News Archive: August 2015
Date Update
08/31/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC Review
Is it HD-er on PC?
08/30/15 PAX Prime 2015: Hob Hands-On Preview
Just don't call it a Zelda clone.
08/30/15 PAX Prime 2015: Bedlam Hands-On Preview
Bedlam: (noun) a scene of uproar and confusion.
08/30/15 PAX Prime 2015: Sword Coast Legends Hands-On Preview
Play D&D on your computer.
08/30/15 PAX Prime 2015: Eon Altar Hands-On Preview
This is a rare chance to experience something truly novel in RPGs.
08/30/15 New Legend of Legacy Trailer Stars Liber, Garnet
Not to be confused with the princess from FFIX. Shh, spoilers!
08/30/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gets First PS4 Trailer
Yeah, all the other ones were for PS3 and Vita.
08/30/15 See Tokyo Xanadu in Action With Five-Minute Trailer
I'm not even that big a Falcom fan, and I want this game.
08/29/15 See Summon Night 5's Limited Physical Release and New Trailer
Why aren't you watching it already? I want action, not excuses!
08/29/15 PAX Prime 2015: Shadowrun: Hong Kong Hands-On Preview
That's great, but now I'm hungry for dim sum.
08/29/15 Have Some Delicious Project X Zone 2 Updates
Just like grandma used to make, without the buttermilk.
08/29/15 New English Trailers for Nanako, Margaret in P4: Dancing All Night
Margaret left the Velvet Room?!
08/28/15 The Heroes You Know Take Stage in New Dragon Quest Heroes Trailer
I need a hero! Twelve of them to be exact.
08/28/15 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Release Date Announced
Do you dare to venture into the Heart of Thorns?
08/28/15 Retro Encounter 4-2: The Last Story
Eyepatch Dude and Count Dracula walk into a bar...
08/28/15 The Witcher 3 Sells Six Million Copies
Over six million Griffins slain!
08/28/15 Line Up for Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show Lineup
Three playable games will be there!
08/28/15 Good Ol' Bethesda Games Gather at GOG
Kids, let me tell you a story about DOS.
08/28/15 Come for the Dragon's Dogma Online Trailer...
...but stay for the fashionable armor and news tidbits.
08/28/15 Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter is Now Live
And the game is already fully funded!
08/28/15 Bravely Default: D's Report Surges Past Four Million Downloads
That's a lot of Reports.
08/26/15 Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV OST Review
The moral of the story is this: There's no end to FF XIV.
08/26/15 Epanalepsis Review
Yeah, we didn't know that word either.
08/26/15 Amnesia: Memories Trailer & Screens Added
View our new media for Amnesia: Memories.
08/26/15 Mother 2 / EarthBound OST to be Released on Vinyl in 2016
Did you SNES fans hold on to your record players?
08/26/15 Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Shares New Details
ATB for life!
08/25/15 Go Grab Your Digital Copy of Grandia II Anniversary Edition Now
Gather around kids, and let Grandpa tell you about a little something called the Dreamcast.
08/25/15 Take a Tour of 7th Dragon III in a World Introduction Trailer
I don't think we're in Tokyo anymore...
08/25/15 The Witcher 3's New Game+ DLC is Out Now For Everyone
It is time to restart the hunt - now with your hard earned gear!
08/24/15 Yoru No Nai Kuni and Atelier Sophie Delayed
The extra time being used for a final polish.
08/24/15 Yo-kai Watch Gets Official US Release Date
The game will be launching alongside its manga and anime series.
08/24/15 PS4 and Vita Trophies for Kemco RPG Grinsia Are Leaked
Sorry trophy hunters; no platinum.
08/24/15 Until Dawn Review
Can you find a way for everyone to survive?
08/24/15 Rune Factory, Story of Seasons Thrive While PoPoLoCrois Struggles
Poor, poor PoPo.
08/24/15 Check Out Naoto's Moves in the Newest Trailer for P4: Dancing All Night
The Detective Prince brings on the Jazz!
08/24/15 Final Fantasy XIV Reaches 5 Million Registered Users
That's one big party!
08/24/15 Atlus Shares Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Box Art
If you know Vanillaware, you know this will be quality.
08/24/15 Go Forth, Get Your Blade and Soul Founder's Pack
Cosmetics, costumes, coins, and character slots.
08/24/15 PS4 To Receive a Forecast of Rainbow Skies and Rainbow Moon
With low humidity and zero percent chance of rainbow showers.
08/24/15 Japanese Convenience Store Gets Dragon Quest'd
But can the cashier save your game?
08/24/15 Closed Beta Has Begun for Blade and Soul Mobile
A completely different game in a familiar world.
08/24/15 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Evolution Announced for PSVita
And will be released by the year's end... in Japan. Sigh.
08/23/15 King's Quest Chapter I: A Knight to Remember Review
Welcome back to Daventry!
08/23/15 RPGFan Music: Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 Review
I'll give YOU 5 reasons to check out Casey Ormond's album!
08/22/15 Konami Polls for Consumer Input on Reviving Classic Franchises
Now is your chance to speak up for Suikoden, Castlevania, and more.
08/22/15 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Details Revealed
I will be the Lord of Verminion!
08/22/15 Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Four Review
Will the series rise to the top again, or does the slump continue?
08/22/15 RPGFan Music: Support Video Game Music Online!
Game music needs love badly!
08/20/15 Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites Review
Sleep tight, and don't let the... wait.. what?
08/20/15 Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater Event Outlined for D23 Japan
Somebody page Stephen!
08/20/15 There Will Be Two Types of Magic in Final Fantasy XV
Please look forward to it.
08/20/15 Meet the Girl with the Mysterious Book in Atelier Sophie
Is she a doll or a girl?
08/20/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Out Now for PC
More JRPGs on Steam is always a good thing.
08/20/15 Final Fantasy VII Makes Its Way to iOS
No, this isn't the remake. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth, though?
08/20/15 Summon Night 6 Coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita
Wasn't expecting this one!
08/20/15 Meet Bianca and Meurs from The Legend of Legacy in New Trailer
Take in their fabulous good looks.
08/20/15 New Stella Glow Trailer Shows Off English Version of its Theme Song
For those of us not fluent in poetic Japanese.
08/18/15 Phantasy Star Online 2 Heading to the PS4
Sega enough already, give us an Western version please!
08/18/15 Breath of Fire 6 Shows Off Its Version of Ryu
Surprise, surprise you don't even get to play as him.
08/18/15 Time to Leave Pandora in Episode 4 of Tales From The Borderlands
That Goliath came from the moon.
08/18/15 Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Going For Premium Pricing
Smart move.
08/18/15 Random Encounter - Episode 99
We're struggling to contain all of the excitement!
08/18/15 Retro Encounter 4-1: The Last Story
That's a weird way to say Lost Odyssey.
08/17/15 Persona 5 Still On Track For 2015
Fingers crossed!
08/17/15 Grandia II: Anniversary Edition Out August 24th
Experience this underrated classic all over again.
08/17/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song Due Out This November
Sharpen your swords and plug in that NervGear.
08/17/15 Charm and Adventure Await in Atelier Sophie
And sparkles, lots of sparkles.
08/16/15 Free PS4 Home Screen Themes Will Come With Pre-Orders of Disgaea 5
Buying digital does, indeed, have its perks.
08/16/15 Big Hero 6 Flies Into Kingdom Hearts III
Baymax has gotta be a better healer than Donald, right?
08/15/15 Square Enix Offering Large Sale on PlayStation Store
No need to stampede the doors for this one.
08/15/15 Divinity: Original Sin II Is Becoming a Reality Through Kickstarter
As Samuel L. Jackson once mused, "Hold on to your butts."
08/15/15 Sony Trademarks Two PS2 Games in Japan
Is this for a rerelease or a remaster?
08/15/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Demo Available
If you buy Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 596
08/15/15 Pandora's Tower Hits the Wii U eShop
The last of the Operation Rainfall trio is the first to come to the Wii U. Neat!
08/15/15 Fire Emblem Fates Preview
Its fate is to bring change to a classic series
08/14/15 See the First Dragon Quest XI Screenshots
The PS4 version looks gorgeous. The 3DS version looks awesome. Okay, they both look awesome.
08/14/15 Final Fantasy XV To Get Simultaneous Worldwide Release
A first for the series.
08/14/15 The Legend of Legacy Gets Swanky Launch Edition
To: RPG Fans. Love, Atlus.
08/14/15 Retro Encounter 3: Final Fantasy Tactics ~ Final Thoughts
Wrapping up July's Retro Encounter.
08/13/15 Hands-On With Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy
Making "freemium" sound less like a four-letter word.
08/13/15 Nab A Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Time to dust off my copy.
08/13/15 Erin Fitzgerald Interview
The voice actress talks to us about her many, many roles!
08/12/15 Repent Your Sins and Come Watch the Criminal Girls 2 Debut Trailer
This trailer isn't technically NSFW but it's pretty much as close as you can get. Play it safe.
08/12/15 Final Fantasy Tactics Makes Guest Appearance in Rise of Mana
Proof that Square Enix listens to Retro Encounter?
08/12/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Promises Consequential Choices
You asked for this.
08/11/15 Retro Encounter 3-3: Final Fantasy Tactics
Coming up next: The Last Story, which is in fact not the last story.
08/11/15 WildStar Free-to-Play Closed Beta Goes Live
Love me some beta testing!
08/11/15 Omega Labyrinth, a New RPG Roguelike, is Heading for PS Vita
This game combines two of my favorite things: RPGs and...Roguelikes. What did you think I was going to say, sicko?
08/10/15 Final Fantasy XIV's Second Expansion Already In the Works
New Gold Saucer attractions in 3.1 as well.
08/10/15 Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir gets New Screenshots and Artwork
This game is as beautiful as ever.
08/10/15 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will Have Xbox One and PC Cross-play
More features coming to Koji Igarashi's triumphant return.
08/10/15 Final Fantasy VII - A Not So Retro Retrospective
Struck by lightning on terra, carried by a squall, left floating on a cloud.
08/09/15 Final Fantasy XV's Malboro is Appropriately Hideous
New trailer also gives us a look at some new locales.
08/09/15 Feast Your Eyes Upon the New Grand Kingdom Trailer
The Grandest trailer of them all.
08/08/15 Dragon Quest Creator Yuji Horii Talks Dragon Quest XI
Learn about the protagonist, release date, themes and more!
08/08/15 Is Tales of Link Coming to Europe?
Trademark, ahoy!
08/08/15 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Patch Coming to PS4 Soon
Ready to fix those odd and annoying issues.
08/08/15 New World of Warcraft Expansion, Legion, Announced at Gamescom
Bringing a new class and higher level cap to the enduring MMORPG.
08/07/15 Composer Peter McConnell on Music, Broken Age, Hearthstone, and More
Even Tom Waits!
08/07/15 Steep PSN Sales Available on NIS Titles Now
Until August 11, their games are 50-80% off. Happy Summer!
08/07/15 Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Coming in October
Just in time for a great group Halloween costume.
08/07/15 Sneak a Peek at the Preorder Bonus for Exist Archive
You'll want to keep these in your archives...I'll let myself out.
08/07/15 New Features in Dragon Quest VIII Include Camera, New Ending
First it was Dragon Quest-Minecraft, now Dragon Quest-Snap.
08/07/15 New Disgaea 5 Media and Details
They are dis-believable!
08/07/15 7 DLC Maps Coming to Fire Emblem Fates
This is separate from the multiple versions of the story.
08/06/15 Tons of Final Fantasy XV News from Gamescom
Potential release window, themes, new gameplay, and more.
08/05/15 Check Out Dark Souls III's Gamescom Trailer
That guy with the branding iron looks... threatening.
08/05/15 Project X Zone 2 Delayed to 2016 in US
We're given a 7-minute trailer as a consolation prize.
08/05/15 Behold Final Fantasy XV's "Dawn" Trailer
You're going to want to watch this.
08/04/15 Life is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room Review
Hey look, a review for another episodic series nearing its finale.
08/04/15 Exist Archive Gets Teaser Trailer and Japanese Release Date
Should be even more news soon!
08/04/15 Gamescom Brings the Hype with New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Premiering Tonight
Tonight begins at Dawn.
08/04/15 Digimon World: Next Order Gets Teaser Trailer
Welcome back to Digimon World...
08/03/15 Extra Story For Hatoful Boyfriend Coming to PC Owners For Free
There's no such thing as too much pigeon love.
08/03/15 Distant Worlds Composer Leaks Possible Final Fantasy XII Remake
International Zodiac Job System anyone?
08/02/15 Game of Thrones: Episode 5 - A Nest of Vipers Review
Much like Indiana Jones, I live my life specifically avoiding any scenario in which I would visit a nest of snakes.
08/02/15 Chroma Squad Review
Do you like Power Rangers? Wish you could manage them?
08/02/15 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PC this August
Visit (or return to) the land of Orience on August 18th.
08/02/15 Dragon Quest Heroes II Coming to Japan in Spring 2016
Say it with me: "no word of a Western release date."
08/02/15 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Review
Well the story's no longer untold now, I suppose...
08/01/15 Grandia II HD Coming to PC This Year
It's the year of the HD PC rerelease.
08/01/15 Square Enix has 'no concrete plans' to Localize Dragon Quest XI
Square Enix giveth, and Square Enix taketh away.
08/01/15 Final Fantasy VII Remake To Have Dramatic Changes To Combat
No one ever wants to use the ATB system anymore.
08/01/15 Exist Archive is a Colorful New IP that Channels Valkyrie Profile
Welcome back, Tri-Ace.

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