project
Let the speculation commence!
12/08/14 Persona 5 Coming to PS4 in North America
Thanks Atlus!
12/08/14 Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeon Detailed
12/08/14 New Gameplay Shown in Sword Art Online: Lost Song's Latest Video
Look at me way up high, suddenly here am I, I'm flying!
12/08/14 Final Fantasy VII Will Be Ported to PlayStation 4
It may not be the remake we deserve, but it's the port we need.
12/07/14 The Legend of Zelda for Wii U First Gameplay Footage
Who needs horse armor when you have horse AI!
12/07/14 Square Enix Announces New Details On Bravely Second's Baddies
Take a second look at the Oblivion Emperor and Anne.
12/07/14 The Banner Saga 2 Gets An Official Announcement And Trailer
Plus, the Banner Saga will soon be available on PS4!
12/07/14 Suikoden I and II coming to PS3 and Vita
Collect the 108 Stars of Destiny... next week!
12/06/14 RPGFan Music: Game Music Bundle 8 Now Bundling!
If you're in need of something to listen to...
12/06/14 Telltale's Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Review
The adventure game developer digs into another well-known franchise. Do they deliver again?
12/06/14 RPGFan Music: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness OST
Bring a brighter darkness into your life!
12/05/14 Disgaea 5 Battle System Detailed in New Video
Now with more Revenge!
12/05/14 Devil Survivor 2: Break Record Gets a New Character
Might be time for me to play this one...
12/05/14 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Getting More DLC
Try to contain your level of shock.
12/05/14 Village Building Mini-game Returns In Bravely Second
Streetpass-fueled lunar carpentry! Enough said?
12/05/14 Dragon Quest III Released On iOS and Andriod
These magic seeds will set you free!
12/05/14 Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Talks Mech Design And World Building
Never have I wanted so badly to play with dolls.
12/05/14 Rune Factory 4 Coming to Europe and Australia
And rather soon at that.
12/05/14 New Limit Breaks Coming With Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Now you won't have to guess who wasted the limit break before the dungeon boss.
12/04/14 Random Encounter - Episode 88
So cute!
12/04/14 Revenant Saga Now Available On Android
In case your smartphone wasn't distracting enough.
12/03/14 RPGFan Music: Mugen Souls Z OST
Tenpei Sato and Kenji Kaneko strike again!
12/03/14 More Details about Xenoblade Chronicles X's Design Concepts Trickle In
See the minds behind the mechs.
12/03/14 Star Wars and Marvel 'Not Off Limits' for Kingdom Hearts III
I'm imagining Sora fighting Darth Maul with an Adamantium Keyblade.
12/03/14 Bravely Second Demo Available in Japan From December 10th
You've got a job to do. Well, actually, you have several.
12/02/14 Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix Review
Is there any question as to whether you should get this game?
12/02/14 Gamers In Japan Will Soon Be Able To Stream Final Fantasy VII On Their Mobile Devices
12/02/14 The World is at War in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's Newest Trailer
Pre-order it and you might snag a Final Fantasy XV demo.
12/02/14 Kingdom Hearts III Teaser Footage at II.5 HD Launch Event
Featuring new Heartless designs and transforming Keyblades, among other things.
12/02/14 New Gameplay Videos for The Legend of Legacy
As well as some Japanese preorder bonuses!
12/02/14 Watch the Game of Thrones Episode 1 Launch Trailer
Only a few more days!
12/01/14 Summon Night Memories Brings Back Old Characters
The whole gang's back in town!
12/01/14 RPGFan Music: Dark Souls II OST Review
If only we could be so grossly emeraldescent.
12/01/14 Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD Review
A faux-Genesis role-playing adventure available on everything except toasters.
12/01/14 RPGFan Music: Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Now Available Digitally
It's fantastic, go buy it and listen to it.
12/01/14 Broken Age Act 2 Is On Track And Arriving Early 2015
Despite a delay and layoffs by the developer.

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