News Archive: April 2015
Date Update
04/30/15 Grab Artbook for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies This June
Your Honor, I have some new evidence to present.
04/30/15 Create Captivating Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X
Also, would you believe the main character was originally set in stone?
04/30/15 Watch the Debut Trailer for Imperial SaGa
SaGa games always look and sound amazing!
04/29/15 Code: Realize Releases for Vita this Fall in North America
Caution: she has a pretty face but also a poison touch.
04/29/15 Adol On The Go With Ys Chronicles 1 Launching on Android and iOS
All six sacred books on one sacred phone.
04/29/15 New Atelier Rorona Makes a Chibi First Impression
Gotta admit, that's pretty damn cute.
04/29/15 See the New Servant of Fate/Grand Order
Award for least practical armor?
04/29/15 Learn More About The Great Ace Attorney From the Game's Director
You'll find no objections here!
04/29/15 Final Fantasy XV Live Stream Details, Tabata Responds to Feedback
Episode Duscae will get an update!
04/28/15 New Xenoblade Chronicles X Details and Media
Can this game just come out already?
04/28/15 Pre-register for Mobius Final Fantasy, get Tidus' Brotherhood Sword
The best of both worlds- it's a neat reference and a good weapon!
04/28/15 Summon Night 5 and Class of Heroes 3 Coming West
Courtesy of Gaijinworks.
04/28/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Gallery Update
What can we say, that benchmark has us all excited.
04/27/15 The Last Door Season 2: Episodes 1 and 2 Reviews
So it wasn't the last door after all. Is this going to be like "Final" Fantasy?
04/27/15 Enter The House of Wolves With Destiny's Newest Expansion Trailer
Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.
04/27/15 Character Designer for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Speaks Out
"Everything I've drawn up until now has been low saturation, so this will be a challenge of colors!"
04/27/15 Catch a Glimpse of Girl Friend Beta
A summer of fun awaits!
04/27/15 RPGFan Music: Prescription for Sleep Volume II Review
GENTLE LOVE doeth the mind well...
04/27/15 Shiren the Wander 5 Plus Introduction Trailer
A special 20th anniversary website as well.
04/25/15 Original Langrisser Composer is Back for More
"It truly makes me happy to see a revival of past works like this."
04/25/15 Play Dress Up in New Atelier Rorona
I'm hoping for a dapper hat and monocle.
04/25/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark Trailer, Details
The dragoon's limit break is WHAT?!
04/24/15 Star Ocean 5 Developers Give Insight Into Protagonist Fidel Camus
He is a Cuban dictator and French literary genius.
04/24/15 New Xenoblade X Stream Shows Environments, Mech Combat, and More
But no release window, unfortunately. *sadface*
04/24/15 Nintendo Holding Xenoblade X Livestream for North America
As well as a brief look at the Black Steel Continent of Mira.
04/24/15 Marvel and Telltale are Teaming Up
Captain America will remember that…
04/24/15 Overlord Makes a Return with a Fellowship of Evil
You have my bow, my axe, and my terrifying hell spawn.
04/24/15 Square Enix Will Host an E3 2015 Press Conference
First one since 2010.
04/24/15 Dungeon Travelers 2 Will Be Censored in the West
Less naughty bits for us.
04/24/15 Did Idea Factory Steal Guilty Gear Music For Hyperdimension Neptunia V II?
Conspiracy! Someone call Phoenix Wright and/or Professor Layton.
04/24/15 Omega Quintet's Live Concert Mode Shown in New Screenshots
Time to master those idols.
04/24/15 Level-5 Announces Fantasy Life 2
Coming to a smartphone near you. ..No, don't sigh just yet.
04/24/15 CD Projekt RED Builds the Hype in a New The Witcher 3 TV Spot
Short but sweet.
04/23/15 Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Available Soon on Steam
And next year, Final Fantasy: The Wonder Years starring Fred Savage.
04/23/15 Noctis Likely Joining Dissidia Final Fantasy in the Future
The distant future.
04/23/15 Lux and Seven Playable in Sword Art Online: Lost Song Update
The update is coming at the end of May.
04/23/15 Date A Live: Twin Edition Japanese Release Date and Opening Movie Reveal
I get to date twins!? No, wait I don't.
04/23/15 Persona 4: Dancing All Night Story and Gallery Update
Rock on Izanagi!
04/23/15 The Elder Scrolls Online Console Beta Starts Today
The gates of Tamriel are open to you!
04/23/15 Super Heroes and Villains Clash in Marvel Future Fight
Just in time for Age of Ultron, shockingly!
04/22/15 Lord of Magna Manages an Inn in New Trailer
Tell me if you've heard this one: plucky hero helps cute, amnesiac faerie.
04/22/15 Tokyo Xanadu Gets Japanese Release Date
I could make an Olivia Newton John reference here, but I won't.
04/22/15 Pillars of Eternity Review
Sorry for the delay - Stephen was busy completing all 9,999 quests.
04/22/15 War Follows Humans to Mira in New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer
No where to hide, even amongst the stars.
04/22/15 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is a PS4 "Update" of Prior Game
New story, allies, and battle system.
04/22/15 Skip Down Memory Lane With Etrian Odyssey 2's Classic Mode Trailer
Play your way.
04/22/15 Bravely Third Already In Planning Stage
Bravely Second isn't even out!
04/21/15 Date Girls on Vita with Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent
Ditch your phone, its time to be suave on your Vita.
04/21/15 Metallia Playable in The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival for PS4
With a new mode to play as "that witch."
04/21/15 Star Ocean 5 Developers Open Up About Game's Design
It's all about that old-time space-magic.
04/21/15 Charles Dance Stars in New Witcher 3 Trailer
Geralt should know better than to mess with Lord Tywin.
04/21/15 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Teases New Adventure
Staffed by some major heavyweights in Japanese game development.
04/20/15 Atelier Rorona Remake Trailer Shows Updated Combat, Visuals
This might be the cutest game ever.
04/20/15 New Details and Screenshots of Star Ocean 5
You've never seen a spaceship? What kind of backwater planet are you from? Feycreed?
04/20/15 Dragon's Dogma Online Screens Show Classes and Skills
Use the priest to guard your bits.
04/20/15 Blackguards 2 Review
Why do you always have to be such a blackguard?
04/20/15 Luminous Arc Infinity Heroine Introductions and Combat Details
8 of the 12 heroines to light up your day.
04/20/15 Dungeon Travelers 2 Heading to North America, Europe
Is it just me, or are there a lot of first-person dungeon-crawlers lately?
04/18/15 Dragon Blaze Preview
Another free-to-play RPG on mobile.
04/18/15 Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Gets PC Release Date
Take up arms with Adol once again.
04/18/15 Stella Glow Characters and Combat Detailed in New Trailer
Song magic is a-go!
04/18/15 Moe Chronicle Arriving This May With English Subtitles
Via the Asia release.
04/18/15 Get Down With Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Newest Trailer
It's time for your daily dancing break.
04/18/15 Humble Bundle RPG Sale This Weekend
Help out a charity and get some cheap RPGs, it's win-win!
04/18/15 Bravely Second's Fencer and Bishop Job Spotlight
A few jobs from Bravely Default are returning as well.
04/18/15 Dissidia Final Fantasy May Feature Team Ninja Tech
The "Soft Engine" might add more... life to the new Dissidia game. Also, tutorials!
04/18/15 Idea Factory International Event
Boozing with Omega Quintet.
04/17/15 Dress Up Your Dolls in Xenoblade Chronicles X
Jeez, they're giant mechs, get it right!
04/17/15 Could Mana's 25th Anniversary Mean a New Flagship Title?
Square Enix execs are being coy.
04/17/15 Take a Longer Look at Trails in the Sky Evolution
The PS Vita version of this Legend of Heroes is looking spiffy.
04/17/15 Play Fault Milestone Two Demo Now
Like right now.
04/17/15 European Release of Steins;Gate Next Month
Somebody at Amazon let it slip.
04/17/15 Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Gets Second DLC Update
Free songs!
04/17/15 RPGFan Music: Final Fantasy Explorers OST Review
I think I can ride this chocobo.
04/17/15 Check Out The Full English Dragon Quest Heroes Name And Logo
Dragon Quest Heroes: Unsurprisingly Long Title
04/17/15 The Witch and Hundred Knight Revival Teased by Nippon Ichi
But what platform will it be for?
04/17/15 Omega Quintet Harmonic System and Gallery Update
Harmonics have never been this deadly.
04/17/15 New Trailer Shows Highlights of Final Fantasy XV Demo
Didn't get Episode Duscae? Here's what you've been missing.
04/16/15 Random Encounter - Episode 93
So... much... blood!
04/16/15 New English Tales of Zestiria Trailer Introduces Characters and Story
Learn how to pronounce Sorey's name.
04/16/15 Uncover Vampires in Layton 7
But you’ll have to cooperate with others to do so.
04/16/15 Hunt For Treasure With Maps in PoPoLoCrois Farm Story
And check out some new character art.
04/16/15 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou Coming to Steam Next Month
Chapter by chapter.
04/16/15 Ys 1 Coming to iOS and Android
I am totally ok with playing this through on yet another platform.
04/16/15 Suikoden III Rated for European PS2 Classics
The Flame Champion lives again.
04/16/15 Prepare to Break Things in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
Next Form information as well!
04/16/15 Beta Testers Spend A Free Weekend In Tamriel With Elder Scrolls Online
This round of juniper berry mead is on Bethesda.
04/16/15 Mobius Final Fantasy Trailer Shows New Characters, Classes
Wal won't be alone on his journey to become the Warrior of Light.
04/16/15 Legendary Pokemon Hoopa Gets New Form
Hoopa Unbound is the latest form for the donut-munching djinn.
04/16/15 Lunar, Grandia Developer Asks Players For Requested PC Ports
Are we soon going to see some more JRPG classics on computer?
04/16/15 Spiders Games Announces The Technomancer
Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk RPG coming to you from the Bound by Flame developers.
04/16/15 Dissidia Director in Charge of Smartphone RPG Rampage Land Rankers
A new smartphone game courtesy of Square Enix is on the horizon.
04/15/15 New Xenoblade Chronicles X Overview Trailer
The wait is almost over, if you live in Japan.
04/15/15 Kingdom Hearts III News Expected at D23 Expo
Looks like we may not be getting it this year.
04/15/15 Get Ready to Ghost Some Bosses in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Save early and save often.
04/15/15 RPGFan Music: Prescription for Sleep Volume II Exclusive Sample
You like Xenogears. We like Xenogears. Check this out.
04/14/15 More Child of Light Coming Says Creative Lead
A message, short and sweet, delivered in form of tweet.
04/14/15 Star Ocean 5 Coming to PS3 & PS4, Developed by Tri-Ace - Update: First Trailer
Tri-Ace lives!
04/14/15 Project X Zone 2 Announced for 3DS for Japan and Western Markets
I am a sucker for crossover games.
04/14/15 Check Out Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold's Protagonist Trailer
I thought a Fafnir was a dragon, not a demon?
04/14/15 Install Xenoblade Chronicles X Data Packs for Quick Load Times
You might want to clear out your 10,000 Smash Bros. screenshots first though.
04/14/15 Story of Seasons Review
The real Harvest Moon.
04/14/15 Destiny DLC House of Wolves Coming This Summer
No new Raid but you will be able to battle in a prison.
04/13/15 See Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade in Three New Videos
Prettiest arcade game I've ever seen.
04/13/15 The Witcher Developers Share Info on Devkits and New Gameplay Trailer
Take a look at the world and make it a better place.
04/13/15 Team Ninja Working on New Dissidia Final Fantasy
Will Ryu Hayabusa make a cameo? I don't know, but we do get Ramza, which is a million times better.
04/13/15 Dance with Yukiko in her New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailer
Yukiko is best girl. COME AT ME, STEPHEN!
04/13/15 Mystery Gensokyo Launching for Vita in Japan
Prepare to be lost in this randomized tower of desire.
04/12/15 Final Fantasy XIII Now Streaming on Japanese Mobile Devices
It's Lightning in your hands.
04/12/15 Learn All About The Great Ace Attorney's Crazy Courtroom Action
If only real trials were this interesting.
04/12/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Preview
Sorry, no hands-on time yet.
04/12/15 Monster Hunter Stories Announced For 3DS
I wanna ride around on a mini Rathalos!
04/11/15 Conquer Planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X with Dolls, Online Friends
Insert tired joke about playing with dolls here.
04/11/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Opening Cinematic Reveal
Also some juicy new info for the expansion.
04/10/15 Learn the "Art" of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Combat
You won't find these bad boys in a gallery.
04/10/15 RPGFan Music: Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold OST Review
I'm amused by that title a lot less when trying to fit it into a headline.
04/10/15 RPGFan Music: Listen to the Xenoblade Chronicles X OST
Sample Sawano's smooth songs!
04/10/15 Bravely Second Gets 2 New Jobs, Trailer and TV Spot
That's 25 jobs, but let's face it, we are all just going to play Pastry Chef.
04/09/15 Suikoden III, Romancing SaGa Coming to PS2 Classics in Japan
Yeeeeea..aaaaaw. Maybe we'll get them in the West soon?
04/09/15 Android Devices Get Breath of Fire 6 First
"Play the next Breath of Fire game" should be in a Droid commercial somewhere.
04/09/15 Concept Art for Xenoblade Chronicles X Dolls Looks Sharp Indeed
I can't wait to spend hours assembling these models.
04/09/15 Final Fantasy XV's Gameplay Will Continue to Evolve in Development
Don't get too attached to Episode Duscae.
04/09/15 Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Will Remain Faithful to Its Console Counterpart
Phenomenal huge world! Itty bitty handheld!
04/09/15 Square Enix and Eidos Announce Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Adam Jensen may not have asked for this, but you sure did.
04/08/15 New Trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4
Return to Spira, again.
04/07/15 The Great Ace Attorney Special Edition is Chock Full of Goodies
I want a full-sized version of the briefcase.
04/07/15 Pick the Right Class for the Job in Xenoblade Chronicles X
In other words, don't bring a longsword to a ray-gun fight.
04/07/15 Luminous Arc Infinity Release Date and Box Art Reveal
The voice cast has been announced also!
04/07/15 Make Some Room on Your Smartphone for Professor Layton 7
Professor Layton and the Unknown Wifi Password
04/07/15 CD Projekt Announces Double Dose of Witcher 3 Expansions
The Wild Hunt will continue.
04/07/15 RPGFan Music: Bra★Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo
Oh good, that ★ will be fun to catalog.
04/07/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review
Written by Neal Chandran, King of Metaphor and Simile.
04/07/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Paid DLC Quests
I suppose it was inevitable.
04/06/15 Developer of Type-0 HD HexaDrive Helping With Final Fantasy XV
3rd Birthday and Type-0 HD alums are helping to bring us the next evolution of Final Fantasy.
04/06/15 Fire Emblem If's Multiple Versions, Branching Storyline
Innovation in storytelling, or plain price-gouging? You decide.
04/06/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II's Lessons in Urban Development
Hyperdimension City Planner.
04/05/15 The Banner Saga Will Be Conquering Linux Soon
I wouldn't expect anything less from a viking.
04/05/15 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution Gets Limited Edition Bundle
Wow, that is a lot of extras.
04/05/15 Check out Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Full Trailer
Release is this Tuesday!
04/05/15 Producer Says Deep Down Will Deliver a 'Brand New Gaming Experience'
It's still in development, apparently.
04/05/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day Seven
The music train pulls into the station.
04/05/15 Langrisser Re: Incarnation Gets Japanese Release Date and Livestream
The 15 year wait is almost over.
04/05/15 Story of Seasons Producer Talks Design Tweaks to Storied Series
Nurturing a fan base is like raising a prized crop.
04/05/15 PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Trailer Teases Adorable Adventure
It's something about Prince Pietro's shiny dead eyes...
04/04/15 Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Official Blog Site Goes Live
Did we mention there are robot rocket horses yet? I'm pretty sure we did!
04/04/15 Imageepoch CEO Potentially Missing
Lets all hope he is ok!
04/04/15 Dragon Blaze To Go Global This May
Blaze your way to glory.
04/04/15 Steins;Gate Sequel Announced
Time to go parallel world hopping again.
04/04/15 Persona 4: Dancing All Night Japanese Box Art Reveal and New Trailers
Watching Kanji dance is just weird.
04/04/15 RPGFan Features Refresh: Now with Music!
We haven't been talking about music enough recently, so let's fix that, shall we?
04/04/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day Six
We're getting ready to pull into the station. We look towards 2015 as we do.
04/03/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Sequel Announced for PS3, PS4, Vita
Not an April Fools day joke after all!
04/03/15 Square Enix Talks Name Change, Other Details of Mevius Final Fantasy
No, Mobius does not mean "mobile."
04/03/15 Omega Quintet Limited Edition Detailed, Preorders Open
Also, we have a glimpse of the game's Promotional Video System feature.
04/03/15 The Great Ace Attorney Has No Objection to Japanese Release Date
Elementary, my dear Phoenix.
04/03/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition's Jaws of Hakkon Coming to PS4
Don't worry, its coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 too.
04/03/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day Five
Five times the bell tolls, a fifth for an interview untold.
04/02/15 Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Lives On in Latest Nintendo Direct
Robot. Rocket. Horse. That is all.
04/02/15 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Closed Beta to Begin on Steam
You could win a free copy!
04/02/15 Bravely Second's Video Hints at Friendships New and Old
One is silver and the other gold.
04/02/15 Turn Up to 11 in Xenoblade Chronicles X with Overclock Gear
If you need that extra push over the cliff...
04/02/15 Soar with Ancient Dragons in a New Dragon Quest X Trailer
At what point does this just become the Dragon Ball MMO?
04/02/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day Four
Rhythm Encounter returns: We've got special guests all up in here.
04/01/15 Tabata Responds to Episode Duscae Survey Results
Survey says...players want to see some ladies!
04/01/15 Artists Jam in the Studio With Tracks From Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Is it too much to hope for a live album, as well?
04/01/15 Music of the Year 2014: Day Three
Wanna hear some new music? Check out day three and our editor's top picks.
04/01/15 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Additional Impressions
Andrew has a bone to pick with that behemoth.
04/01/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review - Second Opinion
Still not out of ammo.
04/01/15 Atlus Localizing Imageepoch's Stella Glow for 3DS
Sing your way to victory.

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