News Archive: June 2015
Date Update
06/30/15 E3 2015: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Preview
Or, as Mike put it, Knights of Too Many Subtitles.
06/30/15 Experience Deep Vision in a New Lost Dimension Trailer
Who among you is the traitor?
06/29/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Tops Digital Downloads In Japan
Try to find news that is more unsurprising than this. I dare you.
06/29/15 Tokyo Xanadu Character Updates
JRPGs are not complete without an idol group.
06/29/15 E3 2015: Moon Hunters Hands-On Preview
Find the moon, become a legend.
06/29/15 E3 2015: Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Hands-On Preview
It's like Fallout! No really!
06/29/15 Second Yo-Kai Watch Busters Trailer Arrives
Cats vs Dogs?.
06/29/15 Steins;Gate 0 Hitting Japan This November
El Psy Congroo.
06/28/15 E3 2015: Dragon Quest Heroes Hands-On Preview
I've written "DQ" so many times that I've worked up a craving for a Blizzard.
06/28/15 E3 2015: King's Quest: A Knight to Remember Preview
06/27/15 Fresh Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Footage Shows New Characters in Action
Something something localization wish.
06/27/15 World of Final Fantasy "Inspired" by Older Final Fantasy Games
The game's developer talks about the battle system and more.
06/27/15 E3 2015: Whispering Willows Hands-On Preview
Those are some pretty graphics.
06/27/15 E3 2015: Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 1 Impressions
Who'd say no to more Pillars of Eternity?
06/27/15 New Final Fantasy Adventure in the Works
The first entry in the Mana series may be getting a new follow-up.
06/26/15 E3 2015: Death's Gambit Hands-On Preview
Dark Souls meets Shadow of the Colossus?
06/26/15 RPGFan Music: Participate in Final Fantasy XI's Rhapsody Finale Choir
The capstone content reaches its finale in November. Let your voice be heard!
06/26/15 Fire Emblem Fates has Online Play Now, Third Scenario in July
Control your fate.
06/26/15 Dragon Quest VI Now Available on Mobile Devices
Explore the Realms of Revelation on your phone.
06/26/15 Disgaea 5 Release Date Announced
Get ready to throw some Prinnies in early October.
06/25/15 E3 2015: The Legend of Legacy Hands-On Preview
Brought to you by a team with some rather famous names.
06/25/15 E3 2015: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Hands-On Preview
06/25/15 E3 2015: How WildStar Is Transitioning to Free-to-Play
And it's headed to China!
06/25/15 Romance and Children Will Return in Fire Emblem Fates
06/25/15 Second Trailer for Persona 5 Leaked
The Velvet Room is a prison? That's pretty metal.
06/24/15 Random Encounter - Episode 96
The Dark Souls of... oh forget it.
06/24/15 E3 2015: Blade & Soul Hands-On Preview
Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.
06/24/15 E3 2015: Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls Hands-On Preview
Danganronpa 1 1/2.
06/24/15 Editorial: Final Fantasy VII Remake - Our Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
We are looking forward to it.
06/24/15 Atelier Sophie Announced for PS4, PS3, PS Vita
It's coming this fall. To Japan that is.
06/24/15 Kingdom Hearts III Will Have More New Worlds, Release Window Decided Internally
Tell us what it is! Come on, don't keep me in suspense!
06/24/15 Tales of Berseria Debut Trailer Surfaces
Pirates in my Tales game? Your move, Ninjas.
06/24/15 There Will Be No New Surprise Characters in Final Fantasy VII
Good. Don't take creative liberties with my childhood memories.
06/24/15 Fire Emblem Fates Will Allow Same-Sex Pairings
That's kind of a big deal.
06/23/15 E3 2015: The Banner Saga 2 Hands-On Preview
It's time to continue the story.
06/23/15 E3 2015: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Hands-On Preview
It's-a-him, Mario!
06/23/15 Suikoden III To Become a PlayStation 2 Classic
And it's happening today!
06/23/15 E3 2015: Claim Your Guild Hall in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
You're gonna have to do more than cough up a few million gold.
06/23/15 Ys Chronicles II Confirmed for iOS and Android
I might have to buy this for like the 4th time.
06/23/15 Monolith Soft Already Hard at Work On a Brand New Game
More Xenoblade games please.
06/22/15 Digimon World Appears on Amazon for PS4
Get sleuthing with Digital Monsters in English.
06/22/15 E3 2015: Stella Glow Hands-On Preview
The E3 coverage continues!
06/22/15 Star Ocean 5 "Won't Be A Repeat" of Star Ocean 4
There go my hopes for an Edge Maverick cameo (I actually wasn't hoping for that at all, just so we're clear).
06/21/15 E3 2015: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Hands-On Preview
The steel may be cold, but my passion is hot.
06/21/15 E3 2015: Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Hands-On Impressions
The original farming simulation comes to PC at last.
06/20/15 Don't Worry that Persona 5 Wasn't at E3
Confirmation that it's slated for a 2015 release.
06/20/15 E3 2015: New NieR Project has Three Playable Characters
Yoko Taro is back, ladies and gentlemen.
06/20/15 E3 2015: Get Another Sample of Xenoblade Chronicles X English Voice Acting
"Fire until you're out of-" Wait, wrong game.
06/20/15 E3 2015: Hex: Shards of Fate Impressions
Hope I haven't been dealt a cruel hand...
06/20/15 E3 2015: Armello Impressions
Possibly the best video-board game I've seen.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Chronos Oculus Rift Hands-On Preview
And "head-on" as well, I suppose.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Torchlight Mobile Hands-On Impressions
Looting on the go!
06/19/15 E3 2015: Horizon Zero Dawn Preview
A surprise announcement of epic proportions.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Dungeon Travelers 2 Hands-On Impressions
It's exactly what you're expecting. For better or worse.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Etrian Odyssey 2: The Fafnir Knight Hands-On Impressions
Fantasy dungeon-crawling returns!
06/19/15 E3 2015: Cosmic Star Heroine Hands-On Impressions
An update to old-school.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Zodiac: Orcanan Odyssey Hands-On Preview
Pretty, but shallow. Like your high school girlfriend.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Watch 40 Minutes of Genei Ibun Roku #FE Gameplay Footage
That title is really difficult to type out. Fun facts of life.
06/19/15 E3 2015: Full Trailer and Gameplay Footage for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
That'll do, Tepig. That'll do.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Fire Emblem Fates' Classes Revealed
Exclusive classes for each version.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Watch A Bravely Second: End Layer Boss Fight
Those cuddly bunnies never stood a chance.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Check Out the First English Footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X
Only 169 days away!
06/18/15 E3 2015: Kingdom Heart III and Unchained Chi Details
Nomura spills the beans on Sora's latest adventure
06/18/15 E3 2015: The Wii U Still Has Plans for The Legend of Zelda
Link just has to save Princess Zelda from the Temple of Delay first.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtue Hands-On Preview
We stopped short of crowdsourcing this preview.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Guild of Dungeoneering Hands-On Preview
I, for one, can't wait to send hordes of Chumps to their deaths in my quest for guild glory.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Disgaea 5 Hands-On Preview
Time for another trip to the Netherworld!
06/18/15 E3 2015: PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Hands-On Preview
Bringing back a classic series.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII PS4 Won't Just Be a Remake, PC Port Still Coming
It seems the remake was in development before that other announcement.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Yo-Kai Watch Gets English Trailer
Will this be the next Pokemon? Time will tell.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided First Look
Adam Jensen returns.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Final Fantasy Portal App Announced
Part game, wiki and news; all Final Fantasy.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Super Dungeon Bros Impressions
Castle Crashers meets 3D?
06/18/15 E3 2015: Destiny: The Taken King Hands-On Preview
The "second year of Destiny" starts here.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Until Dawn Hands-On Preview
Joss Whedon, eat your heart out.
06/18/15 E3 2015: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Preview
What happened to those bacon pancakes, anyway?
06/18/15 E3 2015: Bedlam Hands-On Preview
Yes, this game sounds insane. But why would that be a bad thing?
06/18/15 E3 2015: Heart Forth, Alicia Hands-On Preview
And the winner for most slightly awkward title is...
06/17/15 E3 2015: Skyhill Hands-on Preview
We check out Daedelic's latest.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Sword Coast Legends Hands-On Preview
You got your pen & paper RPG in my console!
06/17/15 E3 2015: The Technomancer Preview
These mutants won't be joining the X-Men.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Cross Code Hands-On Preview
An indie game with potential.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Project X Zone 2 Hands-On Preview
Crossing over again.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Dark Souls III Preview
Rob's our king of Dark Souls, and uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
06/17/15 E3 2015: World of Final Fantasy Screenshots & Artwork
Everything. Is. So. Adorable.
06/17/15 E3 2015: New Artwork for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Have faith that... never mind, skip the bad jokes and come see the artwork.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation Hands-On Impressions
Sadly, the Neptunia EX II Plus Alpha edition for SNES has been canned.
06/17/15 E3 2015: New Trailer for Project X Zone 2 Drops
I love the smell of fresh trailers in the morning.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Dogmeat Will Be Unkillable in Fallout 4
He won't even need advanced power armor.
06/17/15 Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Arriving This Summer on PS4
A new trailer, a few new quests, better graphics and more.
06/17/15 E3 2015: Tales of Zestiria Hands-On Preview
Could you use some updated info on this game? Because we've got some!
06/17/15 E3 2015: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Launch Trailer, Patch Notes
Now with 95% less spoilers!
06/17/15 E3 2015: Genei Ibun Roku #FE Screenshots & Artwork
Hashtag Rainbows!
06/17/15 E3 2015: Star Ocean 5 Release Date and Gameplay Trailer
See the game in action for the first time.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Persona 5 Graces North America in 2015
Get prepared to burglarize with a cute cat.
06/16/15 E3 2015: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Announced
More like The Legend of Zelda: 3 Swords Adventure.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Deus Ex Mankind Divided To Launch Early 2016
Time to upgrade those augmentations again.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Square Enix Announces New IP Project Setsuna
Hopefully it stays as a new IP.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Announced for 3DS.
Two franchises collide. But will there be fury?
06/16/15 E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi Coming to Mobile Devices
To discover the end, a journey must start at the beginning.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Amnesia: Memories Preview
Don't forget to read this!
06/16/15 E3 2015: Daedalic Entertainment's Anna's Quest Releases July 2nd
That's coming up fast!
06/16/15 E3 2015: New Fire Emblem Fates Media
Now with 100% more pretty.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts III Footage Debuts
Tangled! Wall-running! New costume! Lost Masters!
06/16/15 E3 2015: New Nier Game in Development by Platinum Games
More to info to come soon.
06/16/15 E3 2015: Hyrule Warriors Legends Coming to 3DS
Now with 100% more Wind Waker.
06/16/15 Fire Emblem: If Gets A Western Name, Releaae Window
Decide the characters' fates in 2016.
06/16/15 E3 2015: SMT X Fire Emblem Coming to North America 2016
With a new trailer!
06/16/15 E3 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X Release Date
Christmas is coming early!
06/16/15 E3 2015: Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead: Michonne
Is this the first-ever video game mini-series?
06/16/15 E3 2015: Shenmue III Announced, Kickstarter Campaign Launched
It will likely be funded by the time you read this.
06/16/15 Eimear Noone Presents "Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts" Kickstarter
Noone does it better than Eimear for Celtic Zelda Music!
06/16/15 E3 2015: Sony Announces Destiny: The Taken King
Along with a special edition.
06/15/15 E3 2015: World of Final Fantasy Revealed at Sony Press Conference
Almost too cute to handle.
06/15/15 E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to PlayStation 4
It is about time!
06/15/15 E3 2015: South Park: The Fractured but Whole Announced
Clever girl...
06/15/15 E3 2015: Dark Souls III Officially Announced
The director of the original Dark Souls is returning to the franchise.
06/15/15 E3 2015: EA Reveals Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire
06/15/15 E3 2015: Mass Effect Andromeda, [Update]: More Details
Including the first teaser trailer.
06/15/15 Get Your Grand Kingdom Information Overload with New Trailer and Website
Come for the Grand Trailer, stay for the Grand Synopsis.
06/15/15 Persona 5 Fans Can Get a Special Movie Set
Release date not included.
06/15/15 E3 2015: Fallout 4 Coming Out This November
Live, die, and live again in a different post-apocalyptic franchise.
06/14/15 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is 100% Translated
XSEED has been working on this for a while, it would seem.
06/14/15 See Tales of Zestiria's PC System Requirements
I'm just going to assume these are good.
06/14/15 EarthBound Beginnings Announced for the Wii U Virtual Console
That's cool, but I would still rather have Mother 3.
06/14/15 The Great Ace Attorney Gets New Character Details
The hero, the heroine, and the villain.
06/13/15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4) Review
Maybe there's an imp-perfection in this review.
06/13/15 Tales of Zestiria Coming Westward on PS3, PS4, PC This Fall
If you can't fix the leak you might as well open the pipe.
06/13/15 Mobius Final Fantasy Tops One Million Registrations
That was quick.
06/13/15 Square Enix Teases Six Surprises At E3
Please be what I think this is!
06/13/15 Bloodstained Achieves Final Stretch Goal On Kickstarter
$5,545,991 dollars raised in one month!
06/12/15 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Giveaway + Huge Game Update
To celebrate FFRK's latest update, we have a special giveaway; enter for a chance to win adorable chocobo or moogle goodies!
06/12/15 Here's 11 Minutes of Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Footage
Spoiler: You run around lots as if it's an RPG or something!
06/12/15 Oculus Rift Gets Release Date, Slew of Games Including New RPG Chronos
An "atmospheric action-RPG" from the makers of Darksiders.
06/11/15 Destiny May Be Making an Appearance at E3
I think the biggest news about Destiny is that there's still news about Destiny
06/11/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Looks Really Good on PS4
Come see the shiny.
06/11/15 Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Has Two Directors
And some graphical improvements already!
06/11/15 New Tactical RPG for PS4 and Vita, Grand Kingdom, Revealed
From the director of Grand Knights History. I'm sensing a trend.
06/11/15 New Kickstarter RPG Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Gets New Screenshots
This one looks rather promising!
06/11/15 Tales Series Getting 20th Anniversary Animation
Some sort of animated follow-up to Zestiria is in the works.
06/11/15 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 Update Available
Gameplay fixes based on player feedback are being implemented. And you can fight the water dinosaur!
06/11/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Getting Patch on Console
Less motion blur! Finally!
06/10/15 RPGFan's Editors Pick The Best RPGs of All Time
Well, when we say "best..."
06/10/15 In a Mere Two Weeks, The Witcher3: Wild Hunt Sells 4 Million Copies
That's a lot of dead alghouls.
06/10/15 An Introduction to Fire Emblem: If in a Lengthy Trailer
You too, can build a castle out of Amiibos.
06/10/15 Leaked Art Reveals Dark Souls III Coming Early 2016
Yet another leak sheds light on Dark Souls III.
06/10/15 Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Review
abyss: origin: Middle English (in the sense 'infernal pit')
06/09/15 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Gets a Trailer
Gameplay in motion, I choose you!
06/09/15 Get Witcher 3 on the Cheap
Discount monster hunting is incredibly satisfying.
06/09/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's Pre-Order Issues Are Still Being Resolved
...this time in Europe! Seriously, those dragons must be angry.
06/09/15 Bloodstained Kickstarter Reaches New Milestone, Coming to PS Vita
Might as well have a milestone for infinite money.
06/09/15 Square Enix Rumored to be Working on New Front Mission
With input from Armored Core producer.
06/09/15 Get Ready for New Deus Ex Gameplay Footage at E3
Will it be sneaky-stabby, talky-shooty, or all of the above?
06/09/15 NIS America talks Danganronpa: Another Episode Story and Release
And a new trailer!
06/09/15 Rhythm Encounter 22 - Quack Pack: An Interview with HyperDuck SoundWorks
06/09/15 Fallout 4 Will Not Be Coming to PS3 or Xbox 360
It looks like the previous console generation is being left behind in the Wasteland.
06/08/15 "God Eater-chan" Joining Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II
06/08/15 Gaijinworks Considering Retail Package of Summon Night 5
Summon up a physical copy!
06/08/15 PoPoLoCrois Farm Story's New Commercial Trailer Turns up the Charm
I feel more relaxed already.
06/08/15 Hints of Tales of Zestiria PS4/PC Versions and Release Dates
Bandai Namco really needs a tighter grip on its media people.
06/08/15 Three More Luminous Arc Infinity Character Trailers
Still missing one more though.
06/08/15 Stella Glow's Song Magic Trailers Showcase The Power of Song
Pete Seeger would be proud.
06/08/15 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold DLC Release Schedule, EU Date, and How to Cook
Well crap, I want some karaage now.
06/08/15 Hatoful Boyfriend Prequel Hits PC, PS4, Vita This Fall
Do you wanna date my pigeon avatar?
06/08/15 Cast of Project X Zone 2 Expands With Characters New and Old
I've practically lost count by now.
06/07/15 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (Steam) Review
"Ark of Napishtim" sounds like the name of an 80s cover band.
06/06/15 Tales of Berseria Announced for PS4 and PS3
A female lead this time!
06/06/15 Dark Souls III Leaked Ahead of E3
This is why we can't have nice things, like announcements at the show.
06/06/15 Final Fantasy Tactics is Finally Available on Android
"Sword in hand, a warrior clutches stone to breast..."
06/05/15 Debut Trailer and Japanese Preorder Campaign for Super Robot Wars BX
There is a serious lack of Pacific Rim in this series. Maybe next time? Please?
06/05/15 A Triumvirate of Trailers for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven
I keep calling this game "Lord of Manga." My bad.
06/05/15 Retro Encounter 2-1: Final Fantasy X
This is his story. He will tell you so about forty times.
06/05/15 A Pre-E3 Miracle: XSEED Announces Trails of Cold Steel I & II, Return to PopoloCrois
I wrote a number of preliminary headlines, but none of them were even remotely professional.
06/05/15 Final Fantasy XV loses Stella, gains Episode Duscae 2.0 Release Date
A major character from Versus XIII is out of the picture.
06/05/15 Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Announced for Wii U, PC, and Smartphones
Going to get dirty.
06/05/15 Mobius Final Fantasy Goes Live in Japan
Please bring it to the west.
06/05/15 Tokyo Xanadu Character and Battle Update
Greed is still a good thing in my book.
06/05/15 More Fire Emblem If Cast Members
Just how many characters are there?
06/04/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Limited Edition PS4, PS Vita, and PlayStation TV
I want that Heavensward PS4 so bad!
06/04/15 Fallout 4 Might Come Out in 2015 and It's On Sale For $46
Game gets announced, game goes on sale. You can't explain that!
06/04/15 Retro Encounter 1: Trails in the Sky ~ Final Thoughts
With the first series of episodes wrapped up, the hosts share their final thoughts on Trails in the Sky.
06/04/15 First In-Engine Trailer for The Bard's Tale IV Revealed
After seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, this bard better have a flamethrower guitar. Just sayin'...
06/04/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gets Enhancements on PC
*insert PC gaming master race joke here*
06/04/15 Dark Souls III Might Refill Your Estus Flask at E3 This Year
This rumor has lit a bonfire in my heart.
06/04/15 Dragon Quest Heroes gets English Trailer, Awesome Limited Edition
Dragon Quest for the west!
06/04/15 Meet Both Versions of the Cast of Fire Emblem If
Which kingdom will you choose?
06/04/15 Watch the Latest Final Fantasy XV Stream Here
Do it!
06/04/15 Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Videos Show Off Gameplay
Mash buttons, eat food and gain bonuses.
06/03/15 Fallout 4 Confirmed, Now Watch the First Trailer
The post-apocalyptic WRPG series comes to Boston.
06/03/15 Mobius Final Fantasy Screenshots Shine in Combat
Is there a filter for "shiny"?
06/03/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PC
Fight for the land of Orience with the power of Steam!
06/02/15 Bethesda Launches Not-So-Mysterious Fallout Countdown
I bet it's more Fallout 3 DLC. Totally.
06/02/15 New Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Trailer Reveals Metallia
What exactly is a "swamp witch?" Ya know what, never mind. Don't need to know.
06/02/15 Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Get European Release Dates
Wouldn't want to leave our friends across the pond hanging!
06/02/15 The Great Ace Attorney Gets Some Box Art and a Demo
*remember to insert clever "objection" joke here*
06/02/15 Random Encounter - Episode 95
He's got two swords. Why's he got two swords?
06/02/15 More Characters Join the Ranks of Lost Dimension's S.E.A.L.E.D.
Not to be confused with S.H.I.E.L.D. Hail Hydra!
06/02/15 PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Gets New Trailer, Screenshots
Farm by day, slay monsters by night? Well, sort of. It's a bit more complicated.
06/02/15 New Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Artwork Shows Off Cast
The humans, dragons, beast tribes, and... other folks we'll be meeting in the expansion.
06/01/15 Alia's Carnival Being Ported to Vita
Save a girl, join a club?
06/01/15 Girl Friend Beta Delayed to November
Better game promised as justification.
06/01/15 Persona 4: Dancing All Night To Launch In North American This Fall
2 new trailers as well.
06/01/15 Square Enix France Teases Something Related to Kingdom Hearts
It's never coming out Stephen, just let it go.
06/01/15 Hypderdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 Release Date and Gallery Updates
Those sure are some big...limited editions?
06/01/15 More Free Songs For Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Keeps your Juke Box Spinning
How did Square Enix become my favorite DJ?
06/01/15 Bravely Second Coming to the West in 2016
Surprise! A Nintendo Direct appeared.
06/01/15 Retro Encounter 1-3: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
We reach the end of the trail in the sky (for now).
06/01/15 Chaos Rings III Now Available on App Store and Google Play
Sadly, no Vita, but hey! It's in English!
06/01/15 A Brief Look at New Features in Trails in the Sky FC Evolution
The Vita version of Trails has some neat enhancements.
06/01/15 Dragon Quest Heroes US Release Date Confirmed
Along with some slimy Day 1 bonuses. Not... literally slimy, just... you know what I mean!
06/01/15 Japanese Release Date Announced for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
You can play as Chespin? Sold.

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